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Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor" Video Premiere!

Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor

Check out the premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s video for “On The Floor“!

The video was directed by TAJ Stansberry, styled by super stylist duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haen and features choreography by Frank Gatson.

This is the first single off of Jennifer‘s new album, Love?, due out April 19th!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” video?

Jennifer Lopez – ‘On The Floor’ feat. Pitbull
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192 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor" Video Premiere!”

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  2. 2
    Happy Says:

    4 minutes & 26 seconds of Ego & product placement….
    She is just a tool….. It’s too bad

  3. 3
    annie Says:

    Ah labada brings back memories

  4. 4
    CanadaGirl Says:

    LOL. I have most of those earrings and the cuffs – a lot of Swarovski stuff.
    What’s going on with the video product placements lately?

  5. 5
    ade Says:

    damn she’s so pretty.. but boring video !!

  6. 6
    jellybean Says:

    she has a pleasant voice but I wish she would produce higher quality music.

    In my opinion Sade is unmatched when it comes to talent and class, as far as a female artist is concerned. So when you compare her to any other female artist today – they are mostly laughable.

  7. 7
    missy Says:

    sounds like a computer

  8. 8
    annie Says:

    She’s got a banging body still

  9. 9
    S Says:

    Like Paula Abdul: SHE JUST CANNOT SING!!! Her voice is very grating and has a whiny quality to it. Also she is past the age to be appealing to who she is pandering to – namely the teen and 20ish crowd. I will say she is put together nicely and in great shape.

  10. 10
    Love it!! Says:

    Jlo looks amazing and nothing crazy, just fun party club video!!! JLO is one sexy mama!!

  11. 11
    She is so beautiful Says:

    Jlo is gorgeous. I loooooove her new song. Best dance song out this year. she looks great in her video and she can still move. She looks better and dance better than Britney. No body can dance like Jlo , janet and Beyonce.

  12. 12
    She is so beautiful Says:

    Jlo is gorgeous. she looks great and better than ever. she back better than ever. Her new song is soooo good. She looks and dance better than Flopney.

  13. 13
    love it Says:

    ok she used the lady gaga formula.. SAMPLE + REDONE= now she’s a musical genius lol. love JLO glad she’s back

  14. 14
    gio Says:

    i don’t get J-lo with her career and venus ads and getto songs, but she looks good in this video

  15. 15
    Koree Says:

    reminds me of Waiting for Tonight

  16. 16
    Lola Says:

    This song stole parts from Stereo Love by Edward Maya. Ugghh..J. Lo have a bit of originality babe.

  17. 17
    gia Says:

    jlo is the best love her .

  18. 18
    2011=JLO year Says:

    Welcome back JLO !!!!!WFT part deaux. she is so beautiful it is redicluos. She gets morebeautiful with age and she looks better than all of these pop stars and she dance better too.

  19. 19
    Andrew Says:

    love this song, maybe she’ll start pumping out awesome music again.

  20. 20
    Rose Says:

    really??? really Jenny from the Block?? you have to flaunt your Swarovski earing?? u r so lame dude

  21. 21
    Sean Says:

    The video is hot and fits the song. Why all the negativity?

    She looks hot and gives you a ton of energy in the snog! More energy than half these 20something yr old like Britney and Rihanna and Jennifer is 41 and STILL KILLIN’ IT. Give the woman credit, she hasn’t lost her magic!!!!

    She’s a consistent performer — dont you wish your faves could do the same.

    And in terms of product placement, who ISN’T using it in their videos now a days? It’s become a a part of the music industry so get over it.

    HOT video, HOT SONG, expected more choreography, but we know she has better in store so I’ll patiently wait since it’s only the first single.


  22. 22
    Booo Says:

    I love it

  23. 23
    vancouver Says:

    I generally appreciate J-Lo, but c’mon… spend some more time on your music. This is not a quality club track.

  24. 24
    vancouver Says:

    I generally appreciate J-Lo, but c’mon… spend some more time on your music. This is not a quality club track.

  25. 25
    Erikka Jay Says:

    This video proves that J-Lo still has it ! (:

  26. 26
    daz Says:

    I LOVE THE SONG!!!!!

    and she looks amaziiiing in the video!

