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Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Hamburger Helper!

Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Hamburger Helper!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise stop at Vera’s Hamburgers for a bite to eat on Sunday (March 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

After filling up on hamburgers, the mother-daughter duo headed over to the set of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol to visit Tom Cruise.

The day before, Katie and Suri, 4, had a fun-filled day together, complete with stops at a toy store, a cupcake shop, and Starbucks!

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise getting hamburgers…

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194 Responses to “Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Hamburger Helper!”

  1. 1
    zoey Says:

    I love her tennis shoes…so cute.

  2. 2
    jessemosslover Says:

    OH MY GOSH! Seriously Jared stop getting ppl to follow this little girl around to take her picture! Leave her alone and stop posting pictures of a little girl!

  3. 3
    Jokergurl Says:

    I’m glad to see they have a bodyguard to keep the VULTURES across the damn street! Suri looks happy, cute pea coat she’s got on, now all she needs is some pants and a hat.

  4. 4
    mae Says:

    I love her cute trench coat!

  5. 5
    Jared, are you alright ??... Says:

    Are you right now receiving threats from scientolopsychos ? You’re forcing us this crappy C-list actress down the throat, Jared.. Ugh!

    Is this going to last until her “Kennedys” airs…? to make sure we’ll watch her version of an amphetamine Jackie O taking the M$$$ from Jo Senior in return not to ask for divorce from the cheating (and also drugged up)President. I guess that’s it. The promo for the SLEAZY miniserie has already started.

  6. 6
    lainey Says:

    A 4 year old should not be overexposed.

  7. 7
    simone Says:

    Katie should stop walking pigeon toed. It looks ridiculous.

  8. 8
    simone Says:

    @jessemosslover: #2

    Silly, Jared is not getting paps to follow Katie or any other celebrity around.
    How did you come up with that crazy idea.?

  9. 9
    simone Says:

    The child looks just like Tom.

  10. 10
    LALA Says:

    I seriously believe that Tom’s people DO monitor this site (they should since Jared’s most likely getting paid anyway). Too many negative comments about Starbucks and cupcakes = Suri and Katie going to a hamburger joint. From what we’ve read about Suri in the past, she probably took 2 bites of her hamburger before demanding dessert. Poor Suri. Tom and Katie suck!!

  11. 11
    RebeccaS Says:

    am i really the first one to point this out? A FOUR YEAR OLD SHOULD NOT HAVE A PACIFIER! but, her peacoat is adorable! and jared 2-3 holmes-cruise posts a day is to much…. give them a break.

  12. 12
    JC Says:

    A pacifier? Really?

  13. 13
    What the F*** Says:


  14. 14
    Mike Says:

    Four years old is way too old for a binky.

  15. 15
    jane Says:

    That girl is WAYYY to damn old to be sucking on a pacifier. She will be five years old this month, or next month.

  16. 16
    LALA Says:

    Rebecca, I think Jared just switched the photo. He does that sometimes. Otherwise I don’t know I missed the pacifier initially, unless the idea of Suri and a hamburger was just so crazy I didn’t see anything else.

  17. 17
    WTH??? Says:

    Does Suri have a pacifier in her mouth??? My God. What is wrong with Holmes. Is she a complete idiot???? Why the hell would you allow an almost 5 year old child to still use a bottle and a pacifier!?! Her teeth are going to be ruined and she’s going to end up with severe psychological problems (just like her “father”). Seriously…..Holmes and Cruise are two of the stupidest people to ever walk the earth. You have to be a total moron to be involved with a cult AND you have to be an even bigger imbecile to do what they do to that poor kid…..raise her in a cult, not dress her properly for the weather, allow her to use a bottle, baby blanket and pacifier at nearly 5….etc. I hope when Cruise goes to jail after the FBI finishes their investigation they take that kid away from Holmes.

  18. 18
    Hot mess Says:

    The f^ck… Really? A pacifier? That’s even lower than a bottle. At least that gave her the nutrition that those sweets fail to. Oh wait, it would be filled with barley water.

  19. 19
    JC Says:

    She probably still craps in a diaper and sleeps in a crib. I feel really bad for that kid. Socially she seems extremely awkward. Sure she’ll have everything she wants and then some, but what a strange child who is spending her formative years learning how NOT to relate to her peers. You can’t roll up to kindergarten still acting like a baby. I’m sure her schooling will be private so that she is cut off from the rest of the world. This kid will be a ticking time bomb.

  20. 20
    Melissa Says:

    Take that damn binki out of her mouth for goodness sakes – she’s FOUR!! NOT ONE!

  21. 21
    JoJo Says:

    That binky is killing me….what the hell!!!!??????

  22. 22
    jane Says:

    That child is so pale, she’s almost as white as that coat.

  23. 23
    lucy2 Says:

    Suri’s actually already 5. – Don’t fall for the fake birth certificate. Tom and Katie are in desperate need of some parenting classes. She sucks on a pacifier but makes her purchases via an American Express Card.

  24. 24
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Says:

    ANOTHER attention seeking sceme… a pacifier!

  25. 25
    jane Says:

    She will be 5 yrs old, this month. It is a disgrace she is sucking a pacifier


  26. 26
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Says:


  27. 27
    tree Says:

    I can’t believe they let her still use a pacifier. What is wrong with her parents. All the money in the world can’t teach you how to be a good parent. she is going to be made fun of in school, unless they will home school her and keep her sheltered. That will make for a very messed up teen and adult.

  28. 28
    Sarah Says:

    ok so i love tom and katie but really why does suri have a pacifier in her mouth she is 4 turning 5 next month she is to old to be still using a pacifier

  29. 29
    lucy2 Says:

    I agree with the pacifier statement, but Suri was actually born around Dec ’05 or Jan ’06.

  30. 30
    2223 Says:

    @lucy2: suri was born on april 18th

  31. 31
    Julio Says:

    I can’t understand that…..I mean, the pacifier.. that sweet girl got Valentino, Prada, Givenchy, Armany, D&G on her little body and is still sucking it? Come on… I thought nobody has noticed that, but you guys pointed that out, yeahh I agree 100%, Suri is over-exposed, but she is the cutest kid atm, ok ok ok it doesn’t justify all the attention on her.

  32. 32
    ???? Says:

    My God!!! What is this!! a pacifier???? She is four years old!!!!!!!
    Ridiculous! BIZARRE!!!!!

  33. 33
    @ intellegent Says:

    BOTTLES, BLANKETS, PACIFIERS, what else is there DIAPERS. Perhaps they have her in diapers most of the time, except on publicity tours.

