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Charlie Sheen Waves Machete, Drinks 'Tiger Blood'

Charlie Sheen Waves Machete, Drinks 'Tiger Blood'

Charlie Sheen holds up a machete on top of the Live Nation building on Monday (March 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.,

The 45-year-old troubled actor, who was there with his girlfriend Natalie Kenly, also chugged a bottle labeled “Tiger Blood.” (During a recent bizarre Today show interview, Charlie said he had “tiger blood,” which helped him overcome addiction).

Earlier in the day, Charlie was fired from his hit CBS show Two and a Half Men.

“It is clear that [Sheen] has no intention of agreeing to the intensive evaluation and treatment that his condition requires,” an attorney for Warner Bros., the studio behind the show, said in a letter to Charlie‘s lawyer, according to TMZ.

“It is also clear he does not believe he has a problem and that he will continue to conduct himself in a destructive manner,” added the letter.

10+ pictures inside of Charlie Sheen with a machete and Tiger Blood…

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charlie sheen machete tiger blood 01
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 02
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 03
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 04
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 05
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 06
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 07
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 08
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 09
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 10
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 11
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 12
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 13
charlie sheen machete tiger blood 14

Photos: GSI Media, WENN
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  • marin

    Maniac !

  • penny

    Can we please focus on actors with actual talent and class and ignore this no talent loser?

  • ck_always

    Go Sheen! Love it when one of these hollywood crazies loses control.

  • Scottish

    Destroying his career one day at a time! I actually feel sorry for him….

  • lola

    Week from this day he is dead- No kidding.
    I hate him for ruining a good show :(

  • Meghan

    weirdest and most insane man ever

  • Mambo

    The price of fame manifested

  • asap

    Where are his friends ? Why no one forces him to seek help? What kind of evil people he’s surrounded with to let him become a huge mess ?

  • carla

    Only a couple of weeks into this mania (which many found amusing a first), but now it’s already getting old, the public is already getting tired of him (ask around, most are SO over him, think of him as a spoilt and crazy millionnaire), he is getting less and less, less coverage, people finding him ridiculous. Totally on his way down….

  • Chika kaliente

    Fame fukd his brain!! If you only knew what these people do. He has become so arrogant even wishing death to his ex clearly ravished by jealousy

  • RebeccaS

    oh, tiger blood. why hasnt colin or sean commented on this?

  • gwin

    I think it’s like watching a train wreck for everyone….we want to look away but can’t! :(

  • 03/08

    Passion can kill you.Charlie,Charlie how ungrateful you are

  • kate

    he’s not really drinking it – his thumb is over the opening?

  • karma

    @Chika kaliente:

    He lost her because no woman can stand being treated bad,LIED,made a fool of.,hurt.Women hate 2 things the most-being lied to and cheated on.KARMA sure got him

  • fooey

    Satan doesn’t need to guide this man. Charlie has pretty much taken the devil by his horns and is spinning him around til he breaks the devil’s head off!! Does not look like there will be a happy ending without some type of intervention by his father…Pray for his soul!

  • jbird

    @asap: Unfortunately, I have a feeling his family and friends have been trying all along, but nothing’s helped. This isn’t the first struggle with him and has been a decades long fight. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it and Charlie clearly denies any help or need of it.

  • SOX

    This is just one of them that needs a reality check – are there many more?

  • neXt

    Too much money and too much praise over the years

  • asap


    I think he should be forced..for his own good you know and get away from H’wood scene for a few years and see what it is like to be NORMAL again if he even remembers the feeling.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Now people here ?coz love old

  • 1&half

    sorry, no sympathy for him.. maybe a good slap across the face is what he needs to learn a bit about honesty, integrity and respect for others.

  • boston61

    This asshole was born into daddies Hollywood connections. He has never spent 1 day worrying about money. He is no better than an Arab dictator with that machete. He thinks he is tough but he has NO idea what tough is. He is a total pansy.

  • KC

    WOW! Charlie is only 45 years old and he has totally lost his mind! That is so frightening. This is the perfect example of what having too much money, drugs, and fame can do to a person. He is unstable and I am glad CBS finally kicked him to the curb. There is no hope left for Charlie.

  • Tulip

    He is dead meat. We can forget about him.

  • Hot mess

    What a f^cking idiot. He’s not even drinking the liquid in the pictures. Where are your tiger balls now Charlie?

