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Miranda Kerr: Earth Hour Ambassador 2011

Miranda Kerr: Earth Hour Ambassador 2011

Miranda Kerr has been announced as a global ambassador for Earth Hour 2011.

“Each of us has a responsibility for the sustainability of our planet and each of us can make a difference if we choose to do so,” the 27-year-old Aussie model said in a statement. “I am pleased to be a global Ambassador for Earth Hour this year and I personally will be participating in Earth Hour on 26 March 2011, and will continue to adopt sustainability practices thereafter in my everyday life. Together we can make a difference.”

“This year I will be going beyond the hour by continuing to recycle and by buying organic produce from local farmers markets thereby cutting down on the pesticides and insecticides used on our planet and reducing food miles,” Miranda said.

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  • Thai

    “Each of us has a responsibility for the sustainability of our planet and each of us can make a difference if we choose to do so,”

    Hypocrite as hell. And yet u chose to reproduce with ur gay partner… U make me sick, skinny bitch!

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  • Amy

    good for her! I think everyone should watch tapped. beaches are being filled with grounds plastic instead of rocks. because bottle get thrown into the ocean. when you buy bottle water you buy water that pepsi nestle etc took from our free water sources and sell it back for a 100% profit. and the bottle water has more contaminates cause of the dirty factories and plastics they are packaged in. these companys want to own all the drinkable water on the plant and its our fault.. BUY A STAINLESS STEEL CANISTER LIKE KLEAN KANTEEN AND REFILL IT WITH TAP WATER OR YOUR OUR FILTERED TAP WATER. THIS ONE ACT WILL HAVE A HUGE IMPACT ON SAVING THE PLANET

  • Amy


  • @5

    Mystic, is that you?
    Such a loser!
    Besides, how does her having a child make her a hypocrite?
    I think that you delphidiots have just plain run out of ideas.

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  • UK

    And she flew in first class on a big carbon emitting flight to tell you that. Hypocrite.

    Orlando — your career is over. Has been for some time.

    Miranda — you have no skills. You probably never will.

    Both of you sell things for a living because that’s the only work talentless has-beens can get.

  • @17

    She didn’t fly anywhere to say that, the photo was taken in LA. And what does the class have to do with anything? First class is not a lot more carbon-emitting than second class (I suppose it’s a bit more because each passenger gets more space).

    It is slightly peculiar to have slebs whose jobs involve flying a lot telling everyone to save the Earth, but apparently the campaigns think it works.

  • @17

    Besides the fact that the pic wasn’t taken in Paris, the jet that took her to France was going there anyway, right?
    She didn’t hire a private jet like other celebs do, she flew commercial.
    And she wsa going there for work. Do you drive a car to work? Well, by your reasoning, anyone who drives to work is a hypocrite, too.
    And I love the bit about Miranda only selling things because that’s the only work she can get. HELLOOOOOO, she’s a MODEL, you idiot.
    And Orlando’s career is FAR from over. It’s just different now. Indies instead of blockbusters. But he is still one of the most popular actors out there. Which is why companies are willing to pay him MILLIONS to represent their lines. It’s easy money for an actor. Just ask Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Keira Knightly, Nicole Kidman, etc..
    Why NOT do it?
    So go crawl back in your delphi pit of despair, and try some other insults. becxause these just didn’t work for ya, did they.

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    you sound so angry

    poor you

  • Lia

    AND as usual for any of her charity, she will take a picture for them, talks about it, if they’re lucky, she’ll do a commercial, and that would be the end of that. The truth is she has no idea how to do charity. Taking a picture and looking pretty is not representing a cause. She shows up all made up with high heels to this underserved school, takes pap pics, and no one saw her there again. She ranks so low on donation lists, she might just be JLO from 10years back.

    she talks green, but seriously, the girl owns more purses, shoes, than you and I can count.

    Please stop idolizing her people, we need to idolize this planet, not a girl. And this goes for any celebrity.

  • LOL


    So right!LOL! It was really fascinating when she was supporting campaign for the kangaroos flying around Australia in a private jet. Environmental behavior for sure! One information for shippers: Miranda’s countless shoes and bags are not made of plastic.

  • @22

    She didn’t take private jets.
    She took commercial flights. Just because a plane travelling between smaller cities is small, doesn’t mean that it is private.
    Some information for YOU….
    Plastics (pleather, vinyl) are manufactured using petroleum prodcuts, a NON-renewable resource. And their production pollutes the soil, air and water.
    Natural leather has it’s pollution problems as well, but it is an entirely natural, renweable resource. It’s production feeds and clothes the world.

  • LOL

    Jets were private, and not so small. Check better. You have to kill animals to eat them or to make leather things. It’s production feeds and clothes the world as you said. Question is how many pair of shoes you have and how many pairs you need. If you, like Miranda, have hundreds pairs of shoes and one hundred bags – a lot of animals died just for you. You don’t need that much. And then, if you said “I will participate in Earth Hour on 26 March 2011, and will continue to adopt sustainability practices thereafter in my everyday life. Together we can make a difference” it sounds like a big hypocrisy. How can we make a difference together? She will unplug the cell phone charger when it is not in use and buy (or receive as a present) another ten pairs of shoes and bags. I really hate when celebrities starts to teach us things that we already do- to save our limited sources of money.

  • @22

    You said it yourself, animals ar killed to be eaten and to make leather things. So your statement that a lot of animals died ‘just for her’ is ridiculous.
    The animals used to produce leather garments, also provided food for (many) others. There is no waste. They didn’t die ‘just for her’.
    If you disagree with animals being used for food, then that is a whole other argument.
    As for having a lot of things? That’s a privilege.
    A person poorer than you could go into your own closet and say that you also have more than you need.
    It’s all relative.
    Besides, most celebs will give away or donate their old clothes and shoes. Which means that they are being recycled. That’s being environmentally responsible, isn’t it?
    As for the private jets, I don’t ever recall reading anything like that. But maybe you pay more attention to Miranda than I do.
    Please post a link to the article.
    It may have been because she was flying to remote areas where they don’t have regular air sevice. There are certain places in the Outback that are only reachable by private aircraft.

  • @24

    #25 here
    meant to write @24
    My post at 25 was meant as a response to #24.

  • @Lia

    She was named Earth Hour Ambassador for a reason, and posing for a picture looking pretty can make a difference if it’s used to get money, and that money goes to a cause.
    I don’t care how many shoes and bags she owns as long as they’re made of cow leather. I’d oppose if she wore fur, or snake or crocodile skin bags, because those animals are killed just for the skin, and they’re killed in a horrible way.
    And I think you can like her and protect the planet at the same time.