  27. 27
    gagamonaster Says:

    She looks great! LOVE the song!

    JLO & Gaga forever! >thumbs up if you agree ! :)

  28. 28
    sammy Says:

    J Lo is SO BACK! Freaky hot!!!!!! Can’t get enough

  29. 29
    Kellan Says:

    she is still fkn HOT!!!

  30. 30
    Ashley Says:

    WOW !! is she really 40??

    she puts those half her age into shame!

  31. 31
    Christobal26 Says:

    SHE IS BACK!!! 42 with twins and looks better than girls half her age!!! And a simple video and it looks better than the crap Gaga put out! HATERS, WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO MAD?


  32. 32
    Allie Says:

    @Lola: THANK YOU! I was trying so hard to remember the name of the song. I had to go to my iPod and look at Tap Tap Revenge 4 to get the title. It’s particularly obvious at the parts where she does that la la la la la or da da da da. Whatever she says.

  33. 33
    ann Says:

    Don’t like it.

  34. 34
    moss Says:

    JLo is sooooo beautiful, love her!

  35. 35
    madame X Says:

    The lady is flawless!!

  36. 36
    team pacman Says:

    Loooove it =)

  37. 37
    Stacy Says:

    amazing!!!! wow!! she’s incredible

  38. 38
    Stacy Says:

    amazing!!!! wow!! she’s incredible

  39. 39
    Hollywood Dave Says:

    Good try a lot of work went into this video but it’s just an OK song and video. There’s even a certain sadness to it as the song comes to an end. . A great song grabs you from the opening notes and keeps your attention all the way to the end. And then you want to play it again and again. This song doesn’t do that. Hopefully there’s another song on her new Love? cd that will be truly great and have that IT quality that makes it magical.

  40. 40
    opinion Says:

    she’s a multi-faceted artist, she can act, sing, dance…plus an entrepreneur to boot, and super rich. Yes, she’s 41 but just like Madonna, hard working artists don’t let up the hard work. Great video!

  41. 41
    meei Says:

    really j-lo? the lalalala part is from a famous brazilian song called lambada. and the “don’t stop keep it moving put your drinks up” is so ke$ha’s tik-tok. where’s the creativity? and what’s with the diva faces? i miss j-lo smiling and being fresh and young. with all this american idol stuff i feel she’s no longer the j-lo we all used to love. she’s just another woman getting old watching her career become history

  42. 42
    meei Says:

  43. 43
    David Says:

    She is over 40 with two kids and she still sexy wow

  44. 44
    dd Says:

    Please give it up.

  45. 45
    Marieme Says:

    What the hell is the deal with those caterpillar brows? Talk about wrong! Effin hideous!

    She is seriously losing perspective as she ages. The hair, make-up, clothes…all becoming huge misses! Give her the hook.

  46. 46
    Anastasia Says:

    She is stunning in this video!For me she is in her best right now,she is so beautiful here,i love her make up and her hair but i would like to see her dance more cause she’s great at dancing..she is definitely back!

  47. 47
    princess Says:

    She`s the most beautiful,sexy,hot celebretie out there,a body to killl for after twins and her face is breath taking.
    I loved this song from the beging but now i loved it more with this hot music video,imo it`s better then Britney`s and Gaga.
    Our Queen is Back!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    lilia mazunina Says:


  49. 49
    Kiki Says:

    She looks great…the video is a bit boring, but I guess there’s only so much you can do with that type of a song. What’s the point in music videos now days?!

  50. 50
    kendall Says:

    LOVE THIS SONG!!! she look pretty too!

  51. 51
    kirk Says:

    sexyyyy jlo

    awesome song

  52. 52
    eden Says:


  53. 53
    QueenDivajustin Says:

    dumb b*tch who ever said jlo copied from stereo love educate urself mami a bit bout latin culture before u open ur mouth……im not even latin n i even kno dat one of the originals was lambada and she made a modern remake as to just sample the music n make it more dance club style n not takin a whole lot from it like edward maya did with his song stereo love which he could have been sued for and still can be………………..

