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Gerard Butler Has a Heart For Children

Gerard Butler Has a Heart For Children

Gerard Butler attends the Have a Heart For Children fundraising event held at Palihouse Holloway on Wednesday (March 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor was joined at the fundraiser by his Machine Gun Preacher costar Michelle Monaghan and producer Gary Safady.

Gerard had a little bit of fun posing on a motorcycle!

Earlier in the day, Gerard went to a doctor’s appointment in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler raising money for the children…

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gerard butler has a heart for children 01
gerard butler has a heart for children 02
gerard butler has a heart for children 03
gerard butler has a heart for children 04
gerard butler has a heart for children 05
gerard butler has a heart for children 06
gerard butler has a heart for children 07
gerard butler has a heart for children 08
gerard butler has a heart for children 09
gerard butler has a heart for children 10

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Manny

    This is not me. Sheeeeeesh. I’m not going to share any opinion on Swansong’s posts because I am skipping them. If someone uses Manny in support of any of her statements, you know it will NOT be me. I’m finding ignoring is the best medicine. :)
    As for his biker chic, could you see Ryan Seacrest in it? LMAO

  • Manny

    Post #50 is not me. Please don’t be fooled.
    What’s wrong Swansong? Because the real Swannie won’t play are you going to pick on others now?
    The real Manny is going back to work now. Chat with my girlies later. :)

  • hellotheregb

    I am thinking we should have an International Guido” day!

  • The Doctor Is In

    “Grease is the word, is the word that you heard…”

  • The Doctor Is In

    Or is he Deney Terrio’s illegitimate Scottish son?

  • Interesting
  • Interesting

    OK, check this out from Twitter. I just couldn’t resist
    “last night i told gerard butler he was my babys daddy, his response was “whats a babys daddy?”
    she is cute, but we’re talking about presuming and assuming too much, well, this one seems to be engaged in that plenty last night lol

    He probably knew what she meant but didn’t feel like flirting for whatever reason.

  • Florida Gal

    This is getting so tedious and tiring…every time Gerry is seen or reported being seen talking to a female…ANY female…so many jump to the conclusion that they are in a hot and heavy romance, hooking up, and this happens EVERY time he comes within 50 feet of a female…As far as Selita Ebanks is concerned…they were both at Madonna’s party…there was NEVER any reports of them coming to the party TOGETHER or leaving TOGETHER…they were just seen talking there, and as much as he is in association with so many of the Victoria’s Secret models, I’m sure that Selita is one that he has known for quite some time, as friends, and so naturally, they spent some time together at the party, as friends. As for him “meeting up with her in Hawaii….”…..IF she was there (and there has been no real proof that she was there at the same time – and her purpose for being there would be that she’s filming a guest appearance on Hawaii 5-0, which films in and around Honolulu, on Oahu)…Gerry was on Maui, so they were not even on the same island, that is IF she was there at all during the same time Gerry was…again, there has been no confirmation that she was there, only that she was involved in Hawaii 5-0, which could have been at a totally different time…

    Too many “assumptions” are being made based on absolutely NO fact whatsoever…and we all know what it means to “assume” something before all the facts are in and confirmed….So many are falling into that category right now, and it’s getting out of hand and becoming just totally ridiculous. The LIfe&Style statement was quickly shot down by Gerry’s team, on Gerry’s behalf – and that should be the end of this story…why some of you continue to keep this tired old ball rolling, when there is NOTHING THERE that is concrete or valid, is just wrong on so many levels.

    As soon as Gerry is seen talking to another random female, all of this will start up again….this has to be stressful for him, and probably the reason we DON’T see him with women much….the man can’t even speak to a woman without all kind of “assumptions” being made and all kind of just pure crap put out there about it.

    Get real people….

  • Interesting

    well, she’s 5-2 so maybe she is not his type and that was the reason he didn’t say much like “You have nice eyes” or whatever he usually says.
    but she is pretty

  • Daphne

    @Florida Gal:
    I can’t wait til Gerard and that Selita-trainer/hybrid are seen “canoodling” in public.
    This is why the man has been MIA…he is into his new piece. Whatever. I don’t buy that this man spends his time KNITTING.
    I do however think her machine has been plugging the relationship.
    HIS machine doesnt do that stupid stuff.

