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Katie Holmes: Cupcakes with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Cupcakes with Suri!

Katie Holmes spends some quality mother-daughter time with Suri on Saturday (March 5) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 32-year-old actress treated camera-shy Suri, 4, to some gourmet cupcakes after shopping for toys at the Kaboodles Toy Store.

On Friday, the two visited Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise picking up some cupcakes…

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katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 01
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 02
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 03
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 04
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 05
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 06
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 07
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 08
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 09
katie holmes cupcakes with suri cruise 10

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  • danielle

    Another day, another PR opportunity.

  • Cheryl

    Absolutely beautiful child!

  • So transparent it’s pathetic

    So the paps were already there at the bakery when they arrived ???

  • ck

    Their diet seems to consist of coffee and cupcakes.

  • So transparent it’s pathetic

    Yes Cheryl Suri is cute but she may end up as the female version of Charlie Shen later on in her life.

  • So transparent it’s pathetic

    A&E’s Rejected “Kennedys” Miniseries Will Air April 3 On ReelzChannel

    We know what you’re doing right now: scratching your head, reaching for your remote and wondering what the heck ReelzChannel is. Us, too.

    It turns out ReelzChannel is sort of like a TV Guide channel for movies — it runs trailers, movie reviews and celebrity clip compilations alongside reruns of “Ally McBeal” and “Becker.”

  • whazzup

    Have we ever seen Suri in pants? I wonder when she gets over the skirt and dress phase and starts wearing jeans like other kids. Not that there is anything wrong with dresses, she looks very cute but I just find it strange that she never wears pants. Is it the Scientologist way to let kids eat, dress, etc. exactly as they want?

  • Sheri

    wow….a (cute) coat, socks and proper shoes on Suri

  • Halie

    Doesn’t look like she’s being shy, more like she has a bruise on her face and the caring Xenu mother is telling her to cover it. God forbid star mag sees it. You can see it in the pictures of her inside the store. I really don’t think it’s the lighting, but I could be wrong. Oh and snaps for her wearing a real life coat.

  • Alissa


    The Kreepy Kruises are truly tiresome.

    We’ve had more than enough of them, Jared.

  • bebe

    To those who are saying that they called the paps…It’s obvious that paps camp outside their hotel and follow them. Remember last week when we saw all those photos of Suri with her nanny. Why would tomkat stage photo-ops of Suri with her nanny? Those photos proved that the paps stalk them, and they don’t have as much control as people think.

  • bebe

    To those who are saying that they called the paps…It’s obvious that paps camp outside their hotel and follow them. Remember last week when we saw all those photos of Suri with her nanny. Why would tomkat stage photo-ops of Suri with her nanny? Those photos proved that the paps stalk them, and they don’t have as much control as people think.

  • Sassy

    I think I’ll fall out of my chair if I ever see Suri eating anything other than cupcakes or sweets. I really hope they have a good dentist and/or make her brush her teeth 10 times a day.

    Does Katie ever say NO to the kid when all she wants is sweets??

    I think if my child was so afraid of the papparazzi, I’d try leaving her at home (or at the hotel) rather than expose her to what she is clearly upset about and afraid of.

    And is there anyone on here who will actually go to the movies to see Tom’s new movie??? Yes or no? (No from me) His “church” is about to completely implode as there’s some serious shite going on there. Talk about scandal!

  • wtf

    I don’t think she is covering a bruise, I think she has full face make up on.

  • wonder ?

    Honestly , Parenting is all about Learning from your child and feed of of the child & parent relationship , it is clear, Suri hates all the Pics …. I would be worryied if I was her mother , this all may have a bad effect on this child ( BE THE PARENT or PARENTS TO THIS CHILD )

  • Jokergurl

    Proof this kid doesn’t want her picture taken she’s covering her face with her coat. The paparazzi will hang out in a location if a high profile is there (another name for celebrity) and they will actually follow this celebrity in cars using long lenses to get their habits, it’s like STALKING and there should be a LAW. Unfortunately they get millions for these pictures. And yes, I agree vehemently that these VULTURES and their snapshots will have a bad effect on this young child.

  • annie

    Adorable little coat for an adorable little girl. There are other pics where she has her eyes closed so she doesn’t have to look at the paps, she’s so cute!
    Don’t think they have a bad effect on her, I think she just wishes they were not there. Unfortunately looks like the paps are going to be there forever.