  54. 54


    JLO IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55
    Dawo Says:

    HOT Video Hot Track Jlo is BACK :)

  56. 56
    Dawo Says:

    HOT Video Hot Track Jlo is BACK :) Love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  57. 57
    Dawo Says:

    HOT Video Hot Track Jlo is BACK :) CONGRATSSSSSSSS

  58. 58
    ME Says:

    Catchy….makes u move… thats all I need :))))

  59. 59
    janice Says:

    SHE IS ON FIRE!!!!

    this song is to get the party started haha!

  60. 60
    Jason Says:


    she is a MILF -MILF – MILF – MILF

  61. 61
    kris Says:

    I agree she is a milf

    wow! she looks amazinf

    the song is great and so im gonna buy it on itunes now…

  62. 62
    bit bit Says:

    2011 should be JLO and BRITNEY’s year….GO AWAY GAGA!

  63. 63
    Jay Says:


    and she is a MILF…yupp amazing at her age!

  64. 64
    Tana Says:

    She is back!!!!!

  65. 65
    basstine Says:

    i love this song…she is easy on the eyes too!

  66. 66
    just an LA girl Says:

    SHE IS BACKKKK!!! and move over gaga, rihanna, katy perry and kesha…i hate these new *******

    Let’s go back to JLO, X-Tina, BRitney, Mariah, Alicia Keys dayssss!! LET’S!!!!

  67. 67
    WOW Says:

    I want her to have my babies and yes, I wish she was my boo..she got that Good Hit. :)

  68. 68
    WOW Says:

    I want her to have my babies and yes, I wish she was my boo..she got that Good Hit. :)

  69. 69
    ladyyyyy Says:

    sooooooooo HOT!

    good to have her back!!! love it

  70. 70
    JLO is AMAZING Says:

    i love this song sooo much! she did a good job…love her!

  71. 71
    KFR Says:

    Jelo , my one andonly … this is so stupid !

  72. 72
    Dasha Says:

    She still has it and damn she’s hot!!

  73. 73
    Thai Says:

    Utter and total crap. Music is dead.

  74. 74
    ambreen Says:

    oh my god! the first part of the music that is played on harmonium is a copy of eastern music. I am actually not able to recall which song but as soon as i do i will post my comment again here. I dnt believe it. A big star like jennifer can o that copying stuff too. lol.

  75. 75
    Inaru Says:

    Well, it isn’t terribly original but is visually attractive, loved her many characters, the queen is my reminds me of the Get Right vid. The song is ok, choreography is ok but it should’ve been a lot better. This is the kind of thing she’s good at and she should stick to dance music, please no more Spanish ballads that was awful.

  76. 76
    Audrey Says:

    Hate this song :S

  77. 77
    Thai Says:


    If this is how a queen is supposed to be like, then ur IQ is maximum 20.

  78. 78
    Thai Says:


    Obviously u have no idea what real music is all about. That says all. She plagiarized the song, she has no talent, no voice, nada. Deal with it.

  79. 79
    She Stinks! Says:

    It is vomit inducing. Nails down a blackboard sound better. All flash no substance. JHO has to give this up, she’s making a fool of herself. Are we expected to believe she is at ‘da club’? Please, she’s out at events getting her picture taken and ignoring her children. The birds nest on her head is laughable, instead of a cane, should she have a walker – this old untalented broad needs to step aside and let the much younger, prettier, more talented and REAL girls have the spotlight.

    Go away JHO and go back to the streets! She had to take this job on Idol because she’s flat broke!

  80. 80
    Carlos Says:

    She looks and sounds amazing!

  81. 81
    taylor Says:

    She is so beautifull…what a woman.

    As for the video, the song is the bomb and and the video fits well

  82. 82
    henny Says:


  83. 83
    NY Says:

    This song is soooo catchyy! good job with video too!

  84. 84
    Ben Says:

    WOW…this woman is timeless…doesn’t age at all

    sexyyyy song sexy videooo

  85. 85
    rahmi Says:

    This is a hittttttttttt

    woww! go jlo

  86. 86
    hazel Says:

    so prettyyyy! her hair looks amazing…

    great song and video like like like

  87. 87
    sonya Says:

    WOW great song…

    her ass is still perfect hahah

  88. 88
    cristian Says:

    WOW she is a milf

  89. 89
    wowza Says:


  90. 90
    mussy Says:

    love this song maaaaan!

