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Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!

Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!

Zac Efron rocks a pair of aviator shades and a beanie as he arrives at JFK airport to catch a departing flight out of New York City on Saturday (March 5).

The 23-year-old actor had been in town filming scenes alongside co-star Michelle Pfeiffer for their upcoming romantic comedy, New Year’s Eve.

Earlier in the week, Zac took a break from the film to do some shopping at the Diesel Black Label and Armani Exchange boutiques in SoHo.

FYI: Zac is wearing Diesel Thavar 8NE jeans.

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163 Responses to “Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!”

  1. 1
    wish you were here Says:


  2. 2
    adriana Says:

    AWW so cute<3 luv him

  3. 3
    vf Says:

    cuteeeeeeee. he is so much hotter than his ex. I always thought she looked so darn average next to him.

  4. 4
    proudofzacnessa Says:

    welcome to the LA baby!

  5. 5
    Lauren Says:

    Sorry to offend anyone who is a fan of him. He looks alittle gay in these clothes. Is he done with filming?

  6. 6
    reple Says:

    hottie boy

  7. 7
    lala Says:

    Do the paparazzi sleep at the airports…?…

  8. 8
    Just Sayin Says:

    @Lauren: If you’re not a fan of either Zac or Vanessa, why do you constantly comment on them? Stalkerrr……

  9. 9
    J. Says:


  10. 10
    BARBARA Says:

    You girls are so jeaslou, why are you critizng her, she is a beautiful women, and believe me even they are not together he still loves her, you don’t get over a love like that, its going to take time, if ever, you always remember your first love, i know been there, He’s on Kim K list to come to her party, with other people, in Las Vegas, funny they are going to be on the same strip, but different hotels. you guys need to get over critizing, Vanessa, she staring to do great things for her self, does critizing make you feel big, it makes you look small, i’m supporting both of them, and wish them the very best

  11. 11
    Jen Says:

    Those aviators does nothing but bad things for his face!

  12. 12
    sarab Says:

    @Lauren: no one is offended.

    he IS gay!

  13. 13
    lmao Says:

    he has boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14
    Lauren Says:

    @Just Sayin:
    I’m commenting because it’s a free country and I can? Who the hell are u calling me a stalker , look at all the other ppl on here. Why r u calling me out? Screw you

  15. 15
    sunny Says:

    Aw, she looks lovely in her cardigan from Express

  16. 16
    laurie Says:

    Zac with….. VANESSA !!!!

  17. 17
    lauren Says:

    why the hell i’m i getting bitched at or being called a ”stalker” when clearly there are alot more creepy ass people on here who are much weirder. seriously wtf.

  18. 18
    lauren Says:

    why the hell i’m i getting bitched at or being called a ”stalker” when clearly there are alot more creepy ass people on here who are much weirder. seriously wtf.

  19. 19
    Shut the f**k up haters Says:

    @sunny: @Lauren: @sarab: SHUT THE F**K UP and kiss his a$$ F**K YOU!! idiots

    and stop talking about hudgens this post is NOT about her

  20. 20
    oh yeahhhh;) Says:

    zac efron you’re amazing<3
    i love u<3

    haters go to heL* or get a life

  21. 21
    oh yeahhhh;) Says:

    @lmao: dude are you blind?? that’s his muscles which is F**KING SEXY

  22. 22
    ilia Says:

    What’s up with his face? Did he gain weight?

  23. 23
    ilia Says:

    @Lauren: So you think being gay is offensive?

  24. 24
    chris Says:

    you guys should be doing cartwheels now that he is single since his bearding contract expired wonder what victorias secret model leo will lend him? everyone here in west hollywood knows he likes the boys national enquirer was not a shock to us dont know why he is ashamed he would have more fans and reach a new audience vanessa was his best friend he abused that trust and friendship or maybe he will he admit he is dating leo taylor or ryan lol vanessa did her time look what it got her hate from the hsm teens the guy is average looking if he were not a movie star you all would not even really look at him much he was in the right place at the right time and made the right decisions to get this far cant hate him for his fame he cant win male fans like shia can his management to busy trying to make money off of him instead of reading the scripts he is given he needs to get a handle on them vanessa was smart not to go beg him back in nyc she can get away from you haters he needs you more then you need him i see him as the winner in this hes smart he knows you live to see his pictures and read his news while he runs and avoids direct questions about vanessa she is the adult handling it give credit where credit is due she served her time and got screwed for it now she is happy and zac free she may never have his fame or the crazy die hard fans he has but she has her self respect back the disney men are going to pot wont be to long he gets busted for something unless he sobered up in nyc im glad they broke up why live a lie

  25. 25
    luv the way u lie Says:

    AHH LOVE HIM’!!<3
    so cute<3
    so hot<3
    so sexy<3
    amazing actor<3=)
    btw haters you can say whatever you want but just so you know zac is ALWAYS gonna be amazing and better then your idol!”

  26. 26
    lauren Says:

    no its when i post on comment on here i get bitched at, i said sorry to offend anyone who is a fan of him.

  27. 27
    chris Says:

    @lauren: lauren you are a stalker i seen you on twitter asking all the vanessa and zac fans a million questions then delete it laurenlipkin thats you right? its annoying

  28. 28
    Natalie Says:

    @chris: 2 words= F**K YOU!

  29. 29
    adriana Says:

    @chris: from me you gonna get 3 words:GET A LIFE!!


  30. 30
    lauren Says:

    wheres my comments?
    #not winning

  31. 31
    lauren Says:

    @ chris,
    mind your buiness, why are you stalking my tweets, i delete my tweets after an hour.

  32. 32
    sjk Says:


    Wow! You are delusional!

  33. 33
    sick of haters Says:

    @chris: you’re an A$$=)

    i’m not a huge fan of zac but i really like him
    i love all his movies except HSM-.-=P
    he’s really hot and he’s a good actor:)

  34. 34
    love efronn Says:

    so hot<3

  35. 35
    Justice Says:

    @chris: It’s called a period. Your ramblings would be so much more fun to read if you used them. Holy run-on f*cking sentence.

  36. 36
    Madhatter Says:

    He looks so L.A. in this outfit it just cracked me up!
    He could pass for 30+ years old…
    But, he still looks pretty cute, I do have to admit.

  37. 37
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful zac!

  38. 38
    hudgens sucks-.- Says:

    looking hot=)
    i used to hate him but now AHH I ADORE HIM<3

  39. 39
    Stephanie Says:

    @lmao: Thats called muscle

  40. 40
    Deb Says:

    You are an idiot. Have you not seen him shirtless? He’s got an unbelievably hot body. What you see is not boobs. Those are his very fine pecs.

  41. 41
    Deb Says:

    When were you last in his bedroom? Because that’s the only way that you would know that he is gay.

  42. 42
    Efron& Somerhalder Says:

    @Deb: lol!!
    <3 <3

  43. 43

    Oh Zac, so adorable and relaxed in that sweater coat – you’d look perfect seated on the couch in my living room. Everyone should have a Zac seated on the couch in their living room – it’s only fair.