  • Castrato

    Nah she’s ugly.
    And short. Gerard gets hit on by every woman – everywhere.
    He wants what he wants and it seems that no matter what “flavor” he goes for that moment – she is always friggen tall drink of water.
    Thats our Gerrard. It’s legs for him.. It has to be.
    My daughter is going to be tall. i love it.
    I’m 5’6 but her dad is 6’4!!

  • Question

    @Florida Gal:
    You sound like that CANADIAN MODEL (H.R.) stalker woman??
    Hunny…I’m sorry but Gerard isn’t for you. Choose someone else, ok?

  • Thumbelina

    @Florida Gal:
    I just negged you because you talk too much

  • Castrato

    He didn’t respond bc she looks like rumer willis.
    What else ya got?

  • Red Dress

    I wonder how many social psychologists read these sites.

  • Interesting

    get over yourself, we don’t know what his real type is and we’re only assuming that he didn’t talk to her more because she is short.

  • Fritz in a convent

    Now there’s a thought! Yeah, we should all post as “Guido” for a day.

  • masal

    Saat gece yarısı,uyumadan bekli Gerard ile ilgili bir haber okurum diye uğruyorum buraya ve bu haberi görüyorum. Mutlulukla gireceğim yatağa. Yanında olamasanda kalbim onunla :))

  • The Noise In The Walls

    #68..Translation please..:) :)

  • Hellie

    I’m sorry but it’s really ugly when a woman is too tall. Makes her look like a transvestite. Medium height is the best.

  • mymymy
  • curious cat


    So that’s why he’s on a bike! He won it? I wondered why he was sitting on a bike indoors, or so it appears. I must say his face looks very CUTE, just CUTE, in that bike picture. Kind of pleased and intense, like a litle kid with a new toy, which evidently he has.

    And critics aside, I don’t see any yellow teeth. Somebody must have exceedingly sharp eyes or jaundiced ones. His hair is long and messy, it looks actually quite weird in the 4th pic, but who cares? He is currently wearing it long for some reason, probably his next role or next two roles. Maybe he’ll have a ponytail for the surfing movie. I am not familiar with the character he will play in that.

    I don’t give a hoot how he dresses either. We know he has a closetful of designer suits and can dressand groom up to kill on occasions that require it, so I just assume this event was pretty informal, with no dress code.

    As someone else said, I hope they raised a lot of money.

  • curious cat

    I cannot believe this thread couldn’t go past two pages and what, 30 or so comments? before posters started fighting and others are STILL talking at length about some model GB was seen talking to at Madonna’s party! Wow, this is already ancient history. Wasn’t this before he went to Hawaii and before this fundraiser and before he was seen walking, talking and buying Coke and water and feeding a meter and going into a restaurant in L.A.? This guy should be a contender for the Oscar for the most non-news put out about a star.

    And now we are again on the topic of how tall a woman should be? Well, we women come in a variety of heights and weights. There is no right height. I did a wee bit of modeling in my youth but at a grandiose height of 5′ 3″ I wasn’t a contendah to dominate the Runway.. In fact, I was once turned down for a dancing job at the Lido in Paris because I wasn’t statuesque enough to parade around with the six-footers. :) But I don’t see that a 6-foot-tall woman is necessarily mannish.

  • curious cat

    p.s. The topless dancers at the Lido sure didn’t look mannish. :)

  • Red Dress

    #68 is Turkish, I think. Something about she sleeps with Gerard at midnight and he reads here. Her heart is with him. I’m not sure exactly, sorry.

  • curious cat

    I thought I added, the topless dancers at the Lido didn’t look a bit like men.

  • Lia

    Jess and Justin split says JJ. I hope this news won’t jump start the rumor mill. right before the PTF starts shooting… what a timing.

  • realitycheck

    @Lia, I was thinking the same thing. Here we go again.

