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Chris Brown & Justin Bieber: 'Next 2 You' First Listen!

Chris Brown & Justin Bieber: 'Next 2 You' First Listen!

Check out Chris Brown‘s duet with Justin BieberNext 2 You“!

The track will reportedly be included in Chrisupcoming album F.A.M.E., which drops March 22.

“One day when the sky is falling, I’ll be standing right next to you. Right next to you. Nothing will ever come between us. I’ll be standing right next 2 you. Right next 2 you,” Chris and Justin sing.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber’s “Next 2 You”?

Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber – Next 2 You
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Nenns

    I love it!!!:-*

  • Weber from Brazil

    Like the song, don’t like Chris Brown though

  • Sarah

    ha wow, there goes your reputation, Bieber, collaborating with an abuser……or that’s how desperate Chris Brown is to just get some girls screaming for him again bc Justin Bieber is on a track.

  • Sun

    @Sarah: he’s not an abuser! rihanna got what she deserved. she hit him first. lol

  • omg

    @Sun: yeah he is an abuser…he beat the sh*t out of her, seriously wtf is wrong with people like you?! …I wouldn’t ever hope what happened to Rihanna to even my worst enemy! Even if she did start the fight doesn’t mean she should have been beaten to the point where it looked like she was growing f*cking horns, you idiot.

  • CC

    Nice song, you can hear JB’s vocals maturing as of late, but there sounds like someone else is also singing backup…Ester Dean maybe?
    Anyway, I like the song, not heavily auto-tuned as I imagined.

  • Celia

    Great song. Chris Brown is very talented and Justin isn’t bad either.

  • http://NeverSayNever Nisha Lee Kohli

    I love all of your songs Justin Bieber. You rock my world! I love you JB very much! Nisha Lee Kohli

  • Chelsea

    If I had any respect for Bieber before, I sure as hell don’t have any now. The industry should’ve run Brown’s career into the ground for what he did to Rihanna.

  • Me No Likey

    Awful song by 2 big douche bags

  • arrogant people!

    Seriously people get over it! Talent like that shouldn’t be just thrown out, Chris is wayyy more talented than a lot of artists out there and its been 3 years already rihanna clearly got over it why don’t you?! I really like the song and I think Justin is showing that he is a forgiving person everyone makes mistakes.

  • sarabeth

    Yeah, Chris Brown is talented, and he also makes my skin crawl. No way I’ll get over the fact he left a young woman unconscious, and laying on the grass and ran away at 2 AM I saw the pictures of her face all busted up. Then he called her house to see if the cops were called. He didn’t even care about her condition. He put her in the hospital. He is pure slime.

    He doesn’t even seem sorry. He recently took pictures of his junk and put it on the internet! What kind of pig takes pictures of his bodty parts and posts it all over the internet. He has serious issues. Chris Brown is going to hurt someone again, and he’ll just be smarter, and not do it to someone famous.

    I am really sorry Justin’s management allowed him to be used this way. I do not blame him, because he is still a kid and he’s being run by adults who should know better. I like Justin. He should run the other way. I can do without all Chris Brown’s talent.

  • LovelyGirl

    i like this song..
    kinda remind me of something ;)
    well, congrats to both of them.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    bieber looks scared. hahahahaha

  • JJ

    Chris Brown is gross

  • laura

    the song is nice. Many of you are hypocrites. The same people supporting people like charlie sheen are the same ones to bash chris brown. YES he made a mistake and you can see he is trying to make amends for his actions by complying with the court and paying his dues. How many celebrities dont because they think they are above the law? Get over it!

  • josh

    @Sarah: get over it chris brown is the man . do you know how many households have family violence? lol this is a mean song.

  • justme

    Why is Bieber doing songs with woman beating homophobe? He looks scared in that pick like maybe he’s thinking chris brown is gonna beat the shit out of him too?

  • http://deleted weak

    cb is abuser and homophobic and wat ever but cb is more talented than jb !

  • becca

    Why would Justin Bieber do a song with Chris Brown???

  • Amazed

    Justin Bieber should not be collaborating with a known woman
    abuser!! Its just wrong!!!

  • ina

    Sorry but after what he did to her… I refuse to listen to his music. I really don’t care how talented he is. I have no respect for anyone who collaborates w him. But then again Bieber is a “good christian” and he propably believes that abusing women is something that can be forgiven

  • Awesome

    I love it. Who wouldn’t like both of them together singing a nice song? I mean seriously. I love you Justin Bieber. I am your biggest fan ever.i do not like Chris brown but they sound amazing together I mean it seriously.

  • Awesome

    @becca: Because they sound good together.

  • Awesome

    I know right?

  • Cool


  • Awesome


  • Latisha

    Ugh.! People get over it.! Chris did what he did…..And?
    The song is great.! Great collaboration.!
    B.T.W….if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all.!!!! ( How childidsh :)

    #F.A.M.E March 22

  • http://bebo CHINEBE

    yes he is an abuser a f-ck u riri did not deserve that!!

  • nathan

    justin mate your going down hill you singing with a woman beater :/ come on man i thought you had mor senc than that………… sorry i not being funny or anything but come on i realy like you and i dont wanna see you gong down hill …..xxxxx…..xoxoxoxox……

  • samantha rhianna huggins

    i think evry boddy can have a 2nd chance but not a 3rd he has done what he did to rhianna befor but not as bad and it was not a celeb. i know this becouse i know his great uncel and i have met chris brown many times befor and i sort a know him in person and he is realy nice but he done it twice and he has had his 2nd chance of me and thts it…….. sorry chris brown

  • justin bieber fan site

    you singing with a woman beater :/ come on man i thought you had mor senc than that………

  • shazmarya:)

    @Nisha Lee Kohli
    i kno rite.. i love justin bieber

  • Taylor Siluwé

    The song is great. Kinda infectious.

    Why can’t people just talk about the merits of the music and leave all the personal BS where it belongs?

  • Taylor Siluwé

    @ina: Well if Justin is a good Christian and follows the Bible, then maybe he thinks women should remain silent like the bible says.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • http://JBBeliever3194 JustinBieberForever

    @Sarah: Ha..I agree ..That wasnt the smartest move for Bieber..Like seriously!! I Used to Love Chris Brown Now i hate hhim bc of what he did to rihanna…And Im A Belieber but I Am seriously starting to dislike the choices that Biebers making..Its Dissapointing…*_* :/ ~Belieber4Life♥♥

  • T

    @omg: I’m not a fan of either act but to keep crucifying CB for beating Rihanna is just sad. She’s over it – you should be too. At the end of the day he’s human, he has his faults, and he has tried to make amends – what more do you want?

  • love Chris Brown


  • charlene

    she’s a demon anyway. so’s she’s gonna have horns either way.! haha

  • Aniko

    I love the song they did looooooooooovvveee Justin Bieber and Chris Brown but i hate the video it sucks

  • Anayia

    Chris brown is better than your ass

  • L.B

    Yo!@d end of d song dere was a tune “oh na na oh na na”just like rihanna’s what’s ma name I thnk chrisbrown was tryna send a message err singn d song for rihanna ..just sayn!!hmm nice song it!!