    Now, let’s see, is the gang all here?
    1. The girl chronically addicted to the run on-and-on-and-on sentence (posing as guy) – CHECK.
    2. The old lady convinced that Zac and Vanessa are still madly in love despite the break-up – CHECK.
    3. Lauren and her vitriolic tongue, which amuses me on occasion – CHECK.
    4. Amelia, “the beautiful Zac!” commentator, who I like because she’s always positive and always right – CHECK.
    5. The allegedly GAY BOYS ( I say this because most of the gays I know think he’s straight. These don’t) – CHECK.
    6. The REAL GAYS – present but silent. They save their responses for, where they luv them some Zac Efron.
    7. Vanessa fans in various sock-puppet disguises, bent on bringing her up on his threads because they fear that Vanessa can’t make it without Zac’s PR (they have no confidence in her acting ability, apparently.) – CHECK.

  44. 44

    @lmao: Those are called pectoral muscles, dear. I realize you’ve never seen them before, either on yourself or your significant other, and thus are shocked by someone as fit as Zac.

  45. 45
    katie-elle Says:

    well. he cant look gayer than ed westwick or ryan reynolds.
    he looks just fine to me.

  46. 46
    juddyy Says:

    first vanessa is better without zac 100%
    so haters leave vanessa alone and go to his new girl (teresa)
    and i dont want zanessa back again you know why? cause zac is player and van better without his ***** face
    we alllllllllll proud of her ******** haters
    and suker punch will DEATROY all the movies
    of course her movies better than zac movies hahahah like the CSC this movie win the worst movie of the year in 2010 hahahahhaah

  47. 47
    juddyy Says:

    im so happy that zanessa broken up ….. go baby v

  48. 48
    lauren Says:

    @ juddyy,
    teresa said she’s not dating him, and they are friends,
    also learn how to spell your words right? k? thanks.

  49. 49
    lauren Says:

    also what is the point of everyone arguing and trying to state what they think?
    its pretty much going no where when the same people (yes i’m one of them) comment on here. except im just a negative and bitter person.

  50. 50
    beatriz Says:

    he looks hot (:

  51. 51
    BARBARA Says:

    wicked wench , the name fits you are the rudest person on here i notice Zac isn’t gettig as much comments here, because of you, you are the one who need to get a life, you think you know everything but you don’t! Veryone is entile to voice there opinion, you lact repect, i work two jobs they are with the pubic, and alot of them are teenagers, they have more repect than you have, i have alot of experience about life, you have alot to learn.

  52. 52
    taylorzanfan Says:

    hello zac aka zexy efron!

  53. 53
    peggy Says:


    Since almost all the press is Vanessa’s lately that remark is ridiculous and you best check the Vanessa post cause there are Zac fans a plenty in them.

  54. 54
    Lady Says:

    barbara don’t get all work over this person.he are she not nice. yes rudest person. we will see alot of people like that on here.i think we all know zac love vaneesa.she love him.i belive with all my heart they will make. i just hope zac go to la.i think we will know vanessa got a party in Las Vegas.i hope he don’ to Kim K party. i belive it would hurt vanessa.

  55. 55
    boston61 Says:

    I hate when guy wear those stupid caps. They look way to self conscious. Way too look at me.

  56. 56
    Deb Says:

    Yes, everyone should have a Zac in their living room. However, since there is only one Zac, don’t you even begin to think that he will be in yours. He is in mine right now. I thought we settled this when you thought that you were gonna give him a tongue bath and super glue your hands to his pecs. Don’t make me send my people after you.

    Now, if you are really nice to me, I may invite you over to share. Pretty sure Zac can handle us both. ;)

  57. 57
    Deb Says:

    Whoops. Sorry. That was supposed to be to wicked wench, not juddyy.

  58. 58
    Deb Says:

    Now this one IS for juddyy….
    Zac’s first movie after HSM, 17 Again, opened at number 1 and made $23 mil opening weekend. CSC made $12.3 mil opening weekend. Predictions for beastly are that it will make $10 mil.

  59. 59
    amanda Says:

    WELCOME HOME ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK OVER HERE AT THE WEST COAST IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOUR LOOKIN HOTTER THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEXY SEXY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  60. 60
    Juddy Says:

    Nope nope CSC floped at the box office we all knew that hahaha
    Just wait when Suker punch destroy alll the movies …
    Bye bye bye efron fans lol

  61. 61
    peggy Says:


    CSC also took more than 6 months to make back it”s production costs and it barely did and Warner Bros. still lost money because it didnt make enough to pay back the millions in marketing..

    Beastly has already made back most of its production costs in foreign pre sales so it had paid for itself even before it opened guaranteeing its studio a profit..

  62. 62
    Deb Says:

    Look at the numbers. They don’t lie. Was CSC a success? No. But if beastly only makes $10 mil, then it will fall behind CSC for opening weekend. And, as I said, 17 Again made $23 mil on opening weekend.

  63. 63
    Deb Says:

    Oh, and as lauren suggested, try to learn how to spell correctly.

    It’s flopped, not floped.
    It’s sucker, not suker.

    And punctuation might be helpful.

  64. 64
    griffin Says:

    The comments on the JJ junior site aren’t as mental as you lot! Try and get a grip for gods sake.

  65. 65
    florence Says:

    @chris: You got that right, Vanessa is so much better off without him and deserves all the sucess she will get. To much focus has always been put on Zac and his pretty boy image and not his acting which to be honest is’nt that brilliant.

  66. 66
    florence Says:

    @chris: I’m glad to like you said that Vanessa did’nt go to him whuile in NY and beg him to try again, she gave him every part of her and he abused that and their friendship in every way. He was always so disrespectful with his comments about their relactionship and trated it like a joke. Well maybe now he can get someone else to ‘ service him’ now that Vanessa has gone, as you say he says how muchhe admires Leo so maybe he can hook Zac up with some big busted model who will hang off his every word, and he will give her his stupid wink and smirk.

    And so what Vanessa has been out to a game with someone else he has done it often enough, and so was at a party with a co-star again so what, he’s been all over his co-star’s and gushed about them even Leslie who is married and he bragged and smirked about how great it was kissing her and hopes they can do it again one day, which is just wrong just another example of how he’s NOT the marrying kind as if heever got married he’d still mess around. Vanessa is so much better off looking for someone who will stay faithful and truly beleive in marriage and take the responsability serioulsy and treat marriage with the love, compassion and trust that is needed between two people, efron certainly does’nt fit that bill.

  67. 67
    claire Says:

    @WICKED WENCH: i give u the best comments award……….and people calling her rude need to check what they said abt zac

  68. 68
    xoxo Says:

    @florence: fuc… off to hudgens post no one cares what u say….every body loves zac……don’t have a life????????????????????? writing the same crap on every zac’s post?????????????????????

  69. 69
    SE Says:

    Sexy Zac!!

  70. 70
    jonnyb Says:

    My grandma has the exact same cardigan

  71. 71
    meryam Says:

    beastly mack 10 million at 1,952 locations but CSC mack 12.3 million at 2,725 locations so if you saw this you are going to realise that beastly did so much better than CSC

  72. 72
    love Says:

    i don’t understand why vanessa’s fans have to come to zac’s post and blab or has vanessa paid them..cause we zac fans don’t care what she is doing and if she has her own haters don’t blame us!

  73. 73
    !! Says:

    @meryam: zac got critical acclaim for both meand orson wells and csc …17 again opened no.1 and vanessa has never opened a movie in which she has done a lead role it is so stupid to compare vanessa who is doing side roles and can’t even act to zac who has a no. Of projects in which heis playing leading roles…and has acting chops

  74. 74
    seyma Says:

    zac sana ölürüm ben

    kısaca sen herşeysin.

    seni seviyorum.
    hata aşıgım

    türkiye gel

  75. 75
    seyma Says:

    zac you i die
    sugar you

    you’re all short.

