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Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy

Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy

Vanessa Hudgens is all smiles while taking a stroll with a guy pal on Tuesday (March 8) in Venice, Calif.

The 22-year-old Beastly star is wearing an entire outfit from 25 Park including a pair of bright pink Kenny “Guadalajara” shorts.

Vanessa recently dished on what characteristics she looks for in a guy.

“Somebody who is just true to themselves. Someone who’s loyal and honest,” she told the New York Daily News.

She also chatted about hitting several shows during New York Fashion Week.

“It was very exciting because Marc Jacobs was my very first sit-down runway fashion show I’ve ever been to. And [Vogue editor] Anna Wintour was sitting across from me, which was the most surreal moment I had. I got to go backstage and meet Marc and it was just a fantastic night,” she recalled.

FYI: Vanessa finished her look with Elizabeth and James “Fairfax” sunglasses.

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133 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy”

  1. 1
    Tata Says:

    Aww, that’s our baby V!!! Love you, Vanessa!

  2. 2
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Is she Venessa ?

  3. 3
    Van Says:

    Loyal and honest guy ? Good luck Vanessa,you’re going to need it

  4. 4
    Violet Says:

    Wow, she is really styling. Go Vanessa, you deserve better.
    I love you.

  5. 5
    Kerri Says:

    looking good Vanessa but who is the guy? I’m sorry but is she trying to prove a point from her movie beastly. That true beauty is within. Is that why she isn’t with zac instead she’s with this average guy. COME ON VANESSA GET BACK WITH ZAC.

  6. 6
    florence Says:

    @Kerri: Beauty is different for everybody and why should get with efron again all becuase he is classed as a hearthrob, look’s aren’t everything as she has learned from spending 5yrs with some guy who loved and still does love himself more than he did her. If this is her new guy then fair play to her, she’s been with someone who in people’s eyes can do no wrong in what he does or say’s so maybe someobody that nobody know’s and it could be just what she needs.

    And I love her quote to the paper in what she look’s for, I say that comment alone say’s alot as to why there’s been no statement to say that they have broken up, Zac obvioulsy was’nt loyal and honest and he definetly has’nt been true to himself since he got from shooting TLO, he even said himself that it changed him and obvioulsy not for the good.

    Since he’s got back from NY there’s been no twitters of them together so I guess Karen does’nt know them as well as she thought she did. Zac has’nt been to Vanessa house and her to his. So It is safe to say that their friendship is over too.

    And Zac has a new bf now anyway who is honestly in better sahpe then he is and better looking then he is, no wonder he did’nt look happy when photogrpaed with his new arm candy, wonder when they’ll turn up at a event togrther holding hands.

    And she made a coment about enjoying kissing Alex, so what Zac has said the same and more about his co-star’s and even acted it our for the world to see { Nikki) but has Vanessa NO and she is no longer with Zac so why should’nt she be open about it. He’s off holding hands with his new beau so let’s leave him to that and leave Vanessa to go out with who ever she wants and say what she wants, efron’s done it for year’s.

  7. 7
    Sligo lambert ^___^ cute Says:

    Hay give me this drink

  8. 8
    HATERS SUCKS(except vanessa's) Says:

    shi!t she’s really ugy-.-
    she deserve CRAP!! -.-

  9. 9
    Rose Says:

    Nessa,you so beautiful and I like your legs,oh come on guys that is his friend,or not ,but nessa she so happy this day ,you can see in her eyes and like when she celebrate her vday in vegas,you can see how sad her eye,now she so happy ,I love you nessa of my heart,you are amazing,by the way perrez Hilton invite her for his coming bday,soooo lame …. Ha…ha,may be he realize that nessa is good and not what he think.

  10. 10
    BOJI Says:

    I’m not looking into anything more out of her quotes. It doesn’t mean that Zac was dishonest with her or disloyal to her. It means squat, people can change with experience and when they go through life. I know that they are taking a break which is wise considering that they haven’t fully discovered their potential and they are just experiencing life, looking out of the box so to speak before either one makes a commitment whether to each other or not.
    As to Perez Hilton, I dare say he is a coward using a 3rd party to invite Vanessa. He should do it himself personally after all the dissing and name calling he did to her on his website. He is not one person I’d like Vanessa associating herself with.

  11. 11
    atya Says:

    nessa u deserve way better than zac …love u

  12. 12
    Irene Says:

    JARED – pretty please, stop choosing and pintpointing whatever she says that has to do with zac or with a guy or the other way around (with zac’s posts). way to re-ignite the war in each new post you make of them, dude! is that what you want? really? +100 comments that are awful to read because of their level of insults, personal attacks and constant “drama”? :@ STOP, please.

    she looks fresh! :) to assume that’s her new bf is ridiculous. ever heard of something called “friends”? that thing you have that makes you smile and spend a good time, that thing that helps you whenever you feel down, that thing all of us should have whatever its gender is… :S

    please, we are all ASSUMING AND GUESSING. is it really needed to have a war in each new post? I get people love vanessa and that people love zac but come on, to read over and over again how “the one we don’t love” is the worst and that “the one we love” is better off without him or her is kinda tiring at this point.

    no one knows FOR SURE what’s happening nor who made the decision nor which their current status is so just STOP and enjoy the pictures we see.

    gosh, some are living this “rollercoaster” as if it was their life when it’s not! take a step back and let both ZV make their own decisions, being those good or bad, and just…live their life the way they want to. if you were them, the last thing you’d want is to have a bunch of people pretending you’re a puppet… :/

  13. 13
    Raina Says:

    Anne has really awful style.

  14. 14
    Filia Says:

    so fresh

  15. 15
    Kerri Says:

    maybe vanessa wants people to see her as just vanessa especially now since her movies are coming out. Who knows she could get back with zac after her movies are finish playing at the cinemas. come on people we should pray for them. I believe what they have is too precious to give up. Don’t you guys agree?

