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Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Hamburger Helper!

Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Hamburger Helper!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise stop at Vera’s Hamburgers for a bite to eat on Sunday (March 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

After filling up on hamburgers, the mother-daughter duo headed over to the set of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol to visit Tom Cruise.

The day before, Katie and Suri, 4, had a fun-filled day together, complete with stops at a toy store, a cupcake shop, and Starbucks!

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise getting hamburgers…

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suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 01
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 02
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 03
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 04
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 05
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 06
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 07
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 08
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 09
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 10
suri cruise katie holmes hamburger helper 11

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  • no way

    I Cant.. just can’t look at this poor 5 yr old train wreck…too sad!

  • kawaii

    l love her little coat , so cute. she looks just like her mom.

  • Christy

    4-years-old??? Pacifier??? Let’s hope they don’t have any more kids.

  • Amy

    She’s actually three

  • Rita

    A Pacifier, Really?!!!! Katie Holmes is crazy! I started watching The Romantics and could only take 15 minutes of her and I had to turn it off. Even paid for it on Demand, but couldn’t take one more minute of her! What has happened to her? Where is Tom? Is he off with his “friend” and letting Katie shop to keep her happy? Such a pathetic pair! God will punish them for denying him.

  • RebeccaS

    @RebeccaS: haha, understandable

  • Beating a dead horse

    I have nothing to say.
    I can’t say a word.
    As the saying goes, I have no words.
    Umm,may I please just that I agree with all of YOU!!

    Really?4yrs old?
    Are you serious.
    Ify ou told me, I would say,no.That is not true.
    However, I see the picture.
    Very sad.

  • ploy?

    maybe the binky is to get her off the bottle? … a few years late Katie. OR Maybe this is “BETTER negative” attention than the lawsuit negative attention… sort of like a diversion. These idiots will never have respect. Katies career is DONE. Continue on w/ the cheesy catalog crap Katie Holmes!…And get some help for the autistic kid.

  • kaykay


    What do the JPs have to do with this thread.. sucking a thumb is not great but come on.. are you really trying to compare the two. or is this just a way to bring in the JPs and make a dig.. Get over it.

    Suri is a very cute littlegirl. I don’t get the pacifier but it could be to calm her from the paps and the staring crowd. It must be overwhelming for a young child to walk out and have those people staring at you all the time.
    She is still very young. Stop the negative.

    Katie and Tom can raise their child the way they chose; whether we agree or not.

    Such is life.

    Let’s be concerned about Charlie Sheen’s boys and their psycho father.. I don’t see the over concern for those boys.. Why is it only about certain celebrity children.

  • annie

    don’t know about you , but we have sweets that look like pacifiers, a lot of kids suck on them , there a few celeb kids who have been pictured with them, or else they were real……you know Kingston, all of you seem to get your knickers tied in a knot over Suri and Katie for some reason.

  • Linda

    Suri wants a soother, Suri gets a soother. Like I said before, the Scientology parents do not say “NO” to their kids. I wonder Suri will be trained to become a real Scientologyist like Conner, who seems to be quite serious like his daddy. Somehow, I do not think so.

  • Suri’s tantrums

    @OVERBOARD: “”
    This is the crap that draw people to you Katie, are you feeling fulfilled in life???”"

    Great comment !

  • tsc

    She should never have become a mother. A good mother would never let their child run around half dressed in sub zero temperatures the way she does. Coat is never zippped, nothing on her legs. This woman has major issues. A pacifier at her age? Please, Katie put some effort into your kid otherwise she’s going to be pemanently messed up and it will be all your fault for not caring. Poor kid!

  • to annie

    @annie: ENLARGE the pic, you will see there is no doubt it is a real plastic/rubber pacifier.

  • to annie

    If it was a fake candy pacifier (which it is not) I would be concerned, a kid does not need as much candy as she receives GOOD LORD.

  • shoegal

    i don’t know much about parenting rules via scientology, but should a 4 year old kid be sucking on a pacifier??? at least they’re not carrying her around everywhere anymore but really now…

  • RebeccaS

    @annie: that is a hilarious lame excuse… good luck trying to justify this mother and that PACIFIER!