    I love you.
    error love

    Come to turkey

  76. 76
    zac fan Says:

    @WICKED WENCH:first amazing comment 2nd agree with every word 3rd to vh fans truth hurts haha

  77. 77
    Proudofzacnessa Says:

    (first, my english isn’t really good, i think)
    Stop with the bad words
    Always the Vanessa’s fans believe to be right
    and the same with the Efron’s fans
    “CSC is so much better than Beastly”
    “no! beastly is better than csc, 17 again blabalbla”
    are reading your comments?
    In taste there is nothing written!
    you behave like immature people!!

    if you love vanessa.ok! is cool but don’t comment bad words in the Efron post…the SAME with the Efron fans ok?

    Dios! que gente tan tarada! >.<
    pd: Te amo Zachy! te ves realmente hermoso grrrrr!
    Vanessa <3 muero por saber como te va en Beastly! ;D

  78. 78
    lauren Says:

    spell your words right.

  79. 79
    Lyla Says:

    I don’t know if you are a stupid idiot or an ignorant tween or both, but your comments about Zac are so far from the truth that it’s hard to tell if you are even serious. You are obviously delusional. If you actually believe that you have read these things about Zac, then perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension.

  80. 80
    Merlin' Mum Says:

    Zac always looks lovely, except for his beenie, I don’t like those. But then apparently his mum said it looks like a sock on his head!

  81. 81

    @Deb: lol. I accept your invitation – call me when he comes over. (-;

  82. 82
    Lyla Says:

    While you guys are naming films that flopped, don’t forget Vanessa’s wonderful Bandslam.

  83. 83
    gaga Says:

    well i wonder why people are hating him just because he left vanessa :D im happy that there is no ****** vanessa in his life anymore..he deserves much better :D soooo good and sexy this guy :D

  84. 84
    Deb Says:

    I TOLD you. He’s here now. He’s been here all night, and although I am one helluva woman, I must admit that I may have met my match.

    Oh geez, he’s ready to go again. I guess I’ll be gone for a while.

    Where the hell are you? Get over here now!

  85. 85
    true lies Says:

    @!!: Zac did not get critical acclaim for CSC. Furthermore, according to naysayers, CSC was a flop and some of his reviews about his acting was not good. With Me and Orson Wells, I believe Christian Mckay received most of the praise for his acting…Zac held his own but by know means was he on the same level. lol. Now Vanessa’s Bandslam scored an 80% on rotten tomatoes and she received praises for her acting in that small role…just read her reviews. You don’t have to be a lead to get recognized for your acting but that’s neither here or there. Just look at Mila Kunis. She started out the same way now look at her. Most actors start out by taking on co-starring roles to learn from bigger actors with more experience. Personally, I tthink that Vanessa is trying to build her acting chops and fan base first. Is Zac better than her because he chooses to perform in almost all leading roles? I just wanted to set the record straight. \\

    Everyone need to stop comparing the two. I’m sure they are friends and love each other. If they are at peace with each other then why is everyone else pitting them against each other?

  86. 86
    florence Says:

    @Lyla: If you are referring to the part about Leslie then I did’nt read it the words came out of Zac’s own mouth when he was doing promo work for the film he was doing a interview with the one who played his best friend in the film and that is where he said it. If hye was joking then it’s a bad joke considering that she is married with kids, and that is one of the big problems I have with him is what he calls a sense of humour is by no where near as funny as he thinks.

    Just like his comment about the relactionship ‘serving me right now’ I’m sorry but that just a down right disgusting comment to make when at the time he had a gf how is that supposed to make any girl feel certainly not loved by him or seeing the relacionship as something special or important to him, but just him waiting for the next girl to come along and he’d be off.

    So in all they are better off apart.

  87. 87
    florence Says:

    @true lies: That is very true which is why I think this year will be Vanessa’s year where she will suprise a lot of people becuase so far it has always been Zac this and Zac that. Like you I feel that she is doing the right think by taking on supporting roles with the odd one like Beastly where she is the lead, and at the same time as you say gaining expereince does’nt always mean that you have to be the lead in every film you make, that comes with time.

    And I don’t think that Zac is a better actor then she is all becuase he has been in more films he has been pused into our face’s where as she is taking her time and as the saying goes ‘ good things come to those who wait’ so she is building her adult fan base and so moving nicelyinto adult films without it being all about her in the lead.

    Zac I feel needs to slow down on taking the lead all the time and just go back to gaining experience and working with as many people as possible. otherwise it could all back fire om him and his team big time.

  88. 88
    Lyla Says:

    You can’t take things out of context to make a point. And if you understood about how Hollywood works as far as promoting films, then you would understand why he says what he says in promotion interviews.

  89. 89
    say what? Says:

    Some of these snarks are just bizarre, In general critics thought Zac did a good job in CSC-it’s even included in their consensus on Rotten Tomatoes that he gave it his all, they just didnt like the movie-which frankly was sub-par to the book-Zac did his job and it was noted.

    I cant imagine a situation where tweens wouldnt want to see a Beauty and Beast adapation, It would have to be really, really bad for people not to go-especially since the new Hollywood-buzz IT boy has the lead and that would have to be checked out- reviews for the film and acting are generally quite bad but I doubt if the target group cares much about that

  90. 90
    Amber Says:

    @true lies: Zac DID get critical acclaims for his performance in CSC. Most critics liked/loved him even though they hated the movie. Go check reviews on RT. As for Me and Orson Welles, yes, the consensus was that Christian McKay was the hightlight of the movie, but Zac got a lot of praises as well. He couldn’t help when his role was actually “intended” to be outshined by the great Welles. BTW what’s wrong with Zac taking leading roles? He’s being pushed by Hollywood to be the next leading man, like LaBeouf, Pattinson, Lautner, etc. Producers think they have potential to be big stars like Cruise, Pitt, and so on. Taking leads doesn’t mean they refuse to act in supporting roles. When they get offered quality supporting roles from respected directors, I’m sure they’ll jump right on. Same goes for young actresses pushed for “New leading ladies” like Kristen Stewart, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, and so on.

  91. 91
    maria Says:

    @Amber: He doesn’t have the experience nor the chops yet. He would have done better taking smaller roles in BETTER movies that people would see, and develop an adult and MALE audience. Instead, he’s insisting on starring roles in crappy sappy movies, that only teenage girls and young women will see. That’s NOT good strategy in making the transition. I think his team sucks and has ruined his momentum. There are SOOO many gorgeous young talented actors out there getting GREAT roles and Zac was forced to form his own company just to create roles for himself. His team is really clueless and they’ve butted into his personal life as well. I think he needs to grow some, and be true to himself. He needs new management, and to stop pretending he’s someone he’s not. And if he is this new party-hardy, clubbing, dougie-doing jerk, then I’m no longer a fan.

  92. 92
    lauren Says:

    @ florence,
    what the hell do you know? do you know them personally? have u ever met either of them? just because your giving your own take on what you think doesnt mean its right, again no one really knows what happend with them or the whole story, all of you can just make assumptions or guess what happened. how is giving what you think going to make it anyone better for you? just because its what you think doesn’t mean its right.


