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Miranda Kerr: Paris Fashion Week Woman!

Miranda Kerr: Paris Fashion Week Woman!

Miranda Kerr heads back to her hotel after a full day of activity on Wednesday (March 2) in Paris, France.

The 27-year-old Aussie model and her husband Orlando Bloom went to the Balenciaga offices earlier in the day.

Rumors have been flying around that Miranda might be walking in the fashion house’s show during Paris Fashion Week.

Early Wednesday morning, Miranda and Orly arrived at Charles de Gaulle with their son Flynn in tow!

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Topshop floral skirt.

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Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: Splashnewsonline
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  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Hehehehe like sick

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Hehehehehe why why?

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • Yui

    She looks tired, maybe breastfeeding…

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Omg her face puffy and dosn’t have neck

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Yo mean Shes sick becuze breastfeeding ,that nothing wrong ahahahahaaa ;-D

  • antropol.

    Women who naturally have dark hair,white skin,blue or green eyes combination are rare.

  • Party One

    She suddenly looks old…

  • http://dumb,dumberanddumbest.... @Sligo/Kaz

    Your comments are annoying, ignorant, just plain ridiculous and hardly ever make any sense……troll.

  • Lalalove

    Tell it like it is, she looks old! A little weight on her face does her NO justice. I’m sure she’ll be back to her old self in no time. These VS models always do.

  • Sun

    I didnt know how ugly she was without make up

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    No one ugly lol, but u can say they normal

  • sara

    I don’t like her style, but she’s very pretty.
    @antropol.: Her natural hair isn’t that dark, she’s a dark blonde, it isn’t rare at all.

  • gigi

    man she looks seriously bad without makeup.

  • uhmmm

    I think that she looks pretty darned good just after a trans-continent, and trans-Atlantic flight with a (nearly) two month old and no rest.
    Her skinh is amazing!
    I can’t wait to see her on the runway again!
    Sorry, but no, she is a natural dark brunette.

  • FTV


    The combination is rare,I’ve heard that before and walking down the streets I can see it myself.I wish I looked like that,really lovely.

  • YAY!!!

    OLove has some photos up of Orlando on his way into the Balenciaga show, so SHE IS DEFINITELY WALKING!!!
    So cute that he brought his mother along, too.
    He looks fantastic, BTW!

  • yes!

    Just saw the first pics from the show.
    Even in the pale, Balenciaga makeup, she is radiant!
    Orlando looks great, too!
    He’s sitting front row, charming the socks off Anna Wintour, just like he did the last show.

  • From Paris with Love

    Old? She is like THE one girl nobody believes she is 27 for christ sake. I think you’re mistaking tired and makeup-less for old. Baby+trip+jet lag+fashion week I guess.
    If anything the little extra weight in her face looks like “teenage baby fat”, like when we started to really hear about her Only THEN she got skinnier.
    Her round angelic face will always make her look ten years younger anyway. And girls with the sweet face/body-to-die-for combo are so sexy, like an ultimate temptation.
    She does look tired here but she is hot.

  • music

    wow she is really an ET head. Her puffy face will only began sagging soon. round faced girls always get the jowls early on.

  • Trent

    @From Paris with Love:

    “sweet face/body-to-die-for combo are so sexy, like an ultimate temptation.”

    actually to me its the ultimate mind f*ck to see some cabbage patch kid with the body of a goddess. Weird as H*LL. and mis proportioned if you ask me. With her body I would picture a sex bomb face, not a 13 yr olds. I guess her biggest fanbase are tween girls and pedophiles.

  • appletree

    I think her eye color is stunning, but otherwise I think her face looks like a squished lump of play doh:/

  • cathy

    OK everyone pay attention here I am not a complete fan of hers but look ,her baby is not even 2 months old , she was just on a transatlantic flight with a new born, she has no makeup on and her face was probably just cleaned and whatever else they do to get ready for these runways. Having said that, she is in Paris getting ready to walk in a Balenciaga show with her husband Orlando Bloom watching and their child sound asleep back a very expensive hotel with a nanny, who here wouldn’t want that. Come on be honest. I can tell you when my baby was that little I could barely fit into my sweats and no way would I have been ready to do what she is doing. We all know she beautiful.

  • WTF

    what the hell happened here?

  • http://dumb,dumberanddumbest.... @8,10,14,20,21,22

    I see the Delphidiots are back and posting over and over again pretending to be different people……Miranda is beautiful, has an outstanding career, married to Orlando and now has sweet baby Flynn……AND YOU CAN’T STAND IT……keep writing as many nasty comments as you like but it will NOT change the facts…’s so pathetic that you’re full of hatred and jealousy over someone you’ve never met all because Orlando loves her……lol….grow up!

  • jared


    ditto! nice description. Her eyes are pretty (sometimes a little too bug eyed for my taste) otherwise she is a playdoh head.

  • jimmyjo

    I do not find her face attractive. She looks like a pumpkin with her awful round shaped face, nice eyes, but the shape and rest of her face are not..

  • pumpkin

    um Im not an Orlando fan at all, lol. I just don’t think she is pretty. She looks like a child with a pumpkin head. very weird looking. I can remeber the first time she was on a VS catalog cover and my mom said “ewwwww what kind of VS model is this” Older people do not like this trendy alien thing. They prefer classic or exotic sexy models. I notice Miranda fans are mostly tween girls or boys. Get over it! her bod is great though!!!!

  • Pachy

    OMG that ugly woman, as she may be in VS, if there are so many better

  • sara

    @FTV: I have dark hair/white skin/green eyes, my friend has dark hair/white skin/ blue eyes, I know and see every day hundreds of ppl with that combination. Rare? Depends on what streets you are walking and which part of the world you live in I think.

