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Alexander Skarsgard: West Hollywood Workout

Alexander Skarsgard: West Hollywood Workout

Alexander Skarsgard heads to Equinox gym on Thursday (March 3) for a workout in West Hollywood.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor worked up a sweat in a Nike top and matching tennis shoes.

Earlier in the week, Alex was spotted meeting a friend for lunch at Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that Alex‘s new movie, Melancholia, will play at the Cannes Film Festival later this spring!

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    He also 1 of paparazzi

  • Jessica+

    hmmm… delicious, yummy, chocolate syrup. Many food references.
    Well, ASkars’ fangurls…



    Phuck off, Dementors!



    Phuck off, Dementors! At least we don’t eat anybody’s poop.

  • Mina

    Wow! Alex looks more HOT and SEXY every day! His chest looks HUGE!

  • Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!


    That Swede does a body good.



    At least he has fans. What does KB have? Dead sites?
    Bitter, bitter, bitter, overly invested frustrated middle aged “ladies”.

    AS’ fat fans will continue to support him by showing up at events, buying his autographed books for hundreds of dollars on Ebay to help his charities, and buy tickets when his movies come out.

    Your life must really suck if all you have to do is hate on unseen, unknown people that are fans of an actor you hate.

  • Hurray!

    The hottie is back without the nottie.

  • Arlene Moon Says

    my (paid for BFF) and her boytoy are still together.All they did was change their tactics.TRUST.

  • Jessica +

    She has fans, more for her style (That I still don’t get) than for her work as an actress.
    And, whether we like it or not, she is worldwide more famous than Alex (because of OBloom, Superman…)

  • E. Norma Stitz

    Nice Bulge!

  • Doreen

    Apparently Bonesworth went shopping with Alex’s sister today. I guess Kate will cling as hard as possible.

  • chicca

    they still together…his sister shopping with KB. AS is dead to me.

  • Buttercups

    I knew it. Alex Skarsgard has SPOILED MEATBALLS!

  • Eyeroll

    He’s (or whoever is in charge) is giving his fans what they want to see while la Beige is letting us know she’s still part of the picture. Still glad to see him solo … without sunglasses even.

  • Doreen

    It makes one wonder why his family is all in town at the same time.

  • FashionIcon

    @Jessica +:

    That’s nice. Noticed that you didn’t make any unnecessary derogatory comments about her unseen fans.

    Yes, some like her questionable style. They mostly blame her acting failures not on her lack of talent but lack of opportunity. I don’t understand how since she’s been handed numerous parts co-starring with some very respected, well known actors and failed to deliver each time.

  • snarky

    Of course K-ho has to let us know she hasn’t been dumped. Even though she had to hide in Europe to avoid Gwynnie. Since his friends aren’t available, she commandeers the nearest relation and magically gets pap’d. I’m just glad that we still get him by himself without her for now. She’ll work this as hard as she can, folks. It ain’t over ’till she gets some payday from that movie they made.

  • Doreen

    I could have sworn there was someone saying a few posts back about Alex not being around his sister much, etc and do they not get along. Then now his sister shows up in pics with KB. Doesn’t this seem a bit odd to people? Talk about your all time coincidences.


    C’mon people, we all expected something to show us that they are still “together”. It’s so meh at this point. It’s like a running gag. He looks great when he’s away her and then he’ll start to look like the Incredible Sulk again. Whatever. I just look forward to the show.

  • amtj2008

    I think it is over and Bonesworth is pushing this “I hang with his sister crap” to make it seem like they are together. It was rumored that they might not get along but why no pictures? What other reason would she have to come here, just to hang with KB? that it crazy as h*ll. Even if he is shooting, no way a bf would not either escort his gf to the airport or visit her while she was away. Remember that lie about how he visited her on set for her crappy movie, that was later dispel because it had no special effects? KB is lucky if he considers her a f*ckbuddy. Mighty convenient for his mom/family to come when KB is away.

  • gack

    Ick. Ick. Ick.