  • Annie

    LMAO. your wrong.

  • nadya


  • Wilhelmina

    Suri Cruise is the new Rachel Bilson

  • Eresyn

    A PACIFIER????? she’s almost five!!!! both her maxilar bones and teeth are gonna get ruined…(not to mention the psichological damage as well)…what’s next???? please don’t tell me she still uses the bottle and diapers :(:(:(

  • Wilhelmina?

    what do you mean? expand upon that statement. Is Rachel Bilson in diapers sucking away on binkys?

  • Kelly

    Get off ur judgemental high horses, find something to do with ur time besides obsess over this little girl. Go mind ur own child!!!!
    I Love suri, She has beautiful eyes n she has character too.

  • jessemosslover

    Wow this is really pathetic. Are all of you really freaking out because the child has a pacifier in her mouth? REALLY? You all dont care that this child is being chased around by stalkerazzi but the pacifier you have a problem with. Sad. My almost 3 year old niece uses a pacifier still, so what? I knew someone who was still sucking her thumb at the age of 19. Again, so what? Its no one elses business.

  • more grossness

    THIS child is OFF… something is going on w/ her. I see 3 yrs olds w/ pacifiers and it sort of creeps me out, this is plain disgusting.

  • kristi

    OMG – this kid is cute but come on, get that binky out of her mouth. This family doesn’t make sense at all, they give the child credit cards, makeup, expensive purses AND a binky. WTF!!!
    Get that binky out of her mouth and when she throws a tantrum, spank her in the butt and give her an old fashion time out!

  • chacha


  • sunny

    4 yrs. old and a pacifier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out in public too! Come on….ridiculous. SHe has a full set of teeth!

  • hag

    that kid looks 5 already and to have a pacifier in her mouth is sad. i think she seems in her own world most of the time. and why has katie not gotten pregnant again to give suri a sibling? she certainly is not in demand or busy for movies. is if because Tiny did not get her preggers the first time????

  • Lala

    The most elegant lttle girl I’ve ever seen

  • Pease stop insanity

    Lala.. Anyone will look elegant in a Burberry coat. She’s cute but don’t feed into this kids hype.

  • Pease stop insanity

    Lala.. Anyone will look elegant in a Burberry coat. She’s cute but don’t feed into this kids hype.

  • jasmine

    a 4 year old should not be sucking on a pacifier. things are wrong with this girl.

  • Romeo

    You have no idea how this kid is being raised or how she’ll end up, #40.

    Brangelina always gets a break, #43. They can do no wrong.

    Why would they want NEGATIVE attention, #44? It’s pathetic that every single thing they do is accused of being some calculated attempt for attention no matter how absurd the reasoning.

    You don’t know how much candy she receives, #65! You don’t know her!

    She IS in demand and busy with movies, #79. Both are.

  • there’s a pedo on this thread!

    @Lala: Are you a nutcase! A 5years old with a pacifier and obvious developmental problems (bottles, diapers, etc.) an all you can comment on is her “great elegance”!!! The elegance of a 5 years old!? Are you a pedo!!? Pedo I repeat ! Do you have a poster of Suri in your bedroom?? Or Suri is on your desktop??!
    It has been said before that all of those thousands pics and endless parading of Suri with make-up and very little dresses all year long, high heels, etc could be acting as a PEDO BAIT for unhinged celebrity whorshipers. Here above we have a couple of example post#80 &77 are certainly from the same mentally unhinged man or woman, the kind that steals babies in their stroller!!

  • Marry

    Oh la plus belle fille du monde.

  • someone

    Why does that 4 yr old have a pacifier in her mouth?…my kids never used one, but for those that do, I think once they are off the bottle, they should be off the pacifier. IMO

  • patricia

    Lots of cute kids at age 4 or 5 out there BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!!!!!

    IThis is a first for moi to see a cute kid with a binky stuck in her mouth walking down the street for all to see.