  16. 16
    Sean Says:

    I’d love to lick those thighs

  17. 17
    Carrie Says:


  18. 18
    kimzahe Says:

    Her pink short is just awful but she has suck a rocking body that you forget what she wears :-D

  19. 19
    kimzahe Says:

    Ooop@kimzahe: OOPPS! I mean SUCH A ROCKING BODY (not suck ;))

  20. 20
    lauren Says:

    how bout zac?
    obviously u guys had something for five years?

    i bet anyone by the end of the spring or early summer they are back together?

  21. 21
    lauren Says:

    how bout zac?
    obviously u guys had something for five years?

    i bet anyone by the end of the spring or early summer they are back together?

  22. 22
    gaga Says:


    so you think that loved himself more than vanessa??

    where did yo get this, you are really weird, you don’t knoq anything what happended between them…

    well i can say the same about vanessa..she is a b i t c h and everyone on earth have seen her naked..

  23. 23
    Kerri Says:

    @gaga: there is no need to be rude. If you don’t like vanessa that is your own decision but don’t start calling her names.

  24. 24
    Angela Says:

    Wow every celeb has those shades it seems

  25. 25
    lefteria Says:


  26. 26
    irene Says:

    @Kerri: don’t get offended but…do you actually know what they have and how it was? because to see cute pictures and hear nice things IS NOT the whole relationship, uh!? I don’t think their relationship was bad at all, but I’m just pointing out that we don’t know the basics of their relationship. we’ve seen cute videos and pictures but…nothing more. a relationship is not just a look, a word, a gesture, uh?! a relationship is a bunch of things put together and, normally, those are known ONLY by the ones who’ve been in that relationship. zac and vanessa have shared with us the 10% of their relationship is anything, for godness’ sake!

    the complete fairytale thing doesn’t exist in RL. you’ll have your fairy-tal-ish moments, but real life…wow, it can be a b*tch! so don’t assume things we don’t and won’t know, pleaaaaaaaase! :)

    I’ve loved them together, and if they indeed have broken up but get back together I’ll be super happy, but if not, I understand this is not my life so I can’t impose what I want :S

    seriously, they were (or are if they are still together) super cute but…is the world really ending if they have actually broken up and never again get back together??? don’t you have a life of your own to worry about that you have enough time to worry about those two this much? :S

  27. 27
    ivanka Says:

    hot body

  28. 28
    Kerri Says:

    @irene: I guess I can be a bit of a crazy fan. Everyone tells me the same thing. I am just a sucker for love.

  29. 29

    That is a walking fashion disaster – and I’m with Van: good luck on finding a loyal and honest guy – at least one that you’re willing to touch and has a personality. Try 30 and up, non-Hollywood. Testosterone has kinda settled down a bit by then.

  30. 30
    gracemarie Says:


    If you look silly you would see she’s not “with” him and if I remember having seen him before once or twice he’s gay.

  31. 31
    Kerri Says:

    @gracemarie: he is not gay. He checked out the other day the cheerleader at the basketball game from the coner of his eye. He is 100% straight. I think he just wants to have fun. He and vanessa will get back together. The question is when will they? not will they

  32. 32
    peggy Says:


    And people say Zac was trying to hump a girl in a public club sorry that’s worse. We’ve seen him tongue Nikki Blonsky etc.

    And funny the world is full of good looking actors but rumors of sex, clubbing and drinking don’t follow them everywhere but follow him everywhere and have for years

    So the pic thing doesn’t fly anymore especially with Ashley Greene, Cameron Diaz etc all having professional nude pics.

    OH HAS ANYONE NOTICED HOW THEY ARE WALKING ItS A FRIEND VIBE – at one point they are not even walking side by side

  33. 33
    peggy Says:



  34. 34
    peggy Says:

    @peggy: @Kerri:

    She mean the GUY IN THE PICTURE NOT ZAC!!! LOL

    sorry grace bad pronouns

  35. 35
    gracemarie Says:


    Hi Kerry:

    I meant the person Vanessa is walking with not Zac Efron.

    You’re right thanks Peg

  36. 36
    lauren Says:

    zac is not gay,
    he cant have guy friends and go out to breakfest or whatever?

    again, u dont know him or her personally?
    i dont know them either and im not making horrible comments towards them.

  37. 37
    lauren Says:

    zac is not gay,
    he cant have guy friends and go out to breakfest or whatever?

    again, u dont know him or her personally?
    i dont know them either and im not making horrible comments towards them.

  38. 38
    yets Says:

    im so happy to see her like that.
    Relax and beautiful.

  39. 39
    Haters Suck! Says:

    A loyal and honest guy, gee I wonder who wasn’t so loyal and honest? *cough*zacefron*cough*

  40. 40
    let it be Says:

    ewwww-_- i F**king hate this SL*T

  41. 41
    Lady Says:

    florence @ karen did know more about zac and vanessa.i wish she was here.beside that is a friend of vanessa and no more then that.her and zac will get back togther soon.

  42. 42
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @let me be
    why don’t u go and suck your man-HO’s di*k i heard he likes having random bar trash do that. Careful he might be full of stds by now.

  43. 43
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @let it be
    sorry thought u were someone else i know here that has a very similar name. Oh well message still applys.

  44. 44
    lauren lipkin Says:

    how do you guys know zac wasnt honest and loyal? u guys dont know them or their personal relationship (neither do i)

    because of the tp thing? um last time i checked they werent together when that happend. so techcally he didnt cheat. its called palying the feild right? he is allowed to do what he wants? if this happend when he was with v then it would be a different story.

    u guys dont know what happend between them in hawaii or north carolina so stop doing the ”cough” crap.

    i dont know either but im not being immature about it.

