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Vanessa Hudgens Listens to Adele!

Vanessa Hudgens Listens to Adele!

Vanessa Hudgens walks through LAX International Airport after taking a late flight to Los Angeles from NYC on Thursday (March 3).

The 22-year-old actress was listening to British songstress Adele on her iPod as she made her way home.

Vanessa has been busy promoting her new movie Beastly on the talk show circuit for the past few days.

Beastly opens in theaters TODAY! Are you seeing it this weekend?

FYI: Vanessa is wearing an Evil Eye Necklace by Kara Ackerman Designs with Chinese Laundry Turbo boots.

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Hahahah ;-D

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Shes cute with horrible

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    No problem horrible because she not go party never

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Not good look

  • asdf

    I think that is an iPhone….

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • Thai

    LOL, is this news?

  • lauren

    i see movies for free

  • lame

    The New York Times and LA Times liked the movie. Good on ya…Vanessa.

  • Sun

    she’ll be so ugly in 5-10 years lol

  • Jenny

    She looks so tiered, yet so beautiful. Love you Vanessa and I’m definitely going to watch Beastly. Alex Pettyfer is so hot and you gotta love Neil Patrick and Mary-Kate Olsen

  • Malia

    Yes, I’m definitely going to see “Beastly” today.

  • Bradley Bobst

    She is so totally Fine.

  • Haters Suck!

    @slingo Ken
    does anyone besides you duba$$es ever understand what your saying? Honestly you say the most annoying crap.

  • Susan

    Every review I’ve read has either good or neutral things to say about Vanessa’s performance. One even said she was “to the camera born.” I thought that was very poetic and lovely. She must be over the moon with these good reviews as they are going to open her up to more and more roles that she otherwise might not have been considered for. This is REALLY good news for her career. No wonder she’s so smiley these days!

  • Haters Suck!

    Dumba$$es that should say.
    Anyway vanessa is looking so good and I’m gonna see beastly Saturday and maybe again on Sunday if I can get my paper done

  • marie

    doesnt look like her and zac got together while she was there.
    yah, that’s so over.

  • peggy


    OKAY could we live in the real world – if she and zac got together they didn’t without the prying eyes of the public. THey are trying to keep us OUT of their business and they may be over but we actually don’t know anything.

    Has anyone else noticed that when the subject is blonde and white Jared and his staff put up the best pics possible but with V and others with a slew of great pics he usually puts up a poor one.

    It’s called Asian self loathing. Sorry Jared your not white. Deal

  • LMAO

    FYI : This is an iPhone . The jack for the iPod is at the bottom !

  • http://yr10899 lisa

    she is so ugly

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • Danielle

    she is super busy

  • RA

    you are so stupid. She’s beautiful.

  • Susan

    @marie: We don’t know if she saw Zac while in NYC. If she did, it was out of the paparazzi and tweeting public’s sight.

    IMO they are definitely broken up, because she wouldn’t go to a Knicks game and sit courtside with another man (her former co-star) if she were still romantically involved with Zac. And she was pictured doing just that. What do you think, she left the game, went back to the hotel, crawled into bed with Zac, kissed him and told him about the fun time she just had with Gaelan? Come on.

    It’s not to say they’ll never get back together. It’s certainly possible that they will miss the heck out of each other and want to reunite by summer. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be happy being good friends forever. They’re not romantically involved right now, though. No matter how many bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, hairbands or nipple piercings one or the other is wearing.

  • Allie

    @Susan Seriously?? Please tell me I’m reading this wrong and you’re not saying that if she was with Zac she couldn’t go to a game with Gaelan? It’s no different of Zac went to a game/event with Brittany. And yes, if ZV are still together, the scenario you imagined is what could have happened.

    I do believe they’re broken up/on a break but your comment about opposite sex friends is way out of line. Maybe cause I’m a guys girl and if my boyfriend told me that I couldn’t go out with my “guy” friends without him, I’d dump him in a minute!!!

  • http://google BARBARA

    Susan, Zac was working that nite, thats why he looks tired, they have been filming alot at nite, very late, Gaelan are just friends CBS set her up to go to the game, its more fun to go to a game with someone and not by yourself Gaelan lives in NY, so they proably wanted to catch up. besides Vanessa and Zac make alot of friends on set, and they become each other friends The braclet he wearing is the same colors of her tattoo, plus i did see a letter V on it and he has Vanessa hair tie on which he has had on since he left her house, in January.

  • Susan

    Barbara, with all due respect, your comments have entered some kind of weird alternative fantasy Zanessa world. The bracelet he is wearing is the same colors as her tattoo? Are you for real?

