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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Visit 'Mission:Impossible 4'

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Visit 'Mission:Impossible 4'

Tom Cruise gets a visit from his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri on the set of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol on Thursday (March 3) in Vancouver, Canada.

Katie is reportedly suing Star magazine for $50 million after the tabloid ran a January cover story with the headline “Addiction Nightmare: Katie Drug Shocker!”

Tom is set to star in the film adaptation of the musical Rock of Ages opposite singer/actress Julianne Hough.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise visiting the set of Mission: Impossible 4

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38 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Visit 'Mission:Impossible 4'”

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  1. 1
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Gay and forget eyerything about this movie

  2. 2
    bia Says:

    awww that pic of them hugging is too cute.

  3. 3
    0000000 Says:

    can these pics be any more low quality?? wtf jared. i want clear pics. you need standards

  4. 4
    Michell Says:

    Tom may be looney tunes but I have noticed one thing when he’s with Suri she is dressed appropriately for the weather.

  5. 5
    LALA Says:

    Yeah…It would be cute if they were 10. They are married. This shows the lack of romance in their relationship. (fake fake fake)

  6. 6
    Katie STOP showing off please! Says:

    Why is it every time there are divorce rumors put out there, Katie runs to Tommy’s set to laugh and smile and hug. Don’t buy it…I agree w/ LALA these are not authentic embraces at all. Its so FAKE!

  7. 7
    Sligo lambert ^___^ cute Says:

    He wants to be young20

  8. 8
    moi Says:

    Since the start of these “couple’s” so-called “romance” or “relationship”…it seemed to already been a publicity stunt. I have yet to believe that there is some authenticity in this couple’s relationship.

  9. 9
    missy b Says:

    @Katie STOP showing off please!:
    Oh please. There are divorce rumors every week. So you’re basically saying that they can never be seen together without being accused of fighting against divorce rumors.

  10. 10
    KARLA Says:


  11. 11
    Cuban! Says:

    I feel sorry for the nanny carry lil miss sci-fi, Katie sold her soul she can’t leave and TC is bored

  12. 12
    Cuban! Says:

    oops- “carrying”

  13. 13
    Lucy Says:

    Putting aside the issue of his sexuality, which I could care less about, I’ve never seen any genuine affection between these two. When they are out together, he is either two steps ahead or her or gripping her in some odd way. Their body language is never, ever relaxed and casual when they are together. There is never a comfort level there. And he does seem comfortable and relaxed around a lot of other people. I think the relationship is fake, for whatever reason.

  14. 14
    KC Says:

    Their relationship appears to be more of a friendship than a passionate love affair lately.

  15. 15
    danielle Says:

    Hate to be cynical, but it looks like they are gearing up to take on STAR magazine–after going months where Katie has looked less than happy MOST of the time when she is with tom–including pictures where she looked very unhappy–NOW we suddenly see that blinding fake smile of hers and his again. Coincidence or real. Mmmm.

  16. 16
    poor little rich girl Says:

    That kid is so unhappy… very few photos of her looking content. And i’m talking about photos of her knowing about the cameras and photos of her unaware. I am just stating my opinion… but its a feeling I get.

  17. 17
    Oh Please Says:

    If they’re going to do these set up PR shots, Holmes needs to NOT look right at the camera with her fake smile. And that hug. UGH. What married couple does a cheek hug when they see one another? Most couples give a quick kiss, not a hug that looks like something a brother and sister would do! These two can’t even get it right when they hire the photographer themselves to prove Star “wrong”. LOL!

    Finally, I feel so sorry for little Suri. She gets dragged to these things. Also, how many nannies does that kid have?? In previous pics we have see her 2 regular nannies. Now we have a third one! How many people does it take to watch one little girl?? I don’t believe for a second that her “Mother” spends any time with her without the paps present. She drags her shopping in light clothing and no tights (in pajama’s the other day IN THE SNOW!) and then turns her over to the nannies the rest of the time.