  34. 34
    lucy2 Says:

    awwww…you are SOOOO gullible!!! I bet you also think she’s Tom’s bio daughter.

  35. 35
    Romeo Says:

    Stop trying to predict the future, #19. You have no idea how she’ll end up.

    Next month actually, #25.

    There’s nothing wrong with home schooling, #27. That’s a stupid modern myth.

  36. 36
    hotbitch Says:

    They should be ashamed of themselves for letting a damn near 5 year old kid suck on a pacifier! They’re insane. She’s also never been forced to wear a pair of pants….EVER. Hell, I’m surprised she’s wearing a coat. No child should be running her parents like that, period. She has to be a brat.

  37. 37
    Hot mess Says:

    @????: How dare you call the magical child and her magical pacifier bizarre!? Haha, god this family needs some help. Asap.

  38. 38
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    I Love ice_cream

  39. 39
    LALA Says:

    Wow. Tom’s minions / aka the Scientolofreaks are on the site full force tonight!

  40. 40
    JC Says:


    Actually I have a pretty good idea about how she’s going to end up. She’ll end up not normal. Not the good kind of not normal, the bad kind. Unless she gets completely brainwashed by the cult she is getting raised in she is going to start feeling lonely and wanting the things she can’t have because she has no social skills to live outside of her cult. I hope her clueless parents have a better plan once the kid reaches adolescence. I seriously doubt it though. They still coddle a five year old like an infant.

  41. 41
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Ég elska safi :-)

  42. 42
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Eg vel gefa jared saffa egaldin :)

  43. 43
    Vesper Says:

    I agree with everyone that talks about her pacifer, that is just LAZY parenting!! But I have to point out last month Zahara Jolie Pitt was sucking her thumb,and I said something and I got blasted it is apprently fine for their 6 yr old, I wish the comments on this board were consistent for all celebrity babies.

  44. 44
    super tot!!!??? Says:

    I think they must have noticed that even recent photos of amazing Suri are not garnering enough comments on blogs. The no coats/jackets era generated a lot of comments and now, in order to re-generate noise, they let her walk along the street with a pacifier. Both parents are really pathetic, they used the kid as a tool to get attention for themselves never caring whether it is negative or positive.

  45. 45
    Suri's tantrums Says:

    are constant, it’s probably daily. She throws tantrums everytime she doesn’t get what she ask for. That’s why the bottle at 5 years old, the pacifier, etc.
    She’s gonna have a lot of difficult times in her life adjusting to others. She will continue to be an awkward little girl, then a vindicative teenager and a lonely woman. You can predict that already by her abnormal lifestyle and regressive behaviors. She’s gonna have difficulties making real friends.

  46. 46


  47. 47
    RebeccaS Says:

    @LALA: haha, understandable

  48. 48

    This is the crap that draw people to you Katie, are you feeling fulfilled in life???

  49. 49
    Xenu's spawn Says:

    Why all the debate about how old Suri is and what day she was born? I thought Xenu flew her to Earth on a space ship, and that’s not a pacifier, but rather some sort of transmitter.
    Did I miss something? Maybe I need to join the cult and take some courses on the subject.

  50. 50
    Cutie Says:

    She is so cute, she always dresss so girly. she is too old for pacifier though. Suri is the best celeb kid ever, she is too cute.

  51. 51
    no way Says:

    I Cant.. just can’t look at this poor 5 yr old train wreck…too sad!

  52. 52
    kawaii Says:

    l love her little coat , so cute. she looks just like her mom.

  53. 53
    Christy Says:

    4-years-old??? Pacifier??? Let’s hope they don’t have any more kids.

  54. 54
    Amy Says:

    She’s actually three

  55. 55
    Rita Says:

    A Pacifier, Really?!!!! Katie Holmes is crazy! I started watching The Romantics and could only take 15 minutes of her and I had to turn it off. Even paid for it on Demand, but couldn’t take one more minute of her! What has happened to her? Where is Tom? Is he off with his “friend” and letting Katie shop to keep her happy? Such a pathetic pair! God will punish them for denying him.

  56. 56
    RebeccaS Says:

    @RebeccaS: haha, understandable

  57. 57
    Beating a dead horse Says:

    I have nothing to say.
    I can’t say a word.
    As the saying goes, I have no words.
    Umm,may I please just that I agree with all of YOU!!

    Really?4yrs old?
    Are you serious.
    Ify ou told me, I would say,no.That is not true.
    However, I see the picture.
    Very sad.

  58. 58
    ploy? Says:

    maybe the binky is to get her off the bottle? … a few years late Katie. OR Maybe this is “BETTER negative” attention than the lawsuit negative attention… sort of like a diversion. These idiots will never have respect. Katies career is DONE. Continue on w/ the cheesy catalog crap Katie Holmes!…And get some help for the autistic kid.

  59. 59
    kaykay Says:


    What do the JPs have to do with this thread.. sucking a thumb is not great but come on.. are you really trying to compare the two. or is this just a way to bring in the JPs and make a dig.. Get over it.

    Suri is a very cute littlegirl. I don’t get the pacifier but it could be to calm her from the paps and the staring crowd. It must be overwhelming for a young child to walk out and have those people staring at you all the time.
    She is still very young. Stop the negative.

    Katie and Tom can raise their child the way they chose; whether we agree or not.

    Such is life.

    Let’s be concerned about Charlie Sheen’s boys and their psycho father.. I don’t see the over concern for those boys.. Why is it only about certain celebrity children.

  60. 60
    annie Says:

    don’t know about you , but we have sweets that look like pacifiers, a lot of kids suck on them , there a few celeb kids who have been pictured with them, or else they were real……you know Kingston, all of you seem to get your knickers tied in a knot over Suri and Katie for some reason.

  61. 61
    Linda Says:

    Suri wants a soother, Suri gets a soother. Like I said before, the Scientology parents do not say “NO” to their kids. I wonder Suri will be trained to become a real Scientologyist like Conner, who seems to be quite serious like his daddy. Somehow, I do not think so.

  62. 62
    Suri's tantrums Says:

    @OVERBOARD: “”
    This is the crap that draw people to you Katie, are you feeling fulfilled in life???”"

    Great comment !

  63. 63
    tsc Says:

    She should never have become a mother. A good mother would never let their child run around half dressed in sub zero temperatures the way she does. Coat is never zippped, nothing on her legs. This woman has major issues. A pacifier at her age? Please, Katie put some effort into your kid otherwise she’s going to be pemanently messed up and it will be all your fault for not caring. Poor kid!

