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Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Hamburger Helper!

Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Hamburger Helper!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise stop at Vera’s Hamburgers for a bite to eat on Sunday (March 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

After filling up on hamburgers, the mother-daughter duo headed over to the set of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol to visit Tom Cruise.

The day before, Katie and Suri, 4, had a fun-filled day together, complete with stops at a toy store, a cupcake shop, and Starbucks!

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise getting hamburgers…

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194 Responses to “Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes' Hamburger Helper!”

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  1. 151
    Annie Says:

    Oh yeah, the reason she has bare legs, arms even feet during Winter is most likely because she screams when they try to put pants and coat on her so they let her have her own way. Apparently when I was three I’d start yelling whenever my parents put shoes and stockings on me cause I didn’t like how they felt on my legs – but they did anyway and it never killed me LOL.

  2. 152
    JJ HAS Psychos Says:

    You just proved my point added a nice touch with the profanity your nutts! No I am not an insecure person, just proving that using a pacifier around Suri’s age should be no big deal she’s not going to grow up a screwed up person as many stated. Btw why shouldn’t I mention me being a gaduate of Princeton University, I worked hard to get enrolled and I worked hard to finish, since when is that not an achievement, psycho!!!

  3. 153
    Dieter Says:

    Lay off , you sound like a bitter hag whose jealous of a child like Suri, not her fault she’s rich lmao

  4. 154
    Jam Says:

    @Dieter , 152

    Nah Bondage is not jealous just a STALKER like many who are here. How the f*ck do they know all this info about Suri, get a life losers. Leave the kid alone

  5. 155
    Merrick Says:

    Quess your new lol because JJ is known to attract crazy azz people and profanity laced tirades. IMHO kids are off limits, but there are sickos here that don’t care and act as if the know really know the Cruise family and their dealings 24 a day lol

  6. 156
    bandage Says:

    @JJ HAS Psychos:
    As I previously stated, which you obviously overlooked, it’s NOT just the pacifier it’s all the other weird things we have seen Suri out in/doing.
    You being a graduate of Princeton is completely irrelevant to a Suri Cruise post. Quite frankly, NO ONE really cares on JJ but you need to flaunt this because YOU think that it makes your comment more accurate then other’s.
    BTW, using profanity makes someone nuts or a psycho? Since when? You really sound quite stupid actually. This just proves that you might be book smart but have NO common sense what so ever! Princeton would be appalled by your comments! Maybe you should stop bragging, it’s very unflattering when you sound like a moron!

  7. 157
    bandage Says:

    It’s bandage not bondage. Oh yeah, totally jealous of a 4 year old! Yes, I would love to be Suri and have ‘totally awesome’ parents like clueless Katie and nut jobTom! @Jam:
    If I’m a stalker then you are too. Your commenting on this thread as well.

  8. 158

    Maybe you need to get a life and stop concerning yourself with a 5 year old child. Also, JJ should really stop posting pics with this girl beacuse she has stalkers lol .Yeah your nuts not only for your reaction, because obviously you don’t know how to comprehend what my first post was all about in which it was in regard to people only mentioning the pacifier. YOU mentioned all those other details, I have a life I do not make it a priority to know all the facts and little details of Suri. You know soo much about a ittle girl it’s creepy!!! Cyber bullying a 5 year yeah…that what JJ attracts

  9. 159
    Jam Says:

    Please, I’m not the one who mention all those details of Suri! You sound like little child yourself ” your a stalker no you, no, so are you” lol
    I don’t usually comment I just like to read all these crazy posts esp when there are over 100 ! People even post links about her , the paps need to stop posting pics about this girl!

  10. 160
    Jam Says:

    ^@Bondage who ever

  11. 161
    bandage Says:

    JJ attracted YOU enough to post several comments now. Then you claim I’m nuts, a stalker, cyber bully, psycho, creepy, I have no life and I’m unable to comprehend. Do you know me? No, you don’t. You think it’s ‘obvious’ that i’m all the things I have mentioned above. Who do you think you are? Your no better then anyone else. Get off your high horse miss “I went to Princeton, therefor I know everything.”

  12. 162
    k Says:

    pacifer’s and thumb sucking are both signs of lazy parenting, and a insecurity so sad for the children of celebrities.

  13. 163
    bandage Says:

    FYI…I do not live under a rock. Suri is photographed so much one can’t help but see photo’s of her (thanks to her parents). Since you have admitted to basically ‘stalking’ JJ to read the comments you must have seen pics of Suri just like me. Also, why would you comment that her picture should not be taken so much? Obvious, you look at them and read about her. BTW, you state that I sound like a little girl??? read you post. You stated….. “I like to read all the crazy posts esp when there are over 100.” You sound pathetic! You are part of the crazy posts!

