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Colin Farrell Pays And Pumps

Colin Farrell Pays And Pumps

Colin Farrell pumps his gas on Tuesday (March 8) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor met Rihanna last year at the Graham Norton Show, and they have reportedly met up several times since then. According to The Mirror, Colin has now invited her to Castleknock to meet his family.

Colin is bringing her to Ireland in the next couple of months to meet the family,” a source said. “Things are moving on pretty fast and Colin wants to show her a good night at home in Dublin. His parents can’t wait to meet her.”

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  • suri

    Yeahh he’s hot, and rihanna is the cheapest woman i never seen before.

  • xploxite

    He’s so hottttttttttttttt & down to earth, Brilliant actor loved him in “the way back’.

  • j

    EWWWWWW really Rhianna….Gross and double Gross…Shes a bike that everyone’s had a ride one….

  • xploxite

    He’s so Hotttttttttttttttttttt and down to earth . he’s a Brilliant actor , loved him in the way back sexyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • Adriana


    lol. Yeah, she’s like the bus route, everyone rides her.

  • Angie

    He is soooo sexy! He’s really into black chicks. Can’t blame him.

  • Killyleagh

    @Adriana: “everyone rides her” ??
    More like, Everyone rides him !!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Crap like gerard

  • rihannalover

    Its so sad all this jealous bitches, hahahaha give me a list of all the men rihanna has slept with and proof cause appearently you know her so well!!! If they really are dating (i wanna c a pic of em together first) then I really am happy for both of the Collin is seeexxy as hell and Rihanna is a beautiful women!! Where dem girls talkin trash where they at where they at!!

  • rihannalover

    @Adriana: and everyone is????

  • Ruth

    I don’t know about Rihanna but any woman getting involved with him is a fool. Incapable of any commitment or responsibility.

  • Sun

    he’s so disgusting

  • cindy lu

    don’t believe the rihanna thing! he is sooooooo sexxxxxy

  • sarabeth

    Colin’s family are here a lot and probably already met her- IF this is true. Big IF. His sister and his mother pop over for visits and to hang out quite often. I love him!

    I admire the way he has taken his role as a father so serious. Colin is a very good father, especially to his oldest boy who is developmentally disabled. He also does a lot of in person, hands on charity work for developmentally disabled kids, too, and helps with Special Olympics. He is way different than he used to be. Rihanna could do a lot worse, but I don’t think this one is true. The Mirror lies a lot.

  • carla

    Why is no other outlet reporting on this hook-up?? That girl LIVES her life in the spotlight and LIVES to be papped, so find it funny no pics or proof of them spending time together?? She can’t even exit a building without some crazy outfit that begs for attention, yet she can carry on a secret affair??? Don’t believe it.

  • Laurie

    @j: And so is he.

  • Laurie

    @sarabeth: He might be a good father, but he’s an unstable man. Real douchebag issues. Anyone wanting long-term better steer clear of him because he might say he wants it and then later that afternoon, he’s ready to move on.

  • Rachel

    I almost wet myself with laughter when I saw the picture of him with the nozzle of the pump stuck in the car as he stands back to admire the paps. He peers over the top of the nozzle all sultry like, his eyes speaking to the camera and they say “this is me and my car, see what I am doing to my car… she aint the only thing that is going to get a filling up” hahahahaha if that pic is not a euphamism Colin then it really ought to be! I think its a subliminal message to RiRi hahahahahhaha

    Did anyone else notice the odd dress sense, he gets out the car which I presume in LA is air conned because it is too warm to drive without it, california sun and all that, he removes his jacket because outside is hotter than inside his car plus it is less restrictive on his new muscles which need room to help him to pump his car up, but he is still wearing a wooly hat? eh? hahaha

    Gotta love this Colin gotta love it.

  • Rachel

    I was wetting myself with laughter at the one photograph of him with the petrol pump in his car whilst he stands looking all sultry like, glancing over the top of the nuzzle to admire the paps. It was as though his eyes were speaking to them and they said “see me and my car? well she is not the only thing I am good at filling up” hahaha Colin if that picture is not a euphamism for something then it really ought to be. I personally think it is a subliminal message intended for RiRi haha

    Also did anyone else notice his odd sense of dress. OK so I presume the car is air conned as it is hot outdoors in California, so he would need to stay warmer inside the car, so he wears a jacket, he takes the jacket off because he will get hot outdoors plus he needs to make room for his new muscles to facilitate pumping up his car. But he is still wearing his wooly hat? doesn’t anyone else find that odd? hahaha

  • RebeccaS

    whoa nelly! despite all his lady “troubles” i still think hes great; in bruges was amazing and hes just hot.