  64. 64
    to annie Says:

    @annie: ENLARGE the pic, you will see there is no doubt it is a real plastic/rubber pacifier.

  65. 65
    to annie Says:

    If it was a fake candy pacifier (which it is not) I would be concerned, a kid does not need as much candy as she receives GOOD LORD.

  66. 66
    shoegal Says:

    i don’t know much about parenting rules via scientology, but should a 4 year old kid be sucking on a pacifier??? at least they’re not carrying her around everywhere anymore but really now…

  67. 67
    RebeccaS Says:

    @annie: that is a hilarious lame excuse… good luck trying to justify this mother and that PACIFIER!

  68. 68
    Annie Says:

    LMAO. your wrong.

  69. 69
    nadya Says:


  70. 70
    Wilhelmina Says:

    Suri Cruise is the new Rachel Bilson

  71. 71
    Eresyn Says:

    A PACIFIER????? she’s almost five!!!! both her maxilar bones and teeth are gonna get ruined…(not to mention the psichological damage as well)…what’s next???? please don’t tell me she still uses the bottle and diapers :(:(:(

  72. 72
    Wilhelmina? Says:

    what do you mean? expand upon that statement. Is Rachel Bilson in diapers sucking away on binkys?

  73. 73
    Kelly Says:

    Get off ur judgemental high horses, find something to do with ur time besides obsess over this little girl. Go mind ur own child!!!!
    I Love suri, She has beautiful eyes n she has character too.

  74. 74
    jessemosslover Says:

    Wow this is really pathetic. Are all of you really freaking out because the child has a pacifier in her mouth? REALLY? You all dont care that this child is being chased around by stalkerazzi but the pacifier you have a problem with. Sad. My almost 3 year old niece uses a pacifier still, so what? I knew someone who was still sucking her thumb at the age of 19. Again, so what? Its no one elses business.

  75. 75
    more grossness Says:

    THIS child is OFF… something is going on w/ her. I see 3 yrs olds w/ pacifiers and it sort of creeps me out, this is plain disgusting.

  76. 76
    kristi Says:

    OMG – this kid is cute but come on, get that binky out of her mouth. This family doesn’t make sense at all, they give the child credit cards, makeup, expensive purses AND a binky. WTF!!!
    Get that binky out of her mouth and when she throws a tantrum, spank her in the butt and give her an old fashion time out!

  77. 77
    chacha Says:


  78. 78
    sunny Says:

    4 yrs. old and a pacifier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out in public too! Come on….ridiculous. SHe has a full set of teeth!

  79. 79
    hag Says:

    that kid looks 5 already and to have a pacifier in her mouth is sad. i think she seems in her own world most of the time. and why has katie not gotten pregnant again to give suri a sibling? she certainly is not in demand or busy for movies. is if because Tiny did not get her preggers the first time????

  80. 80
    Lala Says:

    The most elegant lttle girl I’ve ever seen

  81. 81
    Pease stop insanity Says:

    Lala.. Anyone will look elegant in a Burberry coat. She’s cute but don’t feed into this kids hype.

  82. 82
    Pease stop insanity Says:

    Lala.. Anyone will look elegant in a Burberry coat. She’s cute but don’t feed into this kids hype.

  83. 83
    jasmine Says:

    a 4 year old should not be sucking on a pacifier. things are wrong with this girl.

  84. 84
    Romeo Says:

    You have no idea how this kid is being raised or how she’ll end up, #40.

    Brangelina always gets a break, #43. They can do no wrong.

    Why would they want NEGATIVE attention, #44? It’s pathetic that every single thing they do is accused of being some calculated attempt for attention no matter how absurd the reasoning.

    You don’t know how much candy she receives, #65! You don’t know her!

    She IS in demand and busy with movies, #79. Both are.

  85. 85
    there's a pedo on this thread! Says:

    @Lala: Are you a nutcase! A 5years old with a pacifier and obvious developmental problems (bottles, diapers, etc.) an all you can comment on is her “great elegance”!!! The elegance of a 5 years old!? Are you a pedo!!? Pedo I repeat ! Do you have a poster of Suri in your bedroom?? Or Suri is on your desktop??!
    It has been said before that all of those thousands pics and endless parading of Suri with make-up and very little dresses all year long, high heels, etc could be acting as a PEDO BAIT for unhinged celebrity whorshipers. Here above we have a couple of example post#80 &77 are certainly from the same mentally unhinged man or woman, the kind that steals babies in their stroller!!

  86. 86
    Marry Says:

    Oh la plus belle fille du monde.

  87. 87
    someone Says:

    Why does that 4 yr old have a pacifier in her mouth?…my kids never used one, but for those that do, I think once they are off the bottle, they should be off the pacifier. IMO

  88. 88
    patricia Says:

    Lots of cute kids at age 4 or 5 out there BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!!!!!

    IThis is a first for moi to see a cute kid with a binky stuck in her mouth walking down the street for all to see.

    Katie Holmes should have that kid taken away from her. The kid is destroyed as it is.
    We have seen this brat with high heels on walking down town NYC many times also lipstick all over her lips a real mess. Her face make up and tons of eye makeup look absolutly rediculous and Now instead of her baby bottle she has a binky to suck on while Katie walks her for milres for the world to see.
    I mean is Katie Holmes nuts. The kid is a total FU!

  89. 89
    pita Says:

    yeah many elegant dressers are sickos too as is the case here.

  90. 90
    Capri Says:

    Holy shite is this the only way Katie H. can get attention is by ruining her kid . 4 yr old kids almost 5 DO NOT suck on BINKYS!

  91. 91
    Lavito Says:

    Katie is out of her mind, really, why does she allow sucking on a pacifier nearly at age 5. Suri has real issues that will never be addressed by good professional doctors. Not only is Suri socially challenged, I think she is autistic, she needs help. Sad that she will never get it cause her parents are crazy.

  92. 92
    Desperate Maniston Says:

    there is a difference between sucking your thumb and a pacifier. maybe brange dont wanna slap their kids thumb outta there mouth in public. and maybe they only let them do it in public cuz of the paps. you dont know…
    but it isnt just the pacifier that is disturbing here. her weight, diet and clothing add to the disgustful child-rearing. what child needs hot chocolate and cupakes on a daily basis? she is underweight cuz they prob dont push nutrition on suri and prob dont care how many bites she actually eats. if they dont say no to her now, then how is she even gonna be home schooled? do they really think she is gonna want to read and do homework? i dont think she is cute at all. suri looks like a spoiled brat and she will grow up to be a terror. she will have emotional problems when the world does not go her way. and can you imagine if she decides to procreate on day? what kind of crazy will surface cuz the cult says she cant tell her child no, yet the child doesnt do what she wants?
    and jared prob buys all the pics and stories cuz they are cheap and it is a slow news day. come one now. how many fans do tomkat really have? everyone knows they are both sad and pathetic and delusional.

