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Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy

Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy

Vanessa Hudgens is all smiles while taking a stroll with a guy pal on Tuesday (March 8) in Venice, Calif.

The 22-year-old Beastly star is wearing an entire outfit from 25 Park including a pair of bright pink Kenny “Guadalajara” shorts.

Vanessa recently dished on what characteristics she looks for in a guy.

“Somebody who is just true to themselves. Someone who’s loyal and honest,” she told the New York Daily News.

She also chatted about hitting several shows during New York Fashion Week.

“It was very exciting because Marc Jacobs was my very first sit-down runway fashion show I’ve ever been to. And [Vogue editor] Anna Wintour was sitting across from me, which was the most surreal moment I had. I got to go backstage and meet Marc and it was just a fantastic night,” she recalled.

FYI: Vanessa finished her look with Elizabeth and James “Fairfax” sunglasses.

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133 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Wants a 'Loyal & Honest' Guy”

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  1. 51
    Lissi Says:

    Yeah, I do, bc it’s annoying, how you are all fighting and calling eachother names. It’s brings you nowhere. And if I remember correctly, you are saying your opinion a lot of times, too. That#s why I know you want them to figure it out.

  2. 52
    peggy Says:

    @let it be:

    No that’s your mother that’s why you are so obsessed with that word.

  3. 53
    peggy Says:

    @lauren lipkin:

    get your fact right. Zac was with V a week before the TP stuff and was with Vanessa the week before that. He was in fact cheating since he had been with V the whole time since the “break” happened and the “break” was never officially announced

  4. 54
    Irene Says:

    (start of sarcasm)

    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that zac’s people have told him to break up.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that vanessa/zac is better without zac/vanessa.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that vanessa broke up with zac/zac broke up with vanessa.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that zac has cheated on vanessa.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT that everything zac drinks is alcohol.
    I’m AMAZED at how many people KNOW FOR A FACT each detail that has been going on between zac and vanessa not just during those 5 years that they have been together but also everything that’s going on now.

    (end of sarcasm)

    you know zac? you know vanessa? you are their friend? you live with them 24/7 so you know everything? you really think you have the right to JUDGE (not OPINE) about their lives this way? are they your robots so they have to do what you want for them to do? do you have the remote control of their lives?

    gosh, you all are getting TOO INVOLVED in all this when this DOESN’T affect you AT ALL, AT ALL.

    if they decide to get back together…then what? all the vanessa/zac-haters are going to start hating “their idol” because she/he is done what they didn’t want for her/him to do? then you’ll love “the one you hate now” because “your idol” loves him/her again?

    you all who are IMPOSING your belief here, there and everywhere are crossing the line. this is not your life nor mine, is zac’s and vanessa’s, for godness’ sake! let them be. I want them together, hell I’d love to see pictures or to have twitters that say they have been seen together…but it’s my business? NO. is my world ending now? NO. do I have more problems other than worry about what two celebrities do with their lives? YES.

    the name calling not just to zac/vanessa but to other fans that post here is getting worse…and, you know what? at the end of the day only zac and vanessa can decide what they want to do, what they do, with who they are and where they go to…NOT CARING about what you all think.

    let them live their life the same way you like to be free to live your life the way you want to live it. give all this drama a rest and just take a step back, forget for a couple of days all this madness and just try to look at this with perspective – you don’t know them. they don’t know you.

    live your life and let zac and vanessa live theirs. you, and they, will be happier!!!

  5. 55
    nnn Says:

    t r a m p ! !

  6. 56
    BARBARA Says:

    @ Bojli, you are the only one who has any sense, and i agree with you. i sure miss Karen here, i wish she come back.

  7. 57
    BARBARA Says:

    NNN, Are you talking about yourself, i believe so!

  8. 58
    RA Says:

    your mothers a tramp. That’s not a very nice thing to say about her after she brought you into this world.

  9. 59
    :) Says:

    Loyal, honest, true to yourself. 0 for 3 for efron, he dosent seem to fit in any of those categories. Vanessa you were wise to kick that cheat, yes i said CHEAT, to the curb and she IS better off without him.

  10. 60
    lauren lipkin Says:

    again how do you any of you know he actually ”cheated”?

  11. 61
    ???? Says:

    @Irene…..That was probably the best post I’ve read on either thread for Zac or Vanessa……EVER. Well said. What I found completely hilarious, is the fact that you have to point out the “start and end” to your sarcasm to some of these readers. So true.

  12. 62
    Merlin' Mum Says:

    @lauren lipkin: I’ve been asking this for days. None of us really knows, however big a fan you are. Vanessa looks lovely, as usual. Whether she and Zac were meant to be only THEY know. And in all honesty, it’s not really any of our business.

  13. 63
    Haters Suck! Says:

    All i know is zac better never lose his “good looks” cause if that happens people will stop buying his load of BS.

  14. 64
    Irene Says:

    @????: thank you, but I wasn’t pointing out the start and the end of the sarcasm with any purpose nor for a special someone :S

    can we not stat with the personal attacks and the name calling, please? seriously…we all won’t agree in anything, we’re not getting anywhere, we won’t go anywhere and to read comments that just insult another someone is not sth pleasant to do :(

    who would have thought that things between fans would turn this ugly when all the cr*ap about the “break” surfaced… :’(

  15. 65
    Vanfan Says:

    @lauren lipkin: @lauren:
    Why do almost all of your posts show up twicw?

  16. 66
    Haters Suck! Says:

    If she wants a loyal and honest guy, she should go back to Zac. She was a fool to leave him.