  93. 93
    lauren Says:

    @ florence, * correction

    how the hell do you know? do you know them personally? have u ever met either of them? just because your giving your own take on what you think doesnt mean its right, again no one really knows what happend with them or the whole story, all of you can just make assumptions or guess what happened. how is giving what you think going to make it anyone better for you? just because its what you think doesn’t mean its right.


  94. 94
    say what? Says:


    Maybe he needs to lose fans then. His party hearty RUMORS cant even compare with the pictures lately of Vanessa at every imaginable party and male companion. I dont think there is anything wrong with that since they are no longer together, but not being a fan of someone because you disapprove of RUMORS about his personal life is a fan is better of without. He’s a young guy with great potential who I have no doubt will build a real fanbase due to his work someday. I’ve no doubt that is the fanbase he prefers.

    Its quite clear Vanessa is the one who wanted the split- she has never looked happier-just a happu go lucky party girl of late-her story in pictures-good luck to them both

  95. 95
    Merlin' Mum Says:

    I was extremely disapointed with CSC, but that had nothing to do with Zac’s acting. It was nothing like the book, most of the interesting characters weren’t there, ( no Oscar) and some didn’t exist in the book at all. And you didn’t get to see Sam grown up even though they cast the part as it was on IMDB. But as film’s go it was OK and Zac was fab.Wait for Vanessa to have a few more films out before deciding if she’s anygood. Aside from HSM3 she’s only had 2 so far.

  96. 96
    Leslie Says:

    You should check your own spelling before commenting about other people.
    “just because your” – should be “you’re” because it is a contraction of “you are”
    “doesnt” should be “doesn’t”
    “its” should be “it’s” because it is a contraction of “it is”
    “gezz” – I believe you mean geez
    I won’t go into details about the grammar, but will say that sentences begin with capital letters. Also, you should watch the run-on sentences.
    Just saying.

  97. 97
    Amber Says:

    @maria: Don’t pretend that you know what is happening with his private life and his management.
    Careerwise, he’s just doing fine. He may be doing another romantic movies, but at least he’s moving from teen flicks to adult movies. Also, he’s working with some respected/high-profile directors like Scott Hicks and Garry Marshall.
    It’s a damn shame that he got noticed by the silly HSM movies. He has to work much harder than his peers to get great roles because people are so biased against him. Fortunately critics and general public started to see his talent, and he’s got some promising projects lined up. They vary in genre: comedy, action, crime, and thriller. Oh, and a voice work on animation. He’s such a dedicated actor, and I think it will soon pay off.

  98. 98
    Lyla Says:

    @Merlin’ Mum:
    Aside from being extremely disappointed in CSC, I agree with you about the film. The book was SO GOOD, and the parts that they omitted or changed for the movie were some of the best parts of the book. Makes you wonder how much involvement Ben Sherwood had. And if he had any, why would he let that happen. Zac did do a wonderful job. I thought he was great.

  99. 99
    Susan Says:

    Rango tops the box office while The Adjustment Bureau and Beastly overperform

    Kids movies always do well, so no one should be surprised that RANGO topped the box office this weekend with $37 million. I know it wasn’t your typical animated film and it had a bit of a creepy feel to it, but at the end of the day, it’s a kids movies and kids love their animation. If anything, we should be pleased that THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU overperformed compared to studio estimates. Bureau is a very intelligent, heart-felt romance film with action and class, so I’m glad it did well. We definitely need more films like it. And then there’s BEASTLY. It almost hit the $10 million mark, which is better than we thought, but still not enough to confirm Alex Pettyfer is a star. And the other new release, TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT, didn’t even manage to crack the top ten.

  100. 100
    rawanny Says:

    oh my god he is alone where is ur girl hahahaha

  101. 101
    ** Says:

    please people zac doesn’t need publicity cause he can act it is hudgens who need publicity thats why she sends her pr people writing on every zac’s post why do u all associate vh with zac wicked said no confidence in her..such insecure fans!jealous of zac’s stardom and insecure that vanesra wilk vanish soon!

  102. 102
    abc Says:

    @say what?: agree with every word saw her pic at britany whatever’s party she luks like a wh”ore’! Lol and they say zac party’s hard he is out there filming working hard and hudgens party party..then of course she doesn’t have any movie to shoot! Maybe some director would give her a supporting role as some of u say she likes…face it no producer even without brains would give her any lead roles.

  103. 103
    maria Says:

    @**: Wow, you really are a nutcase. Her reviews are just fine, thank you, and she is going to do just fine, thank you, She doesn’t need Efron, and believe me, NO one is jealous of Efron and his lame movies at the moment. As a matter of fact, I think a good part of his box office from CSC was from Vanessa fans, who went out to support him. Vanessa did just fine with Beastly, on fewer screens, and pretty much did all the promo herself. It is overperforming, and has already made back the money for the studio. I’d say that’s quite nice. She is going slow and steady, and taking her time choosing projects.

    @abc: The” parties” that Vanessa has gone to, that you are referring to, was one Oscar viewing party, that she was invited to, and attended with Ashley, and to Brittany’s birthday party, one of her BFF’s. So, she’s not supposed to go to those? It’s NOTHING compared to the clubbing, groping, dougie-doing, throwing back shots, Zac, who CLAIMED he didn’t LIKE all that and is now seen everywhere doing just that. Vanessa has never been seen doing that, at all. Just dancing with her GF’s at her birthday, or at the Oscar party she was INVITED to. Puh-leeze…it’s no comparison. Don’t even go there. And “oh, Zac’s working hard”? Ha. Give me a break. He has a bit part in a movie with like 30 other actors in a sequel to a very bad movie. And he has nothing to film coming up either. NOTHING is ready to go, no directors, no scripts, no starting dates. Vanessa has been VERY busy finishing up HER movie, and doing ALL this promo on her own, with ANOTHER movie coming out in a few weeks. How is that not work??? It’s one thing to gush over Zac…’s another to trash Vanessa for NO reason, when she has NOT DONE ANYTHING to you. Leave her alone.

  104. 104
    BARBARA Says:

    Say want, Vanessa did not break up with Zac, his magement had a lot to do with the break up, because they think Vanessa is holding him back, you all have your heads buried in the sands, when it comes to money, very thing changes, his magement, has a bad reportation, for being ruthlist, and Gina will stop at nothing to get want she wants , Zac has his head buried in the sand, because him, and Jason are close friends, i learn a long time ago, you do not, be close friends who you work with, it can bite you in the butt, i have my own buisness,so i do know how it works, people end up taking avantage of you, this case it most definily has, they just just want to make money on Zac, thats it. Zac needs to work with better actors, who have alot of experience, who can help him in the long run.he shouldn’t be carring movies by himself, bythe way CSC had alot more screening than Beastly even Rango, and the the movie with Matt Damon had alot more screens that Beastly, and her movie made 10.1 million, with less screening., they said beastly did well, TP movie tanked below the top 10, i guess Zac couldn’t save it, he even didn’t go the screening, when they show it, her pr and her use Zac, and it didn’t work, after all, it sat on the self’s for 4 years. People choice said she is a terriable actress, he said put needles in his eyes,he will never see any of her movies.Zac saw Beastly when he went with V, in Las Vegas, when she won the best actress of the future show west, Zac won it perviously for 17. he said he really like the movie, and Vanessa did very well. know matter want you think they will support each other, they are trying to find out about themselves, so they will make different movies, than want the other person makes. one more thing Zac said last fall he wish he had Vanessa’s career, maybe, he was trying to say her charachers are more interesting, he even offered to play a girl in sucker punch. because being the lead is not easy, that is alot of pressure on your back,I know alot of actors well know rather play character parts,then leads, because you can have more fun, and learn your craft better.