    Katie Holmes should have that kid taken away from her. The kid is destroyed as it is.
    We have seen this brat with high heels on walking down town NYC many times also lipstick all over her lips a real mess. Her face make up and tons of eye makeup look absolutly rediculous and Now instead of her baby bottle she has a binky to suck on while Katie walks her for milres for the world to see.
    I mean is Katie Holmes nuts. The kid is a total FU!

  • pita

    yeah many elegant dressers are sickos too as is the case here.

  • Capri

    Holy shite is this the only way Katie H. can get attention is by ruining her kid . 4 yr old kids almost 5 DO NOT suck on BINKYS!

  • Lavito

    Katie is out of her mind, really, why does she allow sucking on a pacifier nearly at age 5. Suri has real issues that will never be addressed by good professional doctors. Not only is Suri socially challenged, I think she is autistic, she needs help. Sad that she will never get it cause her parents are crazy.

  • Desperate Maniston

    there is a difference between sucking your thumb and a pacifier. maybe brange dont wanna slap their kids thumb outta there mouth in public. and maybe they only let them do it in public cuz of the paps. you dont know…
    but it isnt just the pacifier that is disturbing here. her weight, diet and clothing add to the disgustful child-rearing. what child needs hot chocolate and cupakes on a daily basis? she is underweight cuz they prob dont push nutrition on suri and prob dont care how many bites she actually eats. if they dont say no to her now, then how is she even gonna be home schooled? do they really think she is gonna want to read and do homework? i dont think she is cute at all. suri looks like a spoiled brat and she will grow up to be a terror. she will have emotional problems when the world does not go her way. and can you imagine if she decides to procreate on day? what kind of crazy will surface cuz the cult says she cant tell her child no, yet the child doesnt do what she wants?
    and jared prob buys all the pics and stories cuz they are cheap and it is a slow news day. come one now. how many fans do tomkat really have? everyone knows they are both sad and pathetic and delusional.

  • Oh god here we go

    Romeo everything you say is with such passion but makes no sense. Everyone’s speculating… Including you! But the writing is basically on the wall here dude. …have never seen such wackjob behavior ever my god! its hard not to comment. So pease stop the defense shit. You are a creepster…. And PS One FACT :Katie Holmes is not in demand. hellsssss NO

  • Lynn

    You have got to be kidding a almost 5 yr old is still sucking on a pacifier. What the hell is wrong w/ Tom & Katie? Suri shouldn’t be sucking on anything. My daughter is almost 6 & she doesn’t have NO pacifier. she didn’t like her paci’s in the 1st place. Damn Tom & Katie get some HELP!

  • hag

    what movies is katie in demand for???? that tv crap got canceled and shopped off to cable??? and tiny has been shooting that MI4 disaster for over 6 months and still no end in site. what has either have lined up?

  • Lala

    #85 What can u do only judge the child??!! Im not a big fan of suri but I like her. Let suri enjoy with her childhood time. Not ur place to criticism.

  • ollie

    lol romeo….

    katie is NOT in demand. All programs…movies have flopped…..its bec she cant sing; dance, dress herself normally (no fashion sense)….her acting is hilarious and so funny…it just ruins the scenes. She needs to focus on raising her brat better. Suri will be 5 years old soon and she still has a foo foo, blankie and probably on diapers.

  • mindy

    @Desperate Maniston: ‘ jared prob buys all the pics and stories cuz they are cheap’
    Certainly pics of Katie and Suri are cheap because they are too predictable & too numerous. Jared post thousands of pics of Suri per year & do you think he pays them the high price??? Of course no, cheap pictures for him compare to those of other celeb kids which are more rare.

  • there’s a pedo on this thread!

    @Lala: Simonette??!

  • Oh god here we go

    I want to see ( not really) a shot of her w/ this binky and high heels. I know it’s coming. Or night gown+binky+ high heels + baba in mommys bag while out picking up cupcakes and sephora make up while Katie “accidentally” holds her in a way where the poor girls underwear is showing to prove she’s not in diapers. bTW..Noooo excuse for that… That was the lowest IMO. Trashtastic Katie Holmes thinks this stuff is “cute” you know it. ..classy.