  93. 93
    Oh god here we go Says:

    Romeo everything you say is with such passion but makes no sense. Everyone’s speculating… Including you! But the writing is basically on the wall here dude. …have never seen such wackjob behavior ever my god! its hard not to comment. So pease stop the defense ****. You are a creepster…. And PS One FACT :Katie Holmes is not in demand. hellsssss NO

  94. 94
    Lynn Says:

    You have got to be kidding a almost 5 yr old is still sucking on a pacifier. What the hell is wrong w/ Tom & Katie? Suri shouldn’t be sucking on anything. My daughter is almost 6 & she doesn’t have NO pacifier. she didn’t like her paci’s in the 1st place. Damn Tom & Katie get some HELP!

  95. 95
    hag Says:

    what movies is katie in demand for???? that tv crap got canceled and shopped off to cable??? and tiny has been shooting that MI4 disaster for over 6 months and still no end in site. what has either have lined up?

  96. 96
    Lala Says:

    #85 What can u do only judge the child??!! Im not a big fan of suri but I like her. Let suri enjoy with her childhood time. Not ur place to criticism.

  97. 97
    ollie Says:

    lol romeo….

    katie is NOT in demand. All programs…movies have flopped…..its bec she cant sing; dance, dress herself normally (no fashion sense)….her acting is hilarious and so funny…it just ruins the scenes. She needs to focus on raising her brat better. Suri will be 5 years old soon and she still has a foo foo, blankie and probably on diapers.

  98. 98
    mindy Says:

    @Desperate Maniston: ‘ jared prob buys all the pics and stories cuz they are cheap’
    Certainly pics of Katie and Suri are cheap because they are too predictable & too numerous. Jared post thousands of pics of Suri per year & do you think he pays them the high price??? Of course no, cheap pictures for him compare to those of other celeb kids which are more rare.

  99. 99
    there's a pedo on this thread! Says:

    @Lala: Simonette??!

  100. 100
    Oh god here we go Says:

    I want to see ( not really) a shot of her w/ this binky and high heels. I know it’s coming. Or night gown+binky+ high heels + baba in mommys bag while out picking up cupcakes and sephora make up while Katie “accidentally” holds her in a way where the poor girls underwear is showing to prove she’s not in diapers. bTW..Noooo excuse for that… That was the lowest IMO. Trashtastic Katie Holmes thinks this stuff is “cute” you know it. ..classy.

  101. 101
    siennagold Says:

    One photo shows Suri with a pacifier?! Omigosh! The kid is 4 years old and she still uses a pacifier!

  102. 102
    siennagold Says:

    One photo shows Suri with a pacifier?! Omigosh! The kid is 4 years old and she still uses a pacifier!

  103. 103
    siennagold Says:

    One photo shows Suri with a pacifier?! Omigosh! The kid is 4 years old and she still uses a pacifier!

  104. 104
    siennagold Says:

    One photo shows Suri with a pacifier?! Omigosh! The kid is 4 years old and she still uses a pacifier!

  105. 105
    Jolly Folly Says:


    It IS a pacifier. I have three grandchildren under five and the 6/month old and two year old still use pacifiers. The kids are allowed to use them unlimited until 1-1/2. From 1-1/2 until 3 only at night and in the car on long trips and naps. At three only at night and sometime early into three years the binkie fairy comes.
    And believe me, if you bring a three year old out with a pacifier in his/her mouth you get looks and often people will give you lectures on getting rid of it. Doctors don’t like them either because of the potential damage to teeth.
    So Suri is basically 5 years old. Of course she is being criticized. This is totally amazing to me that they would still have her on a bottle and be giving her a pacifier at 5. Unbelievable.

  106. 106
    Jokergurl Says:

    Before there was not a pic of Suri with a pacifier, hours later there is. Yeah she should not have a pacifier. Seriously there are a lot of miserable sots on this site. :)

  107. 107
    Wackjob Holmes Says:

    Suri is stimming…

    WE HAVE SEEN : High heels, make up, baby bottles, diapers, thousand dollar handbags, excessive sweets, out in night gowns, pajamas, no shoes, messy hair, no coat in the winter, temper tantrums, always shopping for toys, cupcakes, clothes, no friends her age, no car seat, horrible manners, and the list continues.
    When I saw this pic of Suri with the pacifier I now truly believe Katie and Tom for that matter really are long gone….no one can get through to them what there parenting is doing to this kid! SAD!

  108. 108
    Wackjob Holmes Says:

    Stimming again!

  109. 109
    jellybean Says:

    Looking a mess! Please comb this kids hair! Plus Suri looks out of it.

  110. 110
    Doll Says:

    @Wackjob Holmes:


  111. 111
    binky Says:

    Sucking on a pacifier at that age can affect her bite and her teeth. Ask any dentist. My sister had to get rid of my neice’s pacifier on advice of her child’s dentist.

  112. 112
    Tina Says:

    Give it a rest people. If she was still using a pacifier, we would have seen it before now especially with all the pictures that are taken of her. Sometimes my kids found where I’d hidden theirs when they were older and wanted them again but it didn’t last and they never wanted them again.

  113. 113
    Homeless Suri Says:


  114. 114
    pacifier Says:

    Tina, get your head out of your as/s. She probably uses it all the time at home.
    And why did you hide your kids pacifiers instead of just throwing them out? What was the point of keeping them where they could find them later?

  115. 115
    car Says:

    i would suri herself would think she is too cool for a pacifier. one minute she’s 30 in heels with starbucks and the next she’s an infant. i don’t like people i don’t know on their parenting skill, but come on my dog could do a better job then these two!

  116. 116
    Raichill Says:

    This kid seems to eat a lot of crap food. I am not surprised to see her sucking on a dummy. She doesn’t have a normal life and most likely needs to comfort herself somehow.

  117. 117
    nnn Says:

    Oh gosh she still puts that thing in her mouth! Terrible!

  118. 118
    Luciana Says:

    you can’t buy class… that for sure. full stop.

  119. 119
    Luciana Says:

    @car: spot on comment!!! Well done.

  120. 120
    Neemz Says:

    If you like crazy fun dance music and wanna help a brother out.

    Go to and PRESS LIKE when you get there.

    Thanks <3

    Britney Spears/Gaga covers too!