  91. 91
    jake Says:

    she needs to be my wife :D

  92. 92
    Frenchygirl Says:

    Boring video, boring lyrics, well.. useless… I agree she’s just moving her big a** for futur millions, and repeating again and again the same words..thinking how beautiful she is…It’s so disgusting when you see what’s happening in the world today, she could help people with her money instead of doing THIS…

  93. 93
    brad Says:


    ON THE FLOOR is awesome!

  94. 94
    tim Says:

    wow…there’s only one JENNIFER LOPEZ!

  95. 95
    travis Says:


    love this song

  96. 96
    Louie Says:

    This (is) J.Lo from “on the 6″ days! This video was great she really brong it to the floor. This single and video feels like it was release after waiting for tonight! I expect more dance songs from her!

  97. 97
    belll Says:

    she still looks the same as she did in her waiting for tonight days! still looking youngg

  98. 98
    genious Says:

    IF JLO was truly talented she wouldn’t need her beautiful body to sell her music. As you can see from the comments on this video everyone is commenting on how SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, etc she is. Which is true, BUT no one is saying wow her voice is amazing, she is a truly talented SINGER. This is what music is about CHILDREN!! IF you can sell music without using your SEX APPEAL then and only then are you a real TALENT. JLO is an entertainer, FAR from a talented singer/artist.

  99. 99
    kerrl Says:

    love it

  100. 100
    orlss Says:

    crazy hottttt looking

  101. 101
    ugh Says:

    everyone wants to be lady gaga ” paws up “

  102. 102
    shankoor Says:

    amazing flawless goddess etc etc..

  103. 103
    Paris Says:

    Come on guys!! She’s JLo, and doesn’t need to do a 3 hours video with lots o crappy special effects to make her work “look better”. So please cut the bullshit , ok?

    Don’t hate on her, cuz u ain’t her…

  104. 104
    cindy diamonds Says:


  105. 105
    boo Says:

    another artist that will flop cause Queen Lady godga is taking them all down. thats what happen when you copy the queen of music no one will stop her

  106. 106
    Jessica Jene Perkins Says:

    I think it is freakin amazing and she could have done any better. I loved it.

  107. 107
    Sunnie Says:

    I like this BMW and Swarovski commercial….did this run during the super bowl, too?

    I still think the Doritos commercials are better.

  108. 108
    Lupe Says:

    Love her !

  109. 109
    Sunnie Says:

    oops! musta missed that crown royale, too…and let’s not forget the venus shaver commercial even BEFORE the other commercial/vid starts.

    one giant ad….

  110. 110
    BOO Says:

    SoTry guys I bUY 40 copies of Lady Godga born this way no one will beat her monsters ruleS ” _ “

  111. 111
    JayL Says:

    Part of the song is stolen from an Italian song –

  112. 112
    shoeshopper Says:

    Looks amazing, but video and her voice hit the floor!

  113. 113
    Joxe Says:

    I love, I love it I love it!!!!

  114. 114
    kd Says:

    I really love JLo, but this is a disappointing song :(

  115. 115
    J Love Says:

    YES! My Girl J-Lo is Back!! The Track is Fire and she looks amazing. I give props to this woman for being able to come back at her age and still do her thing! Definitely going to get his album!

  116. 116
    lillieb Says:

    lol… terrible, it’s a rip off of stereo love forever and lamdada.

  117. 117
    elia Says:

    no matter what they say jennifer lopez is the best excellent she is like wine and she will be the biggest star of 2011.ELIA

  118. 118
    sara Says:

    to those people saying she copied Stereo Love….you obviously don’t know much….at the beginning what you hear is a sample of the Lambada, an original. And its not copying! This song is a great track for clubs and dancing! This is Jennifer Lopez’s niche and thats why it’s been doing so well! This is similar to her first songs and it is absolutely great!

  119. 119
    elia Says:

    jennifer lopez is great i think she is the best of them all .ELIA

  120. 120
    Butch Says:

    Mage is gonna be pissed. I love Jenny. She’s gorgie. But this song has a beat and chorus Madonna would use. Good club song though.