  • Toots

    To me it looks like he’s a bit upset about something, or at least very nervous. Maybe it’s because his sister was out with KB. It’s interesting how folks were asking about her and why no one ever sees her and suddenly here she is. HW PR to me is a big joke anyway and to see things happen right after people discuss them on forums is really transparent. I’m sure we probably have better things to do than ask why when it comes to AS and KB. In the end, since it seems we all are pretty sick of the show anyway, none of us have to spend a dime to go see their movie. None of the PR shenanigans endear me to KB at all and her jewelry line has no appeal to me since I don’t care to wear much in the way of jewelry due to metal sensitivity, plus I don’t think it’s very attractive to begin with.

    The biggest disappointment to me is how he allowed himself to be a part of this joke. I mean, how many of us who visit JJ take them seriously? Granted we represent only a particular fraction of the world’s population, but there is such a thing as word of mouth. Forums allow all sorts of information to spread like wildfire and once it’s on the net, it’s there. That’s why I believe the rumors surrounding KB will never die. True or not, the perception has taken hold and her reputation has been, I believe, permanently damaged. I don’t think that anything she does now will ever allow those rumors to fade away.

    Well, I can honestly say I won’t be paying money to see Straw Dogs because I have no interest in seeing a rape scene, even if AS ends up having the best performance of his life in it. I will see Battleship and Melancholia because I love SciFi, whether it’s good or bad, and I’ll stick it out for True Blood S4. After watching the craziness here, though, I honestly don’t believe being a celebrity is all it’s cracked up to be. KB can have it as far as I’m concerned for as long as it lasts, which probably won’t be as long as she wants considering all the negativity she has now and she’s only in her 20′s.

  • Nikki

    By no means do I have proof of this, but I kind of got the feeling that they had broken up right before she left for NYFW. She was photographed with guys on several occasions, then Cher posted pictures of KB clearly wasted. While she was prancing around London, France… wherever the hell she was on her PR campaign, he was here in LA going to parties and looking fabulous (and happy) sans KB. And to top it all off, how convenient was it that his family shows up while she’s gone? Now she’s back…no pics from the airport of him picking her up and no pictures of them together since she landed. This relationship has always been foggy to me…no PDA of any kind since the pictures of her sitting on his lap while they were in Sweden (except for the few pictures where KB has her hand on his back or grabs his hand when he clearly doesn’t want to be touched). The relationship is either strictly platonic/f*ckbuddies or just for “Straw Dogs” publicity because I don’t know how you can “date” somebody for so long without signs of affection toward each other. But if they are still together, he needs to be hit upside the head…he always looks so happy when she’s not around. If she’s that dreadful, why not dump her??? Come on Alex, you can do better.

  • interested much

    Beige n him are same now.
    He at gym n Beige is usin his Eija now to get face out.
    Eija not care neway.
    Every1 know he sellout now.


    I think it is Eija. The only reason I think they caught sight of the family last week was because the amount of paps were probably 4xs or more due to Oscar week. This is an obvious set-up. Whatever.

    KB is hanging on for dear life career wise and relationship wise. The amount of tweets containing her name with Junkmint have increased astronomically. Her team is working overtime tweeting using different accounts. Currently she has an official Facebook account that is geared to selling her and Junkmint. It was set up in October and her first post was in February. She’s really trying to sell herself and Junkmint. It will be epic fail of course, because she’s just not likeable and her joolree is overpriced ugly crap..

    I hope she doesn’t do something stupid with one of Alex’s siblings in the car.

  • BareBat

    Nicest family eva even are helping him cover up being gay.
    One day he and Bjorn might own up one day they are lovers oooooopzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • pink princess

    He still lost in closet?

  • Stacy DV

    Yummy on outside but yuck inside
    as fake as a bmovies stars b**bies

  • snarky

    @BareBat: I would so rather he was with Bjorne than KBos. At least Bjorne probably cares about him.


    Is there ANYTHING that Bosho will not lie about?
    KB is such a lying sack of sh*t. She doesn’t design the joolree, this woman does.