  • missusp

    @Swansong: So why do you spend so much time looking at these pix if you hate him so-just askin’?

  • Mass Debate

    @Red Dress: Excellent study reference for psych students.

  • good grief floridagal

    @Florida Gal:, FloridaGal aka TenseSmith! Why do you always get so bent out of shape about the possibility of Gerry hooking up with a woman (and when people speculate about it)? You are always one of the first people to discount it – and you do so on every fansite that you belong. Your reaction always seems extreme. AND you have admit to going into depression when you see him with a woman and think of him being in a relationship with a woman. Aren’t you like 63 or 64 years old?

    I understand that older woman aren’t dead and like to look at handsome men, but this type of reaction is not healthy — not for any age. m But it is especially odd for someone old enough to be Gerry’s mother and old enough to see the folly in celebrity worship and lust. It really is kind of sick. Think about it.

    You deserve better.

  • Cora

    @Interesting: Thanks for this! ♥
    I’ve always been a sucker for this look on him. I think I’ll have to watch “Shooters” one day, he seems to have a similar look to him in that film, as well.

  • curious cat

    sorry I double posted. Didn’t mean to. Site was just slow to respond and change pages i guess. Got thumbs down anyway so nobody cared for the humor I guess. I mean, really, people don’t choose their height the way they can choose what style shoes to wear. Who gets to decide what the “right” height for a woman is? And btw, the story about the Lido was true. I have no inclination to make stuff up. Was just trying to make a point in a humorous way. if you don’t like it, skip.

    It seems we can look forward now to news that 1) butler and biel are on the verge of marriage or 2) they are having a threesome with uma. maybe both. A triangle tale. Can see it all coming.



  • Gay Mike

    @84: LOL! … I’ve heard tons of rumors that he’s a manho but I dunno about the Herpes!! … What I am pretty sure about is that he does have HPV because MORE THAN HALF of all men and women who are sexuall active have HPV unless you got that Gardasil injection.And the more people you’ve slept with then the higher the chances you have HPV. The sad thing is that in SOME people HPV can lead to cancer! What a scary world we live in. That’s why I always use protection!!

  • Geena

    @Gay Mike: Mike, that’s why they are now recommending the Gardasil injection for men, too. Because some strains of HPV can cause cancer in BOTH women & men. And like you said, almost all of us are carrying HPV especially the more sex you’ve had. Poor Gerry!!! He must have like every strain of HPV known to humankind! LMFAO


    Hahahahahaha!!! Only a Gerard Butler post can lead to comments on STD infections! Hahahahahahahahaha


    Seriously, I don’t know how this man has any fans at all.
    1-He’s got such an ugly jaw/mouth in dire need of corrective orthodontic surgery.
    2-He’s old and starting to wrinkle pretty badly.
    3-His nutsack is probably starting to sag, drop and wrinkle right around this age.
    4-His man meat is probably full of STDs.


    #14: “A 40 year old Hollywood actor who has never been married, who has no children not even illegitimate ones and who has never been seriously linked to an actual human female, famous or not, is a closeted homosexual. FACT!” …. SO TRUE!!!!

  • Sam Sam Samantha

    Ohhhh Yeah every Victoria’s Secret supermodel is ugly bc theyre too tall.
    Oh and Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron too.
    Do you realize how stupid you sound you dumb short fat pig?
    Sorry short people have no reason to live. they are genetically INFERIOR make less money in both genders and no one wants to breed with them bc they produce more genetically INFERIOR SHORT pieces of sh*t.
    Sorry I married a tall man bc I dont want my kids to be stepped on like dogsh*t.
    Have a nice day!

  • herewegoagain

    @Lia: You think the timing was a coincidence? Hot off the CAA presses no doubt, who reps all the talent in PTF including the director, Butler, Thurman & Biel?

  • curious cat

    @good grief floridagal:

    Guess I didn’t see what you saw in the comment from floridagal. Where did she ever say or imply that she was DEPRESSED if GB hooked up with a woman? And why do you assume she is “LIKE 63 or 64″ and having inappropiate feelings for a younger man? And needs your help or advice. Are you ” LIKE, 20?”

