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LeAnn Rimes: Office Building Business with Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes: Office Building Business with Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes chats on her cell phone while arriving at an office building on Monday (March 7) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 28-year-old singer’s fiance, Eddie Cibrian, also stopped by.

“Why is it on the night we don’t have the boys we are in sweats, eating their frozen pizza and chicken nuggets and chillin?? LOL,” LeAnn tweeted later in the day.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at an office building…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian office 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 16
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 17
leann rimes eddie cibrian office 18

Photos: AKM
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  • !

    Because you are both not working, DUH.

  • http://Jta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • blair

    Maybe it’s take your gigolo to work day.

  • Hmm…

    Im sorry to be mean but shes aged quite a bit. How old is she?

  • Hmm…

    I didnt realise the blurb said her age. She does look older. I thought maybe…mid 30s.

  • Shay

    She’s so emaciated she looks like an old hag.

  • miapocca

    she is now looking like the ex wife..why leave your exwife if you prefer everywoman to look like her..ouch dumb me..because Leanne has the money…

    Oh and if I was the mama, I would be pissed if this woman makes reference to my children anytime anywhere anyplace ..shut the hell up!!

  • Emma

    You know what, given how their affair played out and the fact that they hurt Eddie’s wife a lot, she should not be tweeting about his kids. She knows Brandi is very sensitive when it comes to the kids and yet she seems to always be tweeting about his kids regardless of what Brandi thinks or feels. I think it’s disgusting. She could at least respect the wishes of the ex. I think LeAnn’s character is finally starting to show for what it really is and it’s definitely not a nice or pleasant character.

  • nyob

    LOL at her big fake boobs.

  • Desperate Maniston

    eddie has a type in what physical attributes a woman has.
    it isnt always about looks, though.
    maybe leann treats him better than his ex.
    a man will move on to someone else if his current is a moody, selfish bitch. you never know cuz you dont know them.
    sure, she should stop talking about the kids so much- but to hate on eddie for leaving? yeah they shouldnt have cheated, but i am sure there is much more than what we all know.
    men look elsewhere if their ladies dont give them what they need.

  • LR=W.H.0.R.E

    what a nasty woman

  • LR=W.H.0.R.E
  • mary lou

    Maybe they were on their way into the building to coerce someone into giving Eddie a job as a gofer for the office staff Just a thought maybe they were dissolving their engagement.

  • miapocca

    @Desperate Maniston:

    You are entitled to your opinion just as I am…nowhere have I mentioned any treatment of anyone etc…find something better to do with your time than defending downhome Hos who lack a concience or any sort of empathy to flaunt this nonsense of a temporary relationship in the media..she will be the one slashing her wrist when the cad moves on ..

    Brandy is the winner in all this..she got rid of as arse and eddie has to lick someone’s vajayjay to pay her living expenses and suppport his children


  • Dressed for Submission

    Looks like pre-nup time for Eddie. Dressed in submissive blue and head down. LeAnn in business casual carrying the plastic (works either way -LOL), discussing Eddie’s terms on phone with her true lover Darrell Brown (she takes it where he likes to put it)! Eddie’s an idiot, he’s really would be in charge and not have to sign a pre-nup if he had any real stones. He’s defeated himself!

  • Desperate Maniston

    did you not say:
    “why leave your exwife if you prefer everywoman to look like her”?
    i was stating that there may be some other reason he left other than just her looks. its called “critical thinking”. look it up.
    sorry that you are subjectifying this. i hope you find happiness and contentment one day.

  • annab

    She looks horrible at this weight. Needs to add some pounds back.

  • Desperate Maniston

    sometimes guys are jerks and leave cuz they are jerks.
    sometimes guys leave because they have valid reasons.
    and this works for women as well.
    and cheating isnt good.
    but dont hate on someone that asks for a divorce before they move on-especially if you dont know them personally and they dont affect your lives.
    i feel bad for all that subjectify celeb relationship downfalls.
    i hope you find happiness and contentment.

  • carla

    She is REALLY painful to look at, it’s like her face is so stretched, skinny, haggard and squinty it actually is hard to look at. Can’t imagine waking up to that each day. There is no way he finds her easy on they eyes, more like she’s easy in providing him the cushy lifestyle as he is an unemployed actor.

  • Brandon

    Why everyone continues to hate on LeAnn and Eddie is beyond belief. Its as if these two ate the first to ever leave others because they fell in love! Get a life! Let it go! I wish them the best. I happen to know some inside info as to why it was so easy for LeAnn to leave. Her ex ain’t what everyone thinks…remember this: “What goes in the night will eventually come into the light!” So when the big “reveal” happens, don’t be shocked!

  • Cammie

    Sure, she sits around eating frozen pizza and nuggets…she must run to the treadmill for a few hrs..right after..

