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Gerard Butler Has a Heart For Children

Gerard Butler Has a Heart For Children

Gerard Butler attends the Have a Heart For Children fundraising event held at Palihouse Holloway on Wednesday (March 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor was joined at the fundraiser by his Machine Gun Preacher costar Michelle Monaghan and producer Gary Safady.

Gerard had a little bit of fun posing on a motorcycle!

Earlier in the day, Gerard went to a doctor’s appointment in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler raising money for the children…

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gerard butler has a heart for children 01
gerard butler has a heart for children 02
gerard butler has a heart for children 03
gerard butler has a heart for children 04
gerard butler has a heart for children 05
gerard butler has a heart for children 06
gerard butler has a heart for children 07
gerard butler has a heart for children 08
gerard butler has a heart for children 09
gerard butler has a heart for children 10

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • pic

    That second pic is kind of scary.
    Good fundraiser though.

  • Anna butler

    I love Gerard!

  • Paisley/Swansong

    Couldn’t sleep….popped in to see if new pix were posted yet, and BAM! Love the laughing pic with he and Michelle. His eyes look happy and bright in some of these shots, and looks like a good turnout for the cause.


  • Swansong

    If he cared about the charity he would have bathed and shaved before he went or maybe just combed his hair. What a looooooser!


  • yikes


    The first pic is worse.

  • Swansong

    @yikes: All the pics are bad and his teeth are yellow. He is at this charity to promote his movie. It is all about him.


  • @pic

    His hair looks wet or dirty in the fourth pic.
    He can look so different from day to day. I just don’t get it. Tonight, not so great.

  • Tuesday

    He looks old for his age

  • http://GUIDO GUIDO

    puts it, the gel on the hair, otherwise they buckle too

  • seriously

    @GUIDO: puts it, the gel on the hair, otherwise they buckle too

  • http://GUIDO GUIDO
  • anon annoy

    He looks exhausted. He shouldn’t be on a bike in that condition

  • whoa

    Gerry is the only man I know in that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of his parts,’ shall we say. If you take him apart (‘his hair looks dirty tonight,’ ‘his pinky fingernail is too long,’ etc), you’re missing the point.
    Let’s face it – if this man were walking past us in the local mall, we would most likely . . . I don’t know . . . FAINT?! He’s a ‘swooner’ – at least, to us intelligent-type women. ; )

  • ****

    A 40 year old Hollywood actor who has never been married, who has no children not even illegitimate ones and who has never been seriously linked to an actual human female, famous or not, is a closeted homosexual. FACT!

  • selene

    A 40 year old Hollywood actor who has never been married, who has no children not even illegitimate ones and who has never been seriously linked to an actual human female, famous or not, is a closeted homosexual. FACT!

  • yep


    He’s 41, not 40.

  • http://LOLA Lola

    it is really beautiful in this picture, and this body, mamamiia!,

  • http://LOLA Lola
  • http://LOLA Lola
  • paisley please


    Let me guess, you must be a man . . . and you must be projecting, a little, here, hmmm?

  • http://GUIDO GUIDO

    to monitor, the little girl actress, —- “KING”——, ?????

  • http://Tb Sligo lambert ^___^cute

    Gerard butler want free motorbike

  • P

    Anna i wanna have sex with u >3

  • Sally Tomato

    Lots of motorcycles parked outside. Perhaps quite a few of the guests arrived by motorcycle?

    I drove by Holloway on my way to dinner with friends andI peeked down the street..

    Hope they made tons of dough for the cause.

  • http://GerardButler_sp judesty

    Why do you talk thisway of Gerard, do you know him? it is look you hate him. Gerard is a great actor, singer and person. Please more respect!! because he deserves it.

  • redOctober

    Hope everything went well for Sam , the cause and , of course, promoting MGP.

  • Observation

    @Sligo lambert ^___^cute:

    No … no freebies. He actually bid a lot of money and won the motorbike we see him sitting on in one of JJs photos.

  • dmp

    Great pics . . . what a cutie! Lucky motorcycle . . . : )

  • Grace


    You are really starting to get on my nerves….you need to drop to your knees….

  • PsychoB

    @Grace: drop to your knees? Geez

  • Fritz in a convent


  • PsychoB

    @Fritz in a convent: Pretty soon Gerry will look at a woman with cancer and heal her with his Zeus eyes. And they wonder why they have no men.

  • $$$$

    Where have all the sane people gone?????
    Glad the fundraiser went well……hoped they raised enough….it’s all for a good cause….can’t wait to see the pics of Gerry out and about on his new motorcycle.He looks tired though….needs to get some rest now before PTF starts filming.

  • dmp

    Well I would guess it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot him riding the motorcycle since someone will recognize one of the three shirts he owns (79, blue shirt, grey shirt – did I miss any?). Although . . . it does look like he has many different leather jackets. LOL.

