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Amanda Seyfried & Alexander Skarsgard Dated!

Amanda Seyfried & Alexander Skarsgard Dated!

Amanda Seyfried rocks a Prada dress as she graces the cover of Elle magazine’s April 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (March 15)!

Here’s what the 25-year-old Red Riding Hood actress had to share:

On being told she needed to get Botox: “I was like, Damn you! But we’re in Hollywood. I’m on a huge screen. With these new digital cameras, you can see the peach fuzz on my face.”

On her best on-screen kisses: “I can’t lie. It didn’t suck making out with Channing and Justin.”

On who she would like to be paired up with next: “I’d really love to make out with Michael Fassbender. Put me in a movie with that guy. I’m serious. Wow.”

On falling in love on set: “[It is] one of the easiest things in the world. You’re both open. You’re put in a situation where you have to make out with each other. It’s easy for things to get carried away.”

On her rumored romance with Ryan Phillippe: “Um, yeah. I’ve been ‘seen’ with him.”

On Alexander Skarsgard: “We dated. He’s superfunny, but I was too involved with Dom.”

FYI: Amanda finished her look with white gold and diamond bracelets from De Beers and her own ring.

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81 Responses to “Amanda Seyfried & Alexander Skarsgard Dated!”

  1. 1
    marie-ann Says:

    wow alexander skarsgaard is “superfunny” lol who knew?
    she has a weird face tho.

  2. 2
    jackie Says:

    I wish Skarsgard and her would have worked out. I like her and him together a lot more than him and the Bos.

  3. 3
    kitty Says:

    I like her, think she’s really pretty…better than bosho! :) shame he downgraded

  4. 4
    miapocca Says:

    Thanks good , no more sarkard …I only see hemophiliac albino children if they dare to mate..

  5. 5
    Nikki Says:

    WOW. Never would have paired them together, but she’s better than the famewh*re.

  6. 6
    Emily Says:

    I can see it. They would have been a cute couple.

  7. 7
    Sun Says:

    wow great interview. what an interesting woman

  8. 8
    Laina Says:

    I’ve always rooted for her but she tries way too hard. She is promising, she doesn’t need to act like megan fox.

  9. 9
    lemmon Says:

    I loved her with Dominic.

  10. 10
    Hazel Says:

    wow is she defending botox pushers? sad

  11. 11
    Name Says:

    How many times can a person say make out in one interview?

  12. 12
    oh Says:

    is this surprising news? she’ll fu ck anything

  13. 13
    Joanna Says:

    doesn’t she look like a bratz doll in the pic?

  14. 14
    21st Says:

    Hopefully she can rebound from Chloe. I’ll never get those 90 minutes back.

  15. 15
    Yuck, he's a climber Says:

    See? Alexander Skarsgard NEEDS a celebrity gf, it doesn’t matter who.
    He’s a real climber famewhore.

  16. 16
    Lilakoi Moon Says:

    everyone fvcks everyone in hollywood!

  17. 17
    sunbears1 Says:

    @Yuck, he’s a climber: even though we didn’t find out about it until now? lol stop

  18. 18
    shame Says:

    i bet she drops to her knees to get roles.

  19. 19
    chicca Says:

    @Lilakoi Moon: TRUE!!!

  20. 20
    Elle Says:

    She is seems cheap…

    She is pretty,
    no doubt!!
    but has in the back of it that whorish like quality…unfortunately :(
    she seems just like a girl that matured too early and then acted stupidly

  21. 21
    hmm Says:

    Didn’t that Hailee Steinfeld girl from ‘True Grit’ wear that dress she’s wearing on the cover at some award show?

  22. 22
    Shauna Says:

    Wasn’t that the same dress Haillee Steinfeld wore to this year’s Golden Globes?

  23. 23
    From Paris with Love Says:

    Wow, can we say sl*t?

  24. 24
    Crew Says:

    @Shauna: Same collection, good spotting!

  25. 25
    Lena Says:

    Umm we know you are PR dating Ryan..

  26. 26
    Cora Says:

    25 years old and Botox! If Hollywood were a person, he or she would get a huge slap! This girl is gorgeous, and she’s in her mid twenties–what the heck does she need Botox for?!

    I love how outspoken she is though and funny–lol @ the peach fuzz comment.

  27. 27
    Pattycake Says:

    I can see the fatties are here getting fried chicken grease all over their keyboards calling Amanda names. She’s young, single, and gorgeous, I’d faint if she hasn’t had some very interesting relationships. But she seems very down to earth and honest.

  28. 28
    Weber from Brazil Says:


    yup. Hailee wore this same dress at SAAG AWARDS
    and she looked way better *-*

  29. 29
    Weber from Brazil Says:


  30. 30
    Sandra Says:

    Why she mentioned Alex? Not very classy to accept she was with Alex AND Dom at the same time. But hey Alex, at least Amanda has boobs!

