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Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' Set!

Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' Set!

Brad Pitt steps onto the set of Cogan’s Trade, his latest film, on Tuesday (March 8) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 47-year-old actor wore a leather jacket and had his hair slicked back for his role as Jackie Cogan.

Here’s a short synopsis of the film, due out next year: “Jackie Cogan is a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.”

Late last month, Brad was spotted catching a flight out of LAX.

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261 Responses to “Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' Set!”

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  1. 101
    gracie Says:

    Trolls are working overtime, what’s the matter trolls? Dumbwater not selling?

  2. 102
    The Real Deal Says:


    I agree with you. Fans should ignore these schizos, I mean its the same old song every couple of weeks they start singing “Theys a Breakin Up”. I can already tell you what they are going to post before they post it.

    This week: They’s a broken up…
    Next week or when photos of Jolie in Louisiana surface: They’s a broken up and she is letting him have visitation
    Next Month: They’s a broken up but they are faking it until they announce it.
    May: They’s a broken up and the evil Angelina is stalking him

    This song will be sung until this movie is finished and if there are no red carpets or Cannes appearances and they go to France it will continue to be sung until a red carpet appearance and then they will all scurry into their hidey holes for a couple of days and then it starts all over.

    So really people, why respond to a couple of unmedicated and extremely gullible schizophrenics with an Angelina Jolie hate fixation and limited imagination.

  3. 103
    dianad1968 Says:

    @The Real Deal:


    It just becomes so tedious, especially when it’s obvious these fools are not sane or educated.

  4. 104
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    WoooooHooooo! Hot Brad is back to work, hopefully more pictures!
    Thanks JJ

  5. 105
    brange fan from greece Says:

    btw, i would like to comment about this lainey said that we foriegners are less sophisticated when it comes to movies. ive been wanting to comment last week but since i was using my phone it was difficult..this woman has really so much hate for angelina.i think she wanted angie to fail and thought that the tourist will be bomb but when the tourist succeeded she is making excuses.she cannot accept that we angie foriegn fans will not let that happen.the more people like her want to bring angie down the more we wanted her to succeed.we are loyal to angie that no matter what they said about THE TOURIST we still went to watch it and we didnt regret it.i for one, liked it so much.just seeing angie’s beauty is worth and my friends enjoyed it so much.because i love this girl and was so angry with the attacks on her, i really spent money watching it many times treating some of my friends and i think many fans aorund the world did the same so that this haters can eat their words.

    about:being less sophisticated, well if she thinks that foreign moviegoers like crap movies , then all of jennifer aniston movies will be a hit in the foriegn markets.because she said we like crap movies’, why are jennifer aniston movies which are all crap didnt make money overseas?why reese “‘How do you know “‘ didnt make money overseas? why nobody watched or released gwyneth paltrow crap movie “‘country song” overseas.and , why a crap movie like ‘little fockers’” make a lot of money in america?now what is this lainey’s excuse. i was really so angry how she tried to bring angelina down.but God is good. they cannot bring this woman down.she always win because she is a wonderful person.forgive my english guys.

  6. 106
    dianad1968 Says:


    It’s always great for kids to see their mothers at work – incredible but I think it still needs to be reinforced that women can be mothers and working, creative beings at the same time. No one should be surprised that Angie ended up living such a rich and generous life.

    @reply | Flag

    Read more:

    GC, in regards to the last part of your post…Happy International Day for Women to all the wonderful fans of the JPs.

  7. 107
    janice Min Says:

    The new boyfriend of Angie is hot

  8. 108
    The truth Says:

    This poster “intouch” is the same jerk who said per paps Angelina and kids weren’t in LA prior to that flight attendant tweeted about Angelina flying from LAX airport to Afghanistan. The moron is a shiiit stirrer.

