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Katie Holmes: 'How to Succeed in Business' with Suri Cruise!

Katie Holmes: 'How to Succeed in Business' with Suri Cruise!

Katie Holmes and her 4-year-old daughter Suri get shielded by umbrellas while heading back to their apartment on Tuesday (March 8) in New York City.

Earlier in the evening, the mother-daughter duo went to see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway.

The 32-year-old actress and Suri received a police escort out of the theater after the show, which stars Daniel Radcliffe.

Katie and Suri flew in from Vancouver, Canada, where they had been visiting Tom Cruise on the set of his new movie, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

FYI: Katie is carrying a Max Mara “Margaux” tote and wearing a Jennifer Meyer Diamond Initial Necklace.

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  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Her face like ridiculous

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • samuel

    Katie looks gaunt

  • Whatever

    What sort of parent brings a 5 year out so late at night? Maybe the same one that allows a 5 year to still use a pacifier! How/why can Katie Holmes be upset at the c-r-a-p press she gets when she conducts her life in this way? She’s a beard to her uber fruit of a husband and she looks like someone punched her in the face. Nice life Katie, when’s your contract up??

  • curious

    this is suitable for a 4 year old??


  • LALA

    Tom isn’t even Suri’s bio father. It’s tragic that he’s decided to use her as his personal Scientology child raising project and Katie jumped right on board.
    Something should be done to those two – Tom should be locked up in jail and Katie should be locked up in a loony bin and seriously medicated.
    If TC or KH want to live a bizarre lifestyle, as adults they cn do what they want, but dragging Suri into it is beyond awful!

  • Connie

    I’m sure that the taxpayers of NYC are glad to see excellent use of their money. Teachers and road improvements or police escorts for Katie Holmes?

  • ginny

    Katie is disgusting.

  • AEP

    Hasnt Cankle been trying to succeed in business without really trying for some time now?

  • Grandma of Four

    Poor little Suri! Covering up her face! WHAT is Katie thinking taking a four year old to an evening performance of a broadway play?? And, a play that is not necessarily appropriate for a child! It is an ADULT comedy! Katie looks drawn and exhausted. And, little Suri just plain stressed! Something is just not right with this picture. :- ( WHERE are playmates for Suri? WHERE is the structure of school? HOW is this little gal ever going to learn appropriate socialization with little pals? Does this child ever get to go to parks and just plain play? Ride a bike? Have little girl fun? Sad…sad…sad! :- (

  • Adora Adams

    Suri surely has signs of ‘ issues’

  • lexy hates bilson

    Suri is very well behaved. I’m very impressed that she could sit through an entire play.

  • Bobina

    Why would a 4 year old what to see such an adult play? These people are making her grow up too fast. Does she even have any friends her own age?

  • lilia mazunina


  • annie

    I’m so envious of you guys……I mean you are all so perfect, except for one small thing ….your memories are not up to scratch, you seem to forget a lot of stuff!

  • ck

    The umbrellas to block the paps thing is new, no?
    Usually they are quite accommodating (to say the least) re access to their lives.

  • lilia mazunina


  • http://nicole Alice Cutie


  • Jennifer

    Katie is an insecure woman who lives her life vicariously through her child. No one in New York brings a little child to an evening performance of an adult play. That is why Broadway has Saturday matinees with child appropriate shows. One day it’s heels, makeup and the nightlife the next day it’s the pacifier. It’s always about Suri. (another sweet, another toy)..which is another expression for spoiling. That child should be in nursery school with children her own age learning to share and learning the meaning of the word NO…not always an extension of her pathetic mother.

  • kizbit

    Why does Katie need so much security? Who is going at attack her? I’d run the other way if I saw her!

  • Tulip

    Suri is obviously bothered by the flashes. Quite normal: she’s 5 and more aware of the paps craziness. Why is she exposed to this it’s another matter. Suri still loves musicals and she has seen 7 or 8 already so she can behave normally at night shows! Don’t criticize her for wanting to be a child: she’s almost five. It is also normal for her to imitate her mother and the grown ups. People here make a big deal our of nothing – children often do a lot of crazy things without Hollywood or Scientology.

  • Wonder

    Katie’s decisions regarding Suri are so odd.

  • Beating a dead horse

    Whatever ,connie, grandma, jennifer, lilia, ck, bobina ,adora, aep, and crankle,lal,curious, I garee with you all.

