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Jennifer Lopez: #1 on iTunes!

Jennifer Lopez: #1 on iTunes!

Jennifer Lopez‘s single “On the Floor” has hit #1 on iTunes, bumping Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” to #2.

The 41-year-old singer tweeted, “You did it!! #onthefloor is #1 on @itunes!! #thankyou #thankyou #iloveyou guys so much.”

RedOne, who produced the song, also tweeted, “OMG!!!! #OnTheFloor is #1 !! #1 !! on ITUNES in USA !! Congrats @JLO @PlanetPit and ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!”

Congrats, Jennifer!!

Last night during American Idol, Jennifer premiered her “On The Floor” music video. Dance dance dance!

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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Good now

  • Me

    I love jenni from the block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but born this way is about to take it down :S i just saw the poularity bars!

  • paula

    Well Finally Something good happening in those music charts
    the only thing that can happen better is hilary duff having a no .1

  • E. Norma Stitz

    Talentless Triumphs!

  • blah

    Jennifer Quenez :) CONGRATS girl, u deserved it :) I’m tired of gaga clones… and JLo came back in right moment to remind us how good dance tracks should sound

  • andamentothat



    Congrats Jen!!

    Good For her!

    Idol is Truly helping her just as much as shes helping it:)

  • jadel


  • Diego (JLO the queen is back!)

    The Latin Queen is back and hotter than ever!

  • eden

    yeah baby her song is HOTTER AND MUCH CATCHIER than born this way

  • joyce

    Right on J Lo. She really is hot! Not just that she’s so graceful and has such a big heart. Love you J Lo

  • latinalovely

    I love this song. I DL’d it yesterday, so catchy.

  • Rosy

    Yeah JLO!!

  • jillyro

    People have no taste, she can’t sing.

  • PAN86

    IT’S A NEW JENERATION! ! ! ! ! #1 BABY #1 !!!!! The song is FIIIIIRE and the video is SIZZLING HOT ! ! ! ! ! Most sexy and beautiful woman in the game. . . sooooo happy for you Jennifer! We did it!!!!

  • eden

    she is a real performer and artist she knows what she wants and gets it..this song is hotter and better than lady gaga born this way

    GO JLO

  • blah

    Jennifer Lopez has new nickname it is GodLo (like lo)
    LOVE U GODLo :) Welcome back :)

  • MangerBouger

    J-lo-ration is better than the ga-ga-ration, please people !!? They just deserve each other !

  • Yello Ok

    Im glad for J-LO but im sad Gaga got knocked off her perch!
    Happy and Sad!


    GOOOooo JLO . She is back baby and beter than ever . GAGA was #1 for 3 weeks stright which is great . Glad Jlo is #1 , prove how much her song is good. The guy who wrote JLO new song is GAGA mega Producer.

  • Yello Ok

    @#17 blah There is only One God Jehovah!!! Stop worshipping people!

  • 2011=Jlo year

    This is the biggest comeback since Mariah comeback in 2005. She is the queen of Dance music .she will show , britney , Rihanna , kesha and katy how it done. if only Janet and Mariah could come back. She looks better and dance better than Flopney and Kesha . her new song is better than Floipney 2 generic song.

  • entheno*90

    J-LO is ultimate performer. She dances better now than ever before.
    The video is awesome….happy for resurgance!

    Some cable network is running reruns of “In Living Color” where J-LO was fly girl and not only does look better NOW..her moves on the dance floor are fluid and her bodis incredible. She is age-defying!

    I’m a reborn fan…love her!

  • She Stinks!

    Ryan Seacrest and that manager of hers, are buying all the downloads! Don’t be fooled! She is even buying them. Who would buy this garbage? Why make this phoney even more rich – you’re a bunch of suckers!

    If JHO saw you on the street, she’d grab your money and run!

    This worn out hag can’t sing a note, act, dance, design clothes or raise children. She is a self absorbed, nasty, rotten witch. She looks ridiculous with that bird nest on her head, and the typical snarling, angry face! Aye Carumba JHO! You look like a fool!

  • LOL

    Jennifer deserves it better no doubt, and she’s slaying not only on the US but in the whole world. Welcome back Jen and lol @ some haters being MAD.

    @jillyro no matter what you will say is just crap and it won’t change the fact that she is BACK, deal ? She is BACK, so eat your words and she CAN sing, she is just famous for her dance music, but her ballads like No Me Ames, or CAUM album prove you’re wrong.

  • LOL @ haters

    @ She Stinks! are you dumb ? it count once, then it’s #1 in numerous countries not only in the US, you are the real garbage.

  • Liam

    Don’t hate on J.Lo just because your idol can’t reach #1 on iTunes and J.Lo can.PEACE!

  • She Stinks!

    @LOL @ haters: The only trash here is YOU and JHO! hahaha!

  • Killa Tila

    @She Stinks grow a set and admit that you have nothing against jlo and you re just hating on her to gain haters respect cuz you are a pale sad lonely freak and you need a group to fit in…..saaaaaaaaad

  • Marilyn

    @She Stinks!:

    If she’s so trashy why you looking her up? Poser! You know you like her.

  • -cough- lame -cough-

    I’m sorry but, everyone with ears will agree that this is lame. They basically wrote a song ready for a club. It’s geared for all those drunk people that will literally dance to anything with techno-like sounds. Her voice is awful, it’s the sound that will carry this tune forward. Did I mention how lame it sounds?