  105. 105
    say what? Says:


    Can people who enjoy Zac and his work please have his threads? There are more than enough Vanessa threads for you to fawn in. I stay out of those because of the Zac hate, and dont want to be like her fans are and spread hate in them about her.

    I think they will both eventually have fulfilling careers but I see no reason to pit one against the other. THey are on different paths right now. Can I just enjoy a Zac thread without Vanessa’s vicious fans spreading rumors and/or failure-hoping predictions.

    Thanks-appreciate it

  106. 106

    @say what?: You took the words right out of my mouth. Actions speak louder than words. Saying “she doesn’t need Zac’s PR” on a Zac thread is hyprocrisy at its finest.

  107. 107
    Merlin' Mum Says:

    @maria: Trashing people when they’ve done no wrong. Practice what you preach, dear heart and go back to Vanessa’s posts. And will someone tell me what the hell it is you think Zac did that was so terrible? Truth, not what some ass on here made up.

  108. 108
    maria Says:

    @say what?: Maybe when the vicious Zac fans, who have gone after Vanessa since DAY 1 just because she was his choice, stop saying trash about her, then we can stop defending her. Really, there’s no reason why anyone has to bring her up on Zac’s threads, but HIS fans always do; how he’s better off without her, how her movies are crap, etc. Is that necessary? NO. They got what they wanted. She is no longer a part of his life, and she can finally be rid of the hate she has always gotten because of him. No wonder she looks happy. She’s done nothing wrong, and was always an amazing support and loyal GF to him. I have no idea why people can’t leave her alone. She’s done nothing to you people.

  109. 109
    Observer Says:

    Enough of the fight, it is just stupid. Just to point out some few things as an observer. 1. Always fight fair in a fight, if it waz zac seen party or wit a co star it will b misinterpreted,not that hudgens is doin anything wrong. Secondly beastly opened fine at the box office but the reviews were if u can be sincere to yourself bad, CSC reviews didnt trash z’s acting,like some pple are sayin. 2. Is there any sense or point wit the whole comparin choices, management and lifestyles, they are 2 diff pple and are free 2 follow whatever part they feel like. 3. How is NYE a bad choice, i guess it makes every other person in d movie also stupid as zac, even the oscar winners. 4.all haters on both sides leave them alone, it doesnt matter who broke up wit who. You stay in a relationship becos of what pple think,or how great the other person is, if you want out then get out it is better than stayin and eventaully hurtin the person and urself. So stop all the hate, these kids are rich and will stil get more in hollywd that get them richer even their movies review badly, tanked in the BO.

  110. 110
    Observer Says:

    Enough of the fight, it is just stupid. Just to point out some few things as an observer. Always fight fair in a fight, if it waz zac seen party or wit a co star it will b misinterpreted,not that hudgens is doin anything wrong. beastly opened fine at the box office but the reviews were if u can be sincere to yourself bad, CSC reviews didnt trash z’s acting,like some pple are sayin. Is there any sense or point wit the whole comparin choices, management and lifestyles, they are 2 diff pple and are free 2 follow whatever part they feel like. How is NYE a bad choice, i guess it makes every other person in d movie also stupid as zac, even the oscar winners. all haters on both sides leave them alone, it doesnt matter who broke up wit who. You stay in a relationship becos of what pple think,or how great the other person is, if you want out then get out it is better than stayin and eventaully hurtin the person and urself. So stop all the hate, these kids are rich and will stil get more jobs in hollywd that get them richer even if their movies review badly, tanked in the BO.

  111. 111
    ** Says:

    @maria: blah blah keep trashing zac ok no one cares and yeah the critics have panned hudgens face it and did u read ur own comment the things that u said just shows ur ignorance and jealousy zac doesn’t hav any movies? He has fire .necessary death of charlie countryman, robot chicken and many more .he has done filming nye and the lucky one has his own production company ! And u say he has nothing ! Now u r a ‘nutcase’!

  112. 112
    ** Says:

    @maria: blah blah keep trashing zac ok no one cares and yeah the critics have panned hudgens face it and did u read ur own comment the things that u said just shows ur ignorance and jealousy zac doesn’t hav any movies? He has fire .necessary death of charlie countryman, robot chicken and many more .he has done filming nye and the lucky one has his own production company ! And u say he has nothing ! Now u r a ‘nutcase’! By the way hudgens received criticsm and the so called hate because of her scandals don’t forget that. And that’s when every body star ted thinking zac deserved better.

  113. 113
    Observer Says:

    Enough of the fight, it is just stupid. They are two diff pple stop comparin their lifestyles and careers, to all haters leave them alone their careers will not succeed or fail based on the success or failure of the other.

  114. 114
    duh Says:

    @maria: @maria: who r u to suggest zac to take small roles? Its those producers who want to put there money on him to play lead roles ok! And sure they know more than u otherwise they would have been in ur place typing stupid comments abt a rising star out of jealousy as one of the posters said instead of makn big bucks! Duh!

  115. 115
    Allie Says:

    I’m a big Zac fan and I want him to take supporting roles in bigger films. Yes, it may be a smaller role and the film is not all about him, but oftern the supporting roles are the better, more meatier characters. Look at the fighter – Mark Walberg may have been the lead, but his character was quieter one that kept it all together but he’s not getting the awards or even nominated – Christian Bale and Melissa Leo did. Sometimes taking a smaller part is not a bad thing. Let’s be honest here. Zac isn’t going to get nominated or get critics success in a lead role but if he took a supporting part he might. Look at Anna Kendrick, Ellen Page. Andrew Garfields about the same age.

    Unfortunately, Zac’s in a position where his manager has a huge conflict of interest as not only is he his manager but also his business partner in his production company. Why would he get Zac to audition for roles when if they produce something themselves but substandard, he makes money out of it? Zac should be out auditioning, I hope it is that he is being badly advised rather than him thinking he’s too “big a star” to audition.

    All the roles he’s being touted for are leads – I want him in a supporting role where he is not the biggest name in the film.

  116. 116
    BARBARA Says:

    @ ALLIE, You are so right, i agree 100%, even when made the comment he wish he had Vanessa’s carreer, told me alot, he knows thats were you learn, to really act, Vanessa doesn’t mind to audition, she says when she gets the part, she knows, she learn it, I feel sorry for Zac, because he picked the wrong magement, to run his career, there only interested in the money, and you don’t become partners with a friend.

  117. 117
    BARBARA Says:

    @ ALLIE, You are so right, i agree 100%, even when made the comment he wish he had Vanessa’s carreer, told me alot, he knows thats were you learn, to really act, Vanessa doesn’t mind to audition, she says when she gets the part, she knows, she learn it, I feel sorry for Zac, because he picked the wrong magement, to run his career, there only interested in the money, and you don’t become partners with a friend.

  118. 118
    maria Says:

    @Allie: Thanks, Allie. It would be much better for him in the long run.

