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Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor" Video Premiere!

Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor

Check out the premiere of Jennifer Lopez‘s video for “On The Floor“!

The video was directed by TAJ Stansberry, styled by super stylist duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haen and features choreography by Frank Gatson.

This is the first single off of Jennifer‘s new album, Love?, due out April 19th!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” video?

Jennifer Lopez – ‘On The Floor’ feat. Pitbull
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  • ugh

    everyone wants to be lady gaga ” paws up “

  • shankoor

    amazing flawless goddess etc etc..

  • Paris

    Come on guys!! She’s JLo, and doesn’t need to do a 3 hours video with lots o crappy special effects to make her work “look better”. So please cut the bullshit , ok?

    Don’t hate on her, cuz u ain’t her…

  • http://cindydiamondss cindy diamonds


  • boo

    another artist that will flop cause Queen Lady godga is taking them all down. thats what happen when you copy the queen of music no one will stop her

  • Jessica Jene Perkins

    I think it is freakin amazing and she could have done any better. I loved it.

  • Sunnie

    I like this BMW and Swarovski commercial….did this run during the super bowl, too?

    I still think the Doritos commercials are better.

  • Lupe

    Love her !

  • Sunnie

    oops! musta missed that crown royale, too…and let’s not forget the venus shaver commercial even BEFORE the other commercial/vid starts.

    one giant ad….

  • BOO

    SoTry guys I bUY 40 copies of Lady Godga born this way no one will beat her monsters ruleS ” _ “

  • JayL

    Part of the song is stolen from an Italian song –

  • shoeshopper

    Looks amazing, but video and her voice hit the floor!

  • Joxe

    I love, I love it I love it!!!!

  • kd

    I really love JLo, but this is a disappointing song :(

  • J Love

    YES! My Girl J-Lo is Back!! The Track is Fire and she looks amazing. I give props to this woman for being able to come back at her age and still do her thing! Definitely going to get his album!

  • lillieb

    lol… terrible, it’s a rip off of stereo love forever and lamdada.

  • elia

    no matter what they say jennifer lopez is the best excellent she is like wine and she will be the biggest star of 2011.ELIA

  • sara

    to those people saying she copied Stereo Love….you obviously don’t know much….at the beginning what you hear is a sample of the Lambada, an original. And its not copying! This song is a great track for clubs and dancing! This is Jennifer Lopez’s niche and thats why it’s been doing so well! This is similar to her first songs and it is absolutely great!

  • elia

    jennifer lopez is great i think she is the best of them all .ELIA

  • Butch

    Mage is gonna be pissed. I love Jenny. She’s gorgie. But this song has a beat and chorus Madonna would use. Good club song though.

  • depeche

    kaoma… lambada,,,,,

  • lore

    dont love it, but I like it.. the style sounds a bit like edward mayaa

  • cm

    @Lola: actually if you say that they both stole it from…

  • Marci

    Jennifer still has it! She looks good and sounds awesome.

  • Kleuber

    This music is a plagiary by Kaoma┬┤s song

  • Allie

    Songs good, but I hate she’s using the Cheryl Cole route for success – being a judge on most popular tv show and using it for her singing career. There’s no way that this would be number 1 on itunes if she wasn’t on American Idol. Waits for results appearance/.

  • kimba

    The song is cool,but that wasn’t a surprise…Lambada…
    JLO is gorgeous (as usually),but her worst video clip ever!!!

    Who did this 4 U Jenny?!
    You did have the coolest videos always!

  • fyi

    Part of the song is stolen from an Italian song -
    Actually, that is not Italian, it;s INDIAN based on a Brazilian song which is based on a Peruvian song. Your clip is INDIAN from an Indian film

  • rodrigo

    missed this good jlo she is amazing as old days and the video is very nice!!!!! now what she needs is to do is release a better song cuz this one aint all that and release videos one after another!!!!! hteres no other way of gettin caught in the public eye (youtube) without making many many videos – Lady gaga started doing this and look what she become.