  • SeeC

    I guess being on A.I. is helping her career, this would not have happened 3 years ago to JLO, and i love her earlier stuff, i miss her If you had my love, Waiting for Tonight style.
    But Congrats…America is fickle though, and it probably will not last.

  • Leila

    I love this song, she rocks, and her voice is so amazing, Jennifer proved every doubter and hater wrong.

    Hater no matter what you say, the song is smashing, which proves you’re wrong. Get a life. lol

    I’m so glad she’s back.

  • Inaru

    Congrats! may the rest of the songs do as good or better than On the Floor…more dancing on the next vid, please.

  • carlos

    JLO is great 4 number one singles on Hot 100 Billboard, One number one on itunes (next number one on hot 100), gourgeos, pretty, latina, top dancer and one of the top ten richiest biz woman!!! What else are you asking for??? She got a full package!!

  • She Stinks!

    @Killa Tila: hehehe! What’s sad is people thinking this old bag has talent, and you actually spend money on the garbage she sells!

    How saaaad is that, eh Tila and Marilyn??

  • hmmm


  • Leanne

    People calm down let’s be real it’s not like she and Gaga actually released their singles on the same day so please. Gaga’s been number 1 damn near a month. And let’s not for get Spears is dropping a single on Moday so get a grip. It’s another mindless autotuned peice of crap like everybody eleses. Except she’s a more than a decade older than the rest of them. It’s not a cancer cure. You really do have to wonder if she wasn’t on Idol if it would have done anything. All your hopes and dreams don’t have to rest on a 42 year old puerto ricans hippo ass do they? Cause if they do that’s sad.

  • LMAO

    @entheno*90: Well , Beyoncé is the ultimate performer hunny . Performs = SING , DANCE + ENTERTAIN . Jlo is good , but Bee is the Ultimate !

  • Dina

    @LMAO But Bee is not an lister actress, or fashion icon so you see what I mean

    @she stinks, GTFOH if you love yourself, you will this thread and never come back again, just look at how pathetic you are, mad as hell. Plus, Jen isn’t your grandma, right ? she even looks younger than all those bicthes out there.

    Get a life jerk !
    @ Seec, I agree with you that AI helped but for the #1 when it already peaked #2, then the song is smashing in some countries that don’t watch the show and AI did nothing for Paula or Randy.

  • Madhatter

    I couldn’t quite listen to the whole song, I guess it’s not for me.
    But, I am still really happy that she’s reached #1.

  • Ladt Gaga

    She is a pathetic old loser who got lucky for a change. Never won a Grammy was never even nominated for an Oscar so this is the best she can hope for. i tunes is nothing. She will fall back to the bottom where she belongs and will fade back into obscurity as soon as American Idol goes off the air. I feel sorry for her.

  • Dina

    @lmao btw we all know Bee can’t dance.

  • Meriam

    @ Ladt Gaga why talking about grammy while there are TRUE artists never get one, Nirvana one of the biggest rock bands but they never won a grammy, Sandra won an Oscar after DECADES of acting, bitch when you are so overrated you can win your shit with flying colors.

    Jennifer need not to be overrated like that trashy, scary, Madonna wannabe to do something successful, she has won American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and recently a legendary award on the World Music Awards, these awards equal the value of the grammys, so get the fuc out.

    There’s a long way to go for Gaga to prove herself, while Jennifer has already achieved her profile, she’s so ultimate, she made her very huge name in the international and Latin music as well, PURE fashion icon, she never stole a trashy, funny dress to be fashion icon.

    How can you claim AI does it all since her song is smashing even Gaga’ crappy song in Europe ? AI NEVER did or will do something for her career, something that yourself know about, stay pressed and mad.

  • jento

    yayyyy!!!! she is the queenn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meriam

    @ Leanne Well, no matter what you say, you are wrong cause the song is slaying, then American Idol has nothing to do with the success of the song, it is hitting #1 in countries that don’t even watch the show and before the US, the song just peaked @ #1 on US before several #1s and also when it already peaked #2. You can’t stand that Jennifer added another #1 to her list, but you can’t deny Jennifer became an a lister and ultimate artist + fashion icon and now a judge, which means she has done a lot of achievements without American Idol that never did or will do something for her career, that’s the fact that yourself know about. Stay pressed and mad haters.

  • elia

    she is number 1 and on top all around the world stop it haters i would say that everyone who workes hard deserve the victory and j lo is working hard so good luck j lo . yours elia.

  • maria1

    Her song is a rip off of Kat De Luna’s song. The beat and even some of the lyrics. It’s catchy because it was Kat De Luna’s song. Look it up people.

  • David

    The song is amazing

  • David

    @maria1 Kat who ? Since when Kat was something which really matters to be someone positive for others ?

    They both had the same producer, the only similarity thing is the countries thing, however the songs are still so different though even in that part.

    If Kat’ song was something, it would give her a boost to reach at least her “first” hit single that she was dreaming of since when ? I don’t even remember. It’s a stupid created story to make a huge gossip for Kat, but no one cares that’s why Jen’ song/video are smashing and Kat’ song/video are flopping.

    Stop saying non sense, cause you are clearly wrong.

    BTW, I am extremely glad Jenny is back.