  121. 121
    depeche Says:

    kaoma… lambada,,,,,

  122. 122
    lore Says:

    dont love it, but I like it.. the style sounds a bit like edward mayaa

  123. 123
    cm Says:

    @Lola: actually if you say that they both stole it from…

  124. 124
    Marci Says:

    Jennifer still has it! She looks good and sounds awesome.

  125. 125
    Kleuber Says:

    This music is a plagiary by Kaoma´s song

  126. 126
    Allie Says:

    Songs good, but I hate she’s using the Cheryl Cole route for success – being a judge on most popular tv show and using it for her singing career. There’s no way that this would be number 1 on itunes if she wasn’t on American Idol. Waits for results appearance/.

  127. 127
    kimba Says:

    The song is cool,but that wasn’t a surprise…Lambada…
    JLO is gorgeous (as usually),but her worst video clip ever!!!

    Who did this 4 U Jenny?!
    You did have the coolest videos always!

  128. 128
    fyi Says:

    Part of the song is stolen from an Italian song -
    Actually, that is not Italian, it;s INDIAN based on a Brazilian song which is based on a Peruvian song. Your clip is INDIAN from an Indian film

  129. 129
    rodrigo Says:

    missed this good jlo she is amazing as old days and the video is very nice!!!!! now what she needs is to do is release a better song cuz this one aint all that and release videos one after another!!!!! hteres no other way of gettin caught in the public eye (youtube) without making many many videos – Lady gaga started doing this and look what she become.

  130. 130
    ray Says:

    @Lola: the song wasn’t written by jennifer so the originality doesn’t respect to her….

    she’s beautifullllllllll

  131. 131
    James Says:

    @QueenDivajustin: @QueenDivajustin

    WOW, you are both idiots since even lambada is taken from the BOLIVIAN SONG ‘llorando se fue’


  132. 132
    James Says:

    MORON:@QUEENDIVAJUSTIN: WOW, you are both idiots since even lambada is taken from the BOLIVIAN SONG ‘llorando se fue

  133. 133
    aaa Says:

    Britney Spears’ new smash single “Till The World Ends” out now on Itunes!

  134. 134
    Dina Says:

    lol at haters, mad ? chill out

    1st of all, the song peaked at #1 and it was already peaked # 2, so AI is not the biggest reason. Plus, the song is smashing in countries that don’t even watch Idol

    2nd of all, no matter what if you compare the song with Lambada or whatever, the song is so different than those songs, even lambada samples are used in a better and different way for a another song, then pop songs today must have similarities.

    Jennifer is smashing and she deserves it, she is so talented and after all the song could not make this success for nothing.

    Btw, did I say the video is also #1 ? yes it is. ;)

    Stay pressed haters.

  135. 135
    beatriz Says:

    she so perfect <33
    i love her and i’m so obsessed with this song
    and the video it’s amazing

  136. 136
    btew Says:

    wooow love this song and shes better than britney noww

  137. 137
    btew Says:

    wooow love this song and shes better than britney noww

  138. 138
    Sandra Says:

    J to the LO……doing what she does best making us all want to dance with her sic dance tracks! LOVE this song! Dancing tonight to it!!

  139. 139
    Lynn Says:

    Thast woman is old, ugly, unattractive and a bad singer. I wish she would disappear for good and take Gaga and Brit with her. Ugh!

  140. 140
    Louise Says:

    Horrible video. Is that what passes for talent these days? God, that Brazillian song IS old and she is ressurrecting it with no shame, she didn’t even dance. FAIL miserably.

  141. 141
    Phil Says:

    She’s by a far margin so much more beautiful than that stupid Angelina Jolie homewrecker!!! Go JLo!!!

  142. 142
    Nat Says:

    complety lost herself…its not her//dont like it

  143. 143
    Mane Says:

    Jennifer, I Loooove you so much. Fantastic song and video.

  144. 144
    KRL Says:

    Jennifer could be a little more original … And not having to take the melody
    the “Lambada” for one of his new songs …

  145. 145
    Mary Says:

    Boring!!!! She has no talent, can’t dance and no class. She tries way too hard.

  146. 146
    lady l Says:

    it looks like second part of me haces falta video…she has same/similiar dress at start … isnt it?

