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Reese Witherspoon: Church & Lunch with Ava!

Reese Witherspoon: Church & Lunch with Ava!

Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava leave a church service on Sunday (March 6) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 34-year-old actress also brought along her son Deacon and left with a couple of friends.

Later in the day, Reese took Ava out for lunch at a cafe in Beverly Hills.

Last week, a new trailer for Reese‘s upcoming film Water for Elephants debuted! The film hits theaters everywhere on April 22.

FYI: Reese is carrying a Vanessa Bruno Camel Leather Hobo Bag.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon spending time with Ava

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reese witherspoon church lunch ava 01
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 02
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 03
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 04
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 05
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 06
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 07
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 08
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 09
reese witherspoon church lunch ava 10

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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    :sick: :mad:

  • Shay

    So cute!

  • Linda

    They always go to church on Sundays. It’s a Good thing.

  • taylor

    OMG Ava looks EXACTLY like her mom.

  • RebeccaS


  • RebeccaS


  • jillyro

    Reese strikes me as the kind of Mom who will be jealous of her own daughter should she end up prettier or more successful than she is. Don’t know why, just something I sense.

  • Friederike

    Reese looks to young to be a mother of a 10-year old child :D

  • sarabeth

    We’ll be seeing a lot of these going to curch with the kids, shopping …with the kids, playing…with the kids, pictures since her next movie is getting ready to open. Reese is allll about image and promoting herself. I’m betting the movie is not very good, because she wants us to focus on her personal life and her upcoming wedding to the cipher.

  • Pattycake

    @sarabeth: I get the same vibe about WFE. It just got finished going through a new edit last week. That too is a bad sign. Yes, Reese is all about promotion and image. The kids divide their time between their two parents yet somehow we always have pictorial evidence when they are with Reese.

  • Tennessee

    Why do people just assume things about the others all the time?People assume details that are not even there and then answer based on their assumptions.Some posters are throwing out statements here and there about Reese like they know what she’s thinking,feeling,working etc. Just because you think she does this & that does not mean it’s true.Gosh!

  • Tennessee

    Reese is a good mother,woman and Oscar winner actress and one ‘ hypothetically speaking ‘ not so good movie can’t take that away from her.

  • LOL

    @Tennessee: First you say that people don’t really know Reese and then you say YOU know she is a good mother and woman. Settle down, fan girl. Gosh!

  • WFE


    Devoted mother-check
    Oscar winner-check
    AVON ambassador-check
    No scandals about her-check
    Going to church with her kids because she wants to focus the attention on her personal life – that’s a ridiculous assumption. Her karma is good.

  • Catherine

    wow her 10 year old daughter is almost as tall as she is :P

  • huh?

    Pregnant out of wedlock – check
    Hypocrite – check
    snob – check
    jerk -check
    ugly – check
    phony – check

  • Steph

    What’s with those laugh lines carved into her face? This chick is not happy not matter what she tries to portray to the cameras. When you are not a nice person in real life, nobody wants to see your movies.

  • MPA

    I hope her latest guy has plenty of KY jelly for dried this dried up tw*t.

  • HaHa

    I love how people like Reese go out of their way to go to church, but can’t be good people the other 6 days of the week. She’d be better off treating people right everyday and skipping church, instead of being the Queen of Snobs!

  • Beth

    @7 – I disagree…I think Reese will try to live through her daughter. I bet she’s taking acting lessons already. Nepotism at its best. Maybe Ava will be taller than 4’11” and less of a phony.

  • RebeccaS

    @huh?: i completely agree.

  • Whats Her Deal?

    No what’s his face this time?

  • No Hate Here

    Well at least she is kinda smiling and her, Ava and Deacon dont have their face in the ground like they do most of the time.

    Yeah, where is “what’s his face”?

    She just seems more relaxed when its just her or her and Ryan’s kids!

    Just an observation!!!

  • Samantha


    omg I was going to say the same thing! she’s a splitting image of her mom!

  • Samantha


    That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You don’t even know her haha. You can’t assume that in the far (or near) future that she would have those feelings. Psycho.

  • Zeeker

    Four shades of orangish-blonde hair? Wrinkled face? Doctor scrubs shirt? 4’0” tall? I need to look away…

  • FNG

    I read an article last year about this guy she is engaged too. It stated that he was Moselm and studied the Quran.

  • Kristin

    @ pattycake:
    could that be because Reese is SLIGHTLY more famous than Ryan Phillippe????? The paparazzi is probably not following him 24/7, as he is B-list or less.. Reese is one of the worlds biggest movie stars. She probably cant go anywhere without being photographed.

    What stupid comments in here!

  • Reese

    Reese is a fame whore. She pimps her kids out all the time.

  • Kristin

    @ 29: pimps her kids?????
    do you expect them to stay indoors at all times????

  • Lexi

    Not one person on here knows her. Alot of wannabe Reese’s pals. Goes for the people that think badly about her. I could care less but she is very annoying as she gets so much praise for doing so little. And she is a publicity w@#$!

  • Amanda

    @jillyro: I think that’s your own projection, nelipot.

  • Patricia

    @ Lexi: I heard you attend meetings for quidnuncs.

  • John

    @ huh? I suppose you lost something by way of skoptsy.

  • AJ

    Good to see a celebrity going to church every weekend! That’s the kind of celebrity I want to look up to. Go Reese for setting a good example!