  18. 18
    Jerome Says:

    Caroline Kennedy deals Katie Holmes a bag of hurt:
    The Kennedys actress ‘furious’ at the famous family.
    U.S. actress Katie Holmes has learned the hard way: You don’t mess around with the Kennedys.
    The wife of Tom Cruise plays Jacqueline Kennedy in the mini-series about famous family that reportedly earned the wrath of JFK scion Caroline Kennedy.
    So cold was the shoulder Caroline aimed at the project, the miniseries had a troubled time finding a home. Originally scheduled for the History Channel, execs there eventually eschewed the series, saying it was “not a fit for the History brand.”
    The made-in-Toronto series was rejected by other American cable networks until it worked its way down the TV food chain and was picked up by ReelzChannel, where it debuts April 3.
    The whole episode made Ms. Holmes furious, reports the National Enquirer.
    “Katie is absolutely seething!” the loose-lipped squealer tells the Enquirer. “Before filming began, Katie repeatedly reached out to Caroline, hoping to get some inside family knowledge about her character.” But would Kennedy accept the BFF invitation? Not a chance … “Caroline snubbed her, refusing to return Katie’s calls. Katie feels Caroline acted out of pure spite and had the project yanked just because she could.”
    So if you spot Katie wandering around Vancouver while hubby films the next in the Mission Impossible franchise, and she looks really, really angry, grant her some space.
    She’s just got the royal snub by America’s royal family.

  19. 19
    AEP Says:

    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!! He is SO gay and 80′s. She is nothing but a beard trying to do something, anything, that will bring attention to herself. And Josh’sdughter gets stuck in the middle.

  20. 20
    annie Says:

    Those pics seem to have been taken from a distance. They always hug each other like that all the time, on all his movie sets. I find it extremely affectionate and close.
    In all honesty do you think that people who have been together for 6 yrs go around kissing all the time–well they don’t, and anyone who says differently is lying, or isn’t in a relationship, and what I have come to realise is that pap photos only show 1/2 of what is really going on, anyway.
    None of us know what goes on behind close doors, not even our closest friends and relatives let alone Hollywood.
    How many couples have separated which took everyone by surprise—that’s the story with most, because on the red carpet and Hollywood functions everyone looks happy and in love, couple of days later …finished!
    You never know , maybe they will be one of the few couples that will go the distance, won’t that be a surprise.

  21. 21
    danielle Says:


    I don’t know if this is true or not given that the National Enquirer is reporting it–but Katie who exclaimed she loves the Kennedys–should have known. The family has always been intensely private and guarded that privacy zealously. If Katie is indeed angry and feeling snubbed, than she obviously did some really poor research to play the part. Research of any depth would have shown that the cold shoulder from the surviving Kennedys–especially Caroline–would have been predictable and the norm.

  22. 22
    annie Says:

    @ Danielle
    Katie said she admired Jackie, for her accompishments, not that she loves the Kennedys.
    why hide the truth, everyone knows about his infidelities, and why is it so impossible that Jackie was taking speed, looks like she had to put up with a lot, as a wife and as a woman, and keep smiling through it. There are a lot of people who know private and very sensitive imformation about people in the public eye, especially a president but say nothing, then all these secrets that have been swept under the carpet , for so many years start filtering out, no wonder the Kennedys don’t want it aired.
    I bet everyone will want to see this series, and everyone who can get their hands on it will air it.

    People are not perfect, and I reckon the higher you are the more flawed you are, or become.

  23. 23
    ??? Says:

    Annie, these people don’t need you defend them… they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Tom and Katie are awkward. Its not that they aren’t affectionate, people are just commenting that it looks a bit off.. actually VERY off now.. even from the beginning they seemed either forcing it or just plain awkward. Tom does that **** with the hands like he is debuting the f-ing queen… very odd. If they are together for real then its crazy- creepy romance. This WHOLE family is creepy to the max and they MAKE most celebs look normal and humble.

  24. 24
    annie Says:

    why do you find it wrong that I defend them, because I said that me they look affectionate and close, or because i said that nobody really knows what happens behind closed doors in …..I even gave an element of doubt, because I don’t know, and you don’t know what really goes on.
    strangely tho , it’s ok for you to call them weird, crazy -creepy romance, and that the whole family is creepy to the max, and they make other celebs look normal and humble.
    I agree that Tom tends to go over the top in his romances, and marriages, I’m not denying that, and has said things that maybe he shouldn’t have……. but at the same time a lot of people have said and done rotten things, and nobody cares, but with him it never goes away , even if after 6 years, he hasn’t opened his mouth and is not seen all that much.
    Katies had it hard, and she has said herself that things hurt her, and really if you’re not honest enough to be honest , regardless whether you are a fan or not, then why bother asking me why I defend them.
    It seems ok to bash them, everyone is welcome to do that, but if you kinda stick up for them, everyone asks why do you defend them, then……….but what satisfaction do you get by criticizing all the time as well. We seem to be in the same boat only opposite ends.

  25. 25
    Wonder Says:

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