  17. 67
    Haters Suck! Says:

    what the hell?!?!? Don’t steal my name come up with your own. She didn’t leave him he proved he’s not honest or loyal when he cheated on with Palmer.

  18. 68
    Lyla Says:

    Unless he cheated with YOU, or you were in his bedroom, then you do not know if he cheated or not. So shut up and stop saying things that you can’t prove.

  19. 69
    biki Says:

    OMG shut up all of u just stop u are so stupid and pathetic if u believe of all this stupid craps,did u all heard confirmation of them from their mouths or from their reps? no so just stop they are figuring things out which means they are now more focusing on their work,but might are taking things slow and seeing in private,they don’t want to world know what is their status if now they were broken they wouldn’t all the time wearing bracelets and seeing each other in private,like every other actors does,so just stop,just wait we’ll see when they finish whit all this busy stuffs,but i am 100% sure that when they’ll be done whit their job now,and when we’ll see pics or videos of them all of u will change u re taught”s what u had of this,u’ll say i knew that they never broke up at all,some will say i was so stupid that i believed to all this stupid lies and will say i had very wrong taught about zanessa so just stop we’ll see just wait.

  20. 70
    biki Says:

    and for that story whit alcohol which sides were saying that zac was to much wasted and vanessa they were all the time partying,i did not saw pics or videos of them beeing drunk cuz paparazzi are all the time whit them they don’t leave them alone and now if they were drunk or doing drugs we would see pics of them drunk or high,so might they just are drinkin when they go in night club just 1 or 2 drinks of alcohol not too much i dont think so that they want to do them self’s bad things cuz alcohol it is not good for them or people around them,cuz u cant control u re self when u have to much alcohol in u re body u can hurt people and u can hurt u re self u can die of too much alcohol or drugs that is so bad thing,and i don’t thing that their family will let them do things like that cuz there not like other actors parents to let kids do stupid stuffs and use their fame,and plus if u do stuffs like that get drunk,do drugs or have too much girls or boys i is not cool thing,it dosn’t mean if u re actor that u should do things like that to get more fame no it is not true people will say what a stupid man or stupid women,no one will like them,i know actors which are doing that stuffs and dont got much fame like other actors have which are leaving normal i don’t thing so that zac or vanessa want to do that to them self’s,alchohol it is not good thing or drugs or playing field,cuz when u’ll get older u will regret it what u’ll done,that things are doing just people u are desperate which don’t have love in their lifes or friends,and plus if they had friends or love theym would leave them cuz they don’t want to have friend or bf or gf like that who are all the time playing field doing drugs or get drunk all the time,so stop believing everything what u’ll read i never ever saw zanessa doing drugs or get drunk they are first of this young generation which are so grounded they are leaving normal life,and for the break up i don’t thing so that it is true cuz it is not confirmed they are just on break cuz they are more focusing now on their work,so might are seeing in private and taking things slow,so just wait all of u,i am 100% sure that we’ll see them soon or when they finish whit all this busy stuffs.

  21. 71
    erica Says:

    @keri hey i agree with u im prayin for them. out of all the couples n hollywood i really think its real. zac said so himself

  22. 72
    erica Says:

    @lissi with all do respect just because we dnt see them together doesnt mean they havent been hiding. and im pretty sure they dnt like all this attetion theyre getting so if they wanted to they culda told there reps to say that theyre not gettin bak together. but they dnt yet since theyre figurin things out

  23. 73
    lauren Says:

    because the computer that i was using at school tends to leave the comments twice.

  24. 74
    BOJI Says:

    Barbara, thanks, I spotted yours amongst the many postings. I dare say, you are one of the sensible posters yourself. Yep, Karen seems to be on a hiatus.
    Let me put it this way. People who post here are :
    1) Genuine fans of Vanessa who take an interest in her personally and professionally.
    2) those who happen to come across this thread, see something that attracts them and make a passing comment out of admiration or otherwise.
    3)those who seek her out to hate on her no matter what with teenage angst or issues of their own whether it be bigotry, snobbishness, racial, self-righteousness, prudishness or just plain jealousy
    4) those who have had an experience whether good or bad and somehow identifies it with Vanessa.
    And if I have missed anything out, so help me here.

    Thank you

    5) Ones who just wanna have fun riling up the fans out of boredom

  25. 75
    BARBARA Says:

    @ BOJI, The only think i can think of is how some of people who are on here, can’t except, someone esles opinion, we not always think a like, so if you don’t agree with them, they get angry, and rude. i love Vanessa, and Zac, i do’nt believe he ceated on her, even Karen prove that that this was a lie it never happen, but people always want to think the worst, I know for a fact want i’ve learn it was a lie. Vanessa knows it was a lie,because anyone who did that to them, broke thier hearts wouldn’t be so happy, i know she has family and friends, but when your heart is broken you never get over it, i know it happen to me. people here are so judgemental, there only one person who , i believe that can judge you, that’s god, even he forgives. i rember because of this being ash wed. jesus said the one who doesnot have sin on there, soul cast the first stone. veryony makes mistakes, thats want makes us human, and if you learn from this, it makes you stronger, i do believe they are on a break.i know they still love each very deeply, but if you mention anything you know of little things the do, people tell you don’t know want you are ttalking about, between you and Karen, we have followed them for six years.I can see why Karen got so discourage, know matter want she said , it was like talking to a wall.i miss and love her comments. she was the voice of reason, one more thing i’ve never seen so much hate, on both board it is sad.

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