  • ray

    @Lola: the song wasn’t written by jennifer so the originality doesn’t respect to her….

    she’s beautifullllllllll

  • James

    @QueenDivajustin: @QueenDivajustin

    WOW, you are both idiots since even lambada is taken from the BOLIVIAN SONG ‘llorando se fue’


  • James

    MORON:@QUEENDIVAJUSTIN: WOW, you are both idiots since even lambada is taken from the BOLIVIAN SONG ‘llorando se fue

  • aaa

    Britney Spears’ new smash single “Till The World Ends” out now on Itunes!

  • Dina

    lol at haters, mad ? chill out

    1st of all, the song peaked at #1 and it was already peaked # 2, so AI is not the biggest reason. Plus, the song is smashing in countries that don’t even watch Idol

    2nd of all, no matter what if you compare the song with Lambada or whatever, the song is so different than those songs, even lambada samples are used in a better and different way for a another song, then pop songs today must have similarities.

    Jennifer is smashing and she deserves it, she is so talented and after all the song could not make this success for nothing.

    Btw, did I say the video is also #1 ? yes it is. ;)

    Stay pressed haters.

  • beatriz

    she so perfect <33
    i love her and i’m so obsessed with this song
    and the video it’s amazing

  • btew

    wooow love this song and shes better than britney noww

  • btew

    wooow love this song and shes better than britney noww

  • Sandra

    J to the LO……doing what she does best making us all want to dance with her sic dance tracks! LOVE this song! Dancing tonight to it!!

  • Lynn

    Thast woman is old, ugly, unattractive and a bad singer. I wish she would disappear for good and take Gaga and Brit with her. Ugh!

  • Louise

    Horrible video. Is that what passes for talent these days? God, that Brazillian song IS old and she is ressurrecting it with no shame, she didn’t even dance. FAIL miserably.

  • Phil

    She’s by a far margin so much more beautiful than that stupid Angelina Jolie homewrecker!!! Go JLo!!!

  • Nat

    complety lost herself…its not her//dont like it

  • Mane

    Jennifer, I Loooove you so much. Fantastic song and video.

  • KRL

    Jennifer could be a little more original … And not having to take the melody
    the “Lambada” for one of his new songs …

  • Mary

    Boring!!!! She has no talent, can’t dance and no class. She tries way too hard.

  • lady l

    it looks like second part of me haces falta video…she has same/similiar dress at start … isnt it?

  • Dina

    I am so glad to see some haters mad here.

    First of all the song is not for that Brazilian group.
    2nd of all, Jennifer is so original, if takes “the samples” it doesn’t mean she is not original, but she inspired, then she didn’t take all the song,, let’s see Gaga how she stole Madonna’ songs and other people fashion, it’s what we call unoriginal person, I don’t know why Gaga fans are mad, but wait, I know she ends her #1, stay pressed.

    @Mary, mad ? all this big success during all the years and today will clearly prove she has talents, she can dance she got class and she needn’t to try hard. Oh it proves she’s so ultimate. Stay pressed.

  • Sit down chica

    As usual…garbage. Jennifer cannot sing worth a ish.
    Your career is over dear.
    You wouldn’t have to do idol if you had one. Stick to that, even though a non singer telling other singers how bad they are is the oxymoron of the century.

  • Dina

    @Sit down chica, sit down bitch you hate because you can’t do the same, otherwise you would not have time to post your real garbage here. American Idol is just an activity and if her career is done, what are you doing here dumbo ? It’s about a new J-Lo video, wait she beat out Gaga, right ? so her career is still ALIVE.

    Jenny is so ultimate, she can sing, dance, act, fashion icon, judge and fashion icon, she ALWAYS comes with better stuff, that’s why she’s still here to stay after all these years, so get a job bitch. Bye !

  • She Stinks!

    @Dina: No, Dina, you need to sit down, and just shut up. JHO sucks. Its a proven fact. She can’t sing, dance, act, design clothes or raise kids. JHO is the ultimate all right, the ultimate loser. She is the laughing stock of the industry. Know that!

    She stinks, we all know this, why don’t you?