  9. 109
    dianad1968 Says:



    What is so ridiculous about this story, is Outtatouch NEED to always demonize Angie. Brad has said time and time again that they roll as one, and have a three day rule about being apart. Brad is the one who is filming in NO, but somehow Angie is still the one who this trashloid chooses to make the villian. No one can convince me that someone is not behind these continuous attacks on Angie. The fact that she does not give them the time of day is biting them in the a*s.

  10. 110
    Tina Says:

    Brad picks awesome films and diverse roles.

  11. 111
    janice Min Says:


    The rule is broken since Friday

    You are the funniest ;)

  12. 112
    hehehe Says:

    @janice Min:
    Brad arrived at nola yesterday, you dummy.

  13. 113
    wow Says:

    Angie is pregnant, they are trying to keep this very private to prevent media intrusion they know will come. So Angie has been under the radar especially since she has nothing on her plate and is just enjoying the privacy and her family.
    Brad has been very busy getting their house in France ready for a summer stay and the birth of the baby.

  14. 114
    JUBILEE Says:

    wow @ 03/08/2011 at 4:05 pm
    Hahahahahhah Now the trolls will all go run and scream at the ocean

  15. 115
    REEVEN Says:

    LOVE U BRAD!!!!!

  16. 116
    getalife Says:

    wow is it true??????

  17. 117
    Billy Bob Says:


    This is the joke of the year
    Poor loons, you are desperate

  18. 118
    busted Says:

    All these rumors happen any time either of them is out of sight.

    I remember after the twins were born Angie was not seen in MONTHS. and the rags had her having a breakdown, they were broken up and too many others to recount.

    Then BOOM Angie and Brad arrive on carpet for Changeling and the lies were put to rest.

    I don’t know if they will all be in NOLA or is Brad will commute. We will know when we know. Angie has said that has nothing in line except the promotion of KFP 2. so if she is pregnant good for them.. although I seriously doubt it.

    but they could be waiting for the kids to have Spring Break.. We do in my city at the end of March.. but again nobody knows.

    Speculation is fun..but please ignore the fools that are begging for attention. I guess Brad has been getting use to his new look. He has been wearing his hair like that since they did the promotion for The Tourist. So practice makes perfect..

    I like it and it is different from the Moneyball look. It is really nice that he is always willing to play around with his looks..

  19. 119
    Susan Says:

    @wow: Is the only thing Angie can do is get pregnant? The woman is editing a movie, taking care of six children and following up on her many charities. How do you know she have nothing on her plate, this woman wrote a script for a movie while suffering from the flu. Most of us just when we have the flu, sleep.
    Twins are different from a single child, they’re more work.

  20. 120
    brange fan from greece Says:

    i really miss angie and the kids. can’t wait for their next RC.I have to wait months before i can watch movie in theater again when kung fu panda and tree of life will be shown. i never watch movie in theaters unless its brad and angies but i might watch Pirates of carribean with my daughter since im beggining to like johnny because he is nice to the JP’s.Can;t wait for the tourist happy about The Tourist BO haters , the more you attack angie, the more she will be blessed .you will be more miserable.

  21. 121
    sex Says:

    he’s sexy …..oh really ! angelina has something to crunch ! lucky angelina anyway !

  22. 122
    pitussa loves brangelina Says:

    @Billy Bob:

    look at your screen name..
    of course angelina is not pregnant, a crazy fan lie, just like pitussa/intouch or whatever she is calling herself types hater lies.

    brad nees to be alone to get into character? that is a lame excuse for angelina not being in NOLA, sorry.

    brad was seen coming through NOLA airport sunday/monday, so he arrived friday and flew out to come back again?
    think about it pitussa. dumbazz

  23. 123
    AJJA Says:

    Looking sexy and dangerous. Beautiful man.

  24. 124
    Billy Bob Says:

    @pitussa loves brangelina:



  25. 125
    brange fan from greece Says:

    as much as i want to answer this crazy trolls, i realized im just wasting my time.fortunately i can only see little comments from them because the others are thumbed down.tsk, tsk.

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