  14. 164
    melissa Says:

    why is SURI STILL SUCKING ON A PACIFIER?!?!!? shes obviously late on child development!!!! shes 4, not supposed to be having a pacifier still!!!

  15. 165
    hella brat Says:

    @JJ HAS Psychos:
    Who the hell cares where you went to school. You sound like a pretentious snob! Your NOT the only one who has worked hard to achieve things, your just one of THOSE people that feel the need to brag & flaunt your sh** on a gossip website! People like you have NO class! You think your “all that” because you went to an ivy league school!! Get over yourself! YOUR NOT that special!

  16. 166
    Silly Bishes Says:

    @JJ has psycho
    Don’t mind all those silly Bishes. If I went to Princeton I would be tellin everyone too!
    U.S.A has too many ignorant and stupid people so I’ll be secure in myself and praise you. I get what you were trying to say that even though Suri is on a pacifier she’s not going to grow up messed up or as some people say developmentally delayed, giving yourself as an example..but man some people in just goes over their heads! They are the one’s who are not secure in themselves why the need be be soo defensive/ pathetic to criticize a 4 year old.

  17. 167
    Jam Says:

    I am no usually interested in Suri posts because I just think it’s wrong to even have pics and posts about little children but jeez this is land of the delusional. Yes you are a stalker you listed several things about Suri. It was just curiousity as to why Suri would warrant so many posts idiot.
    @hella brat
    Shut the Fu*k up , JJ HAS PSYCHOS used her self as example douchelord that is why she mentioned her school, because several people stated that Suri would be mentally delayed or damaged because she was still using a pacifier you sound like one JEALOUS BIOTCH. Stop taking things out of CONTEXT all of yall

  18. 168
    Stancil Says:

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  19. 169
    lee01 Says:

    Yeeea the pacifier needs to go now, but all she’s gonna have to endure for the delay are (possibly) braces, slow speech development and ear infections.

  20. 170
    djfkl Says:

    Really what is there to say about the thing in her mouth,makes her parents look like asses if they let her have it…wonder if she is still in diapers too….

  21. 171
    Dieter Message to JJ EDITORS Says:

    JJ since when is it OKAY to bash a liitle girl, 5 years of age? Need to start rethinking about posting pics of little kids on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 172
    @hella Brat Says:

    Your not helping your case or any one else you sound like TRAILER TRASH! LOL

  23. 173
    suda Says:

    I never normally comment on this child but a pacifier? Something is just not right.

  24. 174
    To: JJ HAS PSYCHOS Says:

    I never comment on children, but I have to comment on the nonsense posts from JJ HAS PSYCHOS. THIS SITE CERTAINLY DOES HAVE PSYCHO’S, AND YOU’RE ONE OF THEM.

    First of all darling, there’s not a chance in hell that you attended Princeton University. As a general rule, those of us who did graduate from an Ivy League school tend to be able to spell, puctuate and post in a gammatically correct manner. You can’t spell, don’t know the difference between your and you’re or their and there, and in general, your writing and speech are indicative of someone with a very limited education. In short…..YOU’RE A LIAR AND A MORON. If you are what happens when a child needs to soothe themselves with a pacifier at the age of 5, poor Suri is in deep trouble. Your parents must be so proud.

    Like it or not, it is UNUSUAL (to say the very least) and medically suspect for a child of 5 (next month) to still require a pacifier in public. It’s also UNUSUAL that said child continues to use a bottle, yet wears makeup and high heels. IMHO, none of that is the child’s fault. Fault lies squarely with her parents, who are quite obviously INCAPABLE, UNINTELLIGENT MOUTH BREATHING IMBECILES.

    Finally, those of you who think this is no big deal, please do some reading (if you’re capable of reading, I mean). Suri’s behaviors with the bottle and the pacifier are not only a medical issue doing damage to her teeth and jaw, but also show a problem with her psychological condition as well. In short, this poor child is being ruined by her idiotic parents.

  25. 175
    @Bandage Says:

    You are a delusional Psycho, writing a dissertation no less! This is JJ SO WHAT IF THERE TYPOS idiot! Once again taking things out of CONTEXT. Yes I went to Princeton, traveled the world and my parents are well off. I do not need to prove anything to you. I will continue living my HAPPY life and you’ll continue being a depressive fat old hag negatively commenting on little children. Get a life.

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