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Joanna Garcia Covers 'Latina' Magazine April 2011

Joanna Garcia Covers 'Latina' Magazine April 2011

Newlywed Joanna Garcia graces the cover of Latina magazine’s April 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (March 15)!

Here’s what the 31-year-old Better with You actress had to share:

On her favorite wedding moment: “The minute I saw Nick at the end of the aisle, as I was walking towards him with my father on my arm – I’ll never forget it.”

On marriage: “I have a very realistic image of what marriage should be. It takes effort but it shouldn’t be the hardest thing that you do. The key to our relationship is just an extreme amount of respect for each other.”

On athletes & fidelity: “Monogamy is a tricky thing. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but I’ve chosen that life and there’s no question in my relationship.”

On the honeymoon phase: “We’re doing it all the time! I mean, c’mon, he married a girl in her 30s!”

On their future: “We would like to start trying [to have a baby] as soon as we can.”

On being naughty & nice: “I fancy myself to be quite sexy at times – I’m as naughty as I am sweet!”

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  • Luiza

    She is latin?

  • tricia

    I had no idea she was FULLY hispanic! Her mom is Spanish and her dad is Cuban. She looks white as rice! Still pretty though…

    Imagine if she had a darker skin tone, I really wonder if she would be as successful. It’s always easy if you can pass as white.

  • alessandra
  • Ur Ignorant


    Hispanic is not a race, it’s an ethnicity used the United States. Is Zoe Saldana not Hispanic because she’s black?

    -Signed a blue-eyed, white-skinned Mexican

  • tricia

    @Ur Ignorant:

    She’s still hispanic… what are you talking about?
    Zoe Saldana is hispanic, but she refers to herself as a black woman.

  • tricia

    I don’t understand why people read my comment negatively. She looks white, there’s nothing wrong with that. She doesn’t play “hispanic” characters and she was on Reba for crying out loud.

    Look at Sofia Vergara, she plays hispanic characters because of her accent and the main fact that she looks hispanic.

    Stop being so sensitive!

    I said the girl was pretty… actually read the comments.

  • Ur Ignorant


    Really? — Ur surprised that Joanna is hispanic because she’s “white as rice”!! Zoe is a Black Hispanic, Joanna a White Hispanic. Sit down for this one tricia because there are even Asian Hispanics, and Indigenous Hispanics! *gasp*

  • tricia

    Well duh. I never knew her name in the first place, so judging off of her looks, I assumed she was white.
    Chill out.

    Give yourself a hand for knowing information that everyone knows.
    If you saw her and never knew her last name, someone would assume she’s white.

    lol, girls get so crampy and serious on the internet.

  • JapanLover


    Why did people read your comments negatively? Maybe because you keep insisting that she does not look “hispanic” but “white.” THERE ARE WHITE HISPANICS. You know, people of EUROPEAN ANCESTRY. Hispanic and white CAN be interchangeable words.

  • tricia

    lol, duhhhhhhhhh. I’m just saying she looks white and I didn’t know she was hispanic.

    Good grief!

    Silly whiny girls. You guys are so offended and you’re not even Joanna Garcia. I’m sorry Joanna, I didn’t mean to upset your stans.

  • JapanLover


    Is that Charlie Sheen? Duh! duhhhhhhh! NOT WINNING. Maybe you should go read something about the other 194 countries that are out there.

  • tricia

    Continue stalking Joanna Garcia, I’m sure she loves that you’re defending her honor.

  • Abby

    OMG SHE’S Latina? WOW I’d NEVER in a million years guess that. She just looks like a white girl. O_o

  • jj22

    @tricia: LMAO! I’m Brazilian and have blonde hair and blue eyes, so am I not Hispanic? Get a clue you loser moron! She looks white because she is white! Latino is an ethnicity, not a race you uneducated jackass!

    P.S. Sofia Vergara is white too. Her natural hair color is blond.

  • jj22

    Oh and her last name is Garcia! WTF did you idiots think?!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    whats this cover very cheap

  • tricia


    So Australian Aboriginals are white because they have blonde hair?

    Think before you speak you “loser moron”.

    No one can have a decent conversation without calling someone a name.
    You girls get your feelings hurt so quickly… over the internet.

  • tricia


    (The mixed race aboriginals)

  • kc

    people are way too sensitive about race jeeeeesssuuusss

  • mami del barrio!

