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Kate Bosworth: Working with French Filmmaker!

Kate Bosworth: Working with French Filmmaker!

Kate Bosworth gets in some shopping at the Opening Ceremony boutique on Thursday (March 3) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress recently explained what we can look forward to in her next film.

“I’m working with a French filmmaker so I’m gonna go over and see her,” Kate said. “It’s early days but I am excited.”

Earlier this week, Kate arrived at LAX International Airport wearing a red sweater.

FYI: Kate is wearing MiH London boy cropped jeans and carrying the Vanessa Bruno Cabas Box Bag in brown leather.

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  • Nikki

    Does she have that Isabel Marant sweater in EVERY color?

  • Lena

    Are the stinky brown boots back?

  • AnnmarieZ

    Sometimes I can’t believe I still visit this site: “Earlier this week, Kate arrived at LAX International Airport wearing a red sweater” How interestingzzzzzz………….

  • Eresyn


  • Me

    Earlier this week, I wore a coral cable knit sweater from Target’s. Can I get a mention on this blog too?

    Jared, I love ya! But there are times, I can’t even…


    Baldylocks is back in strong famewh*ring form. Lost Girls and Lost Hotels is no longer on her IMDB. Her option probably expired. So what movie was she “working” on in France?

    Whatever, we all know she left HW to save face from not being invited to the Oscar parties. Lucky for AS he could actually attend them without being embarrassed by a cranked out drunk. Anyway we know he wouldn’t have taken her, since he’s been avoiding parties unless it’s for business or family.

    It’s almost time for the deluge of “happy couple” pictures.

  • so what?

    she worked with a Korean director on her last movie and look at how well that turned out! What difference does it make where the director is from if nobody sees the movie?…

  • Shocking another post.

    Ugh, that smirk. Obnoxious much?

    Question: Does her camp post comments on Jared or something? A few posts back some random commenter said she was in France meeting some filmmaker. If her publicist or whoever does read this: Your client is way too overexposed for someone who does absolutely nothing at all.


    How is her face so saggy at 28 with anorexia?

  • challah

    Must be early days if there’s nothing on IMDB. Lame post, Jared, even for you.

  • Eresyn

    Seriously, she should sell some of those freebie bags she gets all the time, so she can buy new boots…PLEASE!!!!

  • sunbears1

    get rid of those damn boots

    they don’t even go with most of what she wears



    Lost Girls was in pre-production on her IMDB for the past four years. Her PR puts EVERYTHING on her IMDB whether it’s confirmed or not.

    Btw, why is she listed as a director on her Facebook? Seriously, she couldn’t direct traffic.

  • just the facts

    So, she was wearing a red sweater at the airport?

  • Mike

    She looks adorable!

  • just the facts

    So, she was wearing a red sweater at the airport??

  • just the facts

    So, she was wearing a red sweater at the airport???

  • just the facts

    Now that’s important news!

  • Heartbreaker

    What is that?

  • Wh*reNoMore

    Why is she?

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • LadyHawke

    How do you file famewh*ring on your taxes?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    I hate her and her fans

  • KnickKnack

    Is that a 12 year old tranny?

  • Free People

    I think she would look better if she wore a little bit more makeup. She’s starting to look really washed out and that does make her look older.

  • ColdCrotch

    Is she still phucking Chris Martin?

  • Well……

    she goes shopping, is in her car, and of course this was not an arranged pap interference? Yeah, umm right!!! SHe is damn irrelevant, I know she and her team must be paying you JJ, to post this . She is a has been that never was!!!

  • Kate in a nutshell

    Jewelmint jewelmint jewelmint, shopping, LAX, jewelmint, fashion, jewelmint, red sweater, jewelmint, brown boots, jewelmint, Cher Coulter, Jewelmint, Whole Foods, jewelmint, Joan’s, jewelmint jewelmint, smirk smirk smirk, jewelmint, smirk smirk, blueblood, jewelmint jewelmint, Sundance, fashion week, Burburry, jewelmint jewelmint, smirk. I guess that about sums it up.

  • OTO

    Go to Zimbio. She is shopping with the Skarsgard sis.

  • Well……

    @OTO: link please

  • Hurray!

    No Skarsgard is ever alone with her.

  • OTO
  • nanny825

    She’s not newsworthy in any capacity. She has no sense of style, her only accomplishment is the men she sleeps with, married or otherwise. Why do you continue to bother with this loser?

  • FashionIcon
  • Well……

    @OTO: thanks!!! Gosh Eija is tall!!!

  • Well……

    @OTO: Thanks!!. Gosh Eija is so tall….

  • Doreen

    Alex’s sister is 5’11″, she would tower over KB. That girl is only like 3 inches taller than KB, who is only 5’5″.

  • Well……

    @Doreen: It is Eija dear..don’t fret, she(KB) and Alex are still together. Hey wishful thinking!!!!

  • v

    she is standing next to someone who is naturally pretty and has street style. no wonder she brushed her hair.

  • FashionIcon

    Is there no one she son’t use for famewh*ring?

  • Emily.


    lol So that explains why she called photographers. Trying to remind us all that her and Skarsgard are still very much together, and look! “His family loves me too!” It’s sad thinking he might actually really like this fame hungry twat.

  • Eyeroll

    Thus, the smug. Might not be Alex, but it’s still one of his, as she has none of her own.

  • Doreen

    Why’d they crop her out of the pics? You’d think Kate would want everyone to see that.

  • FashionIcon

    Wow, i guess we’ll see family pictures for next few days The Straw Dogs premiere will be here soon folks and It’ll all be over.

  • Doreen


    I wonder that too. You NEVER hear about Alex spending time with her family. What’s the deal there? You’d think he’d be with them at least once if they’ve been together this long, but we never hear or see it.

  • Adora Adams

    She looked very old for her age!



    Because Alex would probably have her head if she allowed JJ to post those pictures. It’s enough that her PR alerted us that they exist on Zimbio.It’s all so expected at this point.

    I understand why Eija and the younger ones would hang with her since she can still get into some places and get them freebies. Notice that Lisa Larson, her BFF when she needed her is no longer in the picture.

    I expect however now to see some awkward Lisa and KB pictures since people have been speculating that something happened between them since they were last seen together at the Village Idiot.

  • Doreen

    Sigh…everytime I get my damn hopes up that he’s cut that shat loose…crappy.

  • Eyeroll


    JJ probably doesn’t know who she is … yet. Maybe he’ll add it to the title before the night is over. That would no doubt add some hits.

  • chicca

    Alex’s sister shopping with KB so they still together. I think it’s not pr or something…i think he like KB, i really don’t like her and i change my opinion about him. Now he’s dead to me.