  • Rachel

    Clearly some people lack a sense of humour lighten up girls so what if he is hot, he can get away with looking like an edjet and pointing it out would probably make him laugh he is an Irishman they take the piss outta themselves and do it to others quite adeptly in my experience, apparently they don’t take this stuff seriously… any publicity therefore is good publicity right? haha maybe I just rather look at the funny side of things can you blame me the picture is priceless take a look it has sleeze written all over it and in the most comical way haha

  • Jokergurl

    @ Rachel, that’s not a sultry look it’s a GLARE. Colin is not a fan of the paparazzi at all these days. At the Toronto Film Festival this last year Colin scolded a paparazzo for yelling obscenities at his sister Claudine who they said was in the way. Also the paparazzi try to get pictures of Colin when he’s with his young son James, who has Angelman Syndrome (a kind of autism) He’s BROKEN camera’s before of guys who get too close to his son. Yeah I really DON’T believe the Rihanna thing either, show the pictures then I might. He’s too busy anyway, he’s finishing up Horrible Bosses and he’s training for the Total Recall remake plus he’s shooting the revamp of Fright Night. These tabloids are putting them together because they were on the Graham Norton Show in DEC. of 2010, they wait this long to say something?

  • Rachel

    @ Jokergurl Bloody hell calm down luv, keep your knickers on – if that is his glare then I expect that is the kinda look he would have given me for getting my jumper inside out this morning and not noticing until half way into the day… that’ll learn me for critiquing his sense of dress when I don’t even know how to dress properly! hahaha lighten up seriously! the paps are no match for his almost nearly there arnie muscles plus any publicity is good publicity even if it is a load of bull, just look at Charlie hahaha

  • Jokergurl

    @Rachel: Was I YELLING? No, some celebrities actually don’t like being followed everywhere and Colin is one of them. I am just saying that they always try to get pictures of Colin with his autistic son and really hates it. Just go to Colin Farrell Fansite if you think I’m out of control and you will find girls there that will chew you up and spit you out for picking on Colin. ;)

  • Rachel

    @Jokergurl: Sorry I always read words in caps as yelling, force of habit. I am in the frame of mind that either extreme whether hating on or idolising someone like Colin, would produce the same results. Only if the fan board is a true fan board which allows freedom of speech that is, but it being the case that one or the other is disallowed in most instances they are the kind of places where only mediocrity can prevail . But then not all fan boards have the same ideas with where they are heading and not all posters agendas are apparent.

    As for being chewed up and spat out by some so called ferocious girls who most if not all have not the gall to show their true identities I would say that they are less fercious than the ones who show themselves and allow themselves to be chewed up and to be spat out to later become the better person for the experience. Not many of those faceless girls would allow themselves that kind of experience because they are the ones that are afraid of the dirty process of digestion. They are taught to believe that the only outcome can be sh*t…

    Would I ever pick on Colin? Would I ever? haha

  • Layne

    Looks like Farrell hit the gym big time.

    i like the dude, he’s a really cool and down to earth guy, some girl who spend 15 minutes to bash him on the web need to get a life.

  • Jokergurl

    @Rachel: I just didn’t like your comment about “any publicity is good publicity” NO. Here’s the thing, Colin Farrell does not have an ego. For Crazy Heart Jeff Bridges wanted Colin to go do the press junkets with him to promote it. Colin declined because wanted the focus to be on Jeff Bridges and the rest of the cast. Emphasis not yelling, I think Colin’s cool, the thing about these girls though, they’ve actually met him and they have pictures, they’re very protective of him. It’s funny. I just love what he does for the Special Olympics every year, he’s the bad boy at all that he’s made out to be.

  • Rachel

    And bull about his not having an ego, you need an ego to survive what people like him have to survive… If he had no ego he would give more than a craps worth about what is being said about him and probably would be having a mental breakdown every time some pap released a photo of him and allowed the public to tear him to pieces. He would at least have to fake having one, if he did not have one already… it does not stop him from being a perfectly nice normal guy if he does have an ego you know, it is perfectly healthy to have one, when it is required of you to have one.