  45. 45
    RA Says:

    Trust me Vanessa there are a TON of guys who would consider themselves lucky just to be with u. If your ex was to dumb to realize what he had and decided to fool around on you behind your back, tough. His loss his problem, you don’t need him. You’ll find a guy who will treat you right cause obviously the other guy never did. I’ve said this before you need a real MAN, not a BOY.

  46. 46
    Lady Says:

    look zac and vanessa would be together today if zac people keep there mouth shut.they told zac to take a break from vanessa.they though she was hold him back..they think with zac be single he will get more part in movies.and they want people to think of them as zac and vanessa and how good they do there job.i do belive they are still together. but can’t see each becouse the report up both there ass all the time. report out side there house 24/7 how would feel if it was you.

  47. 47
    Lissi Says:

    Everyday it’s the same. There is the one group, saying Zac and V will get back together (that I disagree with tbh) and the other group, saying V deserves better and that she will never get back with Zac. And the groups are fighting, calling eachother names,….. But at the end of the day we know nothing. The one group knows nothing and the other, too. All we know is that they are broken up/taking a break. All we can do is speculate, nothing more. Like I said, I don’t think they get back together, bit that’s MY opinion, bc I think too much happened and it isn’t working out. But it’s ok for me. I think zac was loyal and honest, they were together for 5 years and even after the break, they were seen making out a few times from at least 20 different people. But that was in january. That’s over 6 weeks ago and since then nothing. And please don’t start with all the rumors from NY hotels and all the other stories being told. The only sighting we got was the NBA party from LAtimes (“After the premiere screening atop the hotel at club Drai’s, West gave a surprise performance for the lucky crowd, which included Leonardo DiCaprio. His set raged for seven songs before being cut off because of sound ordinances, but was thoroughly enjoyed by couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, as well as a reunited, maybe-back-on Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.”), but we don’t know, if they were even seen together or if the times reporter only assumed they were maybe reunited. And the time makes them forget what they had, they will fall in love with others and that’s it. I’m not being mean, so I hope I will get the same respect. It’s what I think the situation is rn. With Zac going out almost every night with his friends and V spending lots of time with her friends and family, I think they are trying to get over eachother. And I think @Karen realized that,too and that’s why she isn’t writing her anymore. In the ZV forums you can see each passing day members loosing hope and only a few are still left. And that will go on. And I think V’s answers are enough. She tells the press, what she is looking for in a guy, what she wnats in a guy,…. Why would she say that, if she wanted Zac back. It’s her way of saying she will move on. And the fans should do it, too. But in all this, I’m not dissing zac, bc they loved eachother, even if we only saw 10% or less, it was special and that’s what we should remember, no matter how hard it is. I wished they could make it, get married, etc., but that wasn’t what should have happened. Accept it and don#t live in a dream world.

  48. 48
    lauren lipkin Says:

    @ lissi
    do you feel accomplished when yuo give your opinion out and what you think?
    sorry for the nasty comment but yea.

  49. 49
    lauren lipkin Says:

    do u feel accomplished when you wrote a long comment on what you think?
    sorry for that but yea.

  50. 50
    Danielle Says:

    Love Vanessa’s news… thanks JJ

  51. 51
    Lissi Says:

    Yeah, I do, bc it’s annoying, how you are all fighting and calling eachother names. It’s brings you nowhere. And if I remember correctly, you are saying your opinion a lot of times, too. That#s why I know you want them to figure it out.

  52. 52
    peggy Says:

    @let it be:

    No that’s your mother that’s why you are so obsessed with that word.

  53. 53
    peggy Says:

    @lauren lipkin:

    get your fact right. Zac was with V a week before the TP stuff and was with Vanessa the week before that. He was in fact cheating since he had been with V the whole time since the “break” happened and the “break” was never officially announced

  54. 54
    Irene Says:

    (start of sarcasm)

    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that zac’s people have told him to break up.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that vanessa/zac is better without zac/vanessa.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that vanessa broke up with zac/zac broke up with vanessa.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that zac has cheated on vanessa.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that everything zac drinks is alcohol.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT each detail that has been going on between zac and vanessa not just during those 5 years that they have been together but also everything that’s going on now.

    (end of sarcasm)

    you know zac? you know vanessa? you are their friend? you live with them 24/7 so you know everything? you really think you have the right to JUDGE (not OPINE) about their lives this way? are they your robots so they have to do what you want for them to do? do you have the remote control of their lives?

    gosh, you all are getting TOO INVOLVED in all this when this DOESN’T affect you AT ALL, AT ALL.

    if they decide to get back together…then what? all the vanessa/zac-haters are going to start hating “their idol” because she/he is done what they didn’t want for her/him to do? then you’ll love “the one you hate now” because “your idol” loves him/her again?

    you all who are IMPOSING your belief here, there and everywhere are crossing the line. this is not your life nor mine, is zac’s and vanessa’s, for godness’ sake! let them be. I want them together, hell I’d love to see pictures or to have twitters that say they have been seen together…but it’s my business? NO. is my world ending now? NO. do I have more problems other than worry about what two celebrities do with their lives? YES.

    the name calling not just to zac/vanessa but to other fans that post here is getting worse…and, you know what? at the end of the day only zac and vanessa can decide what they want to do, what they do, with who they are and where they go to…NOT CARING about what you all think.

    let them live their life the same way you like to be free to live your life the way you want to live it. give all this drama a rest and just take a step back, forget for a couple of days all this madness and just try to look at this with perspective – you don’t know them. they don’t know you.

    live your life and let zac and vanessa live theirs. you, and they, will be happier!!!

  55. 55
    nnn Says:

    t r a m p ! !

  56. 56
    BARBARA Says:

    @ Bojli, you are the only one who has any sense, and i agree with you. i sure miss Karen here, i wish she come back.

  57. 57
    BARBARA Says:

    NNN, Are you talking about yourself, i believe so!