  • @25

    They only came here when they finished posting on their own hate site, after scouring her facebook, twitter, th Kora blog, olove, May’s pages, etc.
    This just proves once again that Miranda OWNS them!
    And they are STILL trying to spin the fact that Miranda walked HF into something bad.
    This should be hilarious!

  • LOL!!!

    The delphidiots have arrived!!!
    It’s funny when their sockpuppets forget that they are supposed to use different insults.
    But of course, they aren’t known for their smarts, are they!
    Miranda comes back out on top, and each one of you pathetic haters just sink lower and lower into the black pit that is your life.
    LOVE IT!!!!

  • http://justjare kora the ugh beauty

    i m wondering that if they call it beauty then whats ugly? believe me shes just one over rated woman. her nose is really out of this world an seriously me and my friends dont hate her she poses a lot we all r aware that she does not breast feed the child or her nipples woul be stretched out which is not good for her career she takes of her bra at drop of hat and imagine trying to be nice enough to breast feed. she said her career is no longer her priority but hardly before 2 months she got back to her original form an all set for ramp walking. what a poser.


    How you claim to be Orlando’s hardcore fans, the ones who are supposed to wish him well, and at the same time trash the woman he loves, the mother of his child with such hatred is beyond me. Flash news, if it weren’t Miranda it would be another hot skinny girl, certainly not you losers. Sick ‘fans’ like you remind me of Mark Chapman and that Bjork’s stalker who killed himself and sent her the footage. HAHA looneys.

  • http://justjare kora the ugh beauty

    @BATSHIT CRAZIES: mother of his child bahahahaha how do u know, she travels a lot with a lot of men without orly who is sure nobody and plzz every one has right to share their views just dont barge in try to dump ur comments on us u like her sorry most of us dont and who knows there might be other hot girl if not kerr u r not a god so plz.
    how do u know orly loves her she was his time pass for almost 3 years before she realized she is preggers and tied the knot i havent seen orlando wearing the wedding ring she is one big melo drama she predends while she speak,eat,walk,laugh so who is so sure that she is not pretending the love with orly ofcourse with her child coming in she got naked ,was cnter of attention which sha craved for after birth took out her boob kept into the childs mouth.this politics of hollywood u wont understand

  • @35

    Sharing opinions is one thing.
    Outing yourself as a hater with insane conspiracy theories is another.
    Batsh*t crazy is a good name for you delphidiots.
    I understand that you are frustrated that she keeps proving you losers wrong, but you will just have to deal with it. Because it’s going to keep happening.

  • @35

    OK, I’ll share one of my views with you…..
    How’s that?
    Punctuation is your friend.
    Or would that require you to actually use BOTH of your brain cells?

  • Mike

    Look at the size of that woman’s face! Is she storing nuts in those cheeks for the winter? Damn.

  • @37

    delphites are going crazy!!!

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  • http://justjare @35

    both the cells work when english is not your language?
    my i m impressed, a brand new scientific research has been invented
    learn some bio mate before teaching someone punctuation.
    p.s: just a suggestion doctor

  • http://justjare kora the ugh beauty

    @@35: it wont last baby just wait for another year
    p.s: i really thought u r mirandas d@g frankie another insane theory from mesorry but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • http://justjare eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    what an average looking woman wonder what orlando saw in her

  • @40

    Why do you follow someone that you hate?
    That just seems like an incredible waste of time.
    But I guess that you don’t have anything else to live for, huh?
    Hate is your life.

  • @41

    That was a really pathetic attempt at a comeback!

  • @40

    So you are saying that we shouldn’t go to someone’s site if we don’t like what they are saying?
    Is that right?
    Then how do you explain being on a MIRANDA thread when you don’t like HER???
    Doesn’t that make you a…..wait for it….HYPOCRITE????
    So pathetically stupid!
    But please keep posting.
    This is hilarious!

  • LOL!

    They go to her facebook, her blog, and her twitter, then say that WE should not go to their site if we don’t like them?
    Gee, maybe they should take some of their own advice, hmmm?
    But since they brought it up, these are my favorite new bits….
    -Since Miranda took five seconds to post something on twitter, she must be lying when she says that she is having fun in Paris.
    -That since Miranda supports Earth Day, they are going to use EXTRA electricity because they don’t like her.
    -And the classic old stand by; that Mirand reads their pathetic, sad little hater blog.
    Do they honestly think that a woman who has EVERYTHING; a healthy new baby, career, family, success, and a great husband, really cares what a tiny group of sad haters thinks about her?

  • http://justjare what ever lol

    @LOL!: even we all dont care for kerr whether she live or die we want and are concerned about orlando cuz we ae in his life before miranda and dont make a mistake of thinking that ur posts will effect us either and LOL whatever this world is not her so if she tries to save electricity not a big deal uguys r those kinds who just know how to follow for us if we want to save electricty we wont wait for miranda to do so on the other she shed her clothes and spoils children mind so is it a gain ? to u it mght be and as far as her enjoyment is concerned she really will be cuz she was bored being home a woman who spends most of her time on face book chatting. she said her career is no longer her priority ahe will focus on family life more, now what within 2 months she is back with her old figure. there is one thig i want to say that we really really dont care whether she cares for us or not but we always care for orlando bloom only

  • http://justjare what?

    can anyone tell whats delphidiots?

  • http://justjare kora the ugh beauty

    @44 : i love to hate can u do something about hate kerr hate kerr hate kerr. NOW? anything else