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Zac Efron: Shopping in New York City!

Zac Efron: Shopping in New York City!

Zac Efron rocks a pair of shades as he steps out to do some shopping on Thursday (March 3) in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.

The 23-year-old actor stopped by the Diesel Black label boutique before heading to Armani Exchange.

Teresa Palmer recently put an end to the rumors that she and Zac are dating.

“I can’t believe that rumor’s still going on,” Teresa told ET. “No, he’s totally my friend.”

FYI: Zac is wearing Levi’s Sherpa Jacket in Cougar Slub Twill and Waterless Matchstick in Best of Black!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron shopping in New York City…

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zac efron shopping in new york city 01
zac efron shopping in new york city 02
zac efron shopping in new york city 03
zac efron shopping in new york city 04
zac efron shopping in new york city 05
zac efron shopping in new york city 06
zac efron shopping in new york city 07
zac efron shopping in new york city 08
zac efron shopping in new york city 09
zac efron shopping in new york city 10

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  • lauren

    just jared
    do you mean NOT DATING.

  • emily

    his hair grew out very fast, and nicely(:

  • emily

    his hair grew out very fast, and nicely(:

  • lauren

    he looks the same everyday

  • lauren

    also why is every other post on here and jjj are him and vanessa story’s/


  • beatriz

    he looks hot (:
    i love him

  • Glamourous

    You probably look the same every day too. Should he get dressed up for you?Seriously, lauren, grow a brain.
    Looks GREAT lately. He’s grown into his looks.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • lauren

    get over yourself,
    its just an opinion

  • kami

    and why is toilet paper even relevant on a zac post? seriously. better yet why is toilet paper still milking the topic? oh, right, toilet paper wants some media attention. big shocker there.

  • http://justjared mig345

    hes so hot can’t get over him , i love him so much

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    ..ugly shoes, cool kid.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    I see twins zac copy XX__XX


    American badass – Diesel black is perfect for him.

  • boston61

    Straight men do not shop. They order a few thing when they really need them.

  • naomi

    @lauren: Learn how to read… it’s actually the way jj wrote it. “Teresa Palmer recently put an end to the rumors that she and Zac are dating”.

  • Whatever

    You go gurl!!! You shop till you drop. She loves herself something fancy to wear. Did you all see that the new Enquirer claims our girl Zac was holding hands with another dude at a party in NY?! The shame!!! Come out come out wherever you are girlfriend!

  • sunny

    Girl loves to get her shop on!!!

  • Alexandra101


  • Hehe

    No straight guy dresses that good, rock it Zac, love ya whether your gay or straight.

  • Hehe

    No straight guy dresses that good, work it Zac, love ya whether your gay or straight.

  • kyle

    I say, he lost the weight he gained while shooting The Lucky One. The hair is certainly growing back fast.

  • Simply put

    Miss thang goes shopping…

  • mykamicks

    Zac do some shopping too at NYC dowtown.. Miss him with this kind of routine.

  • lyla

    No, lauren. JJ had it correct. The rumor was that they were dating. She put an end to that rumore, the rumor that they are dating. This means that they are NOT dating.

  • deedeejj

    Soooooo, both Zac and Vanessa are in NYC this week??? Maybe together???

  • Jackiii

    Vanessa is wearing her and Zacs Hawaii ring @ the thumb …

  • florence

    Obviouolsy they are no longer friends either now as they both were out shopping the same day in the same city but NOT together which in the past woulod’nt have been a problem, and from hislast photo’s Zac does’nt look happy. So obvioulsy Vanessa does’nt want anything to do with efron anymore and who could blame her.

    I hope she’s had a great time in NY and kept away from efron, there’s been no sightings of them what so ever so obvioulsy the problem could’nt be worked out and she is moving on and good for her.

    And now again we are getting stories abut how great Zac is to his fans, how great he is in general, and suprise suprise stories about how Vanessa cheated and is apprently asking men for their numbers,soonce again Zac is being made out to be the best thing on earth and Vanessa the bad one.

    It’s great that she’s nolonger assocaited with efron and his digusting PA team and is just getting on with her life.

  • florence

    Also since Vanessa has arrived in NY I see from these photo’s thatZac is no longer wering the bracelets, yet even more proof that things are really over between them. His antics with TPwas obvioulsy the last straw for Vanessa and who could blame her.

    I don’t though how efron and TP have supposedly known each other for year’s and n ever gotmentioned togther before, that’s just a excuse on Zac;s part and his PA team to hide the fact that he got caught messing around, by saying thy have been friends for year’s is supposed to make it less bad.

  • lauren

    @ florence,
    how do you know there no longer friends? do you know them or thier personal life? do you live with them?

  • lauren

    @ florence,
    how do you know there no longer friends? do you know them or thier personal life? do you live with them?

