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Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' Set!

Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' Set!

Brad Pitt steps onto the set of Cogan’s Trade, his latest film, on Tuesday (March 8) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 47-year-old actor wore a leather jacket and had his hair slicked back for his role as Jackie Cogan.

Here’s a short synopsis of the film, due out next year: “Jackie Cogan is a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.”

Late last month, Brad was spotted catching a flight out of LAX.

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Credit: StClair/Massie; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Texas

    What happened to this once nice looking man? He looks bad!

  • Ang

    Passing Through @ 03/08/2011 at 11:34 am +15

    # 787 dianad1968 @ 03/08/2011 at 9:53 am
    I was reading that the name of the guy who Ticky kicked in the crotch in the video is Brad. Is this true? Can she really be that pathetic?
    I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s about as over being dumped as Kanye is over constantly losing music awards. Biitch’ll ride that one trick pony to her grave.

    Hello everybody. It’s been a long time since I visited JJ and want to thank the JP fans for the great infos and links. I missed a lot about the Jolie-Pitts in the last months and have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for all the hard work finding information and also for the great troll smackdowns.

    I saw FT’s new video a couple days ago. The guy she kicks in the crotch is Brad Wollack. He is one of the writers on the CH show and one of her roundtable comedians.

  • NAN

    Hi PT,
    When we keep talking about Angelina can Producing Baby and Babies for BP,Jho and Norman’s friends Not Happy, he he he he he.

    JJ have to gives new thread for Norman’s friends to B@rking about Brad&Angie family NOT talking about Brad’s Bio Babies !!!

    Jho’s womb is still Empty No one Wants Jho to be the mother of their children, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Poor Jho huh? NormanBotoxNajimy that her ££££$$$$€€€€ can’t buy a new womb,

    ” I DID I DO AND I WILL = NO CAN DO ” (00-11++++++++++)

  • Ang = Angheal

    Hi Cliniqua —- long time no see. I hope you still remember be…….. lol How are you doing?

  • groundcontrol

    # 240 Passing Through @ 03/09/2011 at 11:33 am 0
    # 191 groundcontrol @ 03/09/2011 at 12:57 am
    GC -
    I went to bed last night just after I posted, so I’m just now seeing your post. Chet Baker was one of many huge jazz talents who lost the battle with his drug demons. Heroin took a lot of jazz stars – Billie Holiday and Charlie “Bird” Parker to name 2. I’m a huge Elvis Costello fan and in 1983 Chet Baker did a solo on a song called “Shipbuilding” about the cost of war, in particular the Falklands Islands war. The UK economy in a lot of the shipbuilding towns was in the crapper and then the Falklands skirmish happened and suddenly the economy revs into overdrive – building ships for the war. So the song is about the spoils of war – a new coat for the wife, new shoes for the kids – and all it’s costing the protagonist is his oldest son’s life because the boy has just been conscripted into the British miliatry.
    In an interview once Elvis Costello told the story about Baker coming in to lay down his solo. He was looking for a horn player who could accurately convey a kind of forlorn resignation that people were dying to boost the economy and made the comment that he wished Chet Baker was still alive – because he thought Baker had OD’ed a few years earlier. The engineer said Baker’s not dead, in fact he was playing in jazz clubs around London basically for drug money. Baker had long since lost his drug battle and was pretty much living hand-to-mouth, practically homeless because was living in some seedy hotel. So they tracked down Baker and invited him to do this solo. EC doesn’t read music and neither did Baker so EC had to play Baker the song on the piano to teach it to him. Then Baker plays the solo,in one or two takes, gets paid for the work – and walks out of the studio and EC never saw him again. I think Baker lived another 4 or 5 years and ironically one of the songs he started playing in concerts a few years later was EC’s “Almost Blue” – which is just about as big a Debbie Downer as you’ll ever hear – which EC had written after hearing Baker’s version of B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone”.
    PT, thanks for that anecdote. I have to check out Shipbuilding now.
    Yea, it is really sad but Baker was a junkie back in the 1950s. He was really only interested in his music and junk. Paid little attention to his children – though why any woman would have a chld with a junkie, let alone have THREE children with one, is beyond me.
    I watched him perform with Elvis C. but not the song you mentioned. I think Shipbuilding may have originally been only for a recording. But
    Elvis must have seen him some time after he related that story because there are vids of a concert/session at Ronnie Scott’s with both Elvis and Van Morrison playing with him. I think there is a dvd of the session and Shipbuilding is supposedly on it.
    I was actually looking for Ella Fitzgerald singing These Foolish Things – a favorite of my mom’s. Then I listened to Chet Baker’s versions. So, of course, I listened to a bunch of Chet’s Youtube vids.
    He died May 13, 1988. We were preoccupied since my mom was in ICU at the time but I remember the news of his death. He was high as usual and fell out of a 2nd story window in Amsterdam and cracked his head. He was only 58 but looked 78 and a bad 78. Costello’s story adds to the stories of how he signed away his rights and everything else for quick cash for drugs. By the time he died he had been banned from various European countries because of drug charges – he spent a year in jail in Italy. Still his incredible natural talent (he supposedly never practiced) made him a god int he jazz world and that he remains.
    If you are interested Bruce Weber filmed a documentary about Chet Baker right before he died and it chronicles his life and includes a lot of footage of Chet talking and hanging out as well as performing in clubs. If anyone wants to know what a true junkie acts and looks like the evidence is in Bruce Weber’s doc. The film is impossible to find anywhere but it’s on YouTube! Just search for Chet Baker Bruce Weber Let’s Get Lost. The whole film is on You Tube.
    After you watch that you can wash those sad images by watching Chet Baker perform as a younger man with his incredible voice and trumpet playing Time After Time, These Foolish Things, Look For the Silver Lining (used for the LA Confidential soundtrack) and a bunch of other standards that will break your heart. I could just fill my home with his voice and trumpet and be transported to another world.