  147. 147
    Dina Says:

    I am so glad to see some haters mad here.

    First of all the song is not for that Brazilian group.
    2nd of all, Jennifer is so original, if takes “the samples” it doesn’t mean she is not original, but she inspired, then she didn’t take all the song,, let’s see Gaga how she stole Madonna’ songs and other people fashion, it’s what we call unoriginal person, I don’t know why Gaga fans are mad, but wait, I know she ends her #1, stay pressed.

    @Mary, mad ? all this big success during all the years and today will clearly prove she has talents, she can dance she got class and she needn’t to try hard. Oh it proves she’s so ultimate. Stay pressed.

  148. 148
    Sit down chica Says:

    As usual…garbage. Jennifer cannot sing worth a ish.
    Your career is over dear.
    You wouldn’t have to do idol if you had one. Stick to that, even though a non singer telling other singers how bad they are is the oxymoron of the century.

  149. 149
    Dina Says:

    @Sit down chica, sit down ***** you hate because you can’t do the same, otherwise you would not have time to post your real garbage here. American Idol is just an activity and if her career is done, what are you doing here dumbo ? It’s about a new J-Lo video, wait she beat out Gaga, right ? so her career is still ALIVE.

    Jenny is so ultimate, she can sing, dance, act, fashion icon, judge and fashion icon, she ALWAYS comes with better stuff, that’s why she’s still here to stay after all these years, so get a job *****. Bye !

  150. 150
    She Stinks! Says:

    @Dina: No, Dina, you need to sit down, and just shut up. JHO sucks. Its a proven fact. She can’t sing, dance, act, design clothes or raise kids. JHO is the ultimate all right, the ultimate loser. She is the laughing stock of the industry. Know that!

    She stinks, we all know this, why don’t you?

  151. 151
    Meriam Says:

    @ she stinks wtf ? I’m not surprised about what you are saying, cause you are just a trash here using different nicknames to gain hater, pathetic LMFAO !!!!

    I’m not gonna prove anything after all these years of big successes, and after taking 2 years of taking care of her kids, you suck monkey’s balls so I’m not giving you any credits for what you say. YOU stink.

  152. 152
    Meriam Says:

    @ she stinks oh btw if she stinks, no one will care about her, haha

    YOU stink even without seeing you cause your words are the best definition of the stupidity and hating.

  153. 153
    mayra Says:

    GO TO MixtapesFree Org/JenniferLopez
    and get leaked album for free

  154. 154
    mayra Says:

    http://www.mixtapesfree org/JenniferLopez

  155. 155
    Killa Tila Says:

    @She Stinks!:

    there you are you little *****!!we meet again!!!did you miss me?look imma say it once…go get a job or get laid …you re making a fool of your felf honey!!!everyone in here thinks you re a freak!!!hahaha pathetic!!!shut your mouth or else

  156. 156
    Meriam Says:

    You are right and there’s nothing to prove after all these years of VERY HUGE SUCCESSES for Jenny. Haters still have nothing to prove. BYE !

  157. 157
    Meriam Says:

    You are right, after all these VERY HUGE SUCCESSES Jen has nothing to prove, she is VERY HUGE. Haters still have nothing to prove. Stay may and obsessed. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. 158
    Abdel Says:

    @ she stinks you are always jumping on Jennifer threads and you always act like a stupid ***** and everyone is making laugh at you. If you think Jennifer is that bad, why do you even care ? get a life b****, Jennifer is slaying no matter what you say and she’s still here to prove you and all those mad haters are wrong about everything you say.

    Haters gonna hate, and haters are obsessed fans for any artist. Take care.

  159. 159
    She Stinks! Says:

    @Meriam, Tila, Abdel, all just a bunch of dumb, low class, uneducated ghetto trash, just like your favorite HO, JHO! Trash, trash, trash!

    I’ll continue to speak the truth about her. If you don’t like my opinion, that just too bad now , isn’t it? hahahahahaha! JHO is a loser. A big fat a$$ed loser. If you think she had a hit movie, and could act, she’d be judging a talent show? Get real. She needs this job because she’s BROKE and couldn’t get a job elsewhere!