  121. 121
    Neemz Says:

    If you like crazy fun dance music and wanna help a brother out.

    Go to and PRESS LIKE when you get there.

    Thanks <3

    Britney Spears/Gaga covers too!

  122. 122
    Grandma of Four Says:

    I am BEYOND SPEECHLESS!!! WHAT is Suri doing with a BINKY in her mouth!?!? I almost had a fit when my first grandchild still had a Pacifier at 15 month old! This little girl is over 4! Do these parents have any sense at all???? Suri needs friends….little kids to socialize with and, hopefully, be able to see and learn appropriate behaviors for a 4 year old. WHY isn’t this little gal in school????? Katie can stay home and raise her child in an appropriate atmosphere while Tom works! Did these two never read HOW TO PARENT???

  123. 123
    lane Says:

    @Grandma of Four:
    Yes, you are right! I was also shocked at first, but then were talking about Suri here. We all have been shocked by so many things when it cones to her that it’s really no surprise that she is parading around with a pacifier at practically 5. What will it be next? I shudder to think! UGH!@car:
    Katie and Tom have this little girl so confused due to lack of good, appropriate parenting. They treat her as an adult but she is really just only 5 (in April, so were told). Who wouldn’t be confused?! Tom is beyond help. I was hoping that maybe Katie would at least have some sort of parenting skills but it is clear that she is too far gone as well.

  124. 124
    Blindfire2011 Says:

    Wow…can someone tell me why this child is sucking on pacifier at age 4?

  125. 125
    JJ HAS Psychos Says:

    So what if she uses a pacifier MY parents allowed me to use pacifiers until I did not want it any more, I was around five too and I did not turn out to be aa menace to society. I got acepted to an Ivy league univerisity and lead a normal happy life and no my parents are not Scientologist omg there’re Christians. Children should be allowed to make decisions ie potty traing or using a pacifier, what they feel comfortable with!!!! Stupid and irresponsible for people to state that Suri should be taken away from her parents because of this, when there are children who are really being neglected and abused out there.

  126. 126
    JJ HAS Psychos Says:

    BTW my teeth are straight and healthy. Suri will probably grow up having a healthy secure self regard because her parents take into account her feelings. What peope don’t truly understand that riprimands or withholding things has the potential of changing how that child’s personality develops. Can’t stand Tom or Katie in regards to their work or associations with Scientology but all you people Disgust me criticizing Suri and her parents !

  127. 127
    Marie Says:

    She turns 5 in two months!!!! this is sick!!! Sick

  128. 128
    Annie Says:

    Guys!!! Suri is a strong woman y’all. She doesn’t have to bother with all that boring kid’s stuff – you know, like quitting the pacifier, toilet training, learning basic nutrition and learning basic good manners. Besides, she already has like a totally adult career as Katie’s fashion styliste! *eyeroll*

    Seriously though? This kid will be totally unable to function in normal society. I predict rehab by 15.

  129. 129
    bandage Says:

    @JJ HAS Psychos:

    It’s NOT just the pacifier it’s also everything that came before it too! The heels, make-up, tons of junk food, wearing nightgowns in winter, no coat, huge blankets, baby bottles, possible diapers, no friends her age, constant shopping for clothes and toys, going barefoot in stores, etc….
    Did you grow up like Suri doing all the above and more plus both your parents were NOT in a cult/religion. Did your parents parade you around in front of the papz like Suri who hides or cries because of it?? The answer is NO. You didn’t have Suri’s life so why would you compare??? You should be smarter then that since, as you stated you went to an ivy league school !!!!

  130. 130
    Uh-Oh!! Says:

    (sorry tom. you bought them. now you’re stuck with them until it’s time to end the contract. we know that you are already looking for beard…i mean bride #4.)

  131. 131
    jellybean Says:

    Funny comments on these pic’s

    Suri’s pacifier says “Princess” on it, LOL maybe “magical” or “awesome” are on her other pacifier’s since there custom made! 3rd and 4th pictures.

  132. 132
    Brangelina Hypocrites Says:


    OH SO TRUE! Zahara will be SEVEN this year and she’s still held by her parents and always carries a ‘blankie’ when in their arms. Never a word said and your right, they cannot take a single word negative about that family. Why? Suri is always fair game. If this is how they are raising her, it’s their business, she sure seems happy and content. She’s always with them too, whether working or not. Not a word is ever said about Shiloh dressing like a boy, and always has been since an infant (figure that), but again, Angie’s business why she likes that. And Maddox was held until 7, and Shiloh is going on 5, and still held a lot! (And both girls carry blankies up until this year, and I’m sure still do!) Yes, Zee always seems to like her thumb sucking, who cares? THEIR Business! But Suri? Branagelina nuts Business! Ha! I bet Suri turns out fine, i’d worry more about the others with all the black clothes and tattoos and what not!
    Suri looks adorable in her sneakers too! And all the posters on here ALWAYS claim she’s a ‘brat’, HA! DO they LIVE with her? Brat!! They seem to get off putting down a small child. But the other kids? OFF Limits.!! Give it a rest, with Suri!!

  133. 133
    Thai Says:

    Whats wrong with this picture? Whats wrong with Just Jared anyway? We dont need to know what these freaks do daily, do we? In April she’ll turn 5 and still she is treated like a baby girl, being carried around in her parents arms and sporting a pacifier. A suggestion for Loony Tom and Stepford Katie: next time she should wear the pacifier again but also she should wear high heels and lipstick. Paedos will rejoice…

  134. 134
    rossy40 Says:

    Scientologists believe that babies are born as adults who are unable to communicate because they’re “trapped” in small vessels… As the child leaves that vessel behind they are then allowed to decide when to “give up” things like pacifiers, security blankets, etc. – Once done, childhood is left behind FOREVER & never mentioned again.
    By the way, I’ve seen men & women well into their 20′s-30′s sucking on pacifiers or their thumbs in public. Yeah, people stare at them but nobody calls the guys-in-white-coats to come & take them away. Now whether they’re Scientologists or not… Don’t have a clue & quite frankly, I don’t care.
    I remember when my nephews were born (3 years apart) the oldest didn’t give up his pacifier or stop sucking his thumb till he was almost 4 & at 30, is very successful – His brother by comparison sucked his thumb as a baby & gave up his pacifier at 13 months. Whenever he cried someone stuck in a pacifier, than learned to duck when he spat it out. He very quickly figured out how to unbuckle the chest clip of the baby child seat at 14 months & even escape his playpen, unlock safety gates, etc. He’s also a success at 27!
    And seriously, BINKY? What a weird word to use use for something so harmless as a pacifier – It’s like saying wee-wee & other stupid words to describe… What’s the dumbed-down version for sucking your thumb?
    What really gets me burning is that if a member of the family doesn’t turn/stay in Scientology, the rest of them turn their backs & shun that person until they “come back” into the fold.