  58. 58
    RA Says:

    your mothers a tramp. That’s not a very nice thing to say about her after she brought you into this world.

  59. 59
    :) Says:

    Loyal, honest, true to yourself. 0 for 3 for efron, he dosent seem to fit in any of those categories. Vanessa you were wise to kick that cheat, yes i said CHEAT, to the curb and she IS better off without him.

  60. 60
    lauren lipkin Says:

    again how do you any of you know he actually ”cheated”?

  61. 61
    ???? Says:

    @Irene…..That was probably the best post I’ve read on either thread for Zac or Vanessa……EVER. Well said. What I found completely hilarious, is the fact that you have to point out the “start and end” to your sarcasm to some of these readers. So true.

  62. 62
    Merlin' Mum Says:

    @lauren lipkin: I’ve been asking this for days. None of us really knows, however big a fan you are. Vanessa looks lovely, as usual. Whether she and Zac were meant to be only THEY know. And in all honesty, it’s not really any of our business.

  63. 63
    Haters Suck! Says:

    All i know is zac better never lose his “good looks” cause if that happens people will stop buying his load of BS.

  64. 64
    Irene Says:

    @????: thank you, but I wasn’t pointing out the start and the end of the sarcasm with any purpose nor for a special someone :S

    can we not stat with the personal attacks and the name calling, please? seriously…we all won’t agree in anything, we’re not getting anywhere, we won’t go anywhere and to read comments that just insult another someone is not sth pleasant to do :(

    who would have thought that things between fans would turn this ugly when all the cr*ap about the “break” surfaced… :’(

  65. 65
    Vanfan Says:

    @lauren lipkin: @lauren:
    Why do almost all of your posts show up twicw?

  66. 66
    Haters Suck! Says:

    If she wants a loyal and honest guy, she should go back to Zac. She was a fool to leave him.

  67. 67
    Haters Suck! Says:

    what the hell?!?!? Don’t steal my name come up with your own. She didn’t leave him he proved he’s not honest or loyal when he cheated on with Palmer.

  68. 68
    Lyla Says:

    Unless he cheated with YOU, or you were in his bedroom, then you do not know if he cheated or not. So shut up and stop saying things that you can’t prove.

  69. 69
    biki Says:

    OMG shut up all of u just stop u are so stupid and pathetic if u believe of all this stupid craps,did u all heard confirmation of them from their mouths or from their reps? no so just stop they are figuring things out which means they are now more focusing on their work,but might are taking things slow and seeing in private,they don’t want to world know what is their status if now they were broken they wouldn’t all the time wearing bracelets and seeing each other in private,like every other actors does,so just stop,just wait we’ll see when they finish whit all this busy stuffs,but i am 100% sure that when they’ll be done whit their job now,and when we’ll see pics or videos of them all of u will change u re taught”s what u had of this,u’ll say i knew that they never broke up at all,some will say i was so stupid that i believed to all this stupid lies and will say i had very wrong taught about zanessa so just stop we’ll see just wait.

  70. 70
    biki Says:

    and for that story whit alcohol which sides were saying that zac was to much wasted and vanessa they were all the time partying,i did not saw pics or videos of them beeing drunk cuz paparazzi are all the time whit them they don’t leave them alone and now if they were drunk or doing drugs we would see pics of them drunk or high,so might they just are drinkin when they go in night club just 1 or 2 drinks of alcohol not too much i dont think so that they want to do them self’s bad things cuz alcohol it is not good for them or people around them,cuz u cant control u re self when u have to much alcohol in u re body u can hurt people and u can hurt u re self u can die of too much alcohol or drugs that is so bad thing,and i don’t thing that their family will let them do things like that cuz there not like other actors parents to let kids do stupid stuffs and use their fame,and plus if u do stuffs like that get drunk,do drugs or have too much girls or boys i is not cool thing,it dosn’t mean if u re actor that u should do things like that to get more fame no it is not true people will say what a stupid man or stupid women,no one will like them,i know actors which are doing that stuffs and dont got much fame like other actors have which are leaving normal i don’t thing so that zac or vanessa want to do that to them self’s,alchohol it is not good thing or drugs or playing field,cuz when u’ll get older u will regret it what u’ll done,that things are doing just people u are desperate which don’t have love in their lifes or friends,and plus if they had friends or love theym would leave them cuz they don’t want to have friend or bf or gf like that who are all the time playing field doing drugs or get drunk all the time,so stop believing everything what u’ll read i never ever saw zanessa doing drugs or get drunk they are first of this young generation which are so grounded they are leaving normal life,and for the break up i don’t thing so that it is true cuz it is not confirmed they are just on break cuz they are more focusing now on their work,so might are seeing in private and taking things slow,so just wait all of u,i am 100% sure that we’ll see them soon or when they finish whit all this busy stuffs.

  71. 71
    erica Says:

    @keri hey i agree with u im prayin for them. out of all the couples n hollywood i really think its real. zac said so himself

  72. 72
    erica Says:

    @lissi with all do respect just because we dnt see them together doesnt mean they havent been hiding. and im pretty sure they dnt like all this attetion theyre getting so if they wanted to they culda told there reps to say that theyre not gettin bak together. but they dnt yet since theyre figurin things out

  73. 73
    lauren Says:

    because the computer that i was using at school tends to leave the comments twice.

  74. 74
    BOJI Says:

    Barbara, thanks, I spotted yours amongst the many postings. I dare say, you are one of the sensible posters yourself. Yep, Karen seems to be on a hiatus.
    Let me put it this way. People who post here are :
    1) Genuine fans of Vanessa who take an interest in her personally and professionally.
    2) those who happen to come across this thread, see something that attracts them and make a passing comment out of admiration or otherwise.
    3)those who seek her out to hate on her no matter what with teenage angst or issues of their own whether it be bigotry, snobbishness, racial, self-righteousness, prudishness or just plain jealousy
    4) those who have had an experience whether good or bad and somehow identifies it with Vanessa.
    And if I have missed anything out, so help me here.

    Thank you

    5) Ones who just wanna have fun riling up the fans out of boredom

  75. 75
    BARBARA Says:

    @ BOJI, The only think i can think of is how some of people who are on here, can’t except, someone esles opinion, we not always think a like, so if you don’t agree with them, they get angry, and rude. i love Vanessa, and Zac, i do’nt believe he ceated on her, even Karen prove that that this was a lie it never happen, but people always want to think the worst, I know for a fact want i’ve learn it was a lie. Vanessa knows it was a lie,because anyone who did that to them, broke thier hearts wouldn’t be so happy, i know she has family and friends, but when your heart is broken you never get over it, i know it happen to me. people here are so judgemental, there only one person who , i believe that can judge you, that’s god, even he forgives. i rember because of this being ash wed. jesus said the one who doesnot have sin on there, soul cast the first stone. veryony makes mistakes, thats want makes us human, and if you learn from this, it makes you stronger, i do believe they are on a break.i know they still love each very deeply, but if you mention anything you know of little things the do, people tell you don’t know want you are ttalking about, between you and Karen, we have followed them for six years.I can see why Karen got so discourage, know matter want she said , it was like talking to a wall.i miss and love her comments. she was the voice of reason, one more thing i’ve never seen so much hate, on both board it is sad.

  76. 76
    BOJI Says:

    Barbara, not to worry. Karen has a lot of things on her plate right now, I’m sure. She will be back.
    My motto is ” Never say Die” ie never give up if it is something you truly believe in. Let not others deter you. I live by it. We all have our downs, we could wallow in it which is not healthy or pick ourselves up, think positive and look forward to a new day. Every cloud has a silver Lining. Vanessa and Zac are living their lives the way they want to and I think we all have a lesson to learn from them. Not everything works out the way you plan and you will have to improvise or have other options on the side. We all want a fairy tale ending but this is their lives and only they can live it. We are but onlookers. They are not puppets. Whatever, I’m happy that both of them Vanessa and Zac are doing good with their professional lives right now and hanging out with their friends and family more than usual and just having good ole fun. When the going gets rough, prayers and faith are good for the soul and spirit.

  77. 77
    BARBARA Says:

    BOLI, Thank you so much, i still believe in them.

  78. 78
    Deb Says:


    Now you’re over here posting things that you don’t know to be true.  You keep saying that there is not confirmation that they broke up.  Have you read the interview she did for Details?  Here is an excerpt from it:

    Asking Hudgens about Efron yields a less detailed response. The way she delivers those nice-girl-just-got-hit-by-a-truck, post-breakup —”We’re still friends,” “Who knows what the future will bring,”We’re figuring things out”

    When she answered that question, that was confirmation that the breakup did, in fact, happen.  It doesn’t mean that there is no hope.  She says herself that she doesn’t know the future.  But the breakup IS CONFIRMED.  What more confirmation do you need than from Vanessa’s own mouth?

    You keep spewing rumors that they are seing each other privately.  If that is true, then how would you know?  It’s private.  That means secret.  That means no one knows.  You do NOT know what is going on between the two of them.  So, you need to stop posting like you do.  And if you honestly know, then tell us how you know.  But you can’t, because you don’t.

  79. 79
    Honestly Says:

    however you also got this little tid bit. The interviwer seems to indicate Vanessa wasn’t telling him everything and he may not have gotten the whole story.
    From the same article “maybe she also knows more than she’s saying; reportedly, she’ll be dancing and making out with Zac in an L.A. nightclub in three weeks’ time).

  80. 80
    Deb Says:

    Yes, that’s true. That’s why I said that there possibly is hope for the future. But my point to biki was that they did break up.

  81. 81
    Honestly Says:

    do those comments really confirm a break up thou, they could but to me they still seem somewhat iffy given the events that would take place after words. Remeber this interview took place in December and i think you would agree a lot happend after that interview took place.

  82. 82
    Deb Says:

    Absolutely agree that a lot has happened SINCE that interview. But the breakup news came on Dec 13. The interview took place shortly after that, before the holidays. Vanessa’s words confirmed that they did breakup. I am not commenting on anything other than that, because, just like everyone, I simply do not know anything more. No one does except for Z & V, and maybe their families and close friends that they choose to confide in. I feel confident in saying that biki is not one of those people, and knows nothing about their current status.

    Thanks for the conversation. Sorry, but I’ve got to go to sleep now. Take care.

  83. 83
    biki Says:

    @Deb: @Deb: ahhahaha omg that what she meant whit figuring things out,that means that they are now more focusing on their work if u were smart u would got that and second even the interviewer said that later 3 weeks ago they saw each other i read that magazine and all she said about that older man was just joke and for figuring things out she meant that they are on break cuz are busy want more to focus on their work just please stupid go read again the interview u would see that was made in past tense and that the interviewer said that 3 weeks they saw each other,stupid just wait we’ll see when they finish whit all this busy stuffs,i am laughing u are an American and did not got the interview, i’am french and got that,god just go read again and u would see that means that they are busy now and that interviewer said later that they saw each other.

  84. 84
    biki Says:

    @Deb: ahhahaha omg that what she meant whit figuring things out,that means that they are now more focusing on their work if u were smart u would got that and second even the interviewer said that later 3 weeks ago they saw each other i read that magazine and all she said about that older man was just joke and for figuring things out she meant that they are on break cuz are busy want more to focus on their work just please stupid go read again the interview u would see that was made in past tense and that the interviewer said that 3 weeks they saw each other,stupid just wait we’ll see when they finish whit all this busy stuffs,i am laughing u are an American and did not got the interview, i’am french and got that,god just go read again and u would see that means that they are busy now and that interviewer said later that they saw each other.

  85. 85
    biki Says:

    @Deb: omg that interview was made 3 days after their break up,and what she meant whit figuring things out was that they are more focusing on their work,now they are busy,but might are seeing each other in private they don’t want to world know what is their status now,i don’t now but,i don’t thing so that this is true just are on break,cuz they have so much to do now,cuz none of their reps confirmed or from them self’s,even on that for details magazine the interviewer said that 3 weeks later they saw each other,and if now they were done they wouldn’t all the time wearing bracelets which they gave to each other,and u now what Debi lets not argue cuz i don’t want to, i did not done to u anything wrong ok? and plus i am not girl i am a boy and u can not say to me beach,cuz if i start to insult u now,that is the worst hurt u can got from a guy to say to u bad stuffs but i will not say to u stuffs like that cuz i am not like that,insult girls,only if u made me nervous and don’t agree whit me what i am saying,and u will say i am wrong but i know that i am right,and plus i laughed how u are all here Americans and did not got the interview for details magazine what she meant whit that that they are now more focusing on their work and that 3 weeks later they saw each other and for that what she said when she was in ny to promote beastly,that black lady said to her my co-workers and we all here heard that u are might single and my co-worker is asking u re number so u will give u re number or take his number are u interested? and than vanessa laughed and said taking number,she was just joking they were only making fun whit her and that co-worker,ahahahha omg i am from France and i got it so much than u do.and plus i already said lets just wait,we’ll see when they finish whit all this busy stuffs,even if they are broken allways true love comes back cuz when i saw pics and videos of them and interviews which people asked about their relationship they looked so much in love and smiled when they talked about them self’s,if they are really done they will get back cuz always true love comes back if they really loved each other,5 years relationship can’t like that just get over, Dabi this is the best u can get opinion from guy i mean there is one of million guys who are good like me and don’t cheat girls if they love so much or get drunk or do drugs, i am not like other boys cuz i know when i get older i would regret it, me and my gf we are 6 years in relationship and we never cheat and i will not,i am 20 now,and i am young, and i dont thin so that if i am young and if i were actor that i should do bad things get drunk or doing drugs or play field, so let’s just wait we’ll see.

  86. 86
    biki Says:

    @Deb: i am sorry that i posted to u 3 times this cuz my computer it is not well now.but read the 3 onei thing that i explained to u well.

  87. 87
    Deb Says:

    You are such a moron. Now you are interpreting for Vanessa. I don’t need you to tell me what she meant. And I certainly do not care if you are male or female, or what you do in your personal life.

    You keep saying that the breakup was not confirmed. When asked about the breakup, Vanessa responded, “We’re still friends.” that is confirmation that they broke up. I’m not talking about what happened 3 weeks later. That is moot. I’m making one point, and one point only. If you can’t understand that point, the you are just hopeless. Again, here is what she said: “We’re still friends,” “Who knows what the future will bring,”We’re figuring things out”. None of that quote is in the past tense.

    I do agree with you about one thing. I’m pretty much over trying to explain this to you. You are never going to get it. So, you just sit back in your little fantasy world and believe that you can read Vanessa’s mind and that you have the inside scoop into their relationship. Keep on believing that you know everything about them. I guess in a way that’s like your own little drug and you way of feeling high. It hurts my head too much to keep reading your run-on sentences and you spewing the same nonsense over and over again. Have a good life.

  88. 88
    Deb Says:

    And you have no idea what my nationality is. You do not know if I am an American or not.

  89. 89
    biki Says:

    @Deb: ok u know what just stop first u cant insult me,cuz i did not done to u anything wrong,second lets take this easy first whit that interview even the interviewer said that 3 weeks later they saw each other,and plus she did not talk all at that interview,the interview was made that up,i don’t know i am not believing in that but i still thing that just might they took a break cuz they are busy let’s just please wait,ok?let’s not argue, i dno’t know if the sightings are true might they are false but there were so many people that said that,i will pray if that is not good whit break up and if they are so much busy when they finish to figure things out,i am 100%sure that if they are done they will get back,but now they are on break cuz are busy.that is my opinon and not just me and lady barbara and karen they are so right what ever they say.

  90. 90
    biki Says:

    @Deb: oh and what is that thing that u are agreeing whit me?

  91. 91
    Erica Says:

    Zacs publisits said they were takin a break.

  92. 92
    biki Says:

    @Erica: halelujah some one agreed whit me thank u thank u so much.they are just on break cuz they are busy.

  93. 93
    Lyla Says:

    The interview was not made up. It isn’t the National Enquirer. It’s Details Magazine. And what the hell do you mean she didn’t talk at the interview? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  94. 94
    Lady Says:

    deb if you go back vanessa say she and zac are friend a lot of time.we all know went you talk to a report they put what the want in there.zac and are take a break now. they are not date.other people.i do belive they are work think out. you don’t gave up on 5yr. they both love each other a lot.i do belive they see othere from time to.i do belive there freind are help them to.they just want time to there self right now.they don’t want there picture take any more.they got report up there ass all the time.if they was done vanesa would be as happy as she is now. and look at zac face he now happy.biki just try to get you up set. just lat it go we will see way are the other.i do wish the rep would come out and tell us.just read what they have to say. and let it go.i think barbara got up set to.i just wish karen would come back i miss her.she was right on the money to.

  95. 95
    Deb Says:

    You can believe whatever you want. There is part of me that wants to believe in their fairytale also. There is part of me that wants to believe that they will live happily ever after. Unfortunately, just believing it does not make it true.

    And you also do not know whether or not they are dating other people. They could be. Point is, none of us knows. And it really isn’t our business.

    Thank you for trying to play peacemaker. :)

  96. 96
    Lady Says:

    biki some people saw zac and vanessa at a club last night.boy i hope it true. but i think it is true.

  97. 97
    erica Says:

    hey does anybody know what karen has posted on idk who she is so id jus like to kno. and btw no disrespect but how do u guys kno she knew z and v personally nd not jus a fan? again im jus curious. no disrespect

  98. 98
    erica Says:

    @Lady where did u here that from?

  99. 99
    Lyla Says:

    Oh boy. Here we go again. It reminds me of all of the Elvis sightings after he died.

  100. 100
    Vanfan Says:

    Vanessa was out with Brittany last night. Yeah, yeah, I know that she could have met up afterwards with Zac, but I find that highly unlikely. Just saying.

  101. 101
    Lady Says:

    i went on alot of twitter.but again i don’t know it true are not.they say they went there after there dinner.they all went to the club. and zac was there with his friend to.theyb was at the eden club.but there no picture of them. i try to fine it again. but i go to a lot of twitter

  102. 102
    erica Says:

    someone posted that they saw them?

  103. 103
    amelia25 Says:

    Go Nessa!

  104. 104
    erica Says:

    lol can sumone plz tell me about karen

  105. 105
    biki Says:

    @Lady: yeah yeah i know lady and omg the others are so stupid for god sakes,u all just wait please.god.

  106. 106
    biki Says:

    @Lady: i read that too karen on twitter,but i hope it is true,might they were in private to don’t know world what they are doing,i am saying that they are just on break cuz they are busy but still seeing now in privacy, just stop it we’ll see soon or when they finish whit this.@erica: erica u are right finally some one said the same thing like i did,that they just took a break.

  107. 107
    biki Says:

    i @Lady: i meant to u say this lady not karen that was mistake sorry lady.

  108. 108
    erica Says:

    @biki but imma be honest we dnt really kno if thats the reason cause they could have needed space from each other but who knows. i kno v is probly not gunna *** out with a statement but dnt get ur hopes up cause im jus bein real. there always gunna be busy so work might not be it. but the only thing we do know is that thier on a break we just have to wait and see for how long.

  109. 109
    erica Says:

    people say karen knos v personally i wanna kno if its true cause i doubt it but can sumone tell me what stories she has commented on so i can read her posts

  110. 110
    biki Says:

    @erica: ok i said it too just lets wait.

  111. 111
    Gina Says:

    How do you know that they are seeing each other in private?

  112. 112
    biki Says:

    @Gina: i said that might are seeing in private and plus there were so many sightings,i don’t know but the break up it is not confirmed they are just on break.

  113. 113
    Vanfan Says:

    No, you did not say that they might be. Here’s what you said –
    “i am saying that they are just on break cuz they are busy but still seeing now in privacy”

    Also, the breakup has been confirmed. Vanessa did a magazine interview in December and she confirmed it.

  114. 114
    Gina Says:

    LOL. I was just going to say the same thing.

  115. 115
    Vanfan Says:

    Are you new? You have to be careful what you say to biki. He thinks he is a personal friend of V & Z and thus knows everything there is to know about them and their relationship. And if you disagree or challenge him, he calls you stupid.

  116. 116
    Vanfan Says:

    There’s some stuff earlier in this thread where another poster was sort of attacked for trying to tell him the truth.

  117. 117
    Gina Says:

    Yes, I am just starting to read and post. Thanks for the heads up.

  118. 118
    biki Says:

    @Vanfan: ahahahahaa u make me laughing now,first that interview was made 3 days after their ,,break up”and even the interviewer said that 3 weeks later they saw each other,second what she meant whit figuring things out was that they are just more focusing on their work.and just wait all of this might is just made up from magazines just to blow our minds and get some money,i did not heard confirmation of their reps or from them,the reps only said that they are on break and are taking things slow,so all of u just please wait,safe u re words now,cuz when we’ll see pics of them soon or when they finish all of u will change u re minds and say i knew that they never broke up at all,so please just wait,and here just barbara lady karen and erica are saying the truth and me.

  119. 119
    biki Says:

    @Vanfan: and plus i don’t thing that i am personal friend of them i am just saying my opinion,first that there were so many sighting and other sides that were saying that they are seeing each other,and second that they never broke up at all,cuz it is not confirmed from their reps or from them selfs the reps only said that are taking things slow and taking break cuz they are busy,omg i am from France and i got it more than u Americans,funny.

  120. 120
    Vanfan Says:

    I know when the interview took place. I read it, and Vanessa confirmed the breakup. Who do you think you are, telling me what she meant. I can understand English. Stop reading things into what she said. She did not say anything about taking a break to focus on work. And so what if they were seen together 3 weeks later. She said that they are still friends. The fact remains that they still broke up 3 weeks before that. Even if they went out today and married each other, the fact remains that they did break up in December. Why is it so hard for you to understand that? And Details Magazine is a reputable magazine. It’s not the National Enquirer. If they do get back together at some point, I’ll be happy for them. But I’m not obsessed over it happening.

  121. 121
    biki Says:

    @Vanfan: u know stop i have my opinion u have u re just wait will see,ithing that they are just on break cuz their reps said that they are taking things slow and taking break u say other thing so just wait lets see when they finish but i think that u’ll change u re mind i am 100% sure that when they finish we’ll see them,and i gonna say i knew that they never broke up just wait i bet whit u that u ll say that wait.

  122. 122
    Gina Says:

    Wow! I see what you mean about that biki guy. He really doesn’t get it, does he. I went back and read some of the stuff he posted. It was really hard because he writes really bad (not his fault since English is his second language, but still hard). Anyway he’s pretty crazy. I think that it’s best to not even talk to crazy people like that.

  123. 123
    biki Says:

    @Gina: hahaha ok ok,u all here say just u re opinion i will say mine,and barbara and lady and karen,and don’t insult people like that cuz i did not done to u wrong ok,just wait we’ll see.lady and karen and barbara and erica said like me and they are right,everything what they say.just wait.

