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Gerard Butler Hits the Gym

Gerard Butler Hits the Gym

Gerard Butler heads to the gym on Thursday (March 10) in West Hollywood.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud grinned for photographers as he headed inside for his workout.

On Wednesday, Gerry stepped out for a good cause – the Have a Heart for Children fundraising event! The organization financially supports children who have cancer and families of young cancer patients.

Gerry chatted with his Machine Gun Preacher co-star, Michelle Monaghan, and producer Gary Safady at the event.

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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Castrato


  • Sorry

    can he wear a new shirt geez he looks like dogs shyyyt

  • Jewelrymaker

    Another new thread

  • Why is Gerald Butler NEWS?

    He brought Selita with him to the gym? Who was girl who on machine next to him there????? She didn’t make eye contact

  • ?

    He works out with Selita or a Selita look alike what who cares?

  • she

    selita wastes no time lol good for her and good for gerard

  • gossiphound

    @Why is Gerald Butler NEWS?: Are you hallucinating?

  • Francøis

    Is someone there at same time? is Selita at gym with Gerard???

  • gossiphound

    Do you people hallucinate much?

  • gossiphound

    sorry first post was not coming up, apologize for redundacny, JJ problematic again

    and I thought this fundraiser was to benefit kids in Sudan