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Taylor Momsen: These Boots Were Made For Walkin!

Taylor Momsen: These Boots Were Made For Walkin!

Taylor Momsen wears a pair of leather boots while getting a cup of coffee to go on Wednesday (March 2) in New York City.

The 17-year-old entertainer stopped by Fuse Studios during the day to make an appearance on Hoppus On Music with host Mark Hoppus.

Taylor‘s interview will air on Friday (March 11) at 11pm ET!

Taylor and her band The Pretty Reckless were recently added to the lineup of artists who will play the Download Festival in the UK’s Donington Park.

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  • Gigi


  • Kimzahe


    Find the missing letter :)

  • Thai

    She is a very bad joke. As a friend of mine said, Charlie Sheen could possibly her father, lol… Isnt it amazing the human hypocrisy and stupidity? If a Muslim woman gets out with her head covered, ppl bash her and start commenting about her; but when an idiot like Momsen walks out dressed as she does, I doubt that smb is scandalized. Democracy and freedom, right?

  • Dasha

    17 years old and she dresses like a prostitue, where are her parents for God sake??!!

  • eve

    She is a Baby of Harry Potter’s age. Does it always have to be ‘one upon a time’? In this case …. no. How it is start? At first she read ‘Harry Poter”, when she belived she could be a witch, now she is a trash.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!


  • Sun

    filthy like rianna lol

  • !


  • wtf

    Mom, Dad, birth control. Stop this nonsense.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Boots ? Up up up up

  • commonsense

    Only JJ would call her an entertainer!

  • EAC

    She needs to stop trying so hard to be different. This look doesn’t look good on anyone…

  • fooey

    She simply wants attention. Kind of reminds me of Howard Stern, the shock jock. Unfortunately, she may end up in the gutter if she continues on this path with a meth face and 20 some odd STDs in 10 years.

  • bubbaness


    What in the name of all that is good and holy is going on here? Ridiculous.

  • ck

    If she dresses like this on March 2nd, imagine what she’ll wear when it’s 90F in the summer?

  • Taylor

    How long does it take to put those boots on?

  • mia

    I’m so sick of this little girl. She is seventeen, dress your age! Well actually I don’t think I have ever seen any woman dress like this. I used to be a fan of hers but she has changed so much since gossip girl started. I hope one day she wakes up, I bet she will be embarrassed to talk about herself at this age when she is older. Where are her parents? I know you need a little individuality but this is over board. She is such a pretty girl when she dresses appropriate.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!


  • danielle

    Be nice if she fell on her a$$ in front of the cameras. Now that would be worth a picture.

  • Briar Rose

    Charlie Sheen’s long lost daughter

  • In The Know

    She’s trying soooo hard to be a rock star……kind of pathetic…………real rock stars don’t have to try do they?????



    this can’t be healthy…

  • wild

    You people are overreacting. Although I would never dress like that, I don’t expect other people to dress like me. We’re all different. She can dress however she wants!

  • Tibia

    Actually, these boots were made for stripping…

  • Ang

    She’s just another young girl who dresses dramatically to shock people. That’s what I think, personally. Girls grow up so damn fast nowadays, enjoy your youth and quit trying to be a grown up before your 18.

    I don’t mind the boots, but not with whatever she is or isn’t wearing. Does the girl own any shorts that are longer than a shirt? Just saying.

  • shay

    Agree with Thai x1000000000000000000000000000

  • kate

    those boots were made for whorin…

  • jol

    so when Lady Gaga dresses as a lunatic it’s “art” but this teenage girl can’t dress weird cuz its either a whore or a “grown-up wannabe”? I think it’s cool that she dresses the way she wants, she is a teenage celebrity, I can’t imagine a 40yr-old dress like this… and she isn’t trying to change the world, like Gaga, who goes to Pro-gay rights meetings dressed as a delusional woman/man and wants to be taken seriously…

  • http://dnica Looky

    She is not as hot as she thinks she is. You can tell she does not work out because the back looks really nasty!

  • lil

    I can’t stand this bitch

  • nkenk

    It was like 40 degrees here today! How the hell did she wear no pants?!

  • cece



  • maggie

    i am horrified that this 17 year old girl dresses this way…what kind of role model is she? where in the heck are her parents? it’s disgusting and her parents should be ashamed, but they probably aren’t since their little girl is bringing home the bacon. who cares about values, morals and being a role model when you are making lots of cash, right!?!? typical hollywood trash.

  • JDub

    I’m almost positive that if I saw her coming toward me on the street, I’d turn and run in the opposite direction…what sane person dresses like that?? what sane person would even construct such a shoe?? she’s needs to pull herself together and finding some got dang pants!


    I cant believe all the disgusting sl*t shaming comments on here.

    Have any of you ancient grannies even heard this young talented girl SING?!!!??? NO? THEN STFU! AND STFD!!!!

  • Hmm

    Yeah I have and she sucks. She needs to stick with GOSSIP GIRL. Sorry but she is a joke. No child actor from gossip girl will EVER be take seriously as a rocker. She’s miley cyrus in sl*****r clothes