  135. 135
    say what! Says:

    @Brangelina Hypocrites:
    You DON”T live with the JP’s so how can you comment on them. It works both ways!

  136. 136
    Wackjob Holmes Says:

    Your nephews are NOT Suri, right??? With that said, how can you compare them to her? As stated by #129, it’s NOT just the pacifier it’s all the other weird things Suri has been seen doing over the years.
    BTW, where the hell do you live that you see adults using pacifiers and sucking their thumbs??? Suri should live where you are, potential friends for her!

  137. 137
    arrival Says:

    Suri has a leggings, what a surprise!!!

  138. 138
    slurry Says:

    Yes! And a HUGE piece of candy on a stick! What a surprise!

  139. 139
    Autistic Says:

    I think Suri is autistic and the pacifier calms her. It’s quite sad actually. Try to find a picture that shows Suri having eye contact with another person. You can’t.

  140. 140
    Annie Says:

    @ Rossy40 – I do think that kids are smarter in some ways than what adults give them credit for (I personally believe in reincarnation) – however Scientologists take this to a totally ridiculous and unbalanced extreme which says it’s wrong to parent kids at all, even as babies. You are right, the reason Suri still has the pacifier and diapers is because she has NEVER ASKED to stop using them off her own initiative. The reason the kid’s skin looks grey-ish because she eats whatever she likes (ie JUNKFOOD 24/7/365) so most likely she has all sorts of mineral deficiencies. This crazyness is the end result of Scientology’s extremist approach.

  141. 141
    Suri needs Valtrex Says:

    Suri has herpes. Good job Katie

  142. 142
    arrival Says:


    yes :D

  143. 143
    Suri needs Valtrex Says:

  144. 144
    Big Mama Says:

    For the love of L. Ron Hubbard, if you’re old enough to decide what your mother wears, you’re old enough to give up the pacifer!

  145. 145
    oldie But Goodie Says:

    Watch video. Suri does talk at least when she’s not getting her way!

  146. 146
    JJ HAS Psychos Says:

    Why is my comment being moderated, NO Profanity JUST REITERATING MY RESPONSE TO Bandage. @Bandage did you flag me..that’s being really immature!!!

  147. 147
    laughable! Says:

    What is wrong with Suri’s hands? This doesn’t look normal at all!

  148. 148
    JJ HAS Psychos Says:

    LOL or was it because I stated that some people view that Catholic religion as cult too but at least Scientology isn’t known for abusing children. Wacky yes but all religious ideologies has it’s faults but that should not give peope the right to degrade them, respect their choice to be Scientolgists, catholics or atheists!!!

  149. 149
    bandage Says:

    @JJ HAS Psychos:
    WTF ! Yeah, like I give a **** what you have to say! It’s too bad your comment is in moderation cause you are actually quite comical. Did you get to be that way from your Ivy League schooling? You must think that you are superior in your comments since you “claim” to be SO educated. the need to post your education to back up a comment goes to show how insecure you really are and immature too boot!

  150. 150
    LALA Says:

    Binky is to pacifier as
    Jello is to gelatin and
    Kleenex is to tissue

    Blame the company that makes “Binkies” and not the public. Their marketing department did an excellent job.

  151. 151
    Annie Says:

    Oh yeah, the reason she has bare legs, arms even feet during Winter is most likely because she screams when they try to put pants and coat on her so they let her have her own way. Apparently when I was three I’d start yelling whenever my parents put shoes and stockings on me cause I didn’t like how they felt on my legs – but they did anyway and it never killed me LOL.

  152. 152
    JJ HAS Psychos Says:

    You just proved my point added a nice touch with the profanity your nutts! No I am not an insecure person, just proving that using a pacifier around Suri’s age should be no big deal she’s not going to grow up a screwed up person as many stated. Btw why shouldn’t I mention me being a gaduate of Princeton University, I worked hard to get enrolled and I worked hard to finish, since when is that not an achievement, psycho!!!

  153. 153
    Dieter Says:

    Lay off , you sound like a bitter hag whose jealous of a child like Suri, not her fault she’s rich lmao

  154. 154
    Jam Says:

    @Dieter , 152

    Nah Bondage is not jealous just a STALKER like many who are here. How the f*ck do they know all this info about Suri, get a life losers. Leave the kid alone

  155. 155
    Merrick Says:

    Quess your new lol because JJ is known to attract crazy azz people and profanity laced tirades. IMHO kids are off limits, but there are sickos here that don’t care and act as if the know really know the Cruise family and their dealings 24 a day lol

  156. 156
    bandage Says:

    @JJ HAS Psychos:
    As I previously stated, which you obviously overlooked, it’s NOT just the pacifier it’s all the other weird things we have seen Suri out in/doing.
    You being a graduate of Princeton is completely irrelevant to a Suri Cruise post. Quite frankly, NO ONE really cares on JJ but you need to flaunt this because YOU think that it makes your comment more accurate then other’s.
    BTW, using profanity makes someone nuts or a psycho? Since when? You really sound quite stupid actually. This just proves that you might be book smart but have NO common sense what so ever! Princeton would be appalled by your comments! Maybe you should stop bragging, it’s very unflattering when you sound like a moron!

  157. 157
    bandage Says:

    It’s bandage not bondage. Oh yeah, totally jealous of a 4 year old! Yes, I would love to be Suri and have ‘totally awesome’ parents like clueless Katie and nut jobTom! @Jam:
    If I’m a stalker then you are too. Your commenting on this thread as well.

  158. 158

    Maybe you need to get a life and stop concerning yourself with a 5 year old child. Also, JJ should really stop posting pics with this girl beacuse she has stalkers lol .Yeah your nuts not only for your reaction, because obviously you don’t know how to comprehend what my first post was all about in which it was in regard to people only mentioning the pacifier. YOU mentioned all those other details, I have a life I do not make it a priority to know all the facts and little details of Suri. You know soo much about a ittle girl it’s creepy!!! Cyber bullying a 5 year yeah…that what JJ attracts

  159. 159
    Jam Says:

    Please, I’m not the one who mention all those details of Suri! You sound like little child yourself ” your a stalker no you, no, so are you” lol
    I don’t usually comment I just like to read all these crazy posts esp when there are over 100 ! People even post links about her , the paps need to stop posting pics about this girl!

