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Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!

Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!

Zac Efron rocks a pair of aviator shades and a beanie as he arrives at JFK airport to catch a departing flight out of New York City on Saturday (March 5).

The 23-year-old actor had been in town filming scenes alongside co-star Michelle Pfeiffer for their upcoming romantic comedy, New Year’s Eve.

Earlier in the week, Zac took a break from the film to do some shopping at the Diesel Black Label and Armani Exchange boutiques in SoHo.

FYI: Zac is wearing Diesel Thavar 8NE jeans.

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163 Responses to “Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!”

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  1. 76
    zac fan Says:

    @WICKED WENCH:first amazing comment 2nd agree with every word 3rd to vh fans truth hurts haha

  2. 77
    Proudofzacnessa Says:

    (first, my english isn’t really good, i think)
    Stop with the bad words
    Always the Vanessa’s fans believe to be right
    and the same with the Efron’s fans
    “CSC is so much better than Beastly”
    “no! beastly is better than csc, 17 again blabalbla”
    are reading your comments?
    In taste there is nothing written!
    you behave like immature people!!

    if you love vanessa.ok! is cool but don’t comment bad words in the Efron post…the SAME with the Efron fans ok?

    Dios! que gente tan tarada! >.<
    pd: Te amo Zachy! te ves realmente hermoso grrrrr!
    Vanessa <3 muero por saber como te va en Beastly! ;D

  3. 78
    lauren Says:

    spell your words right.

  4. 79
    Lyla Says:

    I don’t know if you are a stupid idiot or an ignorant tween or both, but your comments about Zac are so far from the truth that it’s hard to tell if you are even serious. You are obviously delusional. If you actually believe that you have read these things about Zac, then perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension.

  5. 80
    Merlin' Mum Says:

    Zac always looks lovely, except for his beenie, I don’t like those. But then apparently his mum said it looks like a sock on his head!

  6. 81

    @Deb: lol. I accept your invitation – call me when he comes over. (-;

  7. 82
    Lyla Says:

    While you guys are naming films that flopped, don’t forget Vanessa’s wonderful Bandslam.

  8. 83
    gaga Says:

    well i wonder why people are hating him just because he left vanessa :D im happy that there is no ****** vanessa in his life anymore..he deserves much better :D soooo good and sexy this guy :D

  9. 84
    Deb Says:

    I TOLD you. He’s here now. He’s been here all night, and although I am one helluva woman, I must admit that I may have met my match.

    Oh geez, he’s ready to go again. I guess I’ll be gone for a while.

    Where the hell are you? Get over here now!

  10. 85
    true lies Says:

    @!!: Zac did not get critical acclaim for CSC. Furthermore, according to naysayers, CSC was a flop and some of his reviews about his acting was not good. With Me and Orson Wells, I believe Christian Mckay received most of the praise for his acting…Zac held his own but by know means was he on the same level. lol. Now Vanessa’s Bandslam scored an 80% on rotten tomatoes and she received praises for her acting in that small role…just read her reviews. You don’t have to be a lead to get recognized for your acting but that’s neither here or there. Just look at Mila Kunis. She started out the same way now look at her. Most actors start out by taking on co-starring roles to learn from bigger actors with more experience. Personally, I tthink that Vanessa is trying to build her acting chops and fan base first. Is Zac better than her because he chooses to perform in almost all leading roles? I just wanted to set the record straight. \\

    Everyone need to stop comparing the two. I’m sure they are friends and love each other. If they are at peace with each other then why is everyone else pitting them against each other?

  11. 86
    florence Says:

    @Lyla: If you are referring to the part about Leslie then I did’nt read it the words came out of Zac’s own mouth when he was doing promo work for the film he was doing a interview with the one who played his best friend in the film and that is where he said it. If hye was joking then it’s a bad joke considering that she is married with kids, and that is one of the big problems I have with him is what he calls a sense of humour is by no where near as funny as he thinks.

    Just like his comment about the relactionship ‘serving me right now’ I’m sorry but that just a down right disgusting comment to make when at the time he had a gf how is that supposed to make any girl feel certainly not loved by him or seeing the relacionship as something special or important to him, but just him waiting for the next girl to come along and he’d be off.

    So in all they are better off apart.

  12. 87
    florence Says:

    @true lies: That is very true which is why I think this year will be Vanessa’s year where she will suprise a lot of people becuase so far it has always been Zac this and Zac that. Like you I feel that she is doing the right think by taking on supporting roles with the odd one like Beastly where she is the lead, and at the same time as you say gaining expereince does’nt always mean that you have to be the lead in every film you make, that comes with time.

    And I don’t think that Zac is a better actor then she is all becuase he has been in more films he has been pused into our face’s where as she is taking her time and as the saying goes ‘ good things come to those who wait’ so she is building her adult fan base and so moving nicelyinto adult films without it being all about her in the lead.

    Zac I feel needs to slow down on taking the lead all the time and just go back to gaining experience and working with as many people as possible. otherwise it could all back fire om him and his team big time.

  13. 88
    Lyla Says:

    You can’t take things out of context to make a point. And if you understood about how Hollywood works as far as promoting films, then you would understand why he says what he says in promotion interviews.

  14. 89
    say what? Says:

    Some of these snarks are just bizarre, In general critics thought Zac did a good job in CSC-it’s even included in their consensus on Rotten Tomatoes that he gave it his all, they just didnt like the movie-which frankly was sub-par to the book-Zac did his job and it was noted.