  • Tyler

    This is what in professional wrestling terms is called a “work”. The guy is fooling everyone.

  • Marisa

    How is he allowed to use drugs and drink alcohol while on probation? For sure this dangerous fool should NEVER be alone with his children. He is a danger to his children and himself. So clear he hate women which is why he abuse them and these porn stars are hanging on to him for what every money they can get out of him because he is mentally ill. He has been mentally ill for a long time and propped up by enablers for years.

  • Ehm

    Oh poor thing. He’s lost it. This behavior is like the male equivalent of shaving your head and showing your vajayjay to the paparazzi. Wonder how long it will take for him to burn all the money he’s made over the years from 2 1/2 men. I’m betting that 2 years from now he’ll be homeless or something (if not worse). I hope it doesn’t come to that though. But he seems to have absolutely zero self-awareness so it doesn’t look promising.

  • Allie

    I find this whole train wreck horribly sad. He needs treatment for his obvious mental illness. He is brandishing a machete and making threats and this does not warrant legal or medical intervention.? He could attack someone with it. His latest online rant truly shows how deeply he is entrenched in this manic episode. Does he have no friends left who care enough to help him? His “goddess” with him is obviously only in it for publicity and because he foots the bills for her. If I was his ex-wife, I would fight tooth and nail to keeps those kids away from that toxic dump of an environment that his house must be. At first his behavior disgusted me but now I feel sorry for him. He seems so out of touch with reality and only has users and self promoters around him.

  • Jake

    The rope around his neck is tightened to the point that it can’t be taken off now. All that’s left if for him to just step off the platform and snap.

  • M

    Everytime I see or hear Charlie these days, I think of someone else: Charles Manson.

  • j

    are they not afraid that he’s going to flip out and chop their heads off???? wtf they should put him in a straight jacket asap!

  • TeamCharlieSheen

    Charlie Sheen will probably not going to be able to get a role for a show or movie for a long time,it doesn’t mean he’ll never though.I love Mr.Sheen because of everything that’s been coming out about him on the news recently.I feel so bad that he got fired :( This is a great example how so many mistakes can lead to a final outcome of disaster,I’m just sorry it happened to Mr.Sheen.Team Charlie Sheen ~ “Because in my eyes,he’s winning” ~ Quote by Jema (Me).

  • Jokergurl

    He is going through a MANIC DEPRESSIVE EPISODE, the media is just feeding it by letting every t.v. news, tabloid, internet, newspaper, broadcast it. He’s falling apart before our eyes, remember this is the talent that was in Platoon. It’s very sad.

  • Lalalove

    Bahhaha love him! But seriously, dude…get it together.

  • Dee

    What a freak!

  • Danielle327

    This guy has real psychological issues!  Have you seen his interviews lately?  He looks gaunt, can’t keep still, and rambles.  He has grandiose ideas that he is invincible and that he is a “winner”.  He acts like a typical crack addict.  Yet, he claims he is drug free.  Celebrity psychologists say it is possible that he is drug free and that he is suffering withdrawal.  I don’t believe this for a new york second.  First of all, a person in withdrawal of narcotics will have flu-like symptoms and would barely be walking around.  Second, he has never had any real PROFESSIONAL help.  He has been in “self-rehab” at home.  How could he cure himself?
    This man is also dangerous.  He had already threatened the mother of his twin boys, telling her that he will behead her and send her head to her mom in a box.  The law had better keep an eye on this man.  No telling what he’ll do now that he’s been fired from his tv show “Two and a half Men”.   In response, he was shown holding up a machete on a bridge claiming “they will not bring me down–I’m a winner!” with people around him cheering.  This is very scary

  • mmmmm

    dont insult him, he’s awesome , he’s got tigers blood XD plus he’s winning!

  • mr john

    omg its only when you read comments about articles on the internet that you see how nasty and stupid people really are.

  • http://non Roksta

    this guy is a legend, all you “fans” or common folk couldnt dream of pimpin it like he is. Stick to your boring lives and let him ruin whatever he wants to ruin.

    just try not to be jealous in the process :)

  • NZ

    1. he’s not even drinking it his thumbs in front of it and the lids on
    2. its not even tiger blood it’s just a bottle of zango juice with tape over the lable saying ‘tiger blood’