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Miley Cyrus Sings 'Sorry, I'm Not Perfect' on SNL

Miley Cyrus Sings 'Sorry, I'm Not Perfect' on SNL

Miley Cyrus pokes fun at herself and fellow headline-making celebs during the opening monologue of Saturday Night Live‘s March 5 episode.

Addressing her previous controversies, the 18-year-old entertainer sent a clear message to her critics: she’s not perfect!

“There’s a photo of me being kissed by some dude and [photographer] Annie Leibovitz trying to get me nude. For those of you who think that’s very crude, I’m sorry that I’m not perfect,” she sang.

“I never stole a necklace or got a DUI. Never cheated on my wife like that golfer guy. So what you can see a little boob from the side? I’m sorry I’m not perfect,” she said in another verse.

“You didn’t make a dirty tape and pass it along,” SNL cast member Kristen Wiig chimed in, while Bobby Moynihan added “You didn’t text a photo of your dong.”

“Don’t both of these things seem worse than a bong?” Miley asked, referencing her now infamous salvia bong video, “I’m sorry, so sorry. I’m really sorry that I’m not perfect!”

Miley Cyrus – Saturday Night Live Opening Monologue
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  • claudiaxo

    I actually enjoyed her monologue! The episode was alright, it’s still airing in Cali. right now. She did good job overall! My favorite was when she impersonated Justin Bieber.

  • mike

    I can never stop myself from saying her name in a deep southern accent XD

  • Liam

    I thought she did a good job, she actually has a good voice. There were a few parts of certain skits that I also enjoyed.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Fat and cheap ><

  • that’s news

    I almost peed myself when she did that cruise ship song– it was soo funny. Miley was great. keep up the good work, kid.

  • Kara

    Haha you see she was great! People just judged her right away assuming it was going to be a bad show but it was actually rlly good!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • mac

    Although she did a good job with SNL, i always think “I’m not perfect” is a very weird excuse or expression to explain a person’s conduct when nobody is talking about or asking for perfectioness…

  • __x_music_x__

    I Hate Being In The UK… I Can’t Watch It!!! :( I Love Miley Though!! :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • kaykay

    It is sad when a teenager is doing things and making mistakes.. which is a part of growing up is attacked so harshly.. I don’t agree with a lot of choices she has made. but I too made really silly choices while growing up.. trying to find my way… but she is a child still in many ways..

    While a 45 year old man and father of 5 children is being treated like a freaking superstar in the media and blogs.. hmmm something is very wrong here.

    I would rather see Miley misstep in her teens then when she become a parent.

    She was cute and did a good job.

  • Scarlett

    It wasn’t bad.
    I enjoyed it.
    haha but her voice here is really nicee.

  • Kay

    I felt her opening monologue came off haughty.

  • nkenk

    @kaykay: She is a role model to young girls. That’s what you morons aren’t getting. You’re like “oh yeah she’s a teenager it’s normal” that does’t make it okay. She needs to realize that when you become a celebrity you get all of the fame and money for a price and nothing comes free. She should UNDERSTAND that she’s being watched through a microscope and that people are watching her every move so she should be smart enough to think ahead because now you can get caught doing anything. She’s a celebrity and this is the price she pays so I really don’t feel sorry for her in the least bit.


    @nkenk: You forgot one thing. She is a HUMAN being.

    No celebrity is your role model unless you want them to be.
    The way you live your life should be up to YOU and no one else. I hate it whe peopl try to dictate and put responsibility on someone just because scumarazzi follow that person around and blow up every and anything they do.

  • Tara

    This was the most amusing monologue I have seen in quite a while. Very impressed.

  • Susan

    She sounds great here! Great job Miley!

  • Jon

    Love this performance!

  • nkenk

    @LIVE & LET LIVE: i’m not saying people HAVE to follow her and do whatever she does it should obviously be common sense but I’m tired of her acting stupid (which by the way not all teenagers act like) and people are like “oh its okay” like that’s the reason why people like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan exist because people like you are like “oh whatever its fine”

  • Jordy

    People saying she is “human” and “not perfect” is no excuse for her choices. I’ve never done drugs or anything like that. Not everyone chooses to make stupid mistakes when it easy to not make them in the first place.

    I honestly didn’t find her that funny. She also shouldn’t have brought up the bong thing twice in the show. People aren’t thinking about it that much anymore so there was no need to speak about it.

  • Morgan

    I found the song to be immature. To me it came across as her saying “well yeah I did that but so and so did something worse than me! so there!” To me it was like she was tattle taling on other celebrities who she thinks did something worse than her so everyone should just leave her alone. If she wants everyone to leave her alone then going on SNL and singing about what everyone has been gossiping about her isn’t going to make people stop.

  • jasmine

    @mac: Exactly! I hate that bullsh*t excuse. No one expects perfection, but people need to be mature, own up to their mistakes and learn from them. It’s just a way for people to try weaseling out of responsibility.

    Anyway, she did do a great job here. I have yet to watch the skits she was in and I don’t really know if I care to. She has a beautiful voice, but an an ugly face. Just saying.

  • Warren

    I was happy Miley sang some on SNL. Miley is hot!

  • Warren

    Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! Nobody’s Perfect. I’m going to miss Hannah Montana, but Miley wil be on top a long time for sure. I’ll always love Miley.

  • Gossip Girl

    @nkenk: darling, it is not some plastic made up Disney character’s job to be a role model for kids. That is whay U ARE NOT GETTING. Miley is an an ENTERTAINER not a PARENT. Just because she comes from a kids shows dosen’t make her responsible for what kids DO. If Kids are out ther mocking Miley’s bad deeds, it is because their parents ALLOW IT and not because MILEY TOLD THEM TO. It’s people like u that need to stop expecting these teens stars to live perfect lives just because they are wearing musketeer ears, She can’t wear a stupid blond wig for the rest of her breathing life.

  • Niky

    i loved her on snl… she was sooo funny and her vocals were amazing when she did fergie that was pretty cool

  • Matilda

    Best monologue ever. It’s so true.
    She’s just growing up and you’re tearing her down.
    I love Miley. :D

  • Caine

    I saw this and thought I was dreaming. I thought to myself , Miley Cyrus wouldn’t sing this but I was wrong IT’S REAL