    I cant imagine a situation where tweens wouldnt want to see a Beauty and Beast adapation, It would have to be really, really bad for people not to go-especially since the new Hollywood-buzz IT boy has the lead and that would have to be checked out- reviews for the film and acting are generally quite bad but I doubt if the target group cares much about that

  15. 90
    Amber Says:

    @true lies: Zac DID get critical acclaims for his performance in CSC. Most critics liked/loved him even though they hated the movie. Go check reviews on RT. As for Me and Orson Welles, yes, the consensus was that Christian McKay was the hightlight of the movie, but Zac got a lot of praises as well. He couldn’t help when his role was actually “intended” to be outshined by the great Welles. BTW what’s wrong with Zac taking leading roles? He’s being pushed by Hollywood to be the next leading man, like LaBeouf, Pattinson, Lautner, etc. Producers think they have potential to be big stars like Cruise, Pitt, and so on. Taking leads doesn’t mean they refuse to act in supporting roles. When they get offered quality supporting roles from respected directors, I’m sure they’ll jump right on. Same goes for young actresses pushed for “New leading ladies” like Kristen Stewart, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, and so on.

  16. 91
    maria Says:

    @Amber: He doesn’t have the experience nor the chops yet. He would have done better taking smaller roles in BETTER movies that people would see, and develop an adult and MALE audience. Instead, he’s insisting on starring roles in crappy sappy movies, that only teenage girls and young women will see. That’s NOT good strategy in making the transition. I think his team sucks and has ruined his momentum. There are SOOO many gorgeous young talented actors out there getting GREAT roles and Zac was forced to form his own company just to create roles for himself. His team is really clueless and they’ve butted into his personal life as well. I think he needs to grow some, and be true to himself. He needs new management, and to stop pretending he’s someone he’s not. And if he is this new party-hardy, clubbing, dougie-doing jerk, then I’m no longer a fan.

  17. 92
    lauren Says:

    @ florence,
    what the hell do you know? do you know them personally? have u ever met either of them? just because your giving your own take on what you think doesnt mean its right, again no one really knows what happend with them or the whole story, all of you can just make assumptions or guess what happened. how is giving what you think going to make it anyone better for you? just because its what you think doesn’t mean its right.


  18. 93
    lauren Says:

    @ florence, * correction

    how the hell do you know? do you know them personally? have u ever met either of them? just because your giving your own take on what you think doesnt mean its right, again no one really knows what happend with them or the whole story, all of you can just make assumptions or guess what happened. how is giving what you think going to make it anyone better for you? just because its what you think doesn’t mean its right.


  19. 94
    say what? Says:


    Maybe he needs to lose fans then. His party hearty RUMORS cant even compare with the pictures lately of Vanessa at every imaginable party and male companion. I dont think there is anything wrong with that since they are no longer together, but not being a fan of someone because you disapprove of RUMORS about his personal life is a fan is better of without. He’s a young guy with great potential who I have no doubt will build a real fanbase due to his work someday. I’ve no doubt that is the fanbase he prefers.

    Its quite clear Vanessa is the one who wanted the split- she has never looked happier-just a happu go lucky party girl of late-her story in pictures-good luck to them both

  20. 95
    Merlin' Mum Says:

    I was extremely disapointed with CSC, but that had nothing to do with Zac’s acting. It was nothing like the book, most of the interesting characters weren’t there, ( no Oscar) and some didn’t exist in the book at all. And you didn’t get to see Sam grown up even though they cast the part as it was on IMDB. But as film’s go it was OK and Zac was fab.Wait for Vanessa to have a few more films out before deciding if she’s anygood. Aside from HSM3 she’s only had 2 so far.

  21. 96
    Leslie Says:

    You should check your own spelling before commenting about other people.
    “just because your” – should be “you’re” because it is a contraction of “you are”
    “doesnt” should be “doesn’t”
    “its” should be “it’s” because it is a contraction of “it is”
    “gezz” – I believe you mean geez
    I won’t go into details about the grammar, but will say that sentences begin with capital letters. Also, you should watch the run-on sentences.
    Just saying.

  22. 97
    Amber Says:

    @maria: Don’t pretend that you know what is happening with his private life and his management.
    Careerwise, he’s just doing fine. He may be doing another romantic movies, but at least he’s moving from teen flicks to adult movies. Also, he’s working with some respected/high-profile directors like Scott Hicks and Garry Marshall.
    It’s a damn shame that he got noticed by the silly HSM movies. He has to work much harder than his peers to get great roles because people are so biased against him. Fortunately critics and general public started to see his talent, and he’s got some promising projects lined up. They vary in genre: comedy, action, crime, and thriller. Oh, and a voice work on animation. He’s such a dedicated actor, and I think it will soon pay off.

  23. 98
    Lyla Says:

    @Merlin’ Mum:
    Aside from being extremely disappointed in CSC, I agree with you about the film. The book was SO GOOD, and the parts that they omitted or changed for the movie were some of the best parts of the book. Makes you wonder how much involvement Ben Sherwood had. And if he had any, why would he let that happen. Zac did do a wonderful job. I thought he was great.

  24. 99
    Susan Says:

    Rango tops the box office while The Adjustment Bureau and Beastly overperform

    Kids movies always do well, so no one should be surprised that RANGO topped the box office this weekend with $37 million. I know it wasn’t your typical animated film and it had a bit of a creepy feel to it, but at the end of the day, it’s a kids movies and kids love their animation. If anything, we should be pleased that THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU overperformed compared to studio estimates. Bureau is a very intelligent, heart-felt romance film with action and class, so I’m glad it did well. We definitely need more films like it. And then there’s BEASTLY. It almost hit the $10 million mark, which is better than we thought, but still not enough to confirm Alex Pettyfer is a star. And the other new release, TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT, didn’t even manage to crack the top ten.

  25. 100
    rawanny Says:

    oh my god he is alone where is ur girl hahahaha

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