  • groundcontrol

    Ang @ 03/09/2011 at 3:22 pm +3
    I saw FT’s new video a couple days ago. The guy she kicks in the crotch is Brad Wollack. He is one of the writers on the CH (Chelsea Handler) show and one of her roundtable comedians.
    Thanks for the confirmation of just more proof that Jennifer Aniston orchestrated that disgusting attack on Angelina and her children by Chelsea Handler.
    Obviously the lie that Aniston’s PR put out that she was “upset” with Handler’s baseless attack on Angelina was a complete lie to cover up Aniston’s approval of that attack.
    Aniston is a fool if she doesn’t get that those in the industry just shake their heads in disgust and disbelief that she keeps these bitter and uncalled for attacks up. She isn’t fooling the powers that be in Hollywood. Why do people think she can’t get any financing of her own and her price per picture keeps going down. The woman has no leverage in Hollywood at all. .

  • gracie

    Hello to all wonderful JP fans. The thread is full of rumours about Angie being pregnant, may be, she is just having too much fun with Brad and their kids and has put on a little weight. If she has, it is fine and if the rumours are true and she is preggie. It will be a fabulous news. I would like to be a fly on the wall in Anuston’s house and get her reaction when she hears Brad has knocked up Angie again — haha. It will be quite a sight? She will buy one way ticket to Mexico and leave Lala land for good and her fans will be screaming their heads off at the ocean. It sure will be a beautiful sweet dreams for JP fans. I’m secretly hoping the rumour is true. They make beautiful babies.

  • Ang = Angheal

    Hi GC — I used to post here off and on, but hadn’t visit JJ for a long time. FT and her PR is really very transparent in their actions if you think about it. Do they really believe that people are that stupid?

    I managed to stay sort of FT free, since my online useage was very limited in the last view months. It was very nice. Of course the downside is, that I missed also a lot of news about the JPs….)))

    OK magazine has FT on the cover with another baby story. I thought Charlie Sheen would dominate the covers this week. I guess some magazines are still concerned with her womb. I can’t believe people would still by another magazine claiming she is becoming a mother. That story has a beard longer than methusalem.

  • LYNN

    Good evening all JP fans.
    Does anyone know the box office score as of today. The Tourist and jgwi. Thanks.

  • Jen

    Thank you for these wonderful Angelina quotes. I hope you don’ t mind, but I reposted your comments on the new Brad Thread.
    I hope someone will translate them into English. I used Google Translate to read what you said.
    Thank you.

  • Desperate Maniston

    Chinnifer is basically responsible for all the attacks on angie from chelsea handler.
    chelsea used to make fun of them both equally, and then when she hired stephen huvane as a publicist (also chinnifer’s publicist)- she started praising chinny and kept attacking angie, but harder each time.
    i used to watch her show, and she just kept getting nastier and nastier to angie. and then she was recorded calling angie the c-word in a stand-up routine. that routine was not the only time she was so harsh. it just got the attention of all those that didnt watch the show.
    one time, she blasted angie and called her a “husband-stealer” and went on a rant- and then introduced chinny in the sweetest way possible as her next guest.
    chelsea has been making racist jokes about the JP kids for a long time now. but she only started going on evil rants towards angie since she became pals with chinny.
    SPREAD THE WORD. chinnifer and huvane persuaded chelsea to put her evil jabs in at angie (and never brad) every chance she got. and she still continues to do it- all while chinny denies any involvement. and the only time chelsea mentions brad is when she literally tells him to go back to chinny (cuz she says that is where he belongs).
    we need to get her show cancelled and karma to bite her in the ass. and trust me, this hasnt gone unnoticed. brad is a pretty powerful celeb. imagine the cold shoulder and mocking from industry insiders that will soon be coming her way.
    chelsea handler is pure trash and is hardened likea cheap hooker thats been turning tricks for the past 30 years. and apparently, she is only 36. lol