  • http://google BARBARA

    yes i saw it close i’m not the first one to see it.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I saw the braclet very close, and does have the colors and it has the letter V on it, and there sre several people who saw it, and i did go to see Beastly, with my grandchidren, and we really like it. and the theater was full, had people of all ages, alot people enjoying a date nite out.

  • florence

    @Susan: But it’s okay for Zac to go out with not one woman but 5 and be seen drinking with them, and also go clubbing and be seen kissing and groping someone else.
    And all becuase Vanessa goes to as game heaven forbid without him then it’s a problem.

    Zac is going on with his life and doing what he wants and going where he wants so why can’t Vanessa catch up with a old co-star and friend, it’s a lot more beleivable for her to be seen with Galeen who she has worked with then Zac trying to pass off his new bit of skirt TP as a old friend, who until the club had NEVER been seen with her before.

    And as it was said Galeen lives in NY so I don’t see anything out of the ordinary going to a game with someone other than Zac, he’s gone to numerous games without her, so now it’s her turn.

  • Alexandra

    Some people are saying that Zac and Vanessa are seeing each other “without the prying eyes of the public” – so therefore, it’s possible they saw each other in NYC. This would make sense if Zac and Vanessa’s every move hadn’t been photographed the entire time they were both in the city. She spent her first night in NY with her Bandslam co-star at the Knicks game. Zac officially finished filming in the evening, so there’s no doubt he had the opportunity to go. Yeah sure, Gaelan lives in the city and maybe they wanted to “catch up” – but couldn’t Zac go as well? It’s obvious he loves basketball, and if you date someone for five years you’d think she would enjoy his company at the game – especially since their busy work schedules have been ‘keeping them apart’ (which is why most zanessa fans are saying they’re on a ‘break’ right now).

    The second day, while Zac was on set all morning and afternoon, Vanessa was on talk shows and shopping at various boutiques. She stopped by the Four Seasons in the late afternoon/evening and of course, everyone thought she was going to visit Zac. But Zac doesn’t stay at the Four Seasons when he’s in NY – Vanessa does. In the pictures of her leaving the hotel (after staying for merely 20 minutes), she’s in a different dress and headed to MTV’s The Seven. So what’s the logical explanation? Oh yeah, she changed clothes. She wasn’t canoodling Sexfron. The best part of all this? While Vanessa was at her screening for Beastly in NYC after her appearance on The Seven, Zac was photographed shopping at several different stores buying clothes. There were also several twitter and facebook sightings. It’s obvious. If they were dating, he’d be at her screening. And the Zanessas fans who say “he didn’t go because he didn’t want to make it about him and take the attention away from Vanessa and Beastly” – this screening didn’t have a red carpet. There were no reporters, no publicity. He could have quietly gone to the screening to view the film, but he did his own thing.
    Right after Vanessa’s screening, she flew back to LA. Paparazzi are going to be on Zac and Vanessa like white on rice right now. Why? Because they want the first photos of them together since the December split. They all know they’re in the same city, so their level of stalking and aggressive picture taking will be heightened. For people who look at this in a rational way, it’s obvious they didn’t have any kind of reunion during Vanessa’s short trip to NYC.

    Why do people keep suggesting that the black band on Zac’s wrist is Vanessa’s hair tie? There’s absolutely nothing cute, heartfelt, or romantic about a boyfriend wearing his girlfriend’s hair tye like a bracelet. Unless Vanessa did a giggly interview and said “Zac likes to wear my hair accessories like jewelry” – there’s no way I’m buying it. The other bracelet with the supposed V on it and it being “the same colors as her tattoo” – Come on, people. The V could be the brand of absolutely anything, or it might not be a V at all. If it’s even close to the shape or resemblance of a V, you’ll see a V because it’s what you want to see. About the colors of her tattoo… Vanessa’s tattoo is multi colored. Zac’s bracelet is one single color. So that whole color thing is the most pathetic thing I’ve heard yet. Also, does no one realize Zac’s obsession with cool bracelets? He wears a different set of bracelets almost weekly. He’s creative, he’s unique, definitely in touch with his feminine side – he’ll wear any bracelet that looks interesting FOR THE STYLE. Every piece of jewelry on his person doesn’t need to have some secret subliminal Vanessa meaning. Not to mention that Zac and Vanessa wore their Kuuipo rings religiously after their reunion in Hawaii a few months ago. They never missed a day without wearing them. As soon as the break up “rumor” hit the web, they haven’t been seen wearing them since.

