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Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor" Video Premiere!

Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor

Check out the premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s video for “On The Floor“!

The video was directed by TAJ Stansberry, styled by super stylist duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haen and features choreography by Frank Gatson.

This is the first single off of Jennifer‘s new album, Love?, due out April 19th!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” video?

Jennifer Lopez – ‘On The Floor’ feat. Pitbull
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192 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor" Video Premiere!”

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  1. 151
    Meriam Says:

    @ she stinks wtf ? I’m not surprised about what you are saying, cause you are just a trash here using different nicknames to gain hater, pathetic LMFAO !!!!

    I’m not gonna prove anything after all these years of big successes, and after taking 2 years of taking care of her kids, you suck monkey’s balls so I’m not giving you any credits for what you say. YOU stink.

  2. 152
    Meriam Says:

    @ she stinks oh btw if she stinks, no one will care about her, haha

    YOU stink even without seeing you cause your words are the best definition of the stupidity and hating.

  3. 153
    mayra Says:

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  4. 154
    mayra Says:

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  5. 155
    Killa Tila Says:

    @She Stinks!:

    there you are you little *****!!we meet again!!!did you miss me?look imma say it once…go get a job or get laid …you re making a fool of your felf honey!!!everyone in here thinks you re a freak!!!hahaha pathetic!!!shut your mouth or else

  6. 156
    Meriam Says:

    You are right and there’s nothing to prove after all these years of VERY HUGE SUCCESSES for Jenny. Haters still have nothing to prove. BYE !

  7. 157
    Meriam Says:

    You are right, after all these VERY HUGE SUCCESSES Jen has nothing to prove, she is VERY HUGE. Haters still have nothing to prove. Stay may and obsessed. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 158
    Abdel Says:

    @ she stinks you are always jumping on Jennifer threads and you always act like a stupid ***** and everyone is making laugh at you. If you think Jennifer is that bad, why do you even care ? get a life b****, Jennifer is slaying no matter what you say and she’s still here to prove you and all those mad haters are wrong about everything you say.

    Haters gonna hate, and haters are obsessed fans for any artist. Take care.

  9. 159
    She Stinks! Says:

    @Meriam, Tila, Abdel, all just a bunch of dumb, low class, uneducated ghetto trash, just like your favorite HO, JHO! Trash, trash, trash!

    I’ll continue to speak the truth about her. If you don’t like my opinion, that just too bad now , isn’t it? hahahahahaha! JHO is a loser. A big fat a$$ed loser. If you think she had a hit movie, and could act, she’d be judging a talent show? Get real. She needs this job because she’s BROKE and couldn’t get a job elsewhere!

    Did you forget about how your favorite scumbag used children dying of cancer to sell a crappy CD? How about how she murders animals for her failed fashion line? The list is endless. JHO is a vile pig.

    Do some research, b*tches!

  10. 160
    She Stinks! Says:

    @Killa Tila: Or else what you little stupid b*tch? Bring it.

  11. 161
    Meriam Says:

    @ she stinks ***** you are so mad that she still breaks records. You are the real ghetto here, the one who was born to fight with people. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Opinions ? truth ? ***** who are you ? she is smashing and you are crying, that’s it so eat your ****, your opinion means nothing, especially when it makes no sense. Loser, since you don’t love her or all what she does, why do you even care?,cause she def doesn’t care about you either, only for her fans. American Idol has nothing to do with her last movie, her last movie peaked # 1 on Box Office and it has sold more than 100 million dollars worldwide, so you failed. American Idol has nothing to do with her success in general cause her song is smashing in countries where there’s no American Idol, deal ? you know it so stfu. So she still have her career in both music and movies and yeah she was paid 12 million dollars for her role as a judge, mad ? That’s also a huge career as we know.

    Jennifer spends money for helping the children, and she sells works to give the money for those children, Jennifer never killed an animal, 95% of people who use fur, they don’t even know how it works, and she was not the first or the last to use fur in her clothes, that was years ago, and why do you even talk about that ? it’s about a new music video. You have to blame the animal killers. You try hard to win an argument but you and everyone else knows it all, just keep insulting people so stop acting like a great person cause you’re clearly not, we will always make laugh at mad, jealous and ******* haters like you.
    Stay pressed !

  12. 162
    hirl Says:

    god she’s got one beautiful face! I will forever love her for bringing out the golden glow look. haha.

    forget about her talent or w/e. she is frigging gorgeous! thats all I can think when I look at her. perfect amazing bone structure,beautiful eyes,PERFECT smile/teeth. yeah she’s a goddess.

  13. 163
    She Stinks! Says:


    Why do YOU even care, stupid b*tch? I just laugh at your comments! Keep it going, dope! A typical JHO fan comment, when in doubt, insult someone you don’t even know, and will never know! ***********, ****!

    Oh, and JHO still stinks, not matter what you say! hahahahahahaha!

  14. 164
    garner Says:

    Hot mama, can dance not the greatest singer but good enought. Go Jlo…

  15. 165
    d Says:

    Does she look good ? yes. Can she sing ? no.

  16. 166
    as Says:

    Euro techno pop crap. C’mon, Pitbull and J Lo? Don’t expect any quality music.

  17. 167
    as Says:

    Euro techno pop crap. C’mon, Pitbull and J Lo? Don’t expect any quality music.

  18. 168
    ShoSho Says:

    She is amazing nice song

  19. 169
    David Says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooow Love it

  20. 170
    Meriam Says:

    @She Stinks!:

    You try now to post the same thing other said about you, “making laugh at you” LOL !!!!!!

    ***** ! Numbers count, that’s what I care about, and the song is smashing, if the song was bad or she had no talent or could not sing as you claim, she would not make it, just look at Kim Kardashian, she has the look but no music success cause she has no talent and and she is just an example.

    Jennifer has been voted for her vocal performance on Latin Grammy for her Spanish ballad No Me Ames, and she has been appreciated fo her voice, especially for Como Ama Una Mujer, she is not famous for her voice cause she makes dance songs a lot so it’s not about voice 100% but the DANCE. However, her voice is so amazing, she’s also so ultimate so there’s nothing to prove. ;)

    Now stop using different nicknames you stupid jerk, don’t struggle, the song is #1 on several countries including the US. Keep crying ! LOL !!!!!!!!

  21. 171
    Meriam Says:

    Oh and as always the one who still stinks is YOU.

  22. 172
    Meriam Says:

    LOL !!! I forgot to tell you something try to make anything positive for the general public as Jenny does. After all these years of huge success, we expect more from her, now try to show me your role in this world. The hate is just a waste of time and unhealthy, so you have no role hun. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 173
    Meriam Says:


    Forget about her talents ? Humm she clearly break records so people care about her talents as well. HAHA

  24. 174
    Stefan Says:


    I agree with you Meriam, don’t ever argue with that jerk and haters especially, as you said after all these very huge success, there’s nothing to prove. ;)

  25. 175
    Meriam Says:

    Thank you Stefan, and yeah that’s what I mean VERY huge success and of course we can’t forget her past as well, there’s nothing to prove, everything is so clear, and haters still feel pressed day after day. It’s like watching a movie when I argue with haters lol however I won’t give a **** anymore, I said enough things. and thanks again. :)

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