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Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!

Zac Efron: Goodbye New York City!

Zac Efron rocks a pair of aviator shades and a beanie as he arrives at JFK airport to catch a departing flight out of New York City on Saturday (March 5).

The 23-year-old actor had been in town filming scenes alongside co-star Michelle Pfeiffer for their upcoming romantic comedy, New Year’s Eve.

Earlier in the week, Zac took a break from the film to do some shopping at the Diesel Black Label and Armani Exchange boutiques in SoHo.

FYI: Zac is wearing Diesel Thavar 8NE jeans.

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  • Deb

    If he was actually doing those things, then I might possibly be disappointed in him. However, he is not, at least not to the extent that it is out of control. It is okay for him to go out to clubs, go out on dates, and party as long as he’s not getting drunk all the time or having unsafe sex.

  • Deb

    OMG! How old are you? 8?

  • go sox

    @Deb: Oh, please, it’s one thing to be a fan, but to say the things you do, is crossing the line. Stick to defending Zac, instead of embarrassing him.

  • maria

    @Deb: And isn’t that how it starts? Ask Lindsay Lohan. It’s hard to know what is enough, and when it starts affecting the rest of your life. Some of you think this is all well and fine at this age, but in Hollywood, this scene is a whole different beast. Zac knew what he was doing avoiding it all along. Trust me…’s not the same there, as it is in Small Town, USA. It’s easy to lose yourself in that culture. It’s not a simple “let’s go out for a beer” in Hollywood, people.

  • kami

    here is a comment from charlie sheen back in 1988 when he was 23 yrs old, right after he had done the movie platoon:

    “It’s not about getting bigger, it’s about being better. It’s
    about focusing on the work, staying true to myself, not
    abusing the body, and just trying to put across
    performances that people are entertained by.”

    getting caught up in fame messes with a person’s mind.

  • say what?


    The thread directly below this one for Zac is about a fan describing his kindness to her and how it affected her. I’ve read things like this time and again, and have never heard anyone who has met him describe him negatively.
    I dont get those who are hoping other people fail. Its very creepy. Its one thing to stop being a fan- based on? and another to wish failure

  • kami

    @say what?:

    i don’t think anyone is “hoping other people fail” they are hoping zac doesn’t lose his way and get caught up in the hard partying, drinking and fame to end up like other celebrities before him have. i think ppl are more worried about his recent out of character behavior than hoping he will continue it.

  • say what?


    Using an example as extreme as Charlie Sheen when most of your described accounts regarding Zac were things not actually seen lead me to draw that conclusion


    @maria: I think whomever has control over the film/script is in the wrong…CSC was almost fleeing too far from the characters, and CSC himself wasn’t visually deshevelled like the character described in the book…in which, I thought they’d give Zac longer hair and a scruffy appearance….his look was too clean if you asked me…and there is nothing wrong with that….I think the film was played to safe and didn’t know how to market the film itself….shame…and MAOW was amazing…Zac is a great actor and his reactions and subtle actions seen on film makes it so.

    I hope Snabba Cash, Die in a Gunfight, Charlie and the Countryman and New Years Eve will put Zac back in the whirl of being an incredible actor such as the Hollywood leading men.

    If he does need another team, he should start looking for them now. It may be too soon for him to become a producer, yet it also opens the doors for opportunity for new writers and getting that amazing script to land in his hands.

    So what he’s not working with the Aronofskys’, Snyders, Speilbergs’, Tarintinos’ , Scorsesi and others…at some point in his life he will and they’ll be lucky to have him.

    Lol…I’m sure I chopped up these directors names in spelling…my…

  • Athena

    I hope The Lucky One will be a hit…I’m not sure what’s the appeal with Nicholas Sparks books…I’m having a hard time getting through the book, and only perk up when I see Zac’ s character role in the sections of the book…shame, I don’t remember the characters’ name yet…I’ve only just started reading the book.

  • Daniel Tang

    I knew it would come to this—everyone fighting and taking sides.

    A lot of you don’t seem to understand that when a young couple is in a relationship for as long as Zac and Vanessa were, the relationship can become all consuming. That can be scary because it can interfere with your perception of who you are as an individual and affect other areas of your life, including career choices. These two also had the added burden of being in a very public relationship where everything they did was over analyzed by fans, haters and the media. It still is. If other aspects of their life are equally as important to them, they had to step back and evaluate everything in their lives, including the relationship and how it is affecting them. Maybe that’s what they both did. They decided to part ways for a while to see if they could handle life without having each other as a support system and be individuals. I’m sure that will be a hard transition for both of them.

    But be prepared for a huge fallout of hate when either of them starts dating someone else. We already have a hint of the hate blitz that will hit Zac. One of the comments I recall from another site abut Zac and Teresa: “He downgraded from a Lamborghini to a Kia.” Any girl he chooses will be hated by both Zac and Vanessa fans. The new babe will be perceived as ugly, fat, stupid, not his type, a total downgrade and using him to further her own non-existent career.

    Any guy Vanessa dates will be hated by the Vanessa fans who loved Zac and perceived him as their boyfriend and themselves as Vanessa. They will hate Zac for “dumping” Vanessa (them). The new dude will be seen as too ugly, too skinny, a nobody, using Vanessa to get attention, and a total downgrade from Zac because he doesn’t “look good” beside Vanessa.

    I’m sure Zac wouldn’t want anyone bashing Vanessa, and she wouldn’t want anyone bashing Zac. Can’t everyone just let them be to do what they want?

  • maria I think you’re right about CSC, but honestly, I never thought the story sounded all that good. I’m sure some people loved it, but it wasn’t my taste. Had no interest in seeing it, and the trailers were awful. I have no interest in TLO either, for the same reason. NOT a fan of anything Nicholas Sparks. But I really do have hope for Snabba Cash and Fire. But those are no where near ready. I think Gunfight and Countryman sound too similar, with the falling in love with the daughter of a violent powerful man. One sounds like drama, the other is listed as humor and romance (countryman). Will wait til I see more about it. The problem with both is, they aren’t anywhere near starting. I think it’s possible he’s taken on WAY more than he can handle as far as getting projects off the ground. He needed to focus on acting, getting good quality roles, and working, working, working. With a production company, he is being pulled in too many directions, and nothing is going yet. I really feel it’s overload for him. What I don’t think is good, is that he will not have anything out this year until NYE, and that is not something that is individually any big accomplishment for him. I think this is where his team has failed him, spacing out projects to keep him out there.

    Again, this is just MY opinion. I know I’ll be attacked, told to leave, that I am vicious, etc. But voicing concerns about his career choices is not a vicious attack. I’m not being disrespectful. I’m not trashing him. I’m not calling him names. Just saying what I think.

  • Tiptoes

    You know when you make a comment, make sure you have the facts and have seen his movies to make an unbiased evaluation.

    The Necessary Death of CC is now in pre-production.

    There is a script available for those who are interested to know more about it. Though its not 100% sure it will be strictly followed, it does give you an idea of how different and challenging this role is for Zac.

    Locations of filming: LA and Hungary