    Vanessa just said at her NYC screening that she was single and “taking phone numbers” – There it is. Enough said. This Zanessa discussion has been going on for almost 3 months now, and it’s getting more and more pathetic by the day. These people deserve to be supported and admired as individuals, not as two people mushed together to form some magical disney couple. They’re not Troy and Gabriella, Troyella, or Zanessa. They’re Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Their love will exist forever in the High School Musicals. Want to see them in love again? Pop one of those DVD’s in – you’ll have that forever. They have two separate identities and two separate lives. They deserve to be supported for what they EACH accomplish as individuals. Life isn’t a movie. People grow up and grow apart. And eventually, they move on.

  • ILoveLife

    I Love Zanessa, I Really Do But Does Anyone Have An Idea Of What Vanessa Means In This Interview?
    Thnx x

  • tina

    So where are the photos of Vanessa eating? No one followed them all day as you suggest. There are photos of her arriving at events, shopping at stores and attending the game all arranged. No one knows where she slept, not even you. Or are you saying they shopped all night?

  • ILoveLife

    …I Mean The Way She Said She’s Taking Numbers….Thate Probably Means They’re Over Right?

    I’m Not Against Them(Zanessa), I’m Just Asking.

  • Alexandra

    @tina: You just said there are photos of her arriving at events, shopping, and going to the basketball game. That’s the whole day. As for pictures of her eating… Are you under some conclusion that celebrities only eat out? Sometimes people eat in the privacy of their hotel rooms when they’re on vacation, or they eat while on the go, especially if you’re as busy as Vanessa was. And did you not read my post carefully? Vanessa was staying at the Four Seasons hotel. Like I said, she was also photographed going back to her hotel to change into another dress for MTV’s The Seven.

  • Kyley

    Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are broken up. I’m sorry if I just shattered the dreams of Zanessa fans everywhere, but take a second to step out of your jaded world and look at the signs. If the above (very well written) comment by Alexandra doesn’t open your eyes here are a few other shreds of evidence for you. I’ll give you the most damning evidence of the break up first: it has been confirmed three different times by sources extremely close to Zac and Vanessa. Ashley Tisdale, who everyone knows is a very close friend of both Zac and Vanessa, confirmed that the two split on January 5th at the People’s Choice Awards. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself: Brittany Snow, one of Vanessa’s best friends, confirmed the split once again during an interview at Fashion Week when she stated that both her and Vanessa were single and were each other’s Valentines. On Valentine’s Day, Brittany and Vanessa were seen out together with a band, and there are pictures to prove it. No Zac in sight. And finally, the third person to confirm the split (as mentioned above by Alexandra) is Vanessa herself. She said Thursday night at her Beastly screening that she was “definitely taking numbers”. Does that sound like something you say when you have a boyfriend? I sure hope not. Don’t believe me?: Alexandra covered all that is needed to be covered about Vanessa’s latest NY experience, and as an active member of the twitter world I can agree that EVERY MOVE made by both Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was documented and never once were they in the same place at the same time. I want to point out to you all that this was not Vanessa’s first time in New York while Zac was filming. As we all know she was there a few weeks back for fashion week, again, every move either of them made was closely watched and never once were they together. I won’t even go into the “Zac is wearing Vanessa’s hair tie as a bracelet” ordeal because that is simply nothing more than a desperate attempt by Zanessa fans to tie the two together again.
    I don’t understand why people can’t just accept that Zac and Vanessa have split. They are the same people whether they are together or not. Zac and Vanessa are both unique and talented INDIVIDUALS

  • Kyley

    And as to the recent accuastions that Zac is constantly going out, partying and drinking, all I can say is that unless you are standing next to him counting the number of drinks he’s having how can you make that assumptions you’re making? Zac is a 23 year old man. It is perfectly legal for him to go out with his friends, have a drink and dance a little. Have you noticed how hard he’s been working? He needs to have fun! So to put it simply: back off.

  • Alexandra

    @Kyley: The number of times Zac’s been seen out “drinking” and “partying” can be counted on one hand. Having a couple shots and/or beers with a group of close friends and dancing to good music into the wee hours of morning aren’t hurting anyone. He’s young, let him live his life. He’s accomplished way more than almost every other 23 year old out there – let him relax and have fun a little :)

  • Kyley

    @Alexandra: 1000000000% agreed :-) People need to calm down. Maybe they should follow his example and ‘Dougie” it out once and awhile ;-)

  • Alexandra

    @Kyley: People really do need to calm down! It’s not the end of the world :)

  • Bree

    Dear Jared,
    PLEEEEASE do us all a favor and keep postings of Vanessa Hudgens on Just Jared Jr so the obsessed “Zanessa” tweens can have a go at it in a separate postings. I mean really, I just want to read comments about whether the movie was good or not, but all these kids does is write a whole essay on the symbolism of what “Z” wears must means he still loves “V”.

