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Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!

Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!

Zac Efron rocks a pair of aviator shades and a beanie as he arrives at JFK airport to catch a departing flight out of New York City on Saturday (March 5).

The 23-year-old actor had been in town filming scenes alongside co-star Michelle Pfeiffer for their upcoming romantic comedy, New Year’s Eve.

Earlier in the week, Zac took a break from the film to do some shopping at the Diesel Black Label and Armani Exchange boutiques in SoHo.

FYI: Zac is wearing Diesel Thavar 8NE jeans.

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  • adriana

    AWW so cute<3 luv him

  • vf

    cuteeeeeeee. he is so much hotter than his ex. I always thought she looked so darn average next to him.

  • proudofzacnessa

    welcome to the LA baby!

  • http://Lipkin20 Lauren

    Sorry to offend anyone who is a fan of him. He looks alittle gay in these clothes. Is he done with filming?

  • reple

    hottie boy

  • lala

    Do the paparazzi sleep at the airports…?…

  • Just Sayin

    @Lauren: If you’re not a fan of either Zac or Vanessa, why do you constantly comment on them? Stalkerrr……

  • J.


  • http://google BARBARA

    You girls are so jeaslou, why are you critizng her, she is a beautiful women, and believe me even they are not together he still loves her, you don’t get over a love like that, its going to take time, if ever, you always remember your first love, i know been there, He’s on Kim K list to come to her party, with other people, in Las Vegas, funny they are going to be on the same strip, but different hotels. you guys need to get over critizing, Vanessa, she staring to do great things for her self, does critizing make you feel big, it makes you look small, i’m supporting both of them, and wish them the very best

  • Jen

    Those aviators does nothing but bad things for his face!

  • sarab

    @Lauren: no one is offended.

    he IS gay!

  • lmao
  • http://Lipkin20 Lauren

    @Just Sayin:
    I’m commenting because it’s a free country and I can? Who the hell are u calling me a stalker , look at all the other ppl on here. Why r u calling me out? Screw you

  • sunny

    Aw, she looks lovely in her cardigan from Express

  • laurie

    Zac with….. VANESSA !!!!

  • lauren

    why the hell i’m i getting bitched at or being called a ”stalker” when clearly there are alot more creepy ass people on here who are much weirder. seriously wtf.

  • lauren

    why the hell i’m i getting bitched at or being called a ”stalker” when clearly there are alot more creepy ass people on here who are much weirder. seriously wtf.

  • Shut the f**k up haters

    @sunny: @Lauren: @sarab: SHUT THE F**K UP and kiss his a$$ F**K YOU!! idiots

    and stop talking about hudgens this post is NOT about her

  • oh yeahhhh;)

    zac efron you’re amazing<3
    i love u<3

    haters go to heL* or get a life

  • oh yeahhhh;)

    @lmao: dude are you blind?? that’s his muscles which is F**KING SEXY

  • ilia

    What’s up with his face? Did he gain weight?

  • ilia

    @Lauren: So you think being gay is offensive?

  • chris

    you guys should be doing cartwheels now that he is single since his bearding contract expired wonder what victorias secret model leo will lend him? everyone here in west hollywood knows he likes the boys national enquirer was not a shock to us dont know why he is ashamed he would have more fans and reach a new audience vanessa was his best friend he abused that trust and friendship or maybe he will he admit he is dating leo taylor or ryan lol vanessa did her time look what it got her hate from the hsm teens the guy is average looking if he were not a movie star you all would not even really look at him much he was in the right place at the right time and made the right decisions to get this far cant hate him for his fame he cant win male fans like shia can his management to busy trying to make money off of him instead of reading the scripts he is given he needs to get a handle on them vanessa was smart not to go beg him back in nyc she can get away from you haters he needs you more then you need him i see him as the winner in this hes smart he knows you live to see his pictures and read his news while he runs and avoids direct questions about vanessa she is the adult handling it give credit where credit is due she served her time and got screwed for it now she is happy and zac free she may never have his fame or the crazy die hard fans he has but she has her self respect back the disney men are going to pot wont be to long he gets busted for something unless he sobered up in nyc im glad they broke up why live a lie

  • luv the way u lie

    AHH LOVE HIM’!!<3
    so cute<3
    so hot<3
    so sexy<3
    amazing actor<3=)
    btw haters you can say whatever you want but just so you know zac is ALWAYS gonna be amazing and better then your idol!”