    Did you forget about how your favorite scumbag used children dying of cancer to sell a crappy CD? How about how she murders animals for her failed fashion line? The list is endless. JHO is a vile pig.

    Do some research, b*tches!

  160. 160
    She Stinks! Says:

    @Killa Tila: Or else what you little stupid b*tch? Bring it.

  161. 161
    Meriam Says:

    @ she stinks ***** you are so mad that she still breaks records. You are the real ghetto here, the one who was born to fight with people. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Opinions ? truth ? ***** who are you ? she is smashing and you are crying, that’s it so eat your ****, your opinion means nothing, especially when it makes no sense. Loser, since you don’t love her or all what she does, why do you even care?,cause she def doesn’t care about you either, only for her fans. American Idol has nothing to do with her last movie, her last movie peaked # 1 on Box Office and it has sold more than 100 million dollars worldwide, so you failed. American Idol has nothing to do with her success in general cause her song is smashing in countries where there’s no American Idol, deal ? you know it so stfu. So she still have her career in both music and movies and yeah she was paid 12 million dollars for her role as a judge, mad ? That’s also a huge career as we know.

    Jennifer spends money for helping the children, and she sells works to give the money for those children, Jennifer never killed an animal, 95% of people who use fur, they don’t even know how it works, and she was not the first or the last to use fur in her clothes, that was years ago, and why do you even talk about that ? it’s about a new music video. You have to blame the animal killers. You try hard to win an argument but you and everyone else knows it all, just keep insulting people so stop acting like a great person cause you’re clearly not, we will always make laugh at mad, jealous and ******* haters like you.
    Stay pressed !

  162. 162
    hirl Says:

    god she’s got one beautiful face! I will forever love her for bringing out the golden glow look. haha.

    forget about her talent or w/e. she is frigging gorgeous! thats all I can think when I look at her. perfect amazing bone structure,beautiful eyes,PERFECT smile/teeth. yeah she’s a goddess.

  163. 163
    She Stinks! Says:


    Why do YOU even care, stupid b*tch? I just laugh at your comments! Keep it going, dope! A typical JHO fan comment, when in doubt, insult someone you don’t even know, and will never know! ***********, ****!

    Oh, and JHO still stinks, not matter what you say! hahahahahahaha!

  164. 164
    garner Says:

    Hot mama, can dance not the greatest singer but good enought. Go Jlo…

  165. 165
    d Says:

    Does she look good ? yes. Can she sing ? no.

  166. 166
    as Says:

    Euro techno pop crap. C’mon, Pitbull and J Lo? Don’t expect any quality music.

  167. 167
    as Says:

    Euro techno pop crap. C’mon, Pitbull and J Lo? Don’t expect any quality music.

  168. 168
    ShoSho Says:

    She is amazing nice song

  169. 169
    David Says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooow Love it

  170. 170
    Meriam Says:

    @She Stinks!:

    You try now to post the same thing other said about you, “making laugh at you” LOL !!!!!!

    ***** ! Numbers count, that’s what I care about, and the song is smashing, if the song was bad or she had no talent or could not sing as you claim, she would not make it, just look at Kim Kardashian, she has the look but no music success cause she has no talent and and she is just an example.

    Jennifer has been voted for her vocal performance on Latin Grammy for her Spanish ballad No Me Ames, and she has been appreciated fo her voice, especially for Como Ama Una Mujer, she is not famous for her voice cause she makes dance songs a lot so it’s not about voice 100% but the DANCE. However, her voice is so amazing, she’s also so ultimate so there’s nothing to prove. ;)

    Now stop using different nicknames you stupid jerk, don’t struggle, the song is #1 on several countries including the US. Keep crying ! LOL !!!!!!!!

  171. 171
    Meriam Says:

    Oh and as always the one who still stinks is YOU.