    Get over it. Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. Just because she’s attractive and seems nice, and he’s a fairly good looking guy, doesn’t mean they are “meant to be forever and ever”.

  • Alexandra

    @Bree: THANK YOU

  • mhay

    Sorry, but i cant get it, why they broke up, we just though that Zac Love Vanessa so Much….Sorry i just miss zanessa maybe im not just ready to accept the Fact that they are not together..because for me they are the meaning of true Love in Hollywood again sorry.

  • biki

    @Kyley: in that interview the black lady said that.,,we all heard that u are maybe single”the lady said,vanessa didn’t mention the break up and that she is single at all.and why u all still believe everything what u’ll hear the break up it is not even confirmed,i didn’t hear the confirmation of them,if now they really broke up it would be confirmed like every other actors does,and not all the time seeing each other and wearing bracelets,they just took a break cuz they are busy, so when they finish whit all this busy staffs and when we ‘ll se pics of them which paparazzi will took cuz they are all over them where ever they’ll go, all of u will change u re mind and ull say omg i was so stupid that i believed to all this rumors and had very wrong taught about this just all of u stop.

  • go sox

    @Alexandra: Unfortunately, I see a lot of things wrong with your post. You are slanting things to YOUR point of view. Others can definitely slant them the OTHER way, just so you know. The most glaring piece of your essay, is that YOU weren’t there, and you are only getting bits and pieces of the day. We have NO idea about what went on in NYC; they could have met for a late dinner the two nights she was there. I’m just saying that, not because I believe they are together, but that it points out YOU don’t know what they did every minute. If they did see each other AT ALL, it would MOST DEFINITELY be out of the public eye.

    And if that is the case, why on earth would he go to the Beastly screening with all those peeps from MTV, who tweeted the entire time?? Yeah, that’s REAL private. That’s the last place he would show up. And shopping? Do you think that is not a little visible? I doubt they’d be seen walking down the streets of NYC with their little shopping bags. You’re expecting them to be seen all over, If they are still “dating”, but if they are trying to work on things, and keep things totally out of the public eye, then they will NOT BE SEEN ANYWHERE together, especially NOT courtside at a basketball game, shopping, at her screening. But we have NO idea what or where they were the rest of the time.

    @Kyley: No one confirms ANYThing, really. Saying you are single is entirely accurate if you are not engaged or married. That confirms nothing. Ashley hedges around the question very well; she just says they are both her “family”. Their friends are very protective of them both; no one is going to give out ANY info about their personal lives. And Vanessa “taking numbers”? First off, I believe that was a tweet, not exactly a confirmation. And if she said that, well she was with an audience having fun, and is not going to give personal info out to them either.

    So I’m not saying they are still seeing each other, but just pointing out all this speculation is just bogus. They are doing what THEY want to do, and we are not going to know anything about it, until if and when they want us to. You people trying to “prove” they are not together are just as silly as people trying to prove that they are, cause you all see what YOU want to see. Let’s just say, Zac and Vanessa are living their lives, and keeping anything personal on the DL, like they always have; whether or not that includes each other, it’s their business.

  • biki

    i just got it the whole interview first that lady said we all hear that u are might single and thatn she said one of my co-workers want to take u re number or maybe his number and what will should do than nessa says taking number, they were just making joke which that means some of her’s co workers want to date whit them that was just joke,if u all hear again the interview and if u were smart to got it now u would see that they were making fun whit her.

  • Lady

    that think with Brittany Snow it was cut.if you go back and hear the other one it say i am single not a word about vanessa. now about take a number what di you want her Zac’s bracelet is one single color. you are wrong on that to go back and you will the colors.and vanassa is wear the ring.not enew say that bittany snow was cut went say about her and vanessa be single.the put vanessa on there.there are see each with out report up there ass.beside i belive if they was done. zac people wouid call the report and tell them.ithey are still work on it.i belive they did see each why she was in ny soon as she was there both had there phone in there hand. zac had a big smile on his face.



  • biki


  • Lady

    biki. i hear it to.i belive you.i say it agine. if they are done zac people would run and call all the report. and tell them.zac people would be all over it.