  • lauren

    no its when i post on comment on here i get bitched at, i said sorry to offend anyone who is a fan of him.

  • chris

    @lauren: lauren you are a stalker i seen you on twitter asking all the vanessa and zac fans a million questions then delete it laurenlipkin thats you right? its annoying

  • Natalie

    @chris: 2 words= F**K YOU!

  • adriana
  • lauren

    wheres my comments?
    #not winning

  • lauren

    @ chris,
    mind your buiness, why are you stalking my tweets, i delete my tweets after an hour.

  • sjk


    Wow! You are delusional!

  • sick of haters

    @chris: you’re an A$$=)

    i’m not a huge fan of zac but i really like him
    i love all his movies except HSM-.-=P
    he’s really hot and he’s a good actor:)

  • love efronn

    so hot<3

  • Justice

    @chris: It’s called a period. Your ramblings would be so much more fun to read if you used them. Holy run-on f*cking sentence.

  • Madhatter

    He looks so L.A. in this outfit it just cracked me up!
    He could pass for 30+ years old…
    But, he still looks pretty cute, I do have to admit.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful zac!

  • hudgens sucks-.-

    looking hot=)
    i used to hate him but now AHH I ADORE HIM<3

  • Stephanie

    @lmao: Thats called muscle

  • Deb

    You are an idiot. Have you not seen him shirtless? He’s got an unbelievably hot body. What you see is not boobs. Those are his very fine pecs.

  • Deb

    When were you last in his bedroom? Because that’s the only way that you would know that he is gay.

  • Efron& Somerhalder

    @Deb: lol!!
    <3 <3


    Oh Zac, so adorable and relaxed in that sweater coat – you’d look perfect seated on the couch in my living room. Everyone should have a Zac seated on the couch in their living room – it’s only fair.

    Now, let’s see, is the gang all here?
    1. The girl chronically addicted to the run on-and-on-and-on sentence (posing as guy) – CHECK.
    2. The old lady convinced that Zac and Vanessa are still madly in love despite the break-up – CHECK.
    3. Lauren and her vitriolic tongue, which amuses me on occasion – CHECK.
    4. Amelia, “the beautiful Zac!” commentator, who I like because she’s always positive and always right – CHECK.
    5. The allegedly GAY BOYS ( I say this because most of the gays I know think he’s straight. These don’t) – CHECK.
    6. The REAL GAYS – present but silent. They save their responses for, where they luv them some Zac Efron.
    7. Vanessa fans in various sock-puppet disguises, bent on bringing her up on his threads because they fear that Vanessa can’t make it without Zac’s PR (they have no confidence in her acting ability, apparently.) – CHECK.


    @lmao: Those are called pectoral muscles, dear. I realize you’ve never seen them before, either on yourself or your significant other, and thus are shocked by someone as fit as Zac.

  • katie-elle

    well. he cant look gayer than ed westwick or ryan reynolds.
    he looks just fine to me.

  • http://none juddyy

    first vanessa is better without zac 100%
    so haters leave vanessa alone and go to his new girl (teresa)
    and i dont want zanessa back again you know why? cause zac is player and van better without his ***** face
    we alllllllllll proud of her ******** haters
    and suker punch will DEATROY all the movies
    of course her movies better than zac movies hahahah like the CSC this movie win the worst movie of the year in 2010 hahahahhaah

  • http://none juddyy

    im so happy that zanessa broken up ….. go baby v

  • lauren

    @ juddyy,
    teresa said she’s not dating him, and they are friends,
    also learn how to spell your words right? k? thanks.

  • lauren

    also what is the point of everyone arguing and trying to state what they think?
    its pretty much going no where when the same people (yes i’m one of them) comment on here. except im just a negative and bitter person.

  • beatriz

    he looks hot (: