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Lady Gaga Performs 'Born This Way' with Maria Aragon

Lady Gaga Performs 'Born This Way' with Maria Aragon

Lady Gaga watches on in tears as YouTube sensation Maria Aragon talks to the audience at the Monster Ball on Thursday (March 3) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old singer invited Maria, 10, to perform with her after seeing her sing “Born This Way” on YouTube.

Maria‘s video has since racked up more than 17 million views and she has even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Before going on stage, Gaga tweeted a picture of her and Maria, saying “Myself +10 year Old Lady Maria of Winnipeg. She signed my t-shirt, she ate my heart, just like you.”

Lady Gaga & Maria Aragon: “Born This Way”
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56 Responses to “Lady Gaga Performs 'Born This Way' with Maria Aragon”

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  1. 26
    DION-ISH Says:


    Britney is Pop Royalty …when Gaga has survived and conquered the industry for 10+ years like Brit, Then Talk *Flips Bang*

  2. 27
    Heresy Says:

    @VICTORIA: Victoria, I agree with you.

    The problem is, coming from an observer of popular culture (not a Gaga fan–I own NO Gaga albums), Gaga is simply more talented than Britney. There’s no ifs or buts around it. It’s fact!

    Say what you want about Gaga’s gimmicks, but she can SING, write her own songs, play musical instruments and is an overall better performer, fashion star and personality than Britney. She also has control of her own mind and life, which Britney does not.

    Britney lacks talent, period.

    Britney’s fans, however, are lunatics who still think Britney has it (circa 1999-2004). When a normal person looks at Britney, they see someone with dead eyes who’s heavily medicated. They see someone without talent, personality or motivation; someone who’s being forced to perform so her management can make money.

    Right now, Britney has NOTHING going for her except a large, delusional fanbase willing to eat up everything her management uses her name to promote. She’s not sexy anymore. Heck, she’s not even good looking or charming. The medication , either.

    Suporting Britney is like beating a dead horse. Let it go!

  3. 28
    VICTORIA Says:

    @Heresy: You are like alot of people who may not be a Gaga fan but you are like me and know your pop culture. It’s doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that Britney Spears has no talent. It will end with this album because she can not compete with GAGA. How Britney Spears lasted this long, I am baffled. Everything you said Heresy is a fact with a capital F.

  4. 29
    Kameron Says:

    Wow, some people are just low-life hateful ******** to sit on their computer and bash a woman who is truly amazing and talented and loves her fans. Lady GaGa is an inspiration. She is art. She is a voice when for those who can’t speak.

    Also, to the Britney fans, both GaGa and Britney have said positive things about each other. They respect and love each other. Plus, they’re not even in the same realm of pop. So why do the fans have to bash the other artist when both artists love and respect one another?

    Same goes for Madonna. GaGa gets inspiration from her. She doesn’t copy her. She pays homage to her. Madonna knows this. Madonna loves this. Madonna even attended the Monster Ball.

    When will fans take the messages from their artists and actually use them? I, for one, and honored to love all three. Especially my GaGa.

  5. 30
    DION-ISH Says:


    Gaga is NOT Art. Her Monsters (like u) wouldnt know what true art was if it stared you in the face! Adele is a perfect example of a TRUE artist, her lyrics are brilliant! not contrived. Gaga’s act is TIRED. It reminds me of how much i miss Madonna actually. True Art as well…

  6. 31
    Sligo lambert ^__^ cute Says:


  7. 32
    DION-ISH Says:

    Another thing that annoys me is how Arrogant she is and how brilliant she actually thinks her music is….She also thinks she sooo much better then her peers….um no ma’am your lyrics have the same meaning as Kesha’s!

    I Give it to her, shes somewhat better then Katy Perry.

    Rihanna, Not so much, Rated R alone shitted on anything Shes done. And Rihanna started A LOT of the Weird, Outrageous outfits that are oh so popular today and thats why i admire her more so…..

  8. 33
    jill Says:

    aww so cute!! love it!!

  9. 34
    Canadiangirl Says:


    Lady Gaga has been wearing outfits like that since before she became famous. There’s pictures all over the internet to prove it. One example is the outfit she wore at Lollapalooza in 2007. She’s wearing a similar outfit to the ones in the pictures posted today.

    Lady Gaga a Rihanna copy cat? I think not. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in 2007 Rihanna’s look was pretty and girly, and she still had long flowing hair, not edgy like 2011 Rihanna. Gaga was dressing the same since before she became famous. So stop saying she’s trying to look like Rihanna.

