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Chris Brown: Celebrity Charity Game!

Chris Brown: Celebrity Charity Game!

Chris Brown goes for a slam dunk during the E League Celebrities Bridge Basketball and Charity event on Sunday (March 6) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 21-year-old singer seemed to be in good spirits despite a nude photo leaking on the internet earlier in the weekend.

Chris proudly showed off his new bleached hair!

Over the weekend, Chris shot the music video for “One Night Stand” with Keri Hilson. The video was shot by director Colin Tilley.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown playing basketball…

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chris brown celebrity charity game 02
chris brown celebrity charity game 03
chris brown celebrity charity game 04
chris brown celebrity charity game 05
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chris brown celebrity charity game 10

Credit: Brandon Parry; Photos: Splashnewsonline
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  • mike


  • mike

    But that bleach hair on dude’s is not the business lol

  • marie

    OMG its dennis rodman reincarnated!

  • Cak

    These celeb has no shame. He has photo on the net ,he should be aashame of himeself and what with the bleach hair and tatoos. Rihanna is doing old janet Jackson red hair ,so he is sporting Denis blonde hair.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …Like a said, not a single mention of his nude picture all over the net. what a coward. thank god for worldstarhiphop.

  • laura

    lmbo.. breezy looks funny with blonde hair i still love him glad he’s smiling again….

  • ilia

    Finally the hair color to match his personality – a douche bag cut.

  • Neickha

    Ugh I love his hair & him!! GO get F.A.M.E March 22nd 2011.

  • The truth

    go chris!

  • Jamie

    He is nasty…leaking nude pics of himself and wearing that ugly haircolor..

  • alessa

    hes hot. haters gonna hate. i love his smile <3 cant wait until FAME comes out

  • BEAN

    Lol sorry but he has NO GIRTH

  • BEAN

    Spaghetti d-ck lmfao

  • JJ

    Only ghetto girls like him and his music.

  • Anonymous

    1) How do only ghetto girls like him and his music? Thats not even a sterotype thats just ignorance.
    2)Why should he be ashamed to go out and why should he have to mention the recently leaked pics? No need to hide from it and no need to mention it. Just keep it moving.
    3)The blonde hair is kinda growing on me. In the first photo he is cute. Sometimes though I just want him to go back to his orginal hair because I can’t see where his hairline is lol.

  • alessa

    @anonymous AMEN. hes hottttt anyways i love him. haters are just jealous

  • Lena


    Jealous of his felony, jealous of his crappy hair, jealous of his flopping music, Jealous of his needing to leak nude photos.. their are plenty of good looking men in the world and he ain’t 1 of them..Woman beater..

    All the people loving him are stupid, hoodrats, or delusional chicks who need counseling..

  • Capri

    YUK!! Ugly FUP!

    Wonder who will be the next girl who he beats her face in.
    Go Chris Woman Beater maybe next time you will kill the chick you attack.

  • Anonymous

    @Capri: Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be you. Seeing as you obviously do nothing but spew hate when you clearly don’t like the person youaren’t doing much anyways so why not.

  • Anonymous

    @Lena: I like him and I’m far from a hoodrat. And I’m not delusional nor need counseling. Like I said before that type of stuff isn’t even sterotypical it’s ignorance. His fans are bad people just because we choose to forgive? Lol. Even Rihanna forgave him. It takes more energy to hate and no one has time for that. Obviously since you are the one that clicked on and left a comment on a post of someone you don’t like that is a sign of jealousy. Or stupidity. Lol.

  • E. Norma Stitz

    Hope you still have that bright smile when you land in hell.

  • King Makers

    Wow, this blog is infested with hate again,

    This boy took at chance and its paid off, like his hair particularly, it gives him a different appearance, more like a style icon now.

    You haterz alway find his blogs no matter where its hidden, its like you have a GPS or an alert that just brings running after his posts,

    you guys are undercover fans and thanks for promoting him even more than his record label.

    while you are here wishing him to fail, he is all smiles, having the greatest fun of his 21 year old life with millions in his account

    If he doesn’t entertain you, then find someone else that does & stop making it your business to know what he does or who he is doing it with.
    But then, you guys would be left with nothing to do, so i guess i have to leave you lonely fat and ugly guys to continue hating.

  • samuel

    Love Chris, great positive guy!

  • ****

    Is this that stripper Kanye West was dating? Amber Rose something, right?

  • char

    why is it that haters always browse for our king of pop “chris B” ?it means haters are dying for him.
    i love everything about Breezy and he is not flooping cos team breezy goes hard

  • black

    What I find worse than anything else is his new song “Real hip-hop s–t”.

    Appart from the constant use of the word Ni–er, insults towards girls in general and whatnot all————Am I the only who is tired of this hypocracy?

    Imagine a white guy who has come from a more popish background (like Brown himself) suddenly going all gangsta mode, dissing women and acting all thought.

    He would be shredded right on the spot. But no, with black guys, it never happens. It´s almost as if people see it as the “natural” evolution…..

    And then black people wonder why people still keep calling them Ni–er, when they will never stop dissing on themselves just to be cool.

  • Dee

    I don’t like his music and his face annoys the hell out of me but I saw his nude picture by total accident! lol And yeaaahh the guy has nothing to be ashamed of in that department

  • soosoo

    i luv him sooo much :::: chris is the best

  • Melody

    The only douche bag I see is you. It seems you are really and undercover fan. You can’t even keep yourself away from a blog with his name on it. Your just sad. Get a life!

  • Melody

    Why do you even care. People love who they want. Go get a life. I love his body and his hair color it’s sexy as hell. If you don’t like it go F yourself.

  • Melody

    You said the Truth and hater hate that. They know Teambrezzy is the most real fan base on the planet. I have already pre-ordered FAME and will be in Best Buy supporting Chris with the purchase of more. You Go Teambrezzy. March 22.

  • Opps Chris

    So Cute! What naked photo?

  • Cammie

    His album will flop…and his silly fans call anyone telling the truth haters…who cares womanbeater supports….

    I can’t wait to see the womanbeater….flop #

  • SandeePB

    No matter how hard all the haters try to sabotage my favorite person and artist. They will fail hard. I don’t respect negative people especially those who continue to be ignorant and not give credit where it’s due. I adore Chris Brown and nothing will make me hate him. Much love to you Chris Brown :) I admire the fact that you are always out there contributing yourself to charity and you’ve done right by your wrong :) xxxooo

  • maggie

    he is so disgusting. he makes me sick. when i look at him, all i see is a girl basher. he is so ferrell..

  • Chris BB

    Beautiful Chris

  • Broms

    Love Breezy, can’t wait to see the video with Keri Hilson. March 22 can’t come soon enough! F.A.M.E. come to mee!! At least I’ve had “Look At Me Now” to hold me over for a bit…