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Miley Cyrus & Jared Followill Romance Rumors Continue

Miley Cyrus & Jared Followill Romance Rumors Continue

Miley Cyrus still has a thing for Kings of Leon rocker Jared Followill!

The 18-year-old teen queen and 24-year-old bassist hung out together after she hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The pair sat at a table with friends at the official SNL after-party held at Asia de Cuba in the Murray Hill neighborhood on New York City on Saturday night (March 5).

“They were very flirty sitting side-by-side,” a spywitness exclusively tells “They looked very casual and comfortable with each other.”

Miley and Jared‘s romance dates back as early as November when they met at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid, Spain. They’ve kept in touch since then and have been hanging out with each other here and there.

As for the flirty text messages they’ve been sending each other, Jared jokingly tweeted, “I read in Tiger Beat Magazine that they are, uh, pretty coy.”

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51 Responses to “Miley Cyrus & Jared Followill Romance Rumors Continue”

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  1. 26
    Isabella Says:

    He doesn’t date, he’ll probalby f**k her easy ass

  2. 27
    Emilie Says:

    a) It’s sad how people would stop listening to KOL just because Jared would be linked to a… how can I word this? A no-talent, ex-disney bimbo? I don’t support this possible ‘relationship’, but I’m definitely going to continue to support Kings of Leon.

    b) I am so disappointed. He’s so out of her league, it’s laughable.

    c) Jared, if you’re into 18 year olds, may I recommend a gorgeous supermodel names KARLIE KLOSS? Or, a super-talented musician Lykke Li? She’s 24. I don’t know, I’m just sayin’.

  3. 28
    Me No Likey Says:

    I like KOL but I still don’t understand why people find Miley appealing. Her voice is annoying and she dresses cheap looking.

  4. 29
    LovelyGirl Says:

    well, well, well…
    there it goes again Miley.
    after Liam Hemsworth and Adam Sevani..
    an actor, a dancer, and now a musician.
    definetly so so!!!
    as for the guy, i think he’s just riding Miley’s flirts..
    poor Miley..
    and poor you guy if you allowed her to continue.

  5. 30
    irene Says:

    he is absolutely gorgeous.Good for you Miley.i wish i had her luck in men

  6. 31
    isHotr Says:

    @Dee: props to you. I agree. Miley is super talented and beautiful. She has a great entertainer personality. And whether she’s dating Jared or not, whatevs. But even if they were, Miley and Jared are both hot and talented. So why not? I guess the only thing that’s weird is that she’s only 18 and he’s 24…what do you think? Just right?

  7. 32
    isHotr Says:

    @irene: hahahaha…true story!!!

  8. 33
    Chelsea Says:

    Ok, im the same age as her and I like older guys also but i mean damn does she ever even consider dating guys who are actually her age? This better a be a damn rumor, I like him! lol

  9. 34
    bob Says:

    he is great…she is so grosss..she will be the next britney spears & lindsay lohan…wild kids….

  10. 35
    HIH Says:

    Who cares as long as Miley is happy XD

  11. 36
    mulberry Says:

    my biggest dream is to meet miley. she’s my role model

  12. 37
    Thai Says:

    Whomever thinks Miley is still a virgin must need serious mental treatment.

  13. 38
    Matilda Says:

    I don’t care who she dates.
    She’s cute and funny and a great singer/actress.
    I love Miley because I understand her.
    Haters just don’t.

  14. 39
    Dee osment Says:

    I think i agree miley is beatiful but not that drop dead gorgous….but she has great personality,sense of humor n is charismatic that no hot guys would refuse to be around…she’s fun….n that makes some guys like nick j,justin g,liam h always want to comeback to her….something about her is atractive….more than just a look n beauty

  15. 40
    anishka Says:

    Wow! It’s amazing who people choose to “respect”… Miley Cyrus, the kid who millions of young children followed on Hannah Montana, who “pole-danced” on stage at what , 17? The one who was taped “bonging”? The one who told her father “it’s not of your business”…

    Yeah, she’s a role model all right…. Come on people…. yeah she sings okay but in the “looks down to earth” comment, I don’t see it.. As far as I’m concerned, this chicklet needs a serious slap to knock some sense into her… I blame her parents… The rode her financial coat tails and helped create a freakin monster…. AKA Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, you know… the “idols”.. ppfftt… whatever!

  16. 41
    Jolie Says:

    Please no! Miley doesn’t need more crap in her life aka Followill’s fat and ugly fans bashing her. #growapearl

  17. 42
    Jolie Says:

    Not couting that they are all 30 years old who never dated a guy**

  18. 43
    Thay Says:

    Ohhh KOL fans you guys are SO mature! I’m impressed.

  19. 44
    lmao Says:


  20. 45
    Manu Says:

    Too much bitterness in this world. I like her. He is NO God! Mind your business and live YOUR life, geez!

  21. 46
    Nikki Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO. He’s wayyyyyy too good for her.

  22. 47
    nkenk Says:

    @anishka: THANK YOU! There are so many Miley Cyrus fans here and the moment u say ANYTHING bad about her they attack you. It’s ridiculous. Everyone’s like oh yeah she’s human it’s okay but part of being human is also LEARNING from your mistakes, which she is clearly NOT. Hell she doesn’t even care because she knows what she’s doing. I’m tired of people excusing her bs as being a teenager because not all people are stupid enough TO GET CAUGHT doing all of that crap. Jeez

  23. 48
    beatriz Says:

    WTF! Jared Followill is so much for her :l

  24. 49
    tojo Says:

    Young Miley seems determined to ride,and swallow, as many “Phallic Ponies” as she can before age 21.

  25. 50
    Bren Says:

    She’s too young for him. Seriously she needs to learn how to part and style her hair before she starts dating around ….

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