  119. 119
    say what? Says:


    Im just a basic fan and dont have the inside track like a lot of you seem to on his career choices, but I didnt think the two films he just shot were part of his production line-up- and this next one coming up was offered to him after Shia Lebeouf dropped it-true? not true?

  120. 120
    chris Says:

    @Natalie: 3 words Natalie GET A LIFE.

  121. 121
    florence Says:

    @lauren: I never said that I was right with any part of their life professional or personal, like anyone else I am just stating my opinion and if it differs to other’sthen so be it, if you don’t like it then don’t read it.

  122. 122
    florence Says:

    @say what?: Maybe it was Vanessa who wanted the split but something pretty big must have happened to make her not want to be with him as his gf anymore, I mean you spend 5yrs with someone looking nothing but happy and then bam it all changes. And what do people want her to do cry and break down in public to prove how much she must have been hurting. No one know’s what she was like behind closed door’s.

    And so what she went to some parties that she was invited to, so did Zac and he mingled and got photograped with other people including women so why can’t she.

    And it’s been two males both of which have been her co-star’s and one Josh went to the party with his mom and hung out a bit withVanessa and Ashley not just Vanesa, and her other co-star was Galeen where she was at a basketball game in full view of everyone and of my god she was smiling and enjoying herself big deal, again Zac has been to many a game without her and been full of smiles.

    She’s been busy with promo work for ‘ Beastly’ and will now have ‘ SP’ to do as well, so if she wants to have a odd night out and let her hair down why not.

    And ‘Beastly’ got third for it’s opening weekend which is good it’s not always about being number 1 in life whatever you do.

  123. 123
    say what? Says:


    (sigh) really- i dont care. maybe he left the lid off the toothpaste once too often and she just had it-whatever- thats between them and im very happy to have it stay that wayi

  124. 124
    chris Says:

    @abc: Idiot little immature girl unlike Zac whose people pay for his parts or threatens to pull their bigger actors out of projects Vanessa actually audtions for hers against several hundred girls have you ever been to a casting call or auditined for more then cabbage patch kids girls club you have to go to call backs sometimes 3 or more times she earned the right to be in those movies Zac has not auditoned for years get your facts staights kiddo

  125. 125
    chris Says:

    @WICKED WENCH: Wicked Wench a delusional fan of Zac who thinks he will date her. Check. Wicked Wench more fans of Zac put down Vanessa then hers put down him. Check. Maybe Gina paid them to. Check. Maybe you’re Gina. Check. Maybe you’re Zac who kept one of Vanessas velvet dresses and is wearing it while he is reading our posts. Check. You are paranoid. Check. Vanessa unlike him and his P.R. is not a famewh*re. Check. Her movies were not in many theaters as his and still number ones did better. Check. Zac won’t be a good actor because he is not one looks and crying and taking your shirt off will only get you so far. Check. Vanessa did not tonsil hockey her co-stars while dating him like Zac did Nikki. Check.

  126. 126
    Amber Says:

    @chris: So, Vanessa has to audition… to get those supporting roles? I can’t believe you’re proud to point out that fact! And It’s not like she’s getting supporting roles in award-winning movies. Ha!
    She can’t help but audition because she’s not a “movie star”. Big name actors don’t audition, not because they’re without talent but because producers have faith in their ability to draw audience or to make their films good.

  127. 127
    kyle Says:

    Is he done filming NYE?

  128. 128
    lauren Says:

    stop talking i dont know what your trying to do, but your obviously trying to cause ****.

  129. 129
    maria Says:

    @Amber: You are so, so wrong. BIG name actors, all read for roles, sometimes MORE than once. It’s NOT a given. And yes, Vanessa does audition; she blew Zack Snyder away with her audition for him. She had to fight for that role. And yeah, I’m proud of her for getting it with all the young actresses that coveted a part in that movie.
    We can argue til the cows come home, but I believe that’s a better way to start in the business, especially coming off a successful teen franchise like HSM. That’s a tough road for a teen star. I just believe V’s team is handling it better than Zac’s. They could not get roles for him, so they had to form a production company to create vehicles for him. Even Countryman which has been hanging out there with Shia, was bought by Zac’s Ninja company. So of course he’ll star. For someone inexperienced, and new to the industry, he also demanded script approval, and in a lot of eyes, that was pretty ballsy for a newcomer. And it also may have turned a lot of directors off. We’ll see how it all turns out for him. But believe me, there is not an ounce of “jealousy” (LMAO) of his career. Far from it. He has potential, but he should have tried to be more patient, and looked for things better suited for him. Leo, Johnny, and Brad did not star in their first movies. Nor should Zac.
    You all think I hate Zac; no, I don’t. Am I disappointed in him? Hell yeah. After 4 years of defending him on these boards, he’s just not the same guy. He was different; he stayed away from the seedy Hollywood lifestyle, was grounded and mature. So yeah, I was a fan. But I haven’t liked his choices lately, and that’s fine.

  130. 130
    Amber Says:

    @maria: Yeah, I’m sure she blew away Zack Snyder since he was looking for an actress who can look good in skimpy clothes. I highly doubt the role requires any acting talent.
    Zac is not producing Charlie Countryman. Where did you get that information? Is it from the same “source” who claims Teresa Palmer was cast in it?
    And asking for script approval is very smart of him. Glad he got out of the Footloose remake. He started his own production company to control his own career, not letting Hollywood control it. He could easily have made money playing stud in more teen flicks, but he obviously wants to move on to mature roles. I’d say good for him. I have no idea what evidence you’ve got to decide he’s not the same guy any more. Please don’t tell me you read tweets about it.

  131. 131
    go to hell Says:

    u r calling others immature and telling them to get a life u r the one who needs a life jealous cause u can never be handsome and successful like zac..or u r a girl bitter and insecure jealous of zac’s stardom posing as a guy cause guys don’t keep on commenting on and on and
    ranting abt which no one cares at least the decent and smart ones or has vanessa paid u all gosh we can’t even have a decent zac thread cause vanessa’s bitter fans keep on commenting here vanessa’s post does not exceed more than 50 to 30 post on an avg..and here some of vh fans or her pr don’t know stalking his posts seriously if vh is so better without zac why are u vh fans hating him for breaking up ?

  132. 132
    go to hell Says:

    The above comment was meant for @chris

  133. 133
    Fauve Says:

    This is very sad and immature of a lot of people I do not think Zac would appreciate any person putting down Vanessa Hudgens. She has earned her success and if any person would have actually listened to Zack Snyder this was more then girls in skimpy clothings they actually trained with Navy Seals, and many of you may have not made it through the training. Go research Navy Seal training they endure a lot. He did not want just fluff pieces he wanted women who were trained to be strong.

    Director Zack Snyder, the eye-popping filmmaker behind “300” and “Watchmen,” has hired none other than Vanessa Hudgens to star in his next action flick, “Sucker Punch.” But without any real action-hero experience, was it just a matter of assuming the singing/dancing “High School Musical” star can do anything that’s physically demanding if she’s already twirled around a dance floor with Troy Bolton?

    “No, I didn’t even look at it that way at first,” Snyder explained, echoing Hudgens’ own excitement for the film about a group of institutionalized young girls using fantasy to escape. “She rehearsed, she did the audition for the scene. I wasn’t sure at first – [the casting people] were like ‘Oh, Vanessa’s coming’ and I was ‘Oh, okay – that sounds cool’ but I didn’t know what to think.”

