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Jennifer Aniston: Viral Video for Smartwater!

Jennifer Aniston: Viral Video for Smartwater!

Jennifer Aniston tries her hand at making a viral video in this new clip for Smartwater.

The 42-year-old actress teamed up with YouTube star Keenan Cahill and some “internet boys” to help her come up with the perfect ad to showcase Smartwater.

Be sure to watch what happens as Jen tries to teach a parrot how to say “I love Smartwater” and what she does to guarantee 100,000 views on the video!

Love the Double Rainbow shoutout!

Jennifer Aniston – Viral Video for Smartwater
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  • yes

    very funny !

  • Chara

    LOL! Hillarious! She’s awesome!

  • kaleigh

    she’s very pretty!

    I know I will get a lot of thumbs down for saying that, but that’s my opinion.

  • kaleigh

    she’s very pretty!

    I know I will get a lot of thumbs down for saying that, but that’s my opinion.

  • jillyro

    Not nearly as funny or cute as she thinks it is.

    When you watch this, you realize it’s true when everyone complains that she acts the same in her movies all the time. Once again she is channelling Rachel in this video, same hair flicking and mannerisms as Rachel, she has no other acting range. Or maybe Rachel is the true Jennifer Aniston? Think that is all there is to her.


    she is stunning as always

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    She not pretty!
    I know she never and never have sexy or pretty or cute or sweet

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Not stunng

  • lina

    awesome !

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Not stunning

  • carla

    Bet she is bawling her head off now that she chopped off her security blanket long hair now. She just loved her long hair so much so must be like a mini self-esteem crisis for her.

  • dropping by

    This video is really funny and shows that she can and will make fun of
    herself. It’s cute and the fact is she happens to have put smart water
    on the map. Most people wouldn’t even know what the heck smart
    water is if it wasn’t for being the face of it. It was a smart choice by the
    company to use her as their pr face. Most actresses endorse makeup
    or hair products and none of the images are ever lasting. Putting your
    face to a water product was a really great idea by her team, especially with all the focus on water produces these days.

    I think that I like this video because she is not so guarded and I think
    she should be that way in her interviews, not so defensive and fearful
    of what the next personal question will be.

  • Efstathia

    You guys GET A LIFE,apparently she has a life and won’t care about your pathetic comments!!!!!!
    She does look pretty and the video is awesome just accept it

  • Rj Baker

    i love smart water1


    it’s really funny and cute, congratulations Jen you’re the best, and as always, very beautiful


    Uuuum…….hey stevie and jenny. A truly viral advt doesnt need your bullshiiiit PR behind it, pushing it in our faces.
    A truly viral advt takes off on its own steam – driven by its own AUTHENTICITY because such AUTHENTICITY is immediately seen and recognized by all who see it because it NATURALLY RESONATES with people.
    Without. Any. PR-WH0RE. Pushing. It. Down. Our. Throats.

  • Leni

    Hate it! Not funny.

  • someone

    very cute, love her!!!!

  • Jack

    I don’t think she’s all that hot, but obviously someone does seeing as she’s always on GQ and stuff.. And by the way.. HOW THE HELL IS SHE 42? Like I said, I don’t think she’s attractive, but she does look GOOOOOOD for her age.

  • Texas

    Such a doll!! Love the puppies and her!

  • I love it

    She is the best .I love it

  • anne

    bimbo!! go do some humanitarian Jeni!! give some small dollars to the poor! i do volunteer for the UN, you can do too!

  • kaz sligo troll


  • hollyrock

    @AWHODAT: no worse than loser hacks from other pr firms posting obviously fake negative comments on star sites no one important reads or cares about

  • MooCow

    Thanks Jenny for promoting a product antithetical to environmental responsibility, to say nothing of the health problems it creates.

    But what can you expect from a woman who lives in a 9,000 sq. foot and buys 8 cylinder $300,000 cars to drive herself around L.A.

  • cj

    boring so so sad……………………she is pathetic…………………smart water dumb viral ad…………………is this meant to be smart and funny……………it’s neither…………………drink tap water save your money………………why does she always touches her hair?