    I know I am being the kind of witchy witch I don’t like on these posts. But what I got from her post was that like a lot of us, she gets profoundly sick of the endless driveling speculation, page after page after page after mindless page, about the color of his eyes or the hair on his neck or his clothes, or that he is “hooking up” with any and every woman he is seen in the same room with at a party or walking in or out of a door at the same time. Peeps have to look her up, find out who she is and discuss her background and pick her looks apart. Who the feff cares? We’ve had an endless run of arcade girl, violin girl, lunch girl, Laurie and maybe not Laurie but someone who resembles her but has a different nose, on and on and on. Let’s pick some more nits here. Shall we?

    I have an opinion and I am going to express it at the risk of a lot of thumbs down. Several years ago GB put a lot of himself into the movie “Beowulf and Grendel” and made a documentary , “Wrath of Gods” tto accompany it. I don;t think it was commercially succesful, never showed where I live. But he made a comment once that the fans who went on line to discuss this project were highly intelligent and educated.

    He has talked about his wild drinking days and that when he told friends he was going to try to stop drinking they were disappointed because they loved the show he put on for them when he was drunk, jumping in front of cars and other risky behavior. What kind of friends were those?

    I believe he has been doing the same thing in a different way, feeling compelled to entertain fans who are the equivalent of those “friends.” who liked him as a funny alcoholic. So many people on these threads say they are attracted because GB is a constantly entertaining train wreck. There is no doubt that he contributes to it. It gets him attention. A lot of attention. But the wrong kind sometimes.

    What happens if he suddenly decides he doesn’t want to be everybody’s rodeo clown any more? Some of us are (maybe vainly) hoping he really wants to be a serious actor and just went astray, seduced by Hollywood. Maybe we are wrong..

  • @curiouscat

    @curious cat:

    Learn to read if you are going to stick your nose into something and then try to childishly insult me by asking if I am LIKE 20. (Really?)
    It might give you more credibility – aren’t you supposedly a journalist? I would think you would have better reading comprehension. .

    AS I STATED PREVIOUSLY, she has expressed those opinions in other comments and/or other sites and other comments, NOT in that particular comment. Her reactions are well known to people who know her and all her monikers.
    BTW, I don’t assume her age or her feelings of depression, she has stated both publicly. I don’t think it’s healthy for her. I think she deserves better. Sorry if you disagree.

    Yes, the constant speculation is ridiculous here. But so is her consistant over reaction when Butler is seen with or around a woman. Neither are normal or healthy and I get tired of her lectures and hysteria.

  • Joan

    Congratulations Gerry on the Sucess of the Shakespeare film ‘Coriolanus’ I hear it was excellently recieved in the Berlin festival and at Belgrade. Love that you still have time to do the charities. Looking fabulous and I know that Machine Gun Preacher will bring more awareness to the plight of the children if Africa. You have done so much for children all over the world and my son loves working for another of your charites CLIC Sargent in the UK.
    Thank God for you Gerry your heart is as big as a mountain,

    Love ya
    Joan xxxx(HUG) xxxx

  • methinksthouproteststoomuch

    @Florida Gal:

    really, in the grand scheme of things does it really matter about who he’s seeing or not seeing? he’s a big boy. he doesn’t need all this defending.

    i think it’s great that a man who has no children would be at a fundraiser for them. who cares what he looks like?

  • DrPiggy

    The guy looks good whether he baths or not. Who gives a shit what his personal hygeine is. He’s HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    the girl he wouldn’t talk to, the one who is 5-2, here is her pix from the event
    other pix from the event

  • 123

    Butler WON that awesome bike. Hope he donated enough to make it worth it. Sam delivered it to him today. We better get pictures of him taking it out for a ride.

  • LOL
  • Chris Butler

    pretty sure im a distant relative of gerard butler, but my family moved from butler castle to Canada instead, my granfather’s father was supposed to have taken a train to toronto but he got off at Trenton instead… would be awesome to know for sure that im a relative of his…