    “Then I saw the tape and I literally went ‘Wow, she’s good,’” Snyder recalled. “She’s really good. Then I talked to her about what she’d have to do.”

    What Hudgens has to do is join co-stars Emily Browning, Jena Malone, Jamie Chung and Abbie Cornish in intense physical training. And then put her “HSM” past behind her as she kicks some ass, King Leonidas-style.

    “You’re going to see her shooting machine guns, fighting, beating the sh-t out of people,” Snyder, who has Blu-ray releases coming for the action-packed “Watchmen” and “300” in the weeks to come, revealed. “It’s funny – we sat her down for her physical evaluation, and she was really athletic. She’s a dancer, so all the choreography is gonna be fun for her.”

    “It’ll allow her to stretch herself and do whatever she wants, and not be too exposed by the movie – but also, on the other hand, do things that people have never seen her do,” he added, saying that since Hudgens isn’t the film’s main star, she’ll have enough freedom to experiment a bit. “She has a big part, but she’s not the center of the movie.”

    People research your facts before commenting it pays to know what you are talking about. Zack Snyder is very picky, and he also recasts a lot this will not be the last time Vanessa Hudgens will work with him.

    P.S. Jealousy is ugly, and not even an attractive color. Envy green is never in.

  134. 134
    a fan Says:

    @Amber: @Amber: agree with every word! First@maria:2nd why will he do roles that u like he would be doing roles that he likes. .just like u like hudgens doing supporting roles in movies sp(which is all abt emily browning and she will get all d credit) and journey 2 oh pls lets don’t get there ..and 3rd zac is doing what he wants he said he liked doing dramatic roles.. And i just didn’t like him in that silly hsm movies he was bashed by critics and when he started doing other dramatic movies people started takn him seriously ,critics luvd him, and if he would have been so out of roles he wouldn’t have dropped footloose probably thats what u want him to be doing singing and dancing all around sorry but all his fans like him the way he is..and u not being a fan doesn’t make a difference cause he has millions of fans all over the world who are just nt limited to this site..luv him and adore him u r just bitter cause he left hudgens.!

  135. 135
    Fauve Says:

    @a fan: Amber, you have a right to your opinion but the fact remains no one knows why they broke up. When you have reached Hollywood make it in the industry then, and only then can you judge. I could care less who they date, but they treat each other a lot more respectfully then their fans do of each other. Think Zac would appreciate what you wrote, or anyone else for that matter on her? Think again. He would ignore you. Vanessa does a lot more with her money and fame then you think she is with 8 charities, and she also takes care of her family. That house they got? She paid for it, and her mothers car to. That shows her character. People hate her for the wrong reasons. 1) Because she dated Zac. 2) Because someone leaked her pictures. 3) Because she dated Zac. How would you feel if you were to be judged like she is for such silly things? She has not said a hateful word about any person, and all the people have met both her and him, know that they give a lot to their fans, and they would be ashamed if they saw all this hate going on. LOVE IS LOUDER!

  136. 136
    lol Says:

    @Fauve: @Fauve: stop promoting sucker punch by the way emily browning would be happy u r promoting her movie! As u said don’t be envious and hop back to hudgens post jealousy is a bad thing which u r of zac’s success and good comments

  137. 137
    claire Says:

    @Fauve: ok then its vh fans who come and trash him abt stupid rumours..he has a clean past and he is gonna do great!

  138. 138

    One can’t compare apples to oranges. Beastly is a teen / tween movie geared towards a different audience than Zac’s latest films, which play on the border of a adult/young adult. Zac’s roles from here on out will be oriented towards transitioning him into an adult actor with an adult audience.
    He’s on the precipice now, and has made decisions that will pay off later rather than today. For him that has meant taking the lead in lesser films – 17 Again proves he can open a movie as the lead (if its a good movie); now he must establish himself as capable of playing dramatic and action roles.
    Also, I think I understand why he made his own production company. If I were him, I’d do the same because I’d be interested in making films that I believe in, that I think have value (which for me means substance and art), rather than pandering my a*se every five minutes to Hollywood to make some vacuous piece of celluloid.

  139. 139
    Deb Says:

    Wench!! Where there hell have you been, man? We’ve been waiting for you. I think he finally tired a bit, and needed to sleep, but you know what’s gonna happen when he wakes up!

  140. 140
    maria Says:

    @a fan: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bitter???? You have GOT to be kidding me. They BOTH look happy, and that’s all I care about. Their relationship is in the past. WHO CARES?? How does saying I think Zac should be going about his career differently mean I am bitter about him and Vanessa breaking up? That is just laughable. One thing has NOTHING to do with the other. It’s merely a critique of what he’s doing. He could be gay for all I care; what they do in their private lives is their business. I was talking about their careers only.

  141. 141
    Tiptoes Says:

    I hate reading Zac threads to find some bitter, jealous and immature posters here specially those who have nothing nice to say about Zac, and believing in the rumors where there were no pictures as proof at all.

    I suggest that you go to the threads of the stars that you like, and take your poison with you.

    And oh, that includes you Maria – you are no fan of Zac, so stop posting in his threads. You show your ignorance of his upcoming projects and what is going on his career.

  142. 142
    Deb Says:

    Are you kidding me? You are just slightly above Haters Suck on the DisZac train. You always agree with him and side with him. Don’t even try to tell us that you don’t hate Zac and that you don’t care.

  143. 143
    Deb Says:

    Do you honestly believe that n u d e photos of a teenage girl on the internet is a silly thing?

  144. 144
    maria Says:

    @Tiptoes: And how is a difference of opinion about his career choices make me “ignorant”? I do follow his career, and have for years, thank you. I don’t like his recent choices, nor his decision to form a production company to star in his own movies, like Charlie Countryman. Yes, that IS under his Ninjas Running Wild company, so of course he’s going to star in the movie now that Shia pulled out. He is too young and too inexperienced to produce AND star in movies. I think you have to EARN all that, and I firmly believe the company was started because he wasn’t being offered roles he wanted. Believe what you want, and I’ll believe what I want.

    And no, I am no longer a fan of Zac’s, naomi. He’s not the same guy I did root for years ago. But I do still follow his career, so I am NOT ignorant, as you say. Nor would I be ignorant enough to tell you what to do.

  145. 145
    Deb Says:

    IMDB lists Bona Fide Productions and Mandate Pictures as the production companies for Charlie Countryman, not Zac’s company, which, by the way is Ninjas Runnin’ Wild, not Running. Oh, but I forgot –you are not ignorant about him.

  146. 146
    maria Says:

    @Deb: Funny, I read this on IMDb…

    So, Nope, I’m not ignorant.

  147. 147
    Deb Says:

    That doesn’t mean Ninjas is producing it. I can find links too. Read ALL of it, to the bottom.


    And i was referring to the name of his company when I spoke of ignorance.

  148. 148
    x factor Says:

    @maria: @maria: blah blah blah and more blah thats what u do on every zac thread….haha absolutely worthless are u?????? no work to do nthin ….replyn every comment do u sit 24 hrs barking in front of celeb posts go read something worthwhile or certainly u work 4 them can’t blame u….o yeah zac u luk amazing!!!!!!

