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Courteney Cox & Josh Hopkins: 'Cougar Town' Twosome!

Courteney Cox & Josh Hopkins: 'Cougar Town' Twosome!

A bikini-clad Courteney Cox is lifted out of the water by her costar Josh Hopkins while filming scenes for Cougar Town on Tuesday (March 1) in Oahu, Hawaii.

Courteney, 46, brought along her daughter Coco to the set, where the 6-year-old cutie watched her mom go down a water slide head first while fully clothed!

New episodes of Cougar Town return to ABC on April 18!

15+ pictures inside of Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins filming scenes in the pool…

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courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 01
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 02
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 03
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 04
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 05
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 06
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 07
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 08
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 09
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 10
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 11
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 12
courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 13
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courteney cox josh hopkins cougar town twosome 15

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    Hehehehe some diffrent

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert^___^ cute

    Im befor in the sea

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Gosh, her stomach is pretty wrinkle-y when he lifts her up. Oh well, she’s aging. Nothing wrong with that. As long as she does it right. She’s great. Still a beautiful woman. Brunette women with blue eyes are SO gorgeous. I hate Megan Fox but I have to admit those kind of features are amazing. Or at least, they’re my OWN personal favorites.

  • shay

    She has a nice body for her age and it’s natural because it’s her structure. She has always been thin and even very thin but since see Coco she ha a little more shape

    And I think botox or not at 47 years, she remains a beautiful woman, a
    great actress and an amazing mom

    I can not help it, I love this woman

    And I love their couple on scree and the show! Josh is handsome

  • kimzah

    She is not natural, she has yet said she doesn’t mind using botox a few times in a year and her boobs are definitely bigger than before though she is still thin!

  • kittykat

    Like her, but wish she would lay off the botox. She admitted trying it then said she did not like it, but sure she still uses it. Some people I know won’t even watch Cougar Town because they find her too-too tight face and her lack of mouvement painful to watch, which is too bad as it’s a funny show. My hubby never watches this show with me and last night he walked in when I was watching and and said WTH is wrong with her eyes/face, she used to be so pretty!! He was shocked. He’s right, she can look odd a bit at time, too frozen. Find her hair is a little too black-dark here too. But I like CC MUCH MORE than her bestie Jennifer A, always thought CC was the more talented of the 2.

  • jillyro

    Coco looks nothing like Courteney, not even one little bit. Thinks she looks more like David. I know Courteney herself said she had a hard time conceiving, so always made me wonder if they used David’s sperm, but perhaps not Courtenay’s egg and why Coco has none of her in her looks, not even her dark hair color.

  • anonymous

    Woah, wonder if they will edit or touch up that scene of Josh holding her up because her stomach is really wrinkly (is that due to lipo?) and not a good look. Amazing that such a thin woman has such a lumpy stomach.

  • iknowiknow

    that stomach just goes to show that you can’t stop the aging process..yes you can be thin and look great on magazine covers (photoshopped), look great in clothes too, but fact is you cant do anything about aging skin on your body. It’s easy to inject botox in your face, but you cant inject it all over your body. Nothing wrong with aging though, she looks great for her age, but celebs need to stop pretending they are God sent and perfect!

  • matt

    whoa, breast implants?

  • Beating a dead horse

    I agreewith iknowiknow.
    Stomach is due to being myabe too thin there , had lipo and now has extra skin, umm, extra skin even years after a pregnancy.
    She could have a stomach tuck.You can this and that,but inside is still inside. We all grow older and not younger.
    I always thought CCox was pretty,black hair,popping blue eyes,a good combo.
    Cute kid,Coco, but she does look just like her dad.

  • LMAO

    @kimzah: Called that pregnancy , boobs get’s bigger , trust me i know !

  • Kimzah

    @LMAO: Yes, I know but her pregnancy was a “long time” ago now; she didn’t have that much boobs after especially so round and in shape, maybe a magical bra like Paris Hilton wears sometimes.

  • shay

    no boobs job
    I had a baby 5 years ago and I kept the boobs that I had with the pregnancy.
    And I remember at the time of Friends a few times, she was in lingerie and she was having boobs

    and for her stomach, just that the skin becomes loose over time even when you’re thin, for me it’s natural. My aunt is even thinner than Courteney and has the same stomach

    For her eyes, I think his eyelids fall (it happens when we age) and I think she should retouched them because I’m not agree that she can’t move her face! I watch Cougar Town and at each episode, she did a lot of funny faces and her face moves, her traits are not frozen

    Coco is a cute kid and funny!

    Personally it’s the woman and actress I like. Beauty is subjective and it’s the inside that counts
    She was beautiful younger but now she approaching fifty and she is doing not so bad

    i’m off

  • Elmer T. Fuddrucker

    Ach die leiber! She’s got more stomach wrinkles then a wet bag of sauerkraut!

  • mrd2

    Me thinks her skin has lost its elasticity. Ugh!

  • Madhatter

    Her boobs are fake (just like everyone else’s in LA).
    She was in a Springsteen video as a very young actress and she was not quite this skinny and FLAT as a board.
    At least they’re not too big.

  • efrem

    Klassz,hogy kitalálták a Cougarn Town sorozatot. Kicsit limonádé,de a témák mindennaposak,és frappánsan oldják meg az Életből vett problémákat. Én nem ismerem a szerelmes pár alakítóit , a belső viselkedésüket,de a CC. és a Josh nagyon összeillenek! Drukkolok Nekik! üdv Hedvig