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Gerard Butler Feeds the Meter

Gerard Butler Feeds the Meter

Gerard Butler puts money into a parking meter before going into Comme Ca restaurant for lunch on Thursday (March 3) in Los Angeles.

Last weekend, the 41-year-old Scottish stud wore head to toe Ferragamo to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, where he met up with Jason Bateman.

Gerard also hit up a voter party for the Independent Spirit Awards over the weekend where he hung out with his P.S. I Love You costar Hilary Swank.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a pair of J Brand “Aviator” tapered flight pants in Vintage Light Sage.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler feeding the meter…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler feeds the meter 01
gerard butler feeds the meter 02
gerard butler feeds the meter 03
gerard butler feeds the meter 04
gerard butler feeds the meter 05
gerard butler feeds the meter 06
gerard butler feeds the meter 07
gerard butler feeds the meter 08
gerard butler feeds the meter 09
gerard butler feeds the meter 10

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  • Swansong

    He looks like a smelly homeless person.


  • Swansong

    He has dirty fingernails. Gross!

  • juniper & lamplight

    He’d prefer feeding a stick thin brunette

  • Swansong

    Just realized he is also pidgeon toed. Look at his feet.
    Another turn off to add to a growing list.

  • Manny

    He looks downright nummy. :)

  • hoo

    Grandpa feeds the meter. What an interesting post….. *rolls eyes*

  • neck hair

    His neck hair is out of control. Ugh. Please shave.

  • vern

    He is gross.

  • Meds

    is that you Just Sayin?

  • heidi

    He really is pretty good at soccer. Remember the Game of their Lives or whatever it was finally marketed under.

  • from

    the old thread:

    From of all places IMDb:

    Cute girl, but just GB’s soccer coach.

  • G’s new woman

    she is young a gorgeous – they’ll have lots of kids together. Can’t wait for little Butlers with green eyes running around.

  • gerry

    He always walks so pigeon-toed. You can really see it in these pics.

  • Swansong

    @gerry: He must trip over his own feet when he runs.

  • Hobbs

    He’s gorgeous. That’s just my opinion. I have never seen a man that I think is hotter.

    I think Carnival will have to do without him this year. He’s focused on this new movie.

    When it’s done, he’ll be hitting the waves for Mavericks.

    Not much he can’t do physically.

  • jim

    How stupid can women be? They actually think men need their sorry ass to teach them sports.
    He doesn’t need this young girl to coach him; he’s a great soccer player already. What straight guy wants a girl teaching him sports? lol

  • bee el za babe

    Funny how the creeps come in early on some of these threads.

    Then it levels off to people fighting about who he’s with. Comparing shots of insignificant women in old videos. Gawd. He doesn’t even remember them, how can we?

    This has been on less than an hour. It’s already a busy place.

    Love him or hate him, he sure is a force.

  • jim

    If he needed any coaching, he’d go to a professional soccer team and train with the team on weekends or get one of the top players or head coaches to be a consultant on the set. It’s obvious he is doing that girl or wants to do her. Why not, at 20 years difference between them that’s impressive. If he gets her in the sack, I will go crazy. She is hot, and if she is an athlete, her bod must rock. Oh, butler, you never disappoint.

  • jim

    I heard he’s after Jessica Biel too. What a hot mama. That ass of hers rock to high heaven. Can’t wait to see that chick getting poked by butler

  • beth

    Yes, he’s good at soccer, but he wants it to look good on film. GOTL was almost a decade ago. He wants this to be authentic. There have been reports from LA for quite awhile of him spotted playing soccer in various parks.

    I saw GOTL. The best parts were Butler in the rain. All wet. On the ground …

  • i heart

    i love the candids!!!much more than the fancy staged photos. it gives us a little personal glimpse into his day,without being too intrusive.
    he looks in great shape and i just love his arms in these pics.
    happy and relaxed, and it sounds like he’s busy prepping for his next role. At least Gerry really prepares for his roles. i admire that about him.

  • Manny


    hehehe girlie, you know how to push my smiley button.

  • Manny

    @Swansong: @Swansong:

    hehehe girlie, you know how to push my smiley button. :))

  • whatevah

    @jim: Have to disagree. Biel. Yack. She has the ugliest mouth and teeth. The only worst teeth are witherspoon’s big honkers. Biel looks like a body builder gone wrong.

  • i am woman

    Let me scream. This is what makes the world go round. Good lord, he is IT. IT. The hormones are raging.

