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Orlando Bloom: Friendly And Fashionable

Orlando Bloom: Friendly And Fashionable

Orlando Bloom and his mother Sonia Bloom arrive for the Balenciaga Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 show during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday (March 3) in Paris, France.

The 34-year-old actor’s wife Miranda Kerr showed off her post-baby body walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, just two months after giving birth.

At the show Orlando sat alongside Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Francois Henri-Pinault.

FYI: Orlando is wearing a Burberry scarf.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom being friendly and fashionable…

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Famepictures, Getty
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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Nice to see gay happy!

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Hay orlando bloom u take a shower?

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Now good and clean

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    U shave u head?

  • Beth

    He’s so beautiful!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Yo thumb down

  • Cuban!

    Glad he is not dragging the baby around, his mother looks cute

  • Eresyn

    Awww i didn’t know his mom, Orlando looks so much like her :)

  • Sun

    thats his wife not his mother

  • Mike

    I can’t wait till the divorce. :)

  • @10

    Awwww, delphi-mike is here, too.
    Guess those delphites really don’t have lives, do they.

  • sara

    OLove has some new pics of Orlando out strolling in Paris with baby Flynn.
    He’s such a good daddy!

  • From Paris with Love

    Even if they dirvorce, and I have very little faith in celebs marriage including celebs I like anyway, they are FOREVER connected through their child, the life they once shared, all their memories together. And that will always be a zillion times more than what his so-called fans wish they had. Of course your fantasy “relashionship” with him could never end in a divorce, it never existed in the first place. But they are the ones living their life and their love, not dreaming it.
    Even if they part ways next week next month next year, she will always be the woman he once loved, his first wife, the mother of his first son, at a time when they were young, gorgeous and happy.
    With or without him she is a lucky stunner who lives the beautiful life, the kind of life we will never even come close to.

  • @13


  • @FromParis

    @From Paris with Love:

    I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me…. That’s what you sound like. Oh yeah, because celeb divorces are so nice and friendly. Bruce and Demi are the only friendly ones I can think of. The rest are too busy fighting over spousal and child support. Besides, I’m still not convinced these two are married. They married in secret, without family or friends, and Randa says there were no witnesses. And Orli doesn’t wear his ring most of the time.

  • @15

    Another delphite!
    When will you get it through your thick skull that no one CARES if you think they are married?
    They said that they are married, and Orlando calls her his wife. . That’s what matters. Heck, even Ted C said that they were married.
    You don’t have to make a big deal out of the ceremony for it to be legal
    Just someone to officiate and a witness. And NO, Miranda never said that there were no witnesses, she said that it was “just them”. Which means no guests, NOT no witnesses.

  • From Paris with Love

    @ #15
    I didn’t say they would have an idyllic break-up, I said that even if they split nobody can take away or erase what they had together and it will always be more than what her haters could dream of.
    LOL you made me laugh with the pa pa pa pa razzi thing :p
    I’m not a fan of Orlando Bloom, I liked him as Legolas, his acting is alright, I find him cute but he doesn’t do him for me, I don’t follow his career. And I’m not a fan of Miranda Kerr I just find her gorgeous and cute, couldn’t care less about her cheesefest book or her organic/green stuff but whatever floats her boat, she’s not hurting anyone.

  • http://justjared carribean

    @@15: idiot u r the one whos an idiot she said that there were just two of us no one else and it was quite romantic actually it was three of them one was inside her womb leaching her and her caeer,so she was tring to fix that only to realize that the only option is to get married in front of the world to leitimatize the bab, thier parents and family werent there at all even her grand mom got to know it on tv they ae very good at posing in front of the camera,even in most difficult situations she smiles at orlando so it clearly explains she wants one label on herCUTE

  • timing is everything

    Odd how he never attended fashion shows when he was with Kate. She was always into fashion and attending fashion shows, but Orlando never joined her. I guess now that he’s with a model, it’s okay for his image.

    I like the picture of him standing next to his mother, Sonia, although he looks a bit awkward, as though he’s not used to being with her very often anymore. I don’t like the one where Sonia is – just like Kate – bringing up the rear and practically being dragged along. You can tell she didn’t even have enough time to remove her left red glove, which is about to fall off her hand. It’s just hanging and dangling; it looks ridiculous. Heaven forbid Orlando – JUST FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE! – you actually make an effort to walk ALONGSIDE a woman, rather than several paces in front of her. No, walking ahead of her isn’t protective. It’s rude. I tend to walk faster than my mother, and when I’m ahead of her, she doesn’t hesitate to let me know how she feels about it! Now, just imagine how a woman – one with good self esteem, that is – would feel having a man who supposedly cares about her constantly walking ahead of her. After watching him do that for YEARS with Kate, and as an American woman, I find it downright rude.

    I guess neither Colin Stone nor Sonia Copeland taught their son how to be a gentleman. That’s a shame.

    Why not try to see your mother more often, Orlando? You’re not working on feature films constantly, the way you were years ago, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to spend some time with her. You have a family in England, remember? Remember your older sister, Sam? Remember those interviews you did around the time LOTR came out, in which you claimed you were and would always remain “an English country boy at heart”? You now appear to be an LA celebrity who enjoys the celebrity circuit and who prefers being seen at airports, trendy restaurants and now, of all things, fashion shows, rather than on the motion picture screen. Is Aileen working for you and trying to get you work, or not?

    I already know I’m going to be labelled a few choice words for my comments. I don’t care. I hardly ever bother with this chap anymore because he’s not worth the time. You let your fans and supporters down, Orlando. You let your family down. Worst of all, you let YOURSELF down. I hope that whatever you gave up for fame and fortune and celebrity, that you didn’t sell your soul in the process.

    Having said all that, I do wish you and Miranda well as a couple. Please try to give your son all the things – including love – that you may not have been given.

  • timing is everything

    @From Paris With Love

    Are you for real? I don’t mean to be rude, but your post suggests that everyone here, myself included, wishes that we were living some celebrity person’s life. Excuse me, but I don’t feel that way or think that way. Please don’t speak for me or suggest that I actually want someone else’s life. I don’t want or need anyone else’s life – I have my own. And that life is plenty fulfilling and satisfying for me. I do sincerely hope that none of the readers and posters of this celebrity blog site, or any other sites or message boards, live their lives through their favorite celebrities. Be happy and content with the life you you have, and if you’re not, then work to make your life the one you want. I’m sure that someone like Miranda Kerr, who believes in positive affirmations and the importance of being able to “treasure yourself,” would agree with me on this issue. I would NEVER hold any celebrity person’s life up in comparison to mine and wish that I could trade places with him or her. That mentality does NOT suggest good self esteem or true inner contentment. You don’t know what that famous person has given up or had to do or go through to have money, fame, etc. And just because Orlando and Miranda APPEAR to be “living the life,” that does NOT mean that they are truly happy and content individuals. Only they would know what their thoughts and feelings are. We only know what celebrities want us to know, and we only see what they want us to see.

    I strongly suggest to those who visit this site and other celebrity focused websites that you consider this little more than light entertainment – and NOTHING MORE. No celebrity is worth fighting over, arguing over, or getting jealous or possessive over. I learned that lesson the hard way, and I don’t ever intend to repeat it.

    And I LOVE my life just the way it is! I hope Orlando and Miranda love theirs!