    Also, DOES Katie have any friends?
    Shouldn’t she be with some adult girlfriends and their husbands, going to an adult play, late dinner?
    Or have a girls ‘night out away from husbands and kids with her adult girls to go out with?
    NORMAL women do this. Normal couples do this.
    Tom and Kaite are never out with other couples.
    Kaite is like her child’s playmate.
    Suri has no pre-k program like Ben Affleck/Jennifer Graner’s kids go to.
    No ballet calsses that Nicole Ritchie’s lil girlgoes to.
    This Cruise family is not normal.

    Suir gets more photogs in her face than Princes William and Henryhad and their media contact was controlled.

  • Beating a dead horse

    I agree with tulip, wonder, and kizbit as well.

  • Kerri

    #23 – Right on Sista!!

    I just can’t believe that Suri enjoys sitting through an entire Broadway production. Disney on Ice maybe, but not this. This whole charade is ludicrous. Katie…..get your freaking life back.


    Here we go… this is going to be a common sight for the next year…if Katie Holmes is doing a Broadway play, we will see this crap everyday.
    “Katie Holmes and America Ferrera will headline an upcoming reading of William Mastrosimone’s play Extremities, according to Variety. The drama, which will also star Pablo Schreiber and Kimberly Elise, centers on a woman who turns the tables on a would-be rapist when she is attacked in her home.” – Variety Magazine


    And why doesn’t this woman just stay home.. she knows being in N.Y is hard on Suri. She’s not a good actress so why bother w/ this??!!


    And why doesn’t this woman just stay home.. she knows being in N.Y is hard on Suri. She’s not a good actress so why bother w/ this??!!

  • Hot mess

    This child is wearing the same dress she’s been wearing for the last week. Does she not shower or change? I can’t imagine it being clean. Katie please, take care of your kid.

  • tatertot

    It is interesting how Katie and Tom, both, flaunt this child around and appear deliberately to be out and about with her where the press can capture pictures of her. This was not done with either of the older children – it’s as if they are “promoting” this child for some odd reason. And, as far as how they take her places that don’t seem “age appropriate” – it has been written how Scientologists view their children as “adults” – so, why not take her to plays that the rest of us would never consider taking a 4 or 5 year old to? I honestly believe that they allow this child, and she is a child – she is not a minature adult, to dictate to THEM what she wants, etc. It is sad. Last point – I find it extremely disconcerting that you never do see her with other children and I gather that Scientologists do not send their children to regular schools? Do they receive any education at all? Boy – this little girl is going to end up being one piece of work when she hits her teens and from there on. It appears that Katie does what Suri dictates to her – that woman has no choice. Shaking my head.

  • Sage

    Does anyone know if the Scientology auditing investigation still going on? I haven’t heard anything about it for awhile.


    I agree # 30… the writing is on the wall. We can’t predict the future, although this one is a total no- brainer. You would this Katie and Tom would be smarter than that. I guess they think they are different from all those Lindseys and Britneys. There are so many examples where too much over-exposer leads to very Horrific turnouts w/ kids. Tom and Katie believe it will turn out different for them… they are UNIQUE and different from everyone…PLUS they WANT her to be in the industry so yes, they are in a way promoting her in a way I believe. Other Celebs seem hesitant to introduce the children to show business, not Tom and Katie. They are throwing her in feet first b/c it WILL be her life. I think what happen in this situation, was, the fact that little girls can be clingy at this age and Suri wanted to go and Katie says YES of course.. after please mommy, please mommy and then when you get there she’s scared and can’t handle the attention of course. This happens probably OVER and OVER w/ every situation but Mommy needs to grow a spine and/ or leave her scientology ideal behind to become a suitable mother.

  • crazy toms wifey

    This little girl leads such a strange, wacked-out, crazy life. Its normal to her os if and when she leaves the Scientology-cruise-Holmes bubble- it will not be a good scene.

  • ellie

    was it raining?

  • Susie#1

    I agree with all the comments that this was not an appropriate play or time of day for a four year old child and I also agree with observations of Katie’s lack of parenting skills, like allowing Suri to wear the same dress day after day. What concerns me is that Suri is very thin and pale. And for folks like Romeo who accuse people of playing doctor, the camera adds five pounds to a person; therefore Suri is underweight. If you look at the last photo, you can see that her legs are very thin and knees are huge. She needs good nutrition and parenting.