  • http://n/a leann lames

    Wow, now I am convinced brandy wasn’t left, eddie was thrown out on his hide. People leave for more then just looks, but looking like the person he supposedly left is just a reminder of that person. Poor lean *snicker* no man ever really loves you do they, for who you are flat chest with a little junk in the trunk, now you have to dress and look like someone else just so he would consider you beautiful. She’s one diet coke away from needing and IV for nutrients, she’s taking her quest to look like brandy to extreme.

  • elaine

    i agree, think they are going in to sign prenup . Although I would have thought with all HER money, they could have had a lawyer come to the house.

  • !

    when her money’s gone so is Eddie.

  • Mailey

    Oh wow she’s 28 already.

  • InItforThe Money

    Funny how Eddie is formally dressed better to sign the dotted line for the money (pre-nup) than he is when meeting LeAnn for a date. Looks like LeAnn is treating the event as just another business arrangement (HO-hummer).

  • Leslie

    omg…the two top pics….is the one on the left brandi? She sure looks like brandi!!

  • Karen

    Love these two together. Hope they both find the happiness they deserve.

  • NotaPot ToPissIn

    Look at the 3rd row of pictures of Eddie holding the neatly folded pre-nup papers (not even a briefcase to his name), until he notices being photographed. Next he tries to hide papers behind his body, and when they’re next in view the papers a tightly wound-up in his clenched fist (LOL). Just for fun, zoom in (Ctrl +, multiple times) on LeAnn’s nail polish in the last picture – She’s got the GOLD on LOL!


    Oh would you people get over it! Move on! Leann has taken enough crap for this. His ex wife is no saint. There were problems in both marriages way before these two got together. We don’t know everything that went down. Leann’s ex has moved on. Eddie’s ex is milking it for all it’s worth still. Move on and stop playing the victim! People fall in and out of love all the time. It is just part of life. Next Breakup please.

  • !

    Oh they will get what they deserve.

  • Zsa

    She looks like an alien. Idiots.

  • Leslie

    old dimples is really putting on the lbs there isn’t he?? He’s the one eating the frozed pizza and nuggets…not Leanne.

  • elaine

    He is definately getting heavier, not working will do that to you when all you do is sit around on your fat A.S.S. and watch T.V. he didn’t look too happy on the way in to sign his pre-nup. maybe the resaon they didn’t ride in together

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Just look at Eddie can’t even walk with his head up. That what happens when you stop being a man. Hopefully he will find a job soon so he can start being a role model for his sons. I bet he doesn’t like his kept man and lap dog image. LOL

  • Leslie

    I honestly thought that was Brandi! The Single White Female theory is becoming more fact, than just theory. Well, as they say “Truth is stranger than fiction”. I remember Brandi in a beige shirt, white pants, heels just like those, SUNGLASSES just like those, her hair EXACTLY, and the way she tilts her head when walking w/ cameras on her . SCARY how this woman tries so hard to emulate his ex! They can deny it all they want, but THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING!

  • lisali

    She needs to gain some weight.

  • elaine

    this woman even has ugly feet

  • ewwww

    i love how she thinks she’s a dancer now that she’s lost all that weight and wears legwarmers around the house. Sorry honey, hate to break it to you but you’re a tad old to become a ballerina or even a modern dancer for that matter. People who walk pigeon toed and have knocked knees and no arches in their feet should hang up the shoes! The Dance medium requires grace and poise, 2 things you greatly lack! And dancers don’t walk around in 8 inch heels knowing that is horrible for knees and the achilles tendon.

  • Ciara
  • Ciara

    That link I posted YOU HAVE to look at it. Leann Rimes is WASTING AWAY and those pictures really show her weight loss. SO DAMN SCARY AND SAD FOR HER.

  • Jojo

    This is all i can say about this plastic boobed skeleton
    please bring back the real Leann Rimes, this is not her, this is sleazy Eddie’s life eating that crap.
    Please read the story at
    future celebrity gossip dot com
    about them, sad but rings true.

  • elaine

    what in the h is she doing wearing combat boots she is trying so hard to be cool thats its just sickening

  • Rachel
  • Josie

    Wow Ed!! You are packing on the pounds!! Remember, you can’t eat your way out of misery.

  • Mindy
  • Lisa

    JUST PLAIN UGLY. Both inside and out. No one in their right mind wants to be exposed to that.

  • Mindy

    Will Le be able to have children with Eddie?
    She says she has CHRONIC psoriasis and takes all types of meds for it

  • Racy

    @miapocca: She looks nothing like the ex wife except for the blond hair and everybody in Hwd has it. The ex wife cannot do a da**** thing about what LeAnn says unless it is harmful to these kids or herself. Grow up!!

  • Racy

    @LR=W.H.0.R.E: Which woman are you talking aboutbeing nasty? The mother tweets about these kids but doesn’t want anyone else to. She does not own them – she is the mother who should not be making a spectacle of the whole thing.