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Isabel Lucas & Lukas Haas: 'Made For You' Music Video!

Isabel Lucas & Lukas Haas: 'Made For You' Music Video!

Check out the music video for “Made For You” by the duo Lucas/Lukas!

Lucas/Lukas is comprised of Aussie actress Isabel Lucas and Red Riding Hood actor Lukas Haas.

The video, which was directed by Carleton Ranney, was shot in Lukas‘ studio in Los Angeles.

Isabel and Lukas are making the song available as a free download for fans on their Facebook page.

Go to Facebook now and become a fan of Lucas/Lukas!

Lucas/Lukas: “Made For You” Music Video
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  • http://Tj Sligo lambert^___^ cute

    If u have problem tell me ok

  • bubbaness

    Not my thing but it’s really nice to see him again.

  • Liv

    Doesn’t sound bad but the lyrics…. and her!…. Unbearable.

  • John

    shes not attractive and the fact that shes a “model” says a lot about the industry…

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Why sick guy in video?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Hows And hows XX__XX

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    I see twins boy sick copy, and 2 girls copy why???

  • Jo

    I love Lukase’s voice but I’m not sure if I like this song and this duett. The last 2 minutes are really catchy, but I prefer his solo work when he’s just singing ang playing guitar. There’s too much computer and mixing for my taste.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert^___^ cute

    This video not good looking

  • Wendy

    I seriously thought this was a joke.

  • KJ

    Is this purely platonic or are they dating?
    Is Haas a friend-with-benefits?
    How do they even know each other?

    Isabel is only flattering herself if she thinks they’re going to be the next Angus and Julia Stone.

  • santa


  • Bindi

    Is Isabel Lucas singing? I see her lips moving can’t hear any female voice

  • Mrs_Fuzzybee

    I gave it a chance.
    I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for it to improve, the song to reach some turning point or climax or crescendo but no.

    Not my cup of tea. Are these two performing seriously as a musical duo or is this for a film?

  • Mari

    Disturbing, the video is terrible as the song is. Te girl looks like out from a 80´s yaerbook. An the voices were complete weird with the noises from effects…

  • CanadaGirl

    It’s quite organic. At first I was …?… but I like it. It reminds me of the melodic deconstructions of say… Bjork or even NIN. Of course, all this music is QUITE different from each other, but it’s the introduction of unexpected elements that I’m referring to.
    Feel free to tell me I’m wrong. :) I’m definitely not a music aficionado, I just know what I like.
    Lukas, looking forward to RRH.

  • Carmen

    this really is terrible – along with the new Jam Kim K song – ( how is it that people with absolutely no talent are successful?)

  • sorry

    I REALLY tried to listen to this song but it sounds CHAOTIC!
    It made me feel like i was going to have a fit with all the background
    effects. I actually feel dizzy from listening to it.
    Horrible waste of time for these two – don’t know what they were thinking?

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l


  • wow

    whats with all the negativity? some of you are so darn critical! and people who feel they have the right to hate on Isabel or anyone have serious problems- grow up!
    i really enjoyed it :)

  • Sun

    Am i the only one who thinks Isabel is doing this to make a play for Lukas Haas?

  • Sun

    Am I the only one who thinks Isabel is pursuing this singing project because she’s trying to make a play for Lukas Haas?

  • Rea


  • Hmm…


    I think shes actually Angus Stone…could be wrong though.

  • Hmm…


    I think shes actually (dating) Angus Stone…could be wrong though.

  • Mina

    @santa: Totally on board with you on that one ;)))


    I have to say I REALLY like Lukash Haas and I don’t know who the girl is, but she is beautiful. That’s why it is even more difficult for me to say it, but this song is a bit of a mess to me.
    Of course, music is up to personal taste, but this just sounds off to me.
    But they are on the right direction, I think if they make another song it could be actually good.

  • michelle

    John – Beauty is objective..

  • Kristy



  • Ana

    It’s not Isabel Lucas and Lukas Haas singing, the song is actualy from a portuguese band called The gift

  • mena

    @sorry: What do you all get out of posting negative comments towards Isabel? She’s pursuing her dream, why don’t you people get out from behind your computers and do the same. Leave her alone. She’s beautiful and one of the most honest, warm and loving people on this earth!

  • Kredīts

    So pretty.

  • Spud

    Embarassingly bad.

  • Peter

    You are so stupid, you and your stupid comments!

    Just for you to realize how stupid you are, Isabel Lucas and Lukas Haas are not singing! They were invited to be part of a music video where the idea was to lead everyone thinking they have formed a band, which they did not. No, they are not dating. No, he’s not screwing her… Just to clarify, you-are-stupid!

    It was a clever and original idea from a portuguese band called “The Gift”, they are trying new things and new sounds and they decided to release this single as being a project between two actors and lead the media to do the publicity for them… Nicely done!

    And for those who think they can judge if a song is good or not: this is called “alternative pop/rock”… Do you know the meaning of “alternative” ?! :)


    Relax, Peter. We know the meaning of alternative, and we all have different tastes in music. Its normal that some people would love it, and others would not.
    Music should be a feeling, so you either feel it or not.
    I will def check out The Gift, maybe I will like their other songs. This one just doesn’t sound to me.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as long as it is said with respect. And I have respect for Lukas and his good taste in music , I think he is very talented musician and if he thinks this band is good, then I will def check it out.

  • me

    finally this video was made for the promotion of the portuguese band “The Gift”. aren’t they the real singers.

  • Dianne

    Like it very much :)

  • Tânia

    This song isn’t from Isabel Lucas and Lukas Haas, this is from the portuguese band The Gift and this two were only invited to appear in the videoclip. If you want proves, there here are: