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Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy

Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy

Vanessa Hudgens is all smiles while taking a stroll with a guy pal on Tuesday (March 8) in Venice, Calif.

The 22-year-old Beastly star is wearing an entire outfit from 25 Park including a pair of bright pink Kenny “Guadalajara” shorts.

Vanessa recently dished on what characteristics she looks for in a guy.

“Somebody who is just true to themselves. Someone who’s loyal and honest,” she told the New York Daily News.

She also chatted about hitting several shows during New York Fashion Week.

“It was very exciting because Marc Jacobs was my very first sit-down runway fashion show I’ve ever been to. And [Vogue editor] Anna Wintour was sitting across from me, which was the most surreal moment I had. I got to go backstage and meet Marc and it was just a fantastic night,” she recalled.

FYI: Vanessa finished her look with Elizabeth and James “Fairfax” sunglasses.

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133 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy”

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  1. 26
    irene Says:

    @Kerri: don’t get offended but…do you actually know what they have and how it was? because to see cute pictures and hear nice things IS NOT the whole relationship, uh!? I don’t think their relationship was bad at all, but I’m just pointing out that we don’t know the basics of their relationship. we’ve seen cute videos and pictures but…nothing more. a relationship is not just a look, a word, a gesture, uh?! a relationship is a bunch of things put together and, normally, those are known ONLY by the ones who’ve been in that relationship. zac and vanessa have shared with us the 10% of their relationship is anything, for godness’ sake!

    the complete fairytale thing doesn’t exist in RL. you’ll have your fairy-tal-ish moments, but real life…wow, it can be a b*tch! so don’t assume things we don’t and won’t know, pleaaaaaaaase! :)

    I’ve loved them together, and if they indeed have broken up but get back together I’ll be super happy, but if not, I understand this is not my life so I can’t impose what I want :S

    seriously, they were (or are if they are still together) super cute but…is the world really ending if they have actually broken up and never again get back together??? don’t you have a life of your own to worry about that you have enough time to worry about those two this much? :S

  2. 27
    ivanka Says:

    hot body

  3. 28
    Kerri Says:

    @irene: I guess I can be a bit of a crazy fan. Everyone tells me the same thing. I am just a sucker for love.

  4. 29

    That is a walking fashion disaster – and I’m with Van: good luck on finding a loyal and honest guy – at least one that you’re willing to touch and has a personality. Try 30 and up, non-Hollywood. Testosterone has kinda settled down a bit by then.

  5. 30
    gracemarie Says:


    If you look silly you would see she’s not “with” him and if I remember having seen him before once or twice he’s gay.

  6. 31
    Kerri Says:

    @gracemarie: he is not gay. He checked out the other day the cheerleader at the basketball game from the coner of his eye. He is 100% straight. I think he just wants to have fun. He and vanessa will get back together. The question is when will they? not will they

  7. 32
    peggy Says:


    And people say Zac was trying to hump a girl in a public club sorry that’s worse. We’ve seen him tongue Nikki Blonsky etc.

    And funny the world is full of good looking actors but rumors of sex, clubbing and drinking don’t follow them everywhere but follow him everywhere and have for years

    So the pic thing doesn’t fly anymore especially with Ashley Greene, Cameron Diaz etc all having professional nude pics.

    OH HAS ANYONE NOTICED HOW THEY ARE WALKING ItS A FRIEND VIBE – at one point they are not even walking side by side

  8. 33
    peggy Says:



  9. 34
    peggy Says:

    @peggy: @Kerri:

    She mean the GUY IN THE PICTURE NOT ZAC!!! LOL

    sorry grace bad pronouns

  10. 35
    gracemarie Says:


    Hi Kerry:

    I meant the person Vanessa is walking with not Zac Efron.

    You’re right thanks Peg

  11. 36
    lauren Says:

    zac is not gay,
    he cant have guy friends and go out to breakfest or whatever?

    again, u dont know him or her personally?
    i dont know them either and im not making horrible comments towards them.

  12. 37
    lauren Says:

    zac is not gay,
    he cant have guy friends and go out to breakfest or whatever?

    again, u dont know him or her personally?
    i dont know them either and im not making horrible comments towards them.

  13. 38
    yets Says:

    im so happy to see her like that.
    Relax and beautiful.