    Steamer Brand

    Kate Bosworth wearing a bunch of my designs. I did everything on this page. Rad!
    Mon Feb 28 2011 01:02:13 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

  • @Nikki

    It’s called SEX but even that doesn’t hold a relationship for that long eventually this relationship will fizzle!!!

  • Scott

    Some of you posters waste way too much time and energy on your ridiculous KB/AS theories. Do something productive with your lives! Your obsessions are sick.



    You first.

  • JessicaN

    @The Myths: @ The Myths: Why bother wasting your time posting when you obviously can’t stand him? Looks like someones a little jealous… ;)

  • I’m lstill oving you AS

    I prefer Alexander to famew***s paquin, moyjeer, manganello lol

  • kitty

    used to like him, now just think his body looks hot (here anyway). the PR involved with these two is RIDICULOUS.

  • For the love of G-D

    HE IS NOT GAY, he is just Swedish! Being a homosexual in Sweden is far from being controversial. He would have come out of the closet and also there’s be stories as it’s a small country and he’s be known pretty much all his life. THERE ARE NO STORIES FROM SWEDEN! Why would he be in the closet when his brother just about declared himself to be bisexual on national tv? IT MAKES NO SENSE! This is just Ted Casablance and his just-about-all-actors-in-Hollywood-are-really-gay-crap. Seriously.

  • The Fat Camp

    @For the love of G-D:
    It’s always the same old song when someone is that hot and gains some popularity. In his case gay- and bi -rumours only make him even more interesting and SEXY which of course wasn’t Beehhhlll’sbabes purpose. They launced all that gay innuendo when Alex/Eric came the most popular character and actor of True Blood. Just check old JJ posts. I personally don’t care if he’s bi or even gay. I’ll always love and lust him. He’s one of the most charismatic man I’ve ever laid my eyes on and that’s why the haters are as intrigued and obsessive as his true fans are;)

  • Old fan

    I enjoy his acting………and admiring the pretty pictures. I may be old, but I’m not dead yet!!

  • Rê with fangs

    Alex yummy! Very! Stop so good to eat! With much NUTELLA over! MY DEUSSSS! WHERE IS ERIC? I’m going crazy! ALEX ENDS THE FLIRTING WITH THAT BITCH! SINGLE AGAIN IS BEAUTIFUL!

  • Huh?

    Wish he wasn’t with that bony, smug-faced waste of space. He’s still tainted by association.. When you’ve been with someone who has a reputation as a coke-addicted fame-wh*re for over a year.. what does that say about you?
    I wish the hotness could make me forget about that but it doesn’t. I’ll hope for the eventuality that he’ll wake up and get his balls back- or I’ll just move on and completely not give a shite anymore… Only time will tell.

  • Well……Damn!!

    @Scott: Damn, for once I agree with you Hans…..especially posting the same stuff in this thread as you do in the KB thread, like you are looking for assurance or something., really ladies, don’t you have children and grandchildren to feed? I’m sure KB and Alex don’t give a shitz.

  • Lucky faun

    @pink princess: ASkars is in Narnia, flashing the fauns.

  • @ Jessica

    @Jessica +:

    That’s true. If you google them KB gets gaziollions more hits then Alex. She doesn’t need Alex’s “fame”. And Kate is very respectable fashion icon in Europe, no silly bitter rumours spread by the obsessive orlandi/alex fangirlies.

  • @ obsessive fattie


    I think he’s ballsy enough not to try please his fat and obsessive “ex” fan gurls LMFAO

  • @ paranoid looney


    forgot your meds again?

  • WTF?

    @@ Jessica: Where exactly in Europe? Probably not France as they sure did not give a damn during her stay in Paris and did not seem to want her to stay over PFW. Now you’ll probably telling us that PFW is just not so important for such a fashion icon and that Isabel Marant should be lucky that KB at least carried her bag around LAX…LOL

  • Caleb NOLA

    He’s a hottie…but his association with Bosho just ruins it

  • Melly

    I liked him…adored him til She-who-must-not-be-named….now I find him almost annoying. Eric has long blonde hair..its in all the books…