  • to bebe

    bebe, please have a close look at those pics of Suri with her nannies while Katie was in Italy. These pics were all taken while Suri WAS LEAVING Starbuck or while she WAS ALREADY IN the store. The paps may have been phoned by someone in the place itself, the manager for example, to get publicity for his place. Since Katie has been to this store in Vancouver before she went to Italy, someone there was expecting her to come back again. Maybe an employee agreed to phone the paps for a few $.
    On these pics here, the paps are already at some unknown obscure bakery, ready with their cameras, waiting for Suri and Katie. It’s not the same. I think it proves once more that Katie or her personal assistant calls the paps themself.
    There a lot of much mcuh bigger stars and their broad which can go under the radar for months. The JPs, Johnny Depp, etc. Pics of Suri worth no money anymore. there’s thousands on the web. The public may be somewhat interested in Suri, but when she is futured in mags, it’s always with months or weeks old pics. Mags won’t pay the big price for fresh pics of Suri anymore. Paps won’t wait for days in front of Katie’s hotel. They come when they are called.

  • Romeo

    Cruise said it himself: she doesn’t like pants, #7.

    It’s typical to see kids eating treats outside having fun with their parents, #13. But TomKat are the only ones constantly photographed.

    She may dislike the paprazzi but she has to expeirnce the putside public in broad daylight.

    His religion has nothing to do with his movies.

    And you know all that how, #18?

  • Lavito

    I’m really getting tired of these two. Cupcakes and coffee, coffee and cupcakes. I would be surprised to find out that no one has told Katie how badly she looks with the hair knot. Katie is covering up the eyes in these pics, making sure no one can see the glaze, emptiness look. Suri hides her face, but she loves the attention, brat.

  • http://none Ana

    My God! This child has already learned to cover her face to avoid having her picture taken. It’s disgusting that the paps keep taking pics of her and that her parents don’t show her the beauty of a childhood and don’t take her away from the crazyness.

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    lovely,sweet and beautiful little girl!

  • maxigirl

    beautiful family!

  • Desperate Maniston

    everyone calls her a sweet little girl.
    i get the vibe that she is a spoiled brat that has no discipline and always gets her way.
    thats how scientologists raise their kids.
    i saw a video with leah remini (a scientologist) and her daugher. the kids was so freaking demanding and mean to her mother- and only 4 or 5 years old.
    i predict it now- suri is sure gonna be a wild child when she is older. i say about 10x worse than paris hilton. mark my words.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Boring and normal family

  • suze

    I’m with what “wtf” said above. Suri is wearing make up.

  • Grandma of Four




  • KC

    Although I don’t think they should hide their child from the world, I believe they should use better discretion as to how often they take her out and about. It is obvious this little girl does not want to have her picture taken by strangers. It is not necessary to parade her to the bakery or Starbucks almost everyday. This child deserves some privacy.

  • Sunshine


  • Cynic

    Jared provides an incentive for bakeries, coffee shops & other retailers to call paps when he constantly names and gives specific details on the places he visits. Obviously there’s $$ in it for him somewhere. Just like when he provides all the tedious details on what a celeb (sometimes a d-lister) is wearing. WTF cares?? And unless you are in Vancouver, Who TF cares where they are eating.

  • Cynic

    I meant to say “places they visit”

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Gear up people… these are the same pics we are going to see for YEARS! Same fancy clothes, hair in face, and please “don’t take my picture” expressions…zzzzz. You know it……only perhaps in the future they will be minus Katie, and instead of bakeries, it will be L.A night clubs and malls. This little girl already looks grown up but scaled down like a mini teen…She won’t change much, she will just get taller. SAD.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    How is it Gwyneth Paltrow can keep her kids out of tabloids?? I don’t understand it. She is a super-star and you rarely see Apple or Moses. And thats the way it should be. Is it b/c they aren’t as crazy and weird and the paps don’t get as much $$$ for a photo? The little girl is gorgeous and fashionable too. I think its b/c Gwyneth doesn’t put her out there and hasn’t created this “character”. She just a kid and thats SO great to see. Gwyneths always had confidence and brains.

  • Sassy

    “his religion has nothing to do with his movies”…um, yes it does when he is one of the top people in the organization, and the HEAD of the church, David Miscavige, was best man when Tom married Nicole and Katie. Google scientology right now, and try reading the recent New Yorker article about his “religion”. It speaks volumes about the kind of person he is, and that WILL carry over to the movies and affect the box office $$. Tom is damaged goods on the big screen & after this bomb, he’ll finally have to admit it to himself. Then maybe he’ll figure out what’s going on.

    Scientologists are forbidden from reading anything negative about their religion; who knows, maybe his head is buried so far in the sand he hasn’t a clue about what’s happening. Also some charges of human trafficking. Not pretty.