  172. 172
    Meriam Says:

    LOL !!! I forgot to tell you something try to make anything positive for the general public as Jenny does. After all these years of huge success, we expect more from her, now try to show me your role in this world. The hate is just a waste of time and unhealthy, so you have no role hun. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. 173
    Meriam Says:


    Forget about her talents ? Humm she clearly break records so people care about her talents as well. HAHA

  174. 174
    Stefan Says:


    I agree with you Meriam, don’t ever argue with that jerk and haters especially, as you said after all these very huge success, there’s nothing to prove. ;)

  175. 175
    Meriam Says:

    Thank you Stefan, and yeah that’s what I mean VERY huge success and of course we can’t forget her past as well, there’s nothing to prove, everything is so clear, and haters still feel pressed day after day. It’s like watching a movie when I argue with haters lol however I won’t give a **** anymore, I said enough things. and thanks again. :)

  176. 176
    Stefan Says:


    Yes ! You are clearly right about everything you said. :)

  177. 177
    Meriam Says:


    Yes ;)

  178. 178
    She Stinks! Says:


    So typical of JHO fans, they tell me not to hate on JHO, but they can hate all over me. You’re a complete idiot, imbecile, moron. Just go away! There are many more haters – why just pick on me? It’s because you know I’m right.

    JHO is a horror. She can’t sing. Everyone knows it except you and her. Get a grip. She has all this flash to distract you from the fact that she can’t sing or dance! How stupid you are! hahahahahaha….

  179. 179
    HKS Says:


  180. 180
    Meriam Says:

    @She Stinks!:

    Mad ? LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, someone who creates very huge success must have haters and fans too, you are one of the proofs for that, don’t you know it, dumbo ? LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and please who’s right ? you ? LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!

    You yourself know no one gives a **** about what you say, we are just having fun with you, cause NUMBERS count honey, and yeah On The Floor hitting #1s on iTunes in US, and several countries and also smashing on other relevant charts, that’s what we care about.

    Now, you have nothing to say, just she can’t sing or dance or whatever, but after all these years you can’t argue with me that she CAN sing and DANCE, ACT, she can even judge, etc… so that’s not for nothing and there are other proofs that justify what I am saying and you know about all of that. Stay mad honey. ;)

  181. 181
    Meriam Says:


    Lambada is not even the original version, do your search first, and the rest of artists re-recorded the whole song, but for Jen’ song, it contains just the samples in a different and better way to another song which is even better and totally different

    BTW, Jennifer and RedOne got the permission from the original source ( I think it is an Italian band )

  182. 182
    She Stinks! Says:


    If you don’t care, why do you respond? J-NO talent can’t sing a note. iTunes means nothing. Stop blinding yourself to the truth. Your old, fat, untalented sloppy HO is over and done with – she is pathetic and worn out. Just get over it already. Her next career opportunity will be ‘celebrity apprentice’ or ‘dancing with the stars’! hahhahahahahahha!

    You’ve been served. Check that! Now, maid, get back to cleaning motel rooms, but please don’t steal anything this time.

  183. 183
    She Stinks! Says:

    @Killa Tila: You stupid, fat, sloppy mother-f-ing c*unt. Do you really think you are any match for me? Go away you little b*tch.

    Shouldn’t you be getting back to work, cleaning the rooms at the motel 6? Isn’t that what trash, like you, usually do?

    Sit down, shut up, and take it.

  184. 184
    elizabeth martinez Says:


  185. 185
    salah Says:

    this clip is better than clip of rihanna******thanks*********

  186. 186
    salah sssssssa Says:


  187. 187
    nessa Says:

    it aint the best song but still love it and hopefully she has more aswome songs to come :) and she is 42 and still dancing like shes 20,
    really glas shes back :))

  188. 188
    SeekerKC Says:


    From what I understand, it’s a very popular, classic, Brazilian single titled, “Chorado Se Foi.” It’s EXACTLY like it; the entire song. Hope JLo gives credit where credit is due.

  189. 189
    Alicia Says:

    @Lola: @annie: actually it was from La Lambada.just dont like it when she steals from other artist .cant shedo anything on her own …boaring video

  190. 190
    Hana Says:

    are you serious??? she just destroyed one of my favorite childhood sogns… how could she violate Lambada like that??? i just died a little inside….

  191. 191
    Mark Says:


    Yeah, and Maya stole “Stereo Love” from someone else.

  192. 192
    avinash Says:

    there is no doubt about her talent….but about this song….It is a true copy of a song “Sochna kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega” from a bollywood movie “Ghayal” released in 22June,1990……

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