  14. 39
    Haters Suck! Says:

    A loyal and honest guy, gee I wonder who wasn’t so loyal and honest? *cough*zacefron*cough*

  15. 40
    let it be Says:

    ewwww-_- i F**king hate this SL*T

  16. 41
    Lady Says:

    florence @ karen did know more about zac and vanessa.i wish she was here.beside that is a friend of vanessa and no more then that.her and zac will get back togther soon.

  17. 42
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @let me be
    why don’t u go and suck your man-HO’s di*k i heard he likes having random bar trash do that. Careful he might be full of stds by now.

  18. 43
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @let it be
    sorry thought u were someone else i know here that has a very similar name. Oh well message still applys.

  19. 44
    lauren lipkin Says:

    how do you guys know zac wasnt honest and loyal? u guys dont know them or their personal relationship (neither do i)

    because of the tp thing? um last time i checked they werent together when that happend. so techcally he didnt cheat. its called palying the feild right? he is allowed to do what he wants? if this happend when he was with v then it would be a different story.

    u guys dont know what happend between them in hawaii or north carolina so stop doing the ”cough” crap.

    i dont know either but im not being immature about it.

  20. 45
    RA Says:

    Trust me Vanessa there are a TON of guys who would consider themselves lucky just to be with u. If your ex was to dumb to realize what he had and decided to fool around on you behind your back, tough. His loss his problem, you don’t need him. You’ll find a guy who will treat you right cause obviously the other guy never did. I’ve said this before you need a real MAN, not a BOY.

  21. 46
    Lady Says:

    look zac and vanessa would be together today if zac people keep there mouth shut.they told zac to take a break from vanessa.they though she was hold him back..they think with zac be single he will get more part in movies.and they want people to think of them as zac and vanessa and how good they do there job.i do belive they are still together. but can’t see each becouse the report up both there ass all the time. report out side there house 24/7 how would feel if it was you.

  22. 47
    Lissi Says:

    Everyday it’s the same. There is the one group, saying Zac and V will get back together (that I disagree with tbh) and the other group, saying V deserves better and that she will never get back with Zac. And the groups are fighting, calling eachother names,….. But at the end of the day we know nothing. The one group knows nothing and the other, too. All we know is that they are broken up/taking a break. All we can do is speculate, nothing more. Like I said, I don’t think they get back together, bit that’s MY opinion, bc I think too much happened and it isn’t working out. But it’s ok for me. I think zac was loyal and honest, they were together for 5 years and even after the break, they were seen making out a few times from at least 20 different people. But that was in january. That’s over 6 weeks ago and since then nothing. And please don’t start with all the rumors from NY hotels and all the other stories being told. The only sighting we got was the NBA party from LAtimes (“After the premiere screening atop the hotel at club Drai’s, West gave a surprise performance for the lucky crowd, which included Leonardo DiCaprio. His set raged for seven songs before being cut off because of sound ordinances, but was thoroughly enjoyed by couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, as well as a reunited, maybe-back-on Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.”), but we don’t know, if they were even seen together or if the times reporter only assumed they were maybe reunited. And the time makes them forget what they had, they will fall in love with others and that’s it. I’m not being mean, so I hope I will get the same respect. It’s what I think the situation is rn. With Zac going out almost every night with his friends and V spending lots of time with her friends and family, I think they are trying to get over eachother. And I think @Karen realized that,too and that’s why she isn’t writing her anymore. In the ZV forums you can see each passing day members loosing hope and only a few are still left. And that will go on. And I think V’s answers are enough. She tells the press, what she is looking for in a guy, what she wnats in a guy,…. Why would she say that, if she wanted Zac back. It’s her way of saying she will move on. And the fans should do it, too. But in all this, I’m not dissing zac, bc they loved eachother, even if we only saw 10% or less, it was special and that’s what we should remember, no matter how hard it is. I wished they could make it, get married, etc., but that wasn’t what should have happened. Accept it and don#t live in a dream world.

  23. 48
    lauren lipkin Says:

    @ lissi
    do you feel accomplished when yuo give your opinion out and what you think?
    sorry for the nasty comment but yea.

  24. 49
    lauren lipkin Says:

    do u feel accomplished when you wrote a long comment on what you think?
    sorry for that but yea.

  25. 50
    Danielle Says:

    Love Vanessa’s news… thanks JJ

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