  • IA

    love jenn , love cute dog , love water smart, love video, love

  • justabitch

    This video is funny and Jen looks phenom as usual. I don’t care what anyone thinks, she IS a very good comedic actress, a veteran and it shows even in a little ad like this.

  • JoJo

    Cute commercial!
    First thought – .I wish they had more of the kid lip syncing “like a G6″…cute! Second thought, why why why did she cut her hair????

  • SexyJenTape

    Love this video. It is SO creative. And man she does look sexy in that scene at the end.

  • dropping by

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I love how everyone is quick to point at others and yet these same people are sitting home
    drinking a diet coke and filling the environment with as much crap as
    everyone else.

    Jennifer Aniston is not the reason for the problems in this country, she happens to be one person and smart water isn’t the sole corporation

    Our government is what’s wrong with this country and we are the idiots who elect them. We elect people based on their name rocognition, their connections, the money the can spend to buy better pr and because the
    media tells us to. This is how fathers & son’s, brothers, husband & wives and black men with zero experience get elected. We elect officals that send hundreds of thousand of our military off to war for politcal reasons and none of our elected officals (especially presidents) have ever served our great nation.

    It’s a cute and great pr move by JA and I see nothing wrong with pushing

  • Kandy

    Nice filter on that camera lense. Her skin looks so not-her creamy. And just because they tell us it is a viral video doesn’t make it so. It looks like any other commercial to me.

  • http://Ephramzimbalest Milky48Way

    So get rich plan number one. a.) bottle water, b.) hire bimbo, c.) add the word, “viral”.
    So weak.

  • hahaha
  • dropping by

    @dropping by:

    Bush Jr didn’t become president because he was good, he became
    president because his father was, just as his brother Jeb go elected
    because of his father as well.

    All the Kennedy’s who were elected to offices are only elected because
    of JFK and the coat tails he provided and none of them would have
    been elected without him.

    Hillary didn’t become a NY offical or SOS because of how good she was,
    she did because she is married to bill Clinton.

    Andrew Cuomo got elected because his father is Mario Coumo.

    Obama didn’t get elected because of his experience, he got elected
    because he was the first african american to get elected.

    The list goes on and on and on and on, so stip blaming one actress or any actress for the problems we have in this country.

  • Ms. Marla

    Love, love love it, Stunning, natural, relaxed,shows great sense of humor..winning.

  • hahaha
  • Helen

    Bottled water sucks….

  • Lidsa

    How can anyone admire someone who promotes bottled water? Using the puppies is also gross – they probably all came from puppy mills and were used for this one commercial and then sent back wherever they came from. Surprised she didn’t make some reference to her divorce in the vide….

  • Shakira

    Too funny and entertaining. Good video.

  • Texas



    And so do you, my dear!

  • Lynn

    I like her and love the video. Its funny

  • Lynn

    I like her and love the video. Its funny

  • blah

    LOVE HER :) Shes beautiful :) TEAM JEN 4EVER!

  • ilia

    “I have to make a video – apparently – that turns into a virus.” Ha-ha-ha-ha-hilarious!!!

  • ilia

    @Lidsa: Those puppies were computer generated you clueless twit. In this day and age for someone to think that the set was filled with 100′s of little dogs; this just goes to prove that stupidity has no bounds.

  • Tommy Boy

    Love her! And I love the commercial……..very clever I must say! And she looks fantastic. Can’t wait for Horrible Bosses and Wanderlust! Jennifer Aniston rocks it!

  • Jolly Folly


    Actually most of the puppies are real. You are the one that needs to go back to film school.

  • getalife

    Loved it – it was funny, etc. Would watch it over and over again. Did I say it was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lightfoot

    She could have told us that it is biodegradable…ooops sorry it isn’t. A nice mountain of plastic to bury for future generations.

    She really isn’t a good actress and she doesn’t look good for her age as she isn’t that old. She’d be good for her age if she were 50.