  31. 31
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Very cheap

  32. 32
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    I dont like

  33. 33
    Ali Says:

    The more I see interviews with her, the more and more unstable she seems. It is a dangerous business if you’re not grounded by family and someone who loves you. See seemed lovely in “Mama Mia”; now, not so nice. Uber talented; but not so stable.

  34. 34
    HotInLA Says:

    Wow, she had her hands on ASkars and let him go ’cause she was too involved with two-timing Dom? not very smart Amanda! Sadly Alex dodged this bullet and got stuck with something worse.

  35. 35
    Yuck, he's a climber Says:

    @Cora: i remember when she was considered an older Dakota Fanning = smart+beautiful+very good actress ’till she started doing interviews, the tatoo on her foot… etc.
    Now she is beautiful and a good actress. I think she a bit dumb, not outspoken.

  36. 36
    Suzie11 Says:

    her tattoo is just gross and she is the furthest thing from intelligent.

  37. 37
    Vesper Says:

    LOL! Like you crazies would like anyone he dates.

  38. 38
    lauren Says:

    im not a fan of when celebrities do interviews, they never open up about anything and only give what they think its interesting, they need to open up about what really happened with their past relationships or scandal that would get ppl reading.

  39. 39
    lol Says:

    Alex went from a showroom model to a beat up, used up car.

  40. 40
    Yuck, he's a climber Says:

    @Sandra: she’s a name-dropper.
    I had a crush on her… before the dummy interviews.

  41. 41
    s Says:

    Why is it when she and Alexander dated no one knew, but yet everyone knows about him and Kate dating. Interesting…

  42. 42
    @41 Says:

    My guess is they only dated very briefly.

  43. 43
    veruca Says:

    @s: Because they likely dated during the promo stuff for Mamma Mia, which was before he had his US breakthrough (which came later that year). Why would it have been newsworthy that an up and coming actress was dating an unknown Swedish actor?
    And she said they ‘dated’. That doesn’t really explain their relationship. ‘Dated’ could mean that they went out on one date but she was too invested in Dominic. Or it could mean months of hot passionate sex. Who knows? She does seem a bit young for him though.

  44. 44
    oh Says:

    He seems to only date blondes.

  45. 45
    ploy Says:

    PR ploy to show he lurvves women due to gay rumors

  46. 46
    Carrie Says:

    how predictable the same old fangurl dissin her coz of sleeping with skarz

  47. 47
    Cold path to stardom Says:

    @oh: IKR!
    In Sweden he dated brunettes… hmmm a 34 years man won’t change his taste so easily.
    My guess is he wants what people call “power couple”, but his personality must be very odd… because he ended up with the bosworth…

  48. 48
    PR Says:

    good tactic that helps all involved. her, Beige and especially Askars with the talk around town bout his leanings. Publicity nothing more

  49. 49
    Lykke Says:


    soooo what it is

  50. 50
    wos Says:

    scene QUEEN

  51. 51
    Doreen Says:

    Bonesworth is going to shat her pants now. Expect some staged pap outting any day now to remind us they are “together”.

  52. 52
    slutty Says:

    Wow, what a fake ****….obviously she dated alexander while she was dating dom and dom cheated on his gf with amanda.

    She tries too hard to sound humble and smart, when it’s obvious she is neither.

    Word around town is that she’s a fake beotch. And yes, she’s had botox and collagen.

  53. 53
    lmao Says:


  54. 54
    Cold path to stardom Says:

    @Doreen: Hehe, like she’s at the same level of Amanda… yeah, right. ;-)

  55. 55
    Doreen Says:

    @Cold path to stardom:

    No doubt, talk about a major downgrade there…for both Alex AND Amanda.

  56. 56
    Legally.Stupid.I.Mean.Blonde Says:

    why is she telling everyone this? in pictures she’s like covering herself but in interviews…THE BLONDENESS COMES ALIVE!!

  57. 57
    To Amanda Says:

    Please, stop with the name-dropping.
    Think before you talk, you sound lighheaded.
    Don’t kiss and tell.

  58. 58
    BigJohnson Says:

    What she calls a date, is what people in Europe call going out for dinner…

  59. 59
    Chlamydia Club? Says:

    @BigJohnson: yeah, right.

  60. 60
    His fans - Chlamydia Club? Says:

    Alex likes blonde-skinny women (or he think they’ll help his HW career). I’ll pay for know what he thinks when he sees his overweight fans, sure he smiles, but he must feel sick.

  61. 61
    lovelydee Says:

    She’s so freaking gorgeous.

  62. 62
    mariuppie Says:

    I feel soooooo sorry for anyone that acts as COLD and arrogant as her. Falling in love is “one of the easiest things in hollywood” ?? I bet she could not read her own statements without feeling how harsh she was on everyone she f****d.