  160. 160
    Jam Says:

    ^@Bondage who ever

  161. 161
    bandage Says:

    JJ attracted YOU enough to post several comments now. Then you claim I’m nuts, a stalker, cyber bully, psycho, creepy, I have no life and I’m unable to comprehend. Do you know me? No, you don’t. You think it’s ‘obvious’ that i’m all the things I have mentioned above. Who do you think you are? Your no better then anyone else. Get off your high horse miss “I went to Princeton, therefor I know everything.”

  162. 162
    k Says:

    pacifer’s and thumb sucking are both signs of lazy parenting, and a insecurity so sad for the children of celebrities.

  163. 163
    bandage Says:

    FYI…I do not live under a rock. Suri is photographed so much one can’t help but see photo’s of her (thanks to her parents). Since you have admitted to basically ‘stalking’ JJ to read the comments you must have seen pics of Suri just like me. Also, why would you comment that her picture should not be taken so much? Obvious, you look at them and read about her. BTW, you state that I sound like a little girl??? read you post. You stated….. “I like to read all the crazy posts esp when there are over 100.” You sound pathetic! You are part of the crazy posts!

  164. 164
    melissa Says:

    why is SURI STILL SUCKING ON A PACIFIER?!?!!? shes obviously late on child development!!!! shes 4, not supposed to be having a pacifier still!!!

  165. 165
    hella brat Says:

    @JJ HAS Psychos:
    Who the hell cares where you went to school. You sound like a pretentious snob! Your NOT the only one who has worked hard to achieve things, your just one of THOSE people that feel the need to brag & flaunt your sh** on a gossip website! People like you have NO class! You think your “all that” because you went to an ivy league school!! Get over yourself! YOUR NOT that special!

  166. 166
    Silly Bishes Says:

    @JJ has psycho
    Don’t mind all those silly Bishes. If I went to Princeton I would be tellin everyone too!
    U.S.A has too many ignorant and stupid people so I’ll be secure in myself and praise you. I get what you were trying to say that even though Suri is on a pacifier she’s not going to grow up messed up or as some people say developmentally delayed, giving yourself as an example..but man some people in just goes over their heads! They are the one’s who are not secure in themselves why the need be be soo defensive/ pathetic to criticize a 4 year old.

  167. 167
    Jam Says:

    I am no usually interested in Suri posts because I just think it’s wrong to even have pics and posts about little children but jeez this is land of the delusional. Yes you are a stalker you listed several things about Suri. It was just curiousity as to why Suri would warrant so many posts idiot.
    @hella brat
    Shut the Fu*k up , JJ HAS PSYCHOS used her self as example douchelord that is why she mentioned her school, because several people stated that Suri would be mentally delayed or damaged because she was still using a pacifier you sound like one JEALOUS BIOTCH. Stop taking things out of CONTEXT all of yall

  168. 168
    Stancil Says:

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  169. 169
    lee01 Says:

    Yeeea the pacifier needs to go now, but all she’s gonna have to endure for the delay are (possibly) braces, slow speech development and ear infections.

  170. 170
    djfkl Says:

    Really what is there to say about the thing in her mouth,makes her parents look like asses if they let her have it…wonder if she is still in diapers too….

  171. 171
    Dieter Message to JJ EDITORS Says:

    JJ since when is it OKAY to bash a liitle girl, 5 years of age? Need to start rethinking about posting pics of little kids on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. 172
    @hella Brat Says:

    Your not helping your case or any one else you sound like TRAILER TRASH! LOL

  173. 173
    suda Says:

    I never normally comment on this child but a pacifier? Something is just not right.

  174. 174
    To: JJ HAS PSYCHOS Says:

    I never comment on children, but I have to comment on the nonsense posts from JJ HAS PSYCHOS. THIS SITE CERTAINLY DOES HAVE PSYCHO’S, AND YOU’RE ONE OF THEM.

    First of all darling, there’s not a chance in hell that you attended Princeton University. As a general rule, those of us who did graduate from an Ivy League school tend to be able to spell, puctuate and post in a gammatically correct manner. You can’t spell, don’t know the difference between your and you’re or their and there, and in general, your writing and speech are indicative of someone with a very limited education. In short…..YOU’RE A LIAR AND A MORON. If you are what happens when a child needs to soothe themselves with a pacifier at the age of 5, poor Suri is in deep trouble. Your parents must be so proud.

    Like it or not, it is UNUSUAL (to say the very least) and medically suspect for a child of 5 (next month) to still require a pacifier in public. It’s also UNUSUAL that said child continues to use a bottle, yet wears makeup and high heels. IMHO, none of that is the child’s fault. Fault lies squarely with her parents, who are quite obviously INCAPABLE, UNINTELLIGENT MOUTH BREATHING IMBECILES.

    Finally, those of you who think this is no big deal, please do some reading (if you’re capable of reading, I mean). Suri’s behaviors with the bottle and the pacifier are not only a medical issue doing damage to her teeth and jaw, but also show a problem with her psychological condition as well. In short, this poor child is being ruined by her idiotic parents.

  175. 175
    @Bandage Says:

    You are a delusional Psycho, writing a dissertation no less! This is JJ SO WHAT IF THERE TYPOS idiot! Once again taking things out of CONTEXT. Yes I went to Princeton, traveled the world and my parents are well off. I do not need to prove anything to you. I will continue living my HAPPY life and you’ll continue being a depressive fat old hag negatively commenting on little children. Get a life.

  176. 176
    @Bandage Says:

    By the way Tom and Kate don’t give a FU*CK about what you crazies think about trhem you all give the human race a bad name, being rabid with your comments in regards to this little girl. Think before you post as they say Karma is a biotch.

  177. 177
    Maria Says:

    PACIFER?!?!?! WTF?

  178. 178
    Jolly Folly Says:

    @JJ HAS Psychos:

    Actually Scientology is KNOWN for abusing children. According to documents on the Internet, they are pretty much allowed to do what they want since they are considered little adults until pre-teen to teen years start. Many of them are then sent to work camps where, if they don’t do what they are suppose to do, they are beaten, food is withheld, and other punishments. Furthermore if a parent decides to leave the cult, the kids are instructed to have no contact with them as the parent is now a non-believer. Children when they hit 13-14 are told to write a letter to the leaving parent and telling them they no longer want to associate with them and will not. Pregnancies for upper levels are not suppose to happen (unless you are Tom Cruise)–read the NYorker article–several women talk about being told they have to have a termination. Kids are suppose to write K/R’s on other kids (i.e. report behavior that is contrary to Scientology)–the kids who have committed the “sin” will be punished. If a child is touched or molested by an upstat or OT NOTHING will be done by the cult. Nothing.
    Now if this is not abuse I don’t know what is. It is all condoned by the leader David Miscavage and by association Tom Cruise. Unless Cruise is a total idiot, he has to be aware of the abuses that occur within this cult. And if he is not, then he is a total idiot.
    And all of this info is available on the Internet including leaked cult documents about their operations.
    So what is there to respect? I don’t respect this cult nor do I respect people like Tom Cruise who have to know what is going on.

