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Halle Berry: Central Park Stroll with Nahla!

Halle Berry: Central Park Stroll with Nahla!

Halle Berry takes her adorable daughter Nahla to Central Park on Monday (March 7) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actress, who’s in the Big Apple to shoot the romantic comedy New Year’s Eve, also took a stroll along Fifth Avenue.

Halle is reportedly “all but confirmed” to star in the Broadway play The Mountain Top opposite Samuel L. Jackson, according to TMZ.

Her ex, Gabriel Aubry, may try to go to court again to prevent Halle from taking Nahla with her to NYC.

FYI: Nahla is wearing a babyGAP Shearling Coat.

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  • Buttercup

    Adorable little girl. She is growing up fast! Going to be tall too.

  • mikamish

    Halle + Gabriel = gorgeous little girl

  • Kimmy

    sorry but nahla is not cute

  • mindy

    Nahla is going to be 3 in a few days! And not to nitpick but she seems so much more balanced, “normal” than another celeb tot … renowned for her high heels, make-up and pacifier…

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Why desperat africa take nahla? Where her dad

  • jack

    hope “crazyberry” doesn’t ruin her, hope DAD goes to court and fights the nut all the way! Team Aubrey and Nahla

  • Em

    Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t she a little old for a stroller? She’s 3, right?

  • Brittney

    Her eyes used to be light, now they are dark brown. Hers skin looks darker too. The older she gets the more her black features show. I guess Halle is right by saying she’s black.

  • Halpert

    Thank god they’ve called a truce. We all slip up. Anyway the girl is gorgeous and is tall like her dad with features from them both.

  • mindy

    @Em: This is not a stroller for babies, this is specifically design for 3-4 years old. Little children won’t walk long promenade in Central Park! Guess you don’t have a kid, neither nephews!

  • bye

    @Em: Young children don’t want to walk for long and get tired much quicker than adults.

  • Nothin’

    @jack: yikes picking sides for people you don’t even know? creepy

  • Blaine

    Everyone calls Halle crazy but would Nahla be so normal and well behaved if she was? Think about it.

  • Suzie11

    shes not cute like most childen. not chubby and adorable. its weird but shes already beautiful.

  • Gene

    Nahla is going to be gorgeous like her mommy

  • C

    The photo is taken from far away, her eyes are grey and she looks more like her dad.

  • Nosy Parker

    Who’s that guy she’s with (conveniently photoshopped out of the shot)? His legs are way too beefy to be Gabriel or her new boyfriend. Just being nosy.

  • ed


    You must be blind, there are close-up pics and others before this that show her eyes are indeed dark brown.

  • fsdds

    @Nosy Parker: Her bodyguard, obviously.

  • Sihaam

    Indeed Nahla is not cute she is beautiful, that is what makes some people bitter. Just like her mom she has been graced by a great gene and she will continue to be amazing. You will never come between a mother and daughter no matter what hateful poison you spit out here. Nahla is Halle’s daughter that is where it all started, nothing you say and do will ever change that bond. You will eventually hang yourself when you realize your hate will never ever reach Halle and her daughter.

  • anne

    one of the director at the company knew personally about halle berry. Before she worked for current company she was a makeup artist and helped berry to do her makeup. she said halle berry was a total mean and diva. She said the sweetest star was Jennifer Lopez (JeLo). I was shocked, because i liked halle berry, then i saw a video of her yelling at the paparazzi i got the picture of her when she’s mad is so scary! very mean.

  • Buttercup


    Seriously, think about your comment. Why point out the color of her eyes and skin. She is still the child of two parents of whom she looks just alike. And she is an adorable child no matter is she looks more black or more white as society would have it!


    And, most children who look like Nahla tan very easily when they are in the sun.

    Yes, her eyes do look darker but count how many blond blue eyes children’s hair color and eyes change by the time they are 2 or 3 years old.


    Just because Nahla will change over the years does not change her GENES!

  • Buttercup

    Sorry for my typo….:))))))))

    ……no matter if she looks…….

  • Linda

    Clearly a photo-op.

  • Bobb


    Yep! She’s changing alright! She’s looking more Black LOL

  • C

    You’re clearly blind, I have seen both Halle and Nahla IN PERSON and her eyes were grey with a hint of green and her hair was a sandy blond color.
    This was in DAYLIGHT at the park. Halle was sweet and I said I was a fan, we small talked as I had a toddler with me as well! Her skin was lighter than in the pics here which is why I said these pics are too dark to see her eye color.

  • oh dear

    Halle don’t start up again about the child’s father. Big turn off and your daughter will end hating your for it.

  • omg


    LIAR – anything to make this kid white. You are pathetic. Get a life. Please.

  • LoriLori

    Glad the parents have called a truce
    This Beautiful little girl always looks well cared for and happy when she is with her mother
    Dad just uses her for photo ops

  • missy

    halle is black and her daughter is black, I got no problem with that! Crazyberry is BLACK people, get over it! Really, I didn’t know anyone thought she was white LOL

  • Kaz simply amazing!!

    I am brain dead and very envious of beautiful black women. I am fat with a very small wee wee and I wish I could be a big dark MANDINGO but I am not so I hate all beautiful black people. I am a pathetic troll whose posts are just as pathetic too. I am a troll that annoys every one and my posts make no sense

  • patty243

    Nahla is the same color when she was born. Why focus on the color of her skin , she is half black. You racist people.

  • missy


    Halle made race an issue! don’t you read anything besides JJ or do you have very short memory?

