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Lady Gaga Flashes Fishnet Stockings in Toronto

Lady Gaga Flashes Fishnet Stockings in Toronto

Lady Gaga shows some skin in a pair of fishnet stockings while leaving her hotel on Friday (March 4) in Toronto, Canada.

The night before, the 24-year-old singer invited YouTube sensation Maria Aragon onstage at her concert to perform her hit song “Born This Way.”

Earlier this week, Gaga hit Paris Fashion Week, where she walked the runway at the Thierry Mugler show and also debuted her new track “Government Hooker”.

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Photos: WENN, INFdaily
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  • angela

    cheap hooker

  • Diva

    This woman has really no shame and I use the term “woman” very loosely.

  • disgusting

    how did this talentless who re brain wash these kids

  • >_

    Government Hooker = New Order’s Blue Monday uhmmm how is that progressive? Does she think we are all 19 yr old dummies ?

  • Kiki

    WTF!!!!…anyways, not worth a real comment.

  • Meghan

    dang…i really like lady gaga but this is taking the whole “individuality” aspect of her persona a little too far

  • Gimme more

    brit brits look and government hooker has brits sound.

  • laila

    She is so ironic. She claims she stands for self-respect but she has none. She gives us gays a bad name. No we are not all flamboyant and slutty like her.

  • sea

    Brrrrrr I’m freezing

  • suri

    Omggggg!!! What is she wearinG??????!!!!

    This is what happens when your only talent is be exentric, put in your hair 3 colors at the time and dress like a prostitute.

  • Dianna Knows Best

    I live in Toronto and I can’t even walk out without gloves on!
    Gaga has some serious issues in the head…

  • Rosy

    omg what’s this outfit!!

  • Bessani

    @laila: You’re right and its funny because she is straight. She using the bi-sexual card to appear more “eccentric” as if it is a fashion statement.

  • Bran

    She has more talent in her left ass cheek than most singers can muster in their entire lifespan. Go watch her acoustic performances. No star today can dance, sing, and play as well as she does at the same. That’s why she is on top, reguardless of what she wears.

    So glad after three years she’s yet to do what people “expect” of her. That’s Gaga and again that’s why she is on top both artistically and statistically.

  • sourpatch575

    I live in Toronto. I wish I could of seen her :’(

  • susan

    the girl is original, i’ll give her that. original what i’m not sure of

  • let me guess

    @Rosy: your occupation involves squeezing a pole with your thighs

  • id*ot

    @Bran: lady xerox doesnt get any help please. she has co writers. the melodies she claims to make are taken from other artist. some ex’s are poker face is Boney M song Ma baker, dance in the dark is depeche mode song strange love, speechless is beatles song something, Alejandro is ace of base song dont turn around , so happy i could die is natasha B song pocket full of sunshine, paparazzi is berlin song take my breath away (speed up), born this way is Madonna song express yourself (speed up).Government Hooker is New order song blue monday I can go on lol. plus she needs the house of crap to help her rip off isabella blow, Madonna, roison murphey + more fashions. her image was suppose 2 go 2 a girl named Lina Morgana who was working with Lady xerox and fusari on that same image but she tragically died and guess who adopted lady Gaga. the former boring yuppie singer stephani did. she sounds sick vocally is pitchy especially when dancing & singing. so lets not talk about her like she so legendary

  • the doctor

    Ugh she is so repulsive.

  • Madonna

    EWW i’m prettier than her.

  • deke

    I’m sure people don’t want to see her bare a$$.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Puck out ass (_x_)

  • curious

    another psycho in the making. get this girl some help before it’s too late!!

  • mrd2

    She’s disgusting. What is this world coming to?

  • emmas


  • Chy

    Really though?! How can she walk out of the house looking like that and not be arrested for public indecency?!


    is that Amy Winehouse??

  • Toni

    Lady Gaga – luv your work and most of your attire – but this look – you have to stop. Destroys any credibility you had built up from your previous work; leaves nothing to the imagination; cheapens the female image; cheapens your image; the list goes on……

  • Desperate Maniston

    she looks dirty and stinky.
    she looks and acts like a pig.
    she gives her gay fans a bad rep for being flamboyant and slutty- and that does nothing to help with society’s perception of gays in general. if anything, she is helping to push their movement back, not forward.
    gaga is a greedy pig. literally.

  • Sun

    ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly

  • Marja

    she is mentally disturbed

  • Marja

    @Chy: I was thinking the same!!! How come police is not after her to appear almost naked in the public IN the mddle of the day….?

  • aregeg

    @Bran: More talent than most singers? I bet your knowledge of singers to compare her with doesn’t extend further than what’s on the charts.

    Because yeah, if you compare her to Rihanna and them, she does sound a little better.

    Such a sad day when people can only compare singers with those the pop industry wants you to hear…

    Gaga is overrated, NOT original, not at all better than ‘most’ singers, etc…

  • im a girl

    Gross we dont want to see your body by the way i dont curse so please stop that i live in north bergen its quiet around here and we are all kids here i have a boyfriend his name is xavier he is h-o-t hot

  • S*

    she has talent, she doesnt need do provoc…in order to provoc
    she wants to be Iconic so bad, that she turns into this ridiculous character. People just focus on her failed fashion instead of her music, and I dont think thats what she wants.

    I liked her in the beginning when nobody knew her, and now…God only knows what turned in her head..cause she’s starting to annoy me


    Lady gaga…….is a freak. SICK, SICK, SICK !

  • Xavier

    There is no nudity in these pics.
    You see just as much or more at the beach and just because you see her wearing pantyhose this makes it so inappropriate?

  • Debbie

    People, stop feeding this piece of trash by paying any attention to “it” at all. If ignored, it will go away eventually. What a disgusting person, no matter what “it” claims to be. Don’t like the so-called music and certainly can’t stand this disgusting excuse for attention getting.

  • Annie

    Geeze and people wonder why it’s hard for women to be taken seriously in the entertainment biz. Everyone rags on Britney for wearing boring clothes and not brushing her hair but at least she’s DECENT – not like Gaga and Taylor Momsen showing off T&A at the drop of a hat.

  • Stella

    At least when David Bowie and Marilyn Manson did the bare ass-cheek thing back in their respective days it was on stage – you know, where fans had paid to see them. This is just pure indecent public exposure.

  • Dylan jubis

    OMG haven”t you all gotten tired of hating on her. She has been doing this sort of thing for 3 years now so get over it–PAWS UP lil monsters

  • http://dnica WILLOW

    Cool outfit she looks good at least her private parts are coverd up.

  • lucas

    I don’t care how good her music might be or that she writes and produces it herself, does all her own choreography, directs her videos herself or whatever

    She is gross and tacky.

  • mel

    she makes me sick!she should be arrested because if anyone else walked around like that I’m sure they would.No amount of money would lead me to spend a dime on anything of hers.She is a pathic joke

  • mel

    she makes me sick!she should be arrested because if anyone else walked around like that I’m sure they would.No amount of money would lead me to spend a dime on anything of hers.She is a pathic joke

  • Lalalove

    Cheap trammppp.

  • Jake

    Thank you Lady Gaga for proving my theory that sluts don’t get cold.

  • Joanna

    What a butterface. @Jake- yes I’ve noticed slutts don’t get cold as well, lol.

  • Suzie May

    Does this woman not have any shame. Someone needs to tell her the difference between lingerie and outdoor clothing.

  • nililah

    look at the old man’s face in the fourth pic LOL :))