  179. 179
    bandage Says:


    Just to let you know my last post was #163. The other one’s were not from me. Your last post was at 12:45pm. Who has no life here?
    The numerous names you have called ME also falls under KARMA.
    My comments are directed at the parenting of Katie and Tom, which I don’t agree with.
    Again, I wonder why you have to let everyone know on JJ that you are a Princeton graduate, world traveler, well off, happy etc. If you are so well adjusted, happy, educated and worldly why do you feel the need to attack my comments??? The answer to that is your money, travels, and education have NOT provided you with an once of class! You are the most hostile posted on this thread. I feel sorry for you…

  180. 180
    int base insider Says:

    If Katie couldn’t keep Tom’s lover Miscavie from slapping her, she def. can’t keep her 5 yr old spawn from sucking on a binky.

  181. 181
    Quin Says:

    @RebeccaS: OMG! I was just thinking the SAME THING. So, you can put you r4 year old in heels and 2,000 outfits but you can’t get them off the pacifier? WOW!

  182. 182
    Romeo Says:

    How do you know she’s socially challenged, #91?

    You don’t know what her weight and diet is, #92.

    No one LOOKS like a brat or not and you have no idea how smart she is or how she behaves.

    Wait till she actually does something wrong as an adult before picking on her parents.

    You”re not ‘speculating,’ #93. You’re making definitive statements.

    YOU’RE the creepy ones.

    Then go mind your own daughter, #94.

    The TV miniseries wasn’t canceled and was always on cable, #95. Cruise is busy filming the fourth Mission: Impossible movie due to be released this winter while he has signed up to star in a musical and a film by Guillermo del Toro.

    TomKat doesn’t care, #105. Mind your own kids.

    So what if she has expensive clothes and we haven’t seen temper tantrums (like you can hold child against them for that anyway) or horrible manners from her (again, something you can’t hold a child against), #107. She has friends her age too.

    No one asked you, #111.

    How do you know she doesn’t have friends her age, #122? Ever considered that she’s home schooled?

    So what if she eats junk food, #129? All kids do and there’s nothing wrong with it. And you don’t know if she eats it all the time. You only have paparazzi photos to fall back on.

    You don’t know if she has friends her age or not. You’re criticizing her blankets?

    Quit telling other people how to raise their kids. Or at least do something rather than whine here.

    Just because she’s out in broad daylight in public it doesn’t mean she’s paraded around.

    It’s a complete double standard, #133.

    You’re an idiot, #139.

    You have no idea how she’s being raised, #140. Don’t believe every tabloid garbage you read.

    Prove it or shut up, #151.

    No one forces you to comment, #163.

    Quit playing doctor-and with people you’ve never even met, #174.

  183. 183
    AEP Says:

    So fricking sad. Does anyone notice how disconnected Cankle pig girl is all the time to her kid? She walks her pigeon-toed, clueless azz around like she is actually some kind of huge movie star. She can’t sing, act, dance, or parent.
    This entire act of her and gay boy is soo stupid. And incredibly insulting.

  184. 184
    JJ has Psychos Says:

    What are you babbling about? I only post as JJ has Psychos, I did not call you any dereogitory names. Did not mention Karma. Now if other people felt the need to respond to you that way , all I can say that critisizing/ bullying a little girl would make anyone angry, tempers flare but we are adults.

  185. 185
    JJ has Psychos Says:

    Why the need to change post names/ taking other people’s post names??? JJ really attracks sick people

  186. 186
    Wonder Says:

    @JJ has Psychos:
    You have way too much time on your hands! You have more posts then anyone here!

  187. 187
    uh Says:

    i thought this was a post about a hamburger?

  188. 188
    webcrawler Says:

    a pacifier in her mouth at 5? this kid sucks on a pacifier yet wears heels, makeup, carries designer bags and drinks starbucks. emotionally, this child is still an infant yet she is learning to be an “adult” emulating her mother. there is something very wrong with her parents.

  189. 189
    webcrawler Says:

    Also, Katie Holmes always has this stupid blank look on her face. I think this is because she is genuinely a boring person without any talent. She shops all day and is a muse to a weirdo Cruise. Sure, the $$ would be nice but after a while, it would get old and futile. In terms of a career, she has none and the only reason why she is in the limelight is b/c Cruise is “old” and is using her youth to stay in the game. She is seriously a terrible actress and even Maggie G. laughed at her. As a teeny bopper WB actress on Dawson’s, she was OK but all her attempts to find a niche in hollywood has failed from silly dancing with the stars, singing like a chipmunk to exposing her boobs in a movie — all sad attempts to pull herself out of her Dawson days.

  190. 190
    Helena Says:

    Why does an almost 5 year old have a pacifier???

  191. 191
    nancyw Says:

    I cannot believe my eyes!!!! I have never seen a child over 3 sucking a pacifier!!!! That is called lazy parenting and giving in to her every demand!!! I have a gut feeling that her parents cannot stand her crying!! She will definarely be a smoker!!

  192. 192
    NICOLE Says:

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE. Don’t get your panties all in a knot. Once Suri realizes that binkies will make her lipstick smear, she’ll trash it.

  193. 193
    NG Says:

    I think this binky is a publicity attention gimmick. Notice the previous pictures of Suri were dropping in posts counts. By giving Suri anything that in remoting “infantile” if you will (blankets, bottle, binky, stuffed animals, etc.) they know she will go for it and it will also get people talking about Suri, them, etc. Yes, I believe they think publicity is a good thing unless we are talking about that leaked Scientology of Cruise 5 years ago. But I think this binky or Suri sucking on a bottle they don’t mind getting that kind of attention. NONE of them (Katie or Cruise) have any successes lately and this brings them back on the gossip blogs.

    Do they are? Of course they care what the PAYING PUBLIC thinks. We support their lavish lifestyles.

  194. 194
    Jenn Says:

    I have never seen a pic of suri with a paci before the whole thing looks staged,she doesn’t even look comfortable with it in her mouth.I guess katie was tired of charlie sheen getting all the media attention this week so she decided to step it up!

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