  • Susan

    I see that Halle’s PR team are busy on this thread. I can no longer look at her photos after the comments she made about her heritage. Talk about playing the race card whilst continuing to live with yet another white man! What a hypocrite and her daughter is not going to thank her for treating the father in this way.

    Nahla is a lovely littlle GIRL – white, partially black or purple with spots. Why would any normal woman put her child in this situation.

  • Ruth

    patty243 @ 03/07/2011 at 11:33 pm 0

    Nahla is the same color when she was born. Why focus on the color of her skin , she is half black. You racist people.
    It is Halle who is racist, denying her own heritage and upbringing and trying to deny her child the right to be with her father.

  • Christina

    What’s truly disturbing is that you people care so much about Halle Berry and her daughter that you are so upset about it. They are black. The President is also black. His beautiful children are black. You haven’t lived their lives to decide for them what they should be. The world sees them as people of color. They know it and are proud of it. Deal with it and move on.

  • missy


    obama girls are fugly, you need glasses?

  • Marie

    Nahla has weird eyebrows!!!! She looks like jack Nicholson!!!!! In The Shining and the Joker! She has dry ugly hair and looks dirty!

  • Marie


    Nahla is not half black idiot! Halle is Half black, nahla is 1/4 black.

  • njide

    Halle is wearing a ring. Is she engaged?


    When two dozen paps are shouting at you with your child, being nice isnt an option. and since when do you defend paps, they are animal who dont know how to use the zoom on their camera.

    and as for custody, no she NOT HAVE GONE PUBLIC. IT WAS SO WRONG. BUT, its interesting that Gabby has dropped the custody case and dont tell me its because paternity is private. A man who vindictive enough to stop Hallie taking her daughter to NY wouldnt drop the case so easily without cause.

  • braden’s #1

    nahla has hair on her upper lip… she looks like a little monkey.

  • sunseeker

    No her EX is not going to take her to court again, he has already rented an apartment in NYC for three month. JJ post the facts not what TMZ are posting, the only court case is to protect his rights as a father.

  • marc

    Halle’s father sure has passed on some very strong genes. You can definitely see them in his grand-daughter, even more in Halle. Black genes are very domiant.

  • sunseeker

    Dear Hall Berry and Gabriel Aubry:

    For the love of Nahla, please stop issuing statements about your on-going custody dispute.

    Halle, you aren’t the first parent to have concerns about their child’s well-being while in the other parent’s care. But you aren’t concerned about how the media is exploiting the custody battle at which your child is the center? You don’t have concerns about making the private details of her life available for public consumption?

    The media frenzy surrounding your custody case has dredged up that age-old referendum on your sanity, your questionable taste in men, and more recently, if you really just wanted Gabriel for his great genes. Honestly, I had forgot about all of that. I had even managed to shuttle memories of your wtf? performance in Monster’s Ball into the farthest recesses of my mind after reading this statement you made in Vogue last summer regarding co-parenting with Gabriel after your break-up:

    We were meant to bring this amazing little person into the world. And I think that’s why we came together. And because of that, we are going to be together forever, all three of us. We are a family until we are not here any more.

    Certainly, things change, people change, situations change. But hopefully you can see that airing dirty laundry flies in the face of the commitment to Nahla reflected in this statement.

    Now Gabriel, you had the right idea with your public statement via your rep:

    Gabriel refuses to air their issues in the press as he believes this may ultimately harm their daughter…

    …but then you couldn’t leave well enough alone. You had to add:

    …Halle’s continuing allegations in the press are untrue and irresponsible.

    Which the media promptly spun into “Gabriel fires back, calling Halle irresponsible!” You’ve been in Hollywood long enough to know how the game is played, so it’s hard to believe that you didn’t see it coming. If you really wanted to keep the media out of it, then you would have put a full stop after “…daughter” and refused to offer any more grist for the mill. Instead, the press is now having a field day speculating whether you are a golddigger and a racist, or just a gold-digger.

    Perhaps both your reps got tired of taking media calls asking for details, so you felt compelled to issue statements. But by making statements that go beyond “We’re keeping this private. For our child’s sake, please respect our wishes”, you’ve both contributed to the pimping of your child’s life . I mean, you’re no Joe Jackson or Dina Lohan, but still. The parasitic “sources” and “former friends” who are dishing on you are opportunists with no vested interest in Nahla’s well-being. What’s your excuse? By trying to embarrass and expose each other, the person you’re really exposing is Nahla.

    It’s in the best interest of your child to put your egos and your desire for public approval aside and agree to a media blackout on this case. The eventual court ruling aside, the opinion about your parenting skills and your general conduct that should concern you most is Nahla’s, not the court of public opinion. You can’t retract from the public record what you and “sources” have already put out there and what Nahla herself may read some day. But you can do the right thing and refuse to feed the media monster any more morsels of your child’s privacy.

    And while you’re shutting up, please tell “sources” and “friends” to stop telling your business to the media. (I’m going to pretend like it’s not at all possible that some of these people have been doing your bidding.) If your “friends” must “pick sides”, tell them to pick Nahla’s. Because regardless of how a judge ultimately rules, she stands to lose the most.

  • sunseeker

    This was an article written by a african american free lance journalist. I think this says it all.

  • Amazed

    The two are looking gorgeous as always!

  • fred

    Halle nice to see you back at work again.

    I love to see Halle and Nahla together as they seem to share a close bound.Mom’s and daughters are always close and it’s great.

    I can see Halle being a Mama Grizzly for that little girl.I understand that and appreciate that as well.

    GOD bless YOU Halle and Nahla

  • British Latin American

    Nahla’s eyes are clearly grey or hazel.

  • MsIrene

    @Susan: I totally agree with you!