  • Manny

    Butler’s look lately made him fit right in with Sam and his buddies. Will biker chic be the new black in Hollywood?

  • Swansong

    @Grace: I would only get to my knees if I wanted to lower myself to your level you pathetic phannie, and I don’t.

    Gerard Butler is talentless hack and everyone knows it.


  • themask

    Keep flogging a dead horse , swan …lol.

  • opinion

    You misunderstood me – but it’s not your fault. I didn’t state my point completely. I meant that I don’t think he would go to this fundraiser tonight with her, when Nuts speculated whether he would or wouldn’t.

    I don’t think he would take her out in public for a long time. Not until it gets serious, if it does. Just because he took her to Madonna’s private party and might have spent some private time with her in Hawaii, doesn’t mean it will last past the fling stage, as so many of his other relationships didn’t. There are no guarantees that they will continue seeing each other. But if they do, it will be the only circumstance under which he will be seen with her in public and I don’t think he will care what it will do to some of his more fanatical fans. I don’t think he will sacrifice his happiness by remaining single forever.

    Anyway, since you were one of the peeps that used to dismiss Laurie’s importance in his life and now you are using it as a measure of how important this new girl will be in his life, I find that a bit dishonest don’t you? At least have the honesty not to raise Laurie from the dead – that will give you some more credibility.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Wow..he won that’s nice..Good for him..and it went to a great cause…

  • Yep

    He didn’t take her to Madonna’s party……she was there….he was there.

  • Observation


    I think that you make too many assumptions, but I’m not going to argue back and forth because I don’t think we shall ever agree.

    Only time is going to tell, as always, but there is far too much speculation based on next to no real information. Only gossip is involved and it’s never wise to allow oneself to get carried away by reading too much into that.

    You mention the word “might” and that tells me that you have no more idea of the reality of the situation than does anyone else.

    As for me dismissing LC it could be that you are confusing me with others who write under the name I use. There are multiple posters using just a few names. I never thought that LC was anything serious but I never wrote about her on this board. Others did far too much of that without me adding anything.

    The bottom line is that no one knows the truth of GBs personal life, only moments in time and second or third hand gossip and speculation ever find their way onto sites like JJ so that those with nothing better to do can spin to their hearts content.

    Too many seem to think that they can analyze the man when in reality they know nothing about him and base their conclusions on all manner of notions which they conjure up for their own reasons.

    The day will arrive when he will settle down and then it will be for each “fan” to make of it what they will. I, for one, would never wish for him to sacrifice his happiness.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @PsychoB: OMG!

    So funny, thank you!

  • Swansong

    His hair is greasy and dirty.


  • themask

    …try with a new song, swan ….

  • opinion

    I agree with everything you said.
    True, I have no real knowledge, hence my moniker “opinion”. I am basically guessing based on what is reported. However, all of us know by now that even many legitimate reports end up being totally inaccurate, frustrating many of us, no doubt, and leaving us to read between the lines or use educated guesses based on his past performance.
    In addition, you’re right, we can’ t be sure about how important this woman is to him, or whether they even had a real date to Madonna’s party, as opposed to just hooking up there and starting to socializing. All I meant is that if they were in Hawaii at the same time in conjunction to the Madonna hookup, then there might be something there, which shouldn’t be arbitrarily dismissed, as was starting to happen last night.
    With LC, many dismissed her as a PR stunt, but now invok her relationship with him a sign of whether or not a girl is important to him. that’s why I said it’s a bit ironic, if not hypocritical, because way back then almost no one believed she was anything to him, with some even going as far as to claim that she showed up without even being invited, which to them was the reason he looked pissed off. If anything, those were true presumptions.
    Anyway, if you’re not one of those fans living under illusions he will never settle down, good for you. Too many here sound too fanatical for my taste.

  • Swansong

    Is he going to the doctor to get his pidgeon toe problem fixed or is it for a breast reduction surgery?


  • opinion

    You don’t know that for sure; you assume too much. However, I agree, it could very well be that they showed up separately but hooked up there and went somewhere else together, or just socialized at the party and that was it; nothing ever happened afterwards. We have no one here who is truly in the know to shed any light on any of this, and the media being absolutely no help in the accuracy department .

  • The Noise In The Walls

    wow..all these assumptions on someone they know nothing about personally..some of you would be genuises if all your speculations and assumptions were true..All I want is for him to make some decent flicks..

  • please already…

    You sound too fanatical – how do you know what he did or didn’t do?
    i agree with opinion and observation, no one can make presumptions without concert proof, so stop doing it yourself; you make all of his fans sound like lunatics lol.

  • Manny


    LMAO on correcting the toes.

    You are on a roll.

    However, I do wish you would not sign as Swannie.