  149. 149
    maria Says:

    @Deb: I’m not going to go there….the fact that I can spell doesn’t make ME ignorant. At least I don’t go on about having Zac at my place, insinuating dirty stuff, with the likes of someone who refers to herself as Wicked Wench. THAT borders on insulting and disgusting.

  150. 150
    kami Says:

    i think a lot of ppl are disappointed in zac. that he’s not the guy he always promoted himself to be–no clubbing, hard partying and womanizing. it turns out he’s doing all the stuff he said he never would. and the ppl who are the most disappointed are the one who are trying so hard to defend him on all his treads. ppl in hw get caught up in fame and forget who they are. zac is no exception. accept that for what it is and move on. he is what he wants to be right now.

  151. 151
    Deb Says:

    If he was actually doing those things, then I might possibly be disappointed in him. However, he is not, at least not to the extent that it is out of control. It is okay for him to go out to clubs, go out on dates, and party as long as he’s not getting drunk all the time or having unsafe sex.

  152. 152
    Deb Says:

    OMG! How old are you? 8?

  153. 153
    go sox Says:

    @Deb: Oh, please, it’s one thing to be a fan, but to say the things you do, is crossing the line. Stick to defending Zac, instead of embarrassing him.

  154. 154
    maria Says:

    @Deb: And isn’t that how it starts? Ask Lindsay Lohan. It’s hard to know what is enough, and when it starts affecting the rest of your life. Some of you think this is all well and fine at this age, but in Hollywood, this scene is a whole different beast. Zac knew what he was doing avoiding it all along. Trust me…’s not the same there, as it is in Small Town, USA. It’s easy to lose yourself in that culture. It’s not a simple “let’s go out for a beer” in Hollywood, people.

  155. 155
    kami Says:

    here is a comment from charlie sheen back in 1988 when he was 23 yrs old, right after he had done the movie platoon:

    “It’s not about getting bigger, it’s about being better. It’s
    about focusing on the work, staying true to myself, not
    abusing the body, and just trying to put across
    performances that people are entertained by.”

    getting caught up in fame messes with a person’s mind.

  156. 156
    say what? Says:


    The thread directly below this one for Zac is about a fan describing his kindness to her and how it affected her. I’ve read things like this time and again, and have never heard anyone who has met him describe him negatively.
    I dont get those who are hoping other people fail. Its very creepy. Its one thing to stop being a fan- based on? and another to wish failure

  157. 157
    kami Says:

    @say what?:

    i don’t think anyone is “hoping other people fail” they are hoping zac doesn’t lose his way and get caught up in the hard partying, drinking and fame to end up like other celebrities before him have. i think ppl are more worried about his recent out of character behavior than hoping he will continue it.

  158. 158
    say what? Says:


    Using an example as extreme as Charlie Sheen when most of your described accounts regarding Zac were things not actually seen lead me to draw that conclusion

  159. 159 Says:

    @maria: I think whomever has control over the film/script is in the wrong…CSC was almost fleeing too far from the characters, and CSC himself wasn’t visually deshevelled like the character described in the book…in which, I thought they’d give Zac longer hair and a scruffy appearance….his look was too clean if you asked me…and there is nothing wrong with that….I think the film was played to safe and didn’t know how to market the film itself….shame…and MAOW was amazing…Zac is a great actor and his reactions and subtle actions seen on film makes it so.

    I hope Snabba Cash, Die in a Gunfight, Charlie and the Countryman and New Years Eve will put Zac back in the whirl of being an incredible actor such as the Hollywood leading men.

    If he does need another team, he should start looking for them now. It may be too soon for him to become a producer, yet it also opens the doors for opportunity for new writers and getting that amazing script to land in his hands.

    So what he’s not working with the Aronofskys’, Snyders, Speilbergs’, Tarintinos’ , Scorsesi and others…at some point in his life he will and they’ll be lucky to have him.

    Lol…I’m sure I chopped up these directors names in spelling…my…

  160. 160
    Athena Says:

    I hope The Lucky One will be a hit…I’m not sure what’s the appeal with Nicholas Sparks books…I’m having a hard time getting through the book, and only perk up when I see Zac’ s character role in the sections of the book…shame, I don’t remember the characters’ name yet…I’ve only just started reading the book.

  161. 161
    Daniel Tang Says:

    I knew it would come to this—everyone fighting and taking sides.

    A lot of you don’t seem to understand that when a young couple is in a relationship for as long as Zac and Vanessa were, the relationship can become all consuming. That can be scary because it can interfere with your perception of who you are as an individual and affect other areas of your life, including career choices. These two also had the added burden of being in a very public relationship where everything they did was over analyzed by fans, haters and the media. It still is. If other aspects of their life are equally as important to them, they had to step back and evaluate everything in their lives, including the relationship and how it is affecting them. Maybe that’s what they both did. They decided to part ways for a while to see if they could handle life without having each other as a support system and be individuals. I’m sure that will be a hard transition for both of them.

    But be prepared for a huge fallout of hate when either of them starts dating someone else. We already have a hint of the hate blitz that will hit Zac. One of the comments I recall from another site abut Zac and Teresa: “He downgraded from a Lamborghini to a Kia.” Any girl he chooses will be hated by both Zac and Vanessa fans. The new babe will be perceived as ugly, fat, stupid, not his type, a total downgrade and using him to further her own non-existent career.

    Any guy Vanessa dates will be hated by the Vanessa fans who loved Zac and perceived him as their boyfriend and themselves as Vanessa. They will hate Zac for “dumping” Vanessa (them). The new dude will be seen as too ugly, too skinny, a nobody, using Vanessa to get attention, and a total downgrade from Zac because he doesn’t “look good” beside Vanessa.

    I’m sure Zac wouldn’t want anyone bashing Vanessa, and she wouldn’t want anyone bashing Zac. Can’t everyone just let them be to do what they want?

  162. 162
    maria Says: I think you’re right about CSC, but honestly, I never thought the story sounded all that good. I’m sure some people loved it, but it wasn’t my taste. Had no interest in seeing it, and the trailers were awful. I have no interest in TLO either, for the same reason. NOT a fan of anything Nicholas Sparks. But I really do have hope for Snabba Cash and Fire. But those are no where near ready. I think Gunfight and Countryman sound too similar, with the falling in love with the daughter of a violent powerful man. One sounds like drama, the other is listed as humor and romance (countryman). Will wait til I see more about it. The problem with both is, they aren’t anywhere near starting. I think it’s possible he’s taken on WAY more than he can handle as far as getting projects off the ground. He needed to focus on acting, getting good quality roles, and working, working, working. With a production company, he is being pulled in too many directions, and nothing is going yet. I really feel it’s overload for him. What I don’t think is good, is that he will not have anything out this year until NYE, and that is not something that is individually any big accomplishment for him. I think this is where his team has failed him, spacing out projects to keep him out there.

    Again, this is just MY opinion. I know I’ll be attacked, told to leave, that I am vicious, etc. But voicing concerns about his career choices is not a vicious attack. I’m not being disrespectful. I’m not trashing him. I’m not calling him names. Just saying what I think.

  163. 163
    Tiptoes Says:

    You know when you make a comment, make sure you have the facts and have seen his movies to make an unbiased evaluation.

    The Necessary Death of CC is now in pre-production.

    There is a script available for those who are interested to know more about it. Though its not 100% sure it will be strictly followed, it does give you an idea of how different and challenging this role is for Zac.

    Locations of filming: LA and Hungary

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