  • Manny

    Are the soccer coach and Rachel Kove the same person?

  • Hobbs

    For me, I’m newish here. But this guy is all the heroes in all the novels as far as looks go. We can dream up stuff about him in real life, but maybe it’s more fun just to keep his image as interchangeable with charcters in fiction? There’s an old photo of him that was used of him in a video as Lancelot. That’s my dream Butler.

  • jim

    I’ll agree with you that witherspoon makes my peen hit the floor.
    with Biel he’s saluting the sun joyfully, and what my peen likes I like.

  • jim

    @i am woman:
    how old are you that your hormones are raging?

  • Swansong

    @Hobbs: All my romantic heros are clean shaven, showered and well dressed. Of course a groomed male may not be attractive to all. Some women prefer dirty hairy street dwellers that reek of sweat, alcohol and urine. To each his own.

  • out of the fog

    I came in from a discussion of Therese Raquin on the last thread. Someone asked what is it? It’s a famous novel by Zola a century ago. The best thing written in that genre in my opinion. Creepy. Just perfect for G’S DARK SIDE. How this film with that cast ever got dumped is really stupid. How does Hollywood decide these things? Do they think everyone likes Adam Sandler’s potty humour? And nothing else?

  • nope


    That pics is not Rachel Kove.

  • bee at tra ses

    @Swansong: Oh, you are such a loser. You have no humour in your posts, just stupidity. Big yawn.

  • Swansong

    @bee at tra ses: Yawn……

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Out of the Fog… I agree .. Ioved Therse Raquin.. Too bad I don’t have the money to produce or I would. What a movie that would of been and Gerry would of been perfect..

  • Swansong

    @The Noise In The Walls: Gerry would ruin Therese Raquin with all his mouth writhing acting. Javier Bardem would do well in that role.

  • You just tipped your hand

    dear old Manny. You’re cavorting with a known hater just because she was nice to you last night???? How hypocritical?
    You know she is hated here; only you always make friends with the vile of the vile. It’s good; let other posters see exactly who you are Manny.

  • stella

    @The Noise In The Walls: As hungry for fame as he and Alan are, I don’t understand that they don’t see Raquin is the film that would put him over the top. That story has everything.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    @Swansong … I beg to differ.. He’d be awesome as Laurent

  • oldbutnotdead


    You are right, he is a lovely creature! Darling young man. He runs beautifully, despite the pigeon toes…smiling…being pigeoned toed is kind of sweet in a big man… looking forward to movies and interviews!

  • Swansong

    @stella: I’ll tell you why. Gerry and Alan both know Gerry can’t pull off a role like that. The phannies still think the only reason he hasn’t done any worthwhile work is because he is given bad roles. If he does Therese Raquin and epically fails there will be no doubt as to his lack of talent.

  • huh?

    @Swansong: Bardem at the Oacars looked like a fat pinhead.

  • oldbutnotdead


    How old are you that your peen is hitting the floor and that it is even being discussed here?

  • oldbutnotdead


    I dont think Braveheart, Jamie Fraser, or any of the similar ones are clean shaven…we like them that rough around the edges. I honestly do not think you are a woman anyway.

    Most of the romantic heroes are cowboys, knights, etc…not clean shaven, showered suit wearing types.

  • You just tipped your hand

    @bee at tra ses:
    Hey, don’t blame Swansong. It’s Manny that makes her feel welcomed and gives her comfort to stay here and spew sh!t.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @bee at tra ses: Absolutely they are boring, uninteresting, unimaginative.

    Most women do not talk that way, I do not think Swansong is female.

  • stella

    Adam Richman threw out a reference to Gerry tonight on Man vs. Food. He was in Maryland eating a huge sandwich stuck together with a big wood pick. He threw the pick and said “Tonight we dine in …Anapolis.”

  • oldbutnotdead

    Much as I love looking at GB, darling young man that he is, I just asked myself why I am looking at pictures of him feeding meters, and who takes ten pictures or more of that? LOL, good night all.

  • realitycheck

    I recall reading Glen Close was the first one that dropped Therese Raquin. She had other things on the burner at the time. BBC made a mini series of Therese Raquin in the early 80′s. That might have something to do with this latest never getting very far. Too bad.

  • Joan

    What a shame some of you have obviously never met Gerry. I have and he is delicious. Sweet sparkling and hs cologne is nutmeg and gunger from Jo Malone. Ohhhh yummmy man and has an award fr saving a boy from drowning.

    Luvya Gerrrrr

    Joan (HUG) xxxx