  • athena

    Glad to see he’s dressing stylish again…for a while, he looked as if he was wearing “dad” like clothing…Armani Exchange and Diesel Black….perfect stores for shopping…and guys do shop….in person more than on line. I love it when I see guys shopping….they are more conscious and confident….such as Zac!

  • athena

    @florence: Zac was shopping in Soho, which is way downtown, and Vanessa was shopping on the Upper East side….lots of distance between them…who knows, they could have met up later.


    @florence: Why does Zac have to walk around all the time with a smile on his face to “be happy”? Is it possible he’s just tired of having his picture taken every time he steps foot out of a building or a car? and FTR – gay, straight, bi or autosexual, the man is a hot, talented actor. Enuf said.

  • florence

    @athena: Even fans over on have said that they now beleive now more than ever that they are no longer together becuase there has’nt been 1 sightning of them togther in NY, and if anything they seemed to have stayed as far away from eah other as possible, and I agree with them. I mean come on when there both togther in LA we had sightnings, in NC we had signtnings but yet they are both in NYC and not 1 thing about them being seen togther ANYWHERE it does’nt look good, I mean I know NY is a big place but the pap’s managed to get photo’s of Vanessa out and about and even Zac out and about but not 1 thing of them togther.

    And now Vanessa is back in LA. while Zac stay’s in NYC.

    Fact is Zanessa have been well and truly over as bf/gf since 2010 and come 2011 are no longer friends either.

  • lauren

    @ Florence,
    again, how do you know?
    i know its what you think, again how do you know they are not friends? you dont know them? also your going to trust fans over at

  • hehehe

    @florence are you blind don’t you see the blue bracelet on his left arm thats the one with the V he doesn’t have anithing blue on his right arm look again before you talk !!!!

  • hehehe
  • Amber

    @florence: Teresa Palmer starred in Bedtime Stories in 2008, which was directed by Adam Shankman, who also directed Hairspray and produced 17 Again and is good friends with Zac. I think he introduced Zac to Teresa and they’ve been friends since then.

  • Amber

    @florence: Please STOP insulting Zac and his PR team. They have nothing to do with Vanessa. What do you think of the National Inquirer article suggesting Zac’s gay? According to your logic, it must be Vanessa’s PR team who planted the rumor, right??
    Vanessa said they were friends in a recent interview with USA today. She also credited Zac and Ashley to help her get through fame. She still speaks fondly of him and looks like she has no hard feelings towards him. Or do you think she got paid by Zac’s people to say nice things about him? I can’t believe how absurd some people can be. Vanessa went to Jason’s wedding with Zac back in 2008. i don’t think Zac’s people hate her as some crazy V fans have suggested.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Preople need to stop argueing. i love them both!

  • beatriz

    he is so hot (:
    i love him

  • !!!!!!!!!!!1

    @Hehe: really maybe u don’t have agood dressing sense that doesn’t mean every guy that dresses good is gay stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lollllll

    @florence: @<a href=”/2011/03/03/zac-efron-shopping-in-new-york-city/comment-page-1/#@florence: seriously u r the one who is paid to say bad things abt zac ……………………………..and abt the world forming bad opinion abt vanessa………its her fault she is a trashy actress beastly bombed….and u say bad things abt zac……..better watch out what u say…or go to that trashy hudgens post

  • claire

    all the stupid people calling him gay are themselves gay or jealous

  • hjkhj

    Hey anyone??? Whats diesel black jeans model name?????????

  • florence

    @lollllll: Why should I watch what I say I’ve a right to free speech like anyone else and if you don’t like the fact that someone does’nt worship Zac like you obvioulsy do then it’s your problem not mine so deal with it.

    And no-one can say yet how well Beastly has done as it only came out on the 4th, and if your gonna talk bombed movies CSC was’nt excatly a major hit for Zac, in the UK it was only in the theatres for one week and then it got pulled.

    And so what if Beastly does’nt do great at least Vanessa does’nt always insist on being the lead in her films like efron does, she does movies that appeal to her and where she also learns some more the job she does. With him either he’s the lead or he does’nt like doing it. I’m glad he’s not the lead in his latest film maybe it will make him realize that he has’nt been in the buisness long enough yet or got enough experience to carry it off as a leading man and that winking and giving that stupid grin only works for so long to get him anywhere. It obvioulsy works on TP his latest bit of skirt she must love it.

    So I hope Vanessa has a great life without him.

    And I could’nt care less if he is gay or not or even if he wants to hold hands with a guy in a club. Nothing would suprise me with him.

  • Amber

    @florence: So, crap movies like Beastly and Journey 2 are what appeal to her? Good for her then! Hope she continues to make films equivalent to them. LOL

  • LOL

    @Amber: Equivalent to CSC and the upcoming crap, TLO? Let’s not go there.

  • john

    what jacket is that??? I must know!!!!