  • lucy2

    annie and such will blame the paps for “stalking” Suri. The fact is that Katie and Tom put Suri into these situations. Suri does not need to be locked up at home, but instead of parading her down sidewalks, they could make arrangements to use a back entrance(lesser stars have used this means of evading the media for decades…or longe). Tom and Katie deliberately shove Suri into the barrage of cameras and noisy paps. They are sick.
    The real facination with Suri is not that she is Tom Cruise’s child (and who the hell cares about her being Katie Holmes’ child). The real media draw is that no-one believes that Tom has slept with ANY woman in the past decade and therefore from where did Suri come? (**cough cough**JJ**cough cough**)

  • Brenna

    I’ve kept my mouth closed on what I think of Scientology and the way this child is being raised for a while now, but after my experience yesterday I can’t any longer. My sister in law’s daughter is almost four and thanks to the principle of allowing the child to self rule, she’s become quite an embarrassment on public outings. We stopped to get lunch and when my little niece realized her favorite treats were not sold, she threw a horrific tantrum. We ended up having to drive for over half an hour to the pastry shop of her choosing. It was appalling. I can’t imagine Suri being much different. What child wouldn’t become spoiled when raised on the principle of what you want- you get. I really hope Scientology collapses soon.

  • Beating a dead horse

    Actually they do in that Suri doesn’t need to go to adult places and pose for pics,turn on the papparrazi button like adult restaurants,and backstage at plays posing with the cast.
    Tom and Katie turn on the papparzi’s on button and then they want to turn it off.
    Tom and Kaite expose Suri way too much.
    Obvious,the childis finding this annoying,scary at times.

    Suri should be home in CA and going to school where no paps are allowed.
    Her mom can slip in places with her, take her places ,underground garages,etc. like we all do. Everytime Katie and Tom go

    Clothes, well,sneakers, socks,and a cost,this time.
    Good. Pants are needed and a lil haircut and comb and biush,gel on her hair and barettes. ribbons. Look at Nicole Rithcies ‘ daughters hair.
    Katre looks so illy,unkempt,and downright crazy woith her hair in an umknock/bun.

    Do you wear your hair like that to go out? No, a ponytail,yeah That upknock look is for when you clean your house.

  • Beating a dead horse

    oh and coffe,cupcakes,and the toy store,geesch. What a diet for kid? Toys,again,Suir has more than enough toys that she can open a toy store. Stuff she does not even use. Looks at it when bought,
    tosses aside untilnext daily/weekly toy store run.

  • Jane

    Suri is 5 years old, and Katie is still carrying her like she is an infant.

  • patty243

    brad and angie use their kids for press also. The paps are always camped out side the same toy store in NYC. And brad and angie parade the kids in and out of the store. They call the paps all the time. They are pathetic.

  • Wonder

    What is with her hands is with her hands in this picture? is she is the middle of a ballet move?

  • What’s up w/ this kid?

    @ wonder…. You are right… What’s up w/ her hands? I noticed that in the other photos as well. Then I looked at some random old photos and her hands look all contorted. What’s up w/ this kid. Something is off, it’s so intriguing.

  • Poor Suri

    I feel so sorry for little Suri who obviously doesn’t like the paps. What kind of parent uses their kid for PR? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, that’s who!! Lots of stars that are just as big as Tom and Katie are able to minimize how often their kids are photographed. Lots and lots of stars do it. Nobody is bigger than Johnny Depp yet people barely know what his kids look like! He keeps them out of the spotlight so they can grow up normally. Not the Cruises!! They pimp their kid out daily and she’s going to end up screwed up because of it and all the other weird things they do. That poor kid came into this world just like every other kid, pure and sweet. If she ends up with problems, it’s her parents fault. I hope Cruise and no talent Holmes fall off the face of the earth!

    PS. If crazy Romeo says to “mind my own kid” or calls me names or says no one is as famous as Cruise/Holmes, I swear I’m going to report him. I’m so sick of that creep telling everyone that they know nothing when he knows even less and is totally delusional. If he calls anyone an idiot again, I will be writing a letter of complaint. He’s one sick dude with an obsession. I heard he’s an aspie who cant control himself and that makes sense since he cant engage in rational thought.

  • cupcakes jakarta

    katie stil looking good love it!

  • Sami



  • nancyw

    This child has ro eat other things besides cupcakes!!!! I thought that Tom said after Suri was born, she was not eating JUNK food!!!!

  • nancyw

    I thought that Tom said after Suri was born, she would not be eating JUNK food?!?!?!? Since when have cupcakes been nutritious??????????????