  • Marisa

    She seldom have the adopted daughter with her and Suri. Something just seem so wrong with that family. Katie don’t seem to trust Suri with the other two kids or they don’t like Suri. Just so strange.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    News Flash: Robo-bride continues to parade her princess pet in front of the paps. Takes 4 year old to a play more suited to adults. Children under 4 not allowed. Suri just makes the cut-off. Katie can’t be bothered to do her hair and make up. The dippy duo then relies on NYC police for an escort to their car. Tom makes gazillions of dollars, but Katie uses the police and tax payer’s money instead of hiring more security.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    That ‘film’ has been filming now for at least six months. When will the madness STOP!

  • Katie Holmes is PHONEY

    that “dead look in the eye is such an act for the cameras”… gross

  • Its the Suri show

    This is getting “Micheal Jackson creepy”… its like the “suri and Katie” show…. what will they do next??! i mean thought it couldn’t get worse than the bottle, and then they wip out the pacifier.

  • Britt

    It seems as though that Katie spends all her time with her daughter and has no social life. This isn’t healthy for either one of them. Suri needs to be around other kids. And I’m guessing she’ll be starting kindergarten in Sept. since she just turned 5 so that will help a lot. Katie needs to have a girls night out and that means with her girlfriends not her daughter. It’s almost as if they are not allowed to be around anyone else so they only have each other to do things with. It’s sad.

  • int base insider

    Obviously when Tom allowed Miscavige to slap Katie in the head, she is still feeling the after effects.

  • Its the Suri show

    Suri will be homed schooled # 41… Cruises are to good for regular stuff like “school”.. Suri will be attending an IVY league college anyway no matter what, ( if she’s not in rehab that is) since they have enough $$ to buy one. You know that expression, “there is no free lunch” well, suri is the exception and Katie Holmes and her “powerful” man there she’s got there are doing everything possible to let us all know they are the exception to any rules of society. (See above pics of tax payers having to foot bill for her security) This woman is a fame- whore who flaunts her pricey material items in everyday. She NO fashion maven or phenomenon and her daughter, Suri is DEFINITELY NOT a fashion prodigy . They can just buy all these great things… fashion is something more than wearing expensive items. I am not jealous either, I have it all…I acknowledge and admire many celebrity women. I am so sick of her face EVERYDAY and just pray for the day she gets her low blow and humbles up. Marrying a lunatic to get fame gets you being looked at as a JOKE.

  • Its the Suri show

    meant home- schooled

  • katarina

    Katie has tried for 5 years to get her daughter used to the paps. It ain’t happening so why not accept that fact and afford her some privacy?

  • crazy

    Has anyone thought that maybe Katie Holmes likes doing stuff that garners attention? I mean Bottles, blankies, binkys, heels in rain, trips to get make-in blizzard, Broadway plays ay bedtime…. And the worst of all of it, is holding Suri in not-appropriate ways so the planet sees that poor little girls underwear. THAT has nothing to do w/ Scientology. I think its all intentional and I think that is why everyone is drawn or almost obsessed w/ Suri Cruise. She’s a dress up doll to Katie Holmes and /or a little beautiful innocent thing being abnormally pampered upon in a way that is EXTREME unhealthy for human beings. She has a real sadness to her even when you actually see a smile. You just want to rescue her. Her Mother is a lunatic now just like her father.

  • it’s Robo-Bride


    You give this couple and their child every excuse and pass in the book. Do you know where this theater is? The police generally are not in front of the door or stage door. They had to have been summoned. It is still a total waste of tax payers money to have them escort this bimbo to her limo.
    But then Romeo, Tom only pays $400 a year for his Colorado ranch in property taxes because he generously allows sheep to graze on his land. Here he is rolling in millions and he takes advantage of the state of Colorado and a loop hole. But fortunately there are some legislators there that are trying to get two acres (one with the house on it) declared taxable at regular property tax rates for a$$holes like Cruise who feel they are too good to pay for the estate they play in.

  • reinna

    The most Precious girl on earth. She is innocent, dont judge her always.

  • reinna

    The most Precious little girl on earth. She is innocent, dont judge her always.

  • Wenny

    Good luck suri.I hope u always happy and in the future will be the good person.