  10. 35
    DION-ISH Says:


    OH please! Shoulder pads, outarageous Looks, Latex, Spikes and ish were all Done by Rihanna 1st since 2007! Now Rihanna is Doing red hair and floral prints and watch everybody hop on that two!

  11. 36
    DION-ISH Says:

    All of this was done Before Gaga

  12. 37
    Wayne Says:

    Man Caca has ripped off another artist. Checked out the song Blue Monday by New Order. She ripped the melody for her new song Government Hooker.

  13. 38
    DION-ISH Says:

    This Two.

  14. 39
    DION-ISH Says:

  15. 40
    DION-ISH Says:

    Im Done.

  16. 41
    Canadiangirl Says:


    Ok yes, those pictures are from 2007, I checked out the website you got it from. But not long before that she was very feminine looking and I think we can all remember that. She was always being compared to Beyonce.
    Anyway, I don’t think Gaga copies Rihanna. I think Gaga AND Rihanna both copy Madonna. She’s the true innovator. Rihanna’s look is nothing new and neither is Gaga’s.

    And the red hair/floral prints: Floral prints have been coming in every spring for god knows how long. Spring is coming this month, so yes she is wearing floral prints along with the rest of the world.

  17. 42
    DION-ISH Says:


    Duh! And Thats Because of how she was being marketed, to be like an island Beyonce, and being she was fairly young and new to the sure she would do whatever it takes to do what she loves. But im Glad she grew and found herself and did what she wanted to do.

    And Thats Fair Enough, Both are truly inspired by Madonna, one a little more then the other, and thats cool. Im just sick of some Gaga fans claiming Rihanna copies her when truly Rihanna has been pushing the envelope in music and fashion for a while…

    And Rihanna has been Doing The girly Floral look but edgy since She released Only Girl Last year….Now i see many other artist starting to do Red hair…etc. Rihanna is a trendsetter FACE IT.

  18. 43
    Annie Says:

    The main difference between Gaga and Britney is that Gaga oversells herself wheras Britney sells herself short for various reasons, some of which are understandable (a mental breakdown). Gaga has some talent but it doesn’t live up to the hype surrounding her. Britney – it’s hard to tell if she has any real talent because most of the time she doesn’t even try – Gaga on the other hand always tries too hard.

  19. 44
    id*ot Says:

    @Canadiangirl: and lady xerox doesnt get any help please. she has co writers. the melodies she claims to make are taken from other artist. some ex’s are poker face is Boney M song Ma baker, dance in the dark is depeche mode song strange love, speechless is beatles song something, Alejandro is ace of base song dont turn around , so happy i could die is natasha B song pocket full of sunshine, paparazzi is berlin song take my breath away (speed up), born this way is Madonna song express yourself (speed up). I can go on lol. plus she needs the house of crap to help her rip off isabella blow, Madonna, roison murphey + more fashions. her image was suppose 2 go 2 a girl named Lina Morgana who was working with Lady xerox and fusari on that same image but she tragically died and guess who adopted lady Gaga. the former boring yuppie singer stephani did. she sounds sick vocally is pitchy especially when dancing & singing. so lets not talk about her like she so legendary.

  20. 45
    Yello Ok Says:

    Love u Gaga!

  21. 46
    jasmine Says:

    She can be very annoying, a bit dumb (just analyze “Born this way”, will you?) and in your face with her cause but I don’t think you can really question her passion. I disagree with what a lot of what you guys are saying. I think she’s genuine and has more compassion than the whole bunch of people here criticizing her. For that, as well as her massive talent, I give her props.

  22. 47
    Canadiangirl Says:


    Hey all I said was that I don’t think Gaga copied Rihanna. That’s it. Never said Gaga was an innovator, or that I thought Gaga was original. The only person I called an innovator was Madonna. In fact, I actually said “Rihanna’s look is nothing new and neither is Gaga’s”, and the same goes to both artists’ music. (I just happen to like Gaga a lot better than Rihanna).

    I know Gaga has co-writers and people telling her how to dress, as every celebrity pretty much does. I actually agree with most of what you just said. But don’t insinuate that I believe Gaga is the ultimate originator of all music and fashion on the face of this planet.

  23. 48
    Canadiangirl Says:


    I’ll definitely agree that Rihanna is a trendsetter, seeing that once she starts wearing something, her fans follow suit. But she’s not an originator. That’s all i’m saying.

  24. 49
    whocares Says:

    dear god, she looks like a drugged out *****, and kids look up to her. where is this world going.

  25. 50
    lovelydee Says:

    This is very beautiful.

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