    Hey Girls, chill out! don”t call Tricia names .. Well Joana is white Hispanic, so! Hello her last name should be an indication GARCIA! But let’s be honest…Most people think Hispanics are medium skin, dark hair…that’s what Hollywood sells! Even Latin American TV, they try to have as many blond blue eyes blanquito actors in their shows.. I ‘m dark hair and medium tan skin Hispanic mami! And I have a Anglo last name..well I’m still Hispanic with Anglo ancestry!.. What many people don’t know in the USA., which i still don’t understand why? When the rest of the world does know..The same way Europeans Migrated to North America, they also did to the south of the border all the way to Patagonia, way before the English were in the new continent The Spaniers were here already doing the dirty business lol!! where is the surprise! Also a lot of the Europeans mixed with the local indigenous people and y had meztizo children..anyway.. No se pelen chicas!!!!!!!!! no se vale..Don’t fight over stuff like this… Okay Peace out! Tricia you cool and your comment had a point.. C’mmon chicas don’t be meanies! Chau y no jodan!!!!!!!!!How can this world achieve peace, when people are ready to rip eachother head over shit like this!!!!!!!!!! Ay Dios Mio!

  • British Latin American

    Frankly, Tricia sounds like an ignorant troll. Not intimidated by her cyber-bullying.

  • British Latin American

    @tricia: One of the reasons you’re comment was considered offensive is because of the fact that many people who are ‘white’ have medium to dark European skin tones, and are considered white here in the U.S. The person who initially criticized you may have misplaced her anger on you was because of the ignorance over this fact that a lot of Americans have. There are plenty of people in Spain and Portugal, as well as people of spanish and portuguese descent in the Americas, who have light European skin, light eyes, and light hair.

  • Yamila

    She is “white” (like USA people say), Spanish is a “white race” (that sounds so racist)
    And she looks like a spanish girl c’mon! There’s a lot of spanish people who has light eyes or light hair!
    - . -

  • wildcats

    Wow I didn’t know that just stating an opinion can get so many people riled up. I think what Tricia was trying to say that she was surprised Joanna Garcia is completely hispanic, nothing more. the “still pretty though” comment probably meant that no matter what background, she is still beautiful. Let’s leave it at that.

  • British Latin American

    In your defence of Tricia you only highlight her ignorance – assuming she was not a troll looking to cause trouble.

  • janice

    everyone need to chill!!!!! It’s obvious Tricia is not being racist, why are people so sensitive. i thought the same as her, when i realized this actress is Latina. i assumed she was Caucasian with the blonde hair and all and she played Reba’s daughter. Most people im sure assumed she’s caucasian too. what’s the big deal? on tv the Latina’s we see all got dark hair and sometimes tanner skin.

  • Juli

    The problem is that she actually IS White and she IS Caucasian and there are some dummies here saying that they assumed she was White/Caucasian, “but she’s actually Latina”! Well, SHE’S BOTH!
    She IS White! What’s wrong with you people? Being Hispanic doesn’t make her not White! You all assumed correctly when you assumed she was White, since that’s what she is, so you should have written “oh, I assumed she was of Anglo-Saxon descent, not Spanish.” THEN you’d be writing it correctly.
    I got the point you girls were making, I’m just trying to explain where you were wrong. It’s almost unbelievable that someone would say that just because she’s Hispanic she’s automatically a non-White person! She’s still as White as Reba, she just has a different background, just like a German has a different background from a Czech!
    It’s really not that hard to understand.

    What’s even more surprising is that there was some Brazilian here saying that Brazilians are Hispanic (the spoken language in Brazil is Portuguese, just in case there’s someone here who doesn’t already know that)! I was shocked to see that a Brazilian doesn’t know that Brazilians can’t possibly be Hispanic since Spanish is NOT our mother language (unless it’s a Brazilian with Hispanic parents, but she wasn’t speaking of that)!
    Maybe that person isn’t even actually Brazilian…

    Anyway, I’m just trying to clarify everything. XOXO!

  • Sabrina

    @Ur Ignorant: @Ur Ignorant:

    Zoe SALDANA is not African American [or black a you PC put it.], her last name in itself proves it, the girl looks like it but she’s Latino. Now who’s ignorant.

  • AMK


    Zoe Saldana is a Latino of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Latino is not a race but a culture and ethnicity. Zoe Saldana is racially of the Black race but she is not African American.