  63. 63
    Loren Says:

    From a CTV story:
    “After splitting from Dominic in May 2010, Amanda embarked on a brief romance with ‘True Blood’ actor Alexander Skarsgard but it soon fizzled out because she still had feelings for her former lover.”

    Um, so he dated Amanda Seyfried while Kate was trying to make people believe THEY were dating? Hahahaha! So this all happened during the time of Coachella, etc? Interesting.

  64. 64
    Loren Says:

    Speaking of which, she apparently only went out on one date with Alex. I’d hardly call that “dating”.

  65. 65
    shubert Says:

    She’s as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  66. 66
    @Doreen you're right!!!! Says:

    yeah alex and famewhore were papped alone at a restaurant great timing with amanda’s confimation of them dating!!! alex and famewhore show up they need to keep up there love in public!!

  67. 67
    Oh, Amanda Says:

    @@Doreen you’re right!!!!:
    wow, he looks so pissed off and Kate looks sad in those pics.
    Amanda really made some damage to Alex’s image. Now we know he’s kind of sleazy and desperate for a famous partner.

  68. 68
    Doreen Says:

    See I knew it. It’s to be expected at this point. Amanda S yaps off, which nobody can control, so Bonesworth sets up an outing to counteract.

  69. 69
    Doreen Says:

    @Oh, Amanda:

    If he was desperate for a famous partner then he wouldn’t hang out with Bosworth because she’s definitely not that famous. And, we’re only finding out about one date with Amanda S just now, so it’s not like he advertised it. Apparently it happened while he was supposed to be “with ” KB, so how serious can this be? Amanda S yaps off and the same frigging day they’re spotted having dinner, when they haven’t been spotted together for a long time? It’s past convenient timing.

  70. 70
    Doreen Says:

    @His fans – Chlamydia Club?:

    Most of his prior girlfriends haven’t been blonde. Just sayin.

  71. 71
    Oh, Amanda Says:

    @Doreen: He’s desperate for a famous partner, but he can’t get one:
    - ERW: chose Marilyn Manson!
    - Amanda: chose Dominic
    - Izabella Miko: not famous enough
    - Kate Bosworth: always available, and they needed to kill the Nelly Fang and Chris Martin rumors.

  72. 72
    Oh, Amanda Says:

    HAHA DListed

    “HUH?! Amanda didn’t dump ASkars because her ****** kept clapping his name in Morse code and it got distracting. And she also didn’t end things with ASkars because she kept screaming the name of IKEA products when he was hitting it from the back and it freaked her out. ***** quit ASkars for Dominic Cooper! Amanda obviously didn’t say this in front of the goose or that trick would’ve pecked her tongue out. And I would’ve held the goose’s purse while it did so.”

  73. 73
    huh?? Says:


    What makes you think they went on just “one date”? She said “dated”. That isn’t like “oh we went out for coffee”. Seyfried is known for shooting off her mouth about stuff she shouldn’t. So I’m guessing they explored a bit more than a java. Esp since Skars knows how to sweet talk the ladies into how funny and charming he is, so my guess is this wasn’t once but wasn’t serious either. They’re both a bit self-focused. My sense is also this was more in the 08/09 timeframe, not when he was dragging bosho around to Sweden.

  74. 74
    Doreen Says:

    Um, Loren posted a link where it explained it was in May 2010, after she broke up with Dom Cooper, so no not 3 years ago. I also read that article where it stated they went out to dinner, once. Bing has changed the search results on me, and now I can’t find it, but the source started with an A, like AZ Central or something.

  75. 75
    Doreen Says:

    Ask and you shall recieve, here is the link that says she “once went out for A date” with Alex.

  76. 76
    She's NOT a slut Says:

    WHY IS SHE A ****???? Because she’s young and dates cute men? She’s nobody’s housewife or mother. She can do WHATEVER she wants.Waht a bunch of sexist old beyotches that come on this website! Yuckkkkkk!!!!!!

  77. 77
    Tiff Says:

    @76: Alex was dating both Amanda & Kate at the same time (Summer of 2010). Hmmm…… Interesting how poor Amand is the one getting called a **** but not him?????????????

  78. 78
    PF & WOS Says:

    The old obese hags at PF and WOS are the only ones calling Amanda degrading names. Those stupid sexist old women are just jealous because they’re nothing but housewives who spend their days cleaning snot and poop. So they envy any young woman who still has her freedom and independence.

  79. 79
    Kimmy Says:

    OMG!!! Alex at one time actually liked women with boobies and hips?! What a major step down to date one who looks like a scrawny little boy.

  80. 80
    DO YO THANG!! Says:

    What is the big deal if Amanda dates around? She’s single and entitled to doing so.

  81. 81
    Nellie Says:

    she supposedly only went out on ONE DATE with him. how does that make her a w.h.o.r.e??? … and kissing and telling is when you give out sexual DETAILS, which she didn’t. she just said they dated briefly but she gave no details on what they did….. what a bunch of sexist haters ya’ll are!

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