  124. 124
    biki Says:

    @Gina: and plus how does everybody here body here got me what i am saying just u don’t,i said that i’ll learn in future English cuz i need to otherwise i know more to talk than to write,but my dad made me to to learn cuz we’ve travel agency’s that is why i am learning u re stupid language i didn’t wanted btw.

  125. 125
    erica Says:

    woah everybody jus keep the peace ok lol yes i said there on a break only cause zac publisits said so infact she was the one who confirmed there split wen this all started. and for the record we might not see pics of them for awhile cause if the paps see them together its gunna cause alot of craziness and rumors. they got enough of that already nd im pretty sure they dnt want anymore. there is a possibility that they culd be sneaking around but wdk i guess we kinda have to wait for them to get caught if they are lol

  126. 126
    biki Says:

    @erica: agree.

  127. 127
    Gina Says:

    I’m pretty sure that most of the people here who are English speaking have some difficulty getting through your posts. How can they not? However, if you go back and re-read what I said, you will see that I was not being disrespectful about it. I acknowledged that English is your second language. I would venture to say that if I had to write in French, it would be just as difficult for you to read.

    That being said, I AM beginning to see what vanfan was trying to warn me about.

  128. 128
    biki Says:

    @Gina: it is not necessary to u write me on French,it would be not difficult to read cuz i know French,how does i can’t know French,i am from France,but some how everybody else here understand me here what i am saying just u don’t,and plus i said i know more to talk than to write,and it is funny,how did u got me what i said to u before and know u re saying that u don’t,if u did not got me u wouldn’t replay to me now,or u would ask me what have u said on that post before,god,and for the record i know more English than some one else here does,there is more people who don’t write good here,and u know what stop arguing whit me i did not done anything wrong to u,i will just reply,to people who got me for example erica,lady and some other here,and i will always respect and support barbara karen lady and erica everything what they are saying it is true here.

  129. 129
    Gina Says:

    You obviously do not understand English as well as you think you do. I did not say that I don’t understand you. I said that it is difficult to get through your posts, but that it was understandable because English is not your first language. Maybe you should read and take a moment to actually take in what I am saying before you attack me. You don’t want to reply to me anymore? Good. Please don’t.

  130. 130
    biki Says:

    @Gina: ok sorry ok,i read it know i didn’t got it before,and lets not talk for me now,lets wait and see what will happen whit zanessa,u have u re opinion i have mine,and lets wait but i still think and i am 100%sure that we’ll see them soon,cuz the reps said that they are just on break and taking things slow,so just wait and i am 100% sure that all of u will change u re taught when we’ll see them,u all will say i knew that they never broke up at all and some will say i had very wrong opinion about Gina i think that u got me what i said now,right?

  131. 131
    unZac Says:

    Zac dumped Vanessa for his Oscar winning career that even a person with half a brain can figure out. He is now moving on to his next beard and this woman named Karen? She like the rest of you is speculating. I leave near Vanessa, and the paparazzi have pitched a tent there. I even spoke to one from TMZ he was waiting to see who would pull up in her garage. Zac has been nowhere her house not in his car, friends, why make up these rumors that he is seeing her? He is seeing Alix one of the ninjas who is very well educted, and has his MBA. Half the ninjas are of the male liking males category. I have had the pleasure of partying and dating a few of them. Zac can blame it on the alcohol, bad management, pressures of Hollywood, but he is known for his partying habits now. 2010 Zac is not 2011 Zac beware the disease Idiotitis. Causes the brain to shut down. Zacs affected. May be contagious. Best defense: slap and run. Perez does not represent all of us gay males I do not find Zac attractive, but I do Alix, and I have history with Alix. Vanessa was Zacs scape-goat, maid, cheerleader, laundry girl, nurse, ego puffer, he in return presented the image of the perfect boyfriend. Does his management have some hand in this? His publicist is Gina Hoffman? She is under Leslie who managed Lindsay. Lindsay one time was someone elses Vanessa, and admired by many. I read what you all wrote and I googled each and every person. If you google Gina Hoffman you find out a lot about her. Zac was dating Vanessa in 2007 and 2009 when the pictures came out if Gina is his publicist and she represents both Drake Bell and Paris Hilton why is she guilty of leaking them? Maybe it was him it would make more sense then her she would have to run it by him. He had everything to gain from it he looked like the greatest boyfriend in the world for standing by her. Where was he when this happened? why does he always do the cowardly lion move and hide? Teresa Palmer that was a hilarious rumor he is to young and not famous enough. He is a closet man he will come out one day he used Vanessa. Gina is not the problem, Vanessa is not the problem, CAA is not the problem. Zac is. This is show business not show friends. Anyone with a brain understands, you go where the money is good, not where you are liked. No indies or no undies. You know those CAA boys. CAA = Collecting All Actors. (I think they keep them in mylar bags). What is pretty boy Zac Efron doing among this people? I can’t. I’m laughing every time i try to imagine Zac as some tough guy with gun, running around, shooting he cannot transition like Vanessa can not all the moustache or brown nosing in the world will put him to that next level. He was dethroned by Shia. Great. Another talentless cover boy who actually listened to the idiots around him who suggested that anyone would care about this. Stick to rom-coms and musicals, bro – because we saw Charlie St. Cloud (well, a few of us anyway) and you have about as much dramatic skill as Bristol Palin. What he needs is better material. That falls on his representatives. They are finding him sour material. Girls will eat him up in rom coms and rom drams and they may even be able to drag along their boyfriends to one of those movies, but guys (the core demographic for the type of movies he wants to go into and is jealous of Vanessa for getting into) do not want see Zac Efron as the Tough Guy. End of story. This is DOA.

  132. 132
    keba Says:

    hello beyby love thakis

  133. 133
    Magazin za chorapi online Says:

    I love her toooooo. Asomeeee!!! Her pink short is just …mmmmmmm like chorapi in magazin.

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