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Kate Hudson: Baby Bump in Malibu!

Kate Hudson: Baby Bump in Malibu!

Kate Hudson pulls on a Square Cardigan by TEXTILE Elizabeth and James as she spends the afternoon at a park on Saturday (March 5) in Malibu, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress showed off her growing baby bump in a tight white tank.

Kate is expecting a baby with her rocker beau, Matt Bellamy, later this year and her family says they’re hoping for a baby girl!

FYI: Kate is already the mama to a 7-year-old son, Ryder, from a previous marriage.

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Credit: Karl Larsen; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Heather


  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Oops wrong room. Better i going rosie room

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • RebeccaS

    im sorry, but she is just trashy and irresponsible.

  • mrd2

    What ever happened to marriage?

  • Frida

    @RebeccaS: why? She has a boyfriend and she wanted to have another baby. What’s trashy and irresponsible about that?

  • God


    You said it yourself, she has a BOYFRIEND, not a HUSBAND.

  • Maribeth

    She’s had a boyfriend for A FEW MONTHS. There is EVERYTHING irresponsible about that.

  • J

    Maribeth is a saint, she must be perfect

  • wow

    ohh wowhere we go with sanctity of marriage bullshit from douchebags with a Bible under their arms while they cheat on their beloved Wives or Husbands , Screw You with your righteousness bullcrap

  • JJ

    she sure loves those rockers! i don’t know what she was doing with that baseball player but i knew it wouldn’t last, she’s always had a thing for rockers.

  • Courtney

    um 10 months isn’t a few. nor is it uncommon in hollywood to be pregnant before marriage or in the general public for that matter. you can’t help who you fall in love with. that’s like saying all men that experience the loss ofan unborn child leave their wives a massive amount do but some stick it out. two examples that come to mind are Paul Newman & Nick Cannon granted with Newman it was his second wife that miscarried their first child together during their honeymoon six weeks before she won the academy award for best actress. of course Newman & Woodward were married nearly 51 years and had three beautiful daughters & 8 grandchildren as he also had 2 daughters from his first marriage

  • Julie R.

    She has a boyfriend,not a husband.And getting preggers after few months of dating,isn’t responsibility.The worse part is that they don’t even live together,and after that poor baby is born,she’ll dump the father of the baby and will date another man.And maybe get preggers againj in 3 years again…she’s irresponsible and selfish.She got preggers on purpose.She uses men to get pregnant or have fun,then she dumps them.

  • RebeccaS

    @Frida: her and matt bellamy have been dating less than a year and are/were living on different continents; she also already has a son, and tossing him around from london to la to nyc is not a suitable environment for someone his age, let alone introducing him to her gobs of boy toys she brings home. im perfectly fine with her having a boyfriend and wanting another child, but she should have given the relationship at least a year! watch- they wont last.

  • RebeccaS

    @Frida: and as far as trashy, ok that was harsh,but in my opinion she can dress a little better.

  • Mike

    One does not have to be married to have and love a baby. Marriage is an outdated and overrated institution. As long as she is good to her child and loves her child there is nothing irresponsible about that.

  • Maribeth

    @J I’m not a saint, I just have morals. Sorry.

  • JT

    Agree with others saying she is irresponsible, I just don’t like the fact she was flying all over the place jumping into his bed whilst leaving her son at home and in the process gets knocked up after only 4mths! And during that time, they both claimed they were just having fun, so it makes it worse in a way. I’d only consider having kids with a guy once I knew it was serious and preferably after marraige (so at least a year of dating!). But I’m guessing it wasn’t entirely an accident on her part, she probaly thought he’d be a good father what with being a decent guy with money, plus her body clock is ticking away and she did say she wanted more kids, so……EIther way, it seems they are taking the relationship more seriously now and they will apparently divide their time between the US & UK once the baby’s born, so who knows?

  • simone

    I wonder why her family always has to speak for her.

    Her mother is a nasty bitch anyway.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Shes nothing :-$

  • hotbitch

    JT, she’s only 31. Her clock ain’t ticking like THAT. She’s just trashy. She sleeps around with all these different guys then brings them around her son. This kid much have several “uncles”. And how well do you really know someone after 5 or 6 months to be having their baby? I don’t believe in “accidental” pregnancies in this day and age, sorry. Don’t let any of these Hollywood hoes fool y’all. Any woman who is serious about not getting pregnant will not allow it to happen, period. I’m so over her.

    OMG remember how ridiculously HUGE she got last time? This should be good….

  • Julie

    what happened to my comment? i agree with most blogger, she sleeps around too much, she has a kid, poor kid, don’t exploit every man/boy you’re with.

  • les


    I guess that “thou shall not be judged” thingy just passed you on by?

  • XoXo

    Hollywood-or not–marriage is a commitment. And it was basically stated early on that the pregnancy-was a surprise (meaning “oops” + not planned) + they are dealing with it as a couple/trying to make it work–it just doesn’t seem like a stable relationship + I really hope it lasts.

    Not that being married automatically means it’s going to last–but being married is the biggest commitment you can show the person you are in a relationship with above anything else–Yes-having a child is a huge commitment/decision too-but it’s not the same all around-commitment/unity as getting married + symbolizing a solid/union of a family.

  • Ann

    Being self-serving, greedy, obnoxious, hypocritical, deceitful etc. is a lot worse than having a baby that you ALONE can afford to have and support. Trash are people who are down on others because they are insecure and afraid.

  • Marisa

    I think Matt people contracted her to be his fake gf and Kate decided to get knock up from this. I like Kate but really you would think these stars can’t afford doctors or birth control. I believe Kate did this on purpose.

  • waffle bowl

    @XoXo: Sorry, but I consider raising another human being to be a much, much, bigger and more important commitment than getting married. You can be forgiven for screwing up a marriage, but not for screwing up a kid. Marriage is just a legal contract, there’s nothing that requires that you mean to keep any of the promises that you make when you take those vows. Lots of people get married for all the wrong reasons, it’s silly to assume that marriage automatically makes a person committed to their significant. I mean, wasn’t Kate married before? Look how well that turned out. Now compare that to her mom and stepdad, who’ve been together for years and years, yet aren’t married. Commitment is in the heart, not in a piece of paper. Besides, this relationship will most likely fall apart for reasons that have nothing to do with whether or not they get married. In fact, its probably best that they don’t marry.

  • snowcat

    @Frida: I agree with you,I see nothing trashy about Kate’s situation.

  • open-minded realist

    Are you people for real? What century are you from? Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and clearly you people are still living in the dark ages with your judgement of what a woman can do with her own life. She has a supportive family (from what I can see) and the financial resources to care for herself and a child. It would appear that the father will be a part of her baby’s life, just as her first son’s is – where the heck do you people get your license to judge from? Just because you see pics of her dating men? Are you kidding me? There are women being persecuted all around the world simply for being women, and you bullies are concerned because an actress is having a baby without being married? Get a life and stop judging other people.

  • waffle bowl

    Significant other, sorry.

  • Kristen from MA

    I would think that God would be too busy to comment on a gossip blog, what with all the turmoil going on in the world.

    Or maybe it’s just some petty little human trying to ascribe his/her own prejudices onto a higher power to, you know, justify them.

    (FWIW, I don’t like Kate Hudson – she has zero talent IMO – but calling yourself ‘God’ to slut-shame is just NOT cool.)

  • kindness

    @God: Who died and made you Pope?

  • pk1010

    @Frida: @Frida:

    If you have to ask what is wrong with that, there is no explaning to be done for you…or to you. What about husbands, not babydaddys who are here today and gone…soon.

  • Solv

    Uhhh…starlet??? Hardly!!!

  • Frida

    Well you know what? Not having a marriage licence doesn’t mean that the baby won’t be loved. Not having a marriage licence doesn’t mean that THEY don’t love each other. And – in this day and age with people breaking up all over the place – a marriage licence won’t stop them from splitting up if they want to. Kate has already been married once and clearly that didn’t work out, maybe she doesn’t want to rush into it again? That doesn’t mean that she should give up on being a mother again if that’s what she wants. And if it was an accident then they are clearly making the best of the situation. I’m just saying it’s really wrong to sit behind a computer and judge someone that you don’t even know.

  • boo

    Heat of the moment. I bet she’s miserable right about now. When is the last time you saw her with the baby daddy?

  • ah well

    what’s sad is she’s a mediocre actress with horrible movies and is only famous for who her mother is and now because she’s pregnant.

  • Svetik musetik

    Ребенок это всегда счастье, и не важно в браке родился или нет. Matt не отказывается от ребенка и ее не бросает