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Daniel Craig: Sunset Boulevard Bottle Boy

Daniel Craig: Sunset Boulevard Bottle Boy

Daniel Craig pops open a bottle of water while talking a stroll along Sunset Boulevard on Thursday (March 3) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old English actor took time to sign autographs for some fans before getting into his car.

Last month, Cowboys vs. Aliens director Jon Favreau revealed that he casted Daniel in the film to make it seem like a legitimate action flick rather than a comedy.

“That’s the archetype we’re going for,” Jon told EW. “That’s what Daniel Craig was able to completely capture. People know him from Bond and he brings a certain virtuosity to his action performance.”

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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    What this i hate this bage

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    He lost

  • Ilsa

    Looking good Danny!

  • Sun

    ugly man. very ugly

  • susan

    Daniel looks good. but i keep hoping to get photos of him and Rachel together. i guess we’ll have to wait for the premiere of C&A

  • OMG

    He’s oozing sex appeal. What a hot guy.

  • The comedian

    He is 43 now ;o)
    Since March 2nd

  • btw

    he’s 43 and still hot LOL

  • to susan

    Yes, but he is so busy with shooting. Baxter went straight back to work in LA Monday.
    THE Oscar winner for editing, Kirk Baxter, said in a personal note to his daughter during his acceptance speech that she could do anything if she put her mind to it. He added that working with director David Fincher on The Social Network made the path a little easier. Baxter’s stocks were already high in Hollywood after his work with Fincher on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and his asking price will be raised. But Baxter is already working on another key project with Fincher. He went straight back to work in LA yesterday to continue cutting Fincher’s English-language adaptation of the blockbuster novel by Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, starring Daniel Craig as campaigning journalist Mikael Blomkvist.

  • RW

    I also want to see him with Rachel. Aren’t they supposed to do reshoots for DH soon? Anyone know when that is scheduled?

  • poupou

    He’s looking hot!! Love him.

  • Doc

    LA is cold now? He wears a wool sweater.

  • Eva

    He’s letting his hair grow. Maybe for Dream House.

  • BB

    to susan
    Nooooo, four months is too long to wait!!!! Come on, Daniel!

  • Eva
  • memnoch666shedevil

    “Casted”?!?!?! No, ‘cast’. English – not that hard really. But, yeah oh yeah, Daniel is looking fine. Tasty even.

  • patz

    Daniel seems to have gained some weight. Looking great! For a while, he was thin.

  • Julia

    Oh, Daniel’s b-day was March 2nd? Happy Birthday Daniel!!



  • to 13

    his hair will be at “Dream House” length in about 6 month, I doubt they can wait that long for the reshoots.

  • CanadaGirl

    I want him to do a Steve McQueen biopic. He’d be perfect and he has that sexy, bad-boy vibe.

  • Mendel


    I see Guinness hasn’t made it here yet *grin*

  • to CanadaGirl

    I agree with you 100 percent!! A lot of people want it!

  • Amy

    Daniel looks so hot!!
    to CanadaGirl
    Or BULLITT!!

  • Amy

    Daniel bought a Leica. Y’know it is a very expensive canera!
    marcophoto: In Samys Camera on Fairfax… Daniel Craig is here, buying a Leica.
    1 day ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Amy

    He’s shooting TGWTDT at Paramount studio today.
    StudioAntDavid: At Paramount, Daniel Craig rolls up back to his trailer in a cart on set of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    about 2 hours ago via HTC Peep

  • James Bond vs Hannibal Lecter

    THE best Bond movies have a great villain and DANIEL CRAIG could meet his match in his third outing as 007 with SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS close to signing a deal to become his nemesis.
    A source said: “The only stumbling block seems to be the number of films he is signing up for. There is a chance the character they want him to play could become a regular feature, like Blofeld back in the day.”

    Craig is the best Bond since SEAN CONNERY and this could be the best bit of casting since the little fella who played Nick Nack.

  • susan

    Amy@ 03/04/2011 at 8:26 pm

    maybe he bought the camera as a birthday present for Rachel; it’s on march 7th. although, i hope he’s also going to buy a romantic present as well.

  • Daniel is Hot

    Great to see new pictures of Daniel. Now we know he is still in LA. Wonder when he will go to Toronto to do the reshoots?

  • Amy
  • Cameras for memories

    Interestingly, when Daniel and Satsuki went to a walk in NY so she had a camera to catch their last moments, then their relationship ended. Like she knew it and had a camera with her.
    Rachel had a camera to catch their private moments of their walking but they were caught by paps and I would use quote of one poster:
    “Rachel may be a camera freak!”
    It seems Daniel and Rachel have no chance to have privacy because of publicity and both don’t see each other too much because of their schedules. Maybe they plan to be together at least during work on DH but I said there will no reshoot in March. One poster is convinced about reshoot of DH in March but if I’ll be right so Daniel and Rachel hardly see each other on DH. Just wait.

  • to 31

    STFU Gina.

  • phew

    great to see him still alone and without the wooden Weisz. less we see of her the better. red arrow away folks. the guy can be alone without woman always on him arm.

  • bottle boy

    Love the title JJ. Looking like that at only 43 he looks like he sure has hit the bottle in his time, and not a water bottle!

  • Fio

    Just remember Daniel and Rachel were taking pics of each other in the Dorset countryside. Also I’m sure they take shot of naked pics each other!! Daniel surely stores her pics in his ipad. lol
    Hi, susan
    “i hope he’s also going to buy a romantic present as well.”
    Yeah, I hope so, too. But Daniel already presented Rachel with lingerie…anything else? :)
    to Cameras for memories
    Well, no one can say for sure. But Sheridan seems to prepare for the reshoots at least…

  • where and when

    Also I’m sure they take shot of naked pics each other!!
    haha, Rachel is too old, 41 old year in two days. she is no school girl but at the age to become grandmom and Daniel’s daughter can have baby in a few years so he will be grandfather soon.

    to 35,
    of course, I believe you and in Sheridan completely!
    Remember what I said before and it was for sure: that Dream House will have some problems, and? months later they announced DH didn’t go through test during screening and film critics said it was too bad movie that producers had to delay the movie. Then they announced delayed reshoots for schedule conflicts. what you wish more to hear? Okay, now No March for reshoots?

  • to 36

    I wish I would look half as good as her when I’m hitting 30.
    This women is a beauty who will age with degnity, no bimbo like so many of those wannabe actresses.
    I’m pretty sure Daniel has this vid of his love with pics made by one of the best photographers in UK on his Ipod.

  • where and when

    Total Recall and Rambo producer Andy Vajna is preparing a Czech-filmed picture about the Communist show trials of Hungary. The film will apparently focus on the execution of Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laszlo Rajk in 1949. According to Budapest Life, Daniel Craig will be appearing as the executioner who killed Rajk, alongside his Dream House co-star Rachel Weisz in an as-yet unspecified role. Production is set to begin in March.
    Of course, I believe that Daniel is Superman who easily flies from Dragon Tattoo to Dream House and from Dream House to Andy Vajna’s film at the same time – MARCH… eh?
    Isn’t Dragon Tattoo supposed to be done until March? YES?
    so where Daniel takes time for DH and Vajna’s film? Where then Vajna’s film takes place, in Hungary or Czech and when? Hmmm,
    I’ll pout proudly if Daniel makes all films at easy and the same time.

  • where and when

    I’m pretty sure Daniel has this vid of his love with pics made by one of the best photographers in UK on his Ipod.
    If Daniel wants to pretend to be like a photographer Zac Effron and Rachel wants to pretend to be a naked high-school girl Vanessa Hudgens so please, but I say that Daniel and Rachel are over forty-year old people who also can soon hug and kiss grandchildren.

  • where and when

    aaah how pretty that Daniel is not seen with Rachel in LA. they said to each other bye bye already?
    she will celebrate her 41 birthday in two days so did he buy presents for her and will he celebrate with her? If there will be no pics that he celebrated with her, so thanks many times.

  • to Gina

    you’re a bit out of track, are you? The appearance in the Hungrian movie has been denied already some time ago. They were never supposed to be in it. And Tattoo filming goes until May, they are even filming some bits in London.

  • elise

    He looks great and healthy, love the sweater. He needs me to push the money back in his pants pocket though.

  • to where and when/Gina

    @ 03/05/2011 at 10:47 am

    back again are you Gina. we all know what you’re about. you think that you, and you alone, are the only person who gets to decide what Daniel will and will not do. you alone are also the only person who decides what films he should do. we know that you don’t like him with Rachel and want them to break up. Sorry, idiot, not going to happen; not when you say so. got that?

    next, Rachel is not too old for Daniel. she’s 41 and he’s 43. a two year difference in age. she is a beautiful, talented woman. more importantly, Daniel wants to be with her. your permission here is not needed nor is it required. yes, they had to delay DH; we all know that. so move on! however, C&A will be released on schedule in July.. contrary to what you have stated previously, there were no reshoots and no delays. it ‘ll be released before Daniel starts work on Bond 23.

    Dragon Tattoo is also completely on schedule. also, contrary to what you stated Rooney has done a wonder job in the film. everyone involved is doing nothing but singing her praises; yes i know this for a fact. and oh yes, Bond 23 will be released Nov 9, 2012. the powers that be are not going to change their schedule to accommodate you.

  • to where and when/Gina

    Gina, you are really an idiot. daniel recently bought a very, emphasis on very, expensive camera in LA. it was not for himself. Rachel’s birthday is coming up; do we have to draw you a picture. Since when is 41 too old for a woman to have a child?

    also, where do you get the idea that Rachel and Daniel have to provide photographs of themselves together in order to prove they are a couple. it should be obvious to you what everyone here in LA knows. but since it isn’t; Daniel has decided to conduct his relationship with Rachel behind closed doors. at least for now. he wants private time with her for awhile. now, please stop being a troll and go away

  • British Latin American

    Sexy blond man!

  • susan

    what exactly is this Gina person’s problem?

  • to susan

    well, to make a long story short, she’s a little deranged Czech wannabe Bondgirl LOL

  • Oscars

    Back when Dream House was shooting last year, my friend Kelly popped along to the set in her hometown, and snapped some photos for us! She didn’t manage to see Naomi or any of the cast, but she got some photos of the sets themselves, which give us an idea of the neighbourhood, and the feel the film might have. The house you can see in the 4th photo might be the house at the centre of the story.

    Jim Sheridans reasons for reshoots was lack of snow at the time of filming last year depicted in above photos.

    World Weather forcast at present for Toronto is SNOW!!

  • bystander

    @to where and when/Gina: pretentious git. and I’m not gina. but your tone is annoying. you think you know everything but you don’t.

  • susan

    @ames Bond vs Hannibal Lecter @ 03/04/2011 at 11:11 pm

    i don’t know if it’s true about Anthony Hopkins but i sure hope it is. he would be great as Bond’s nemesis. in my opinion, a lot more fun than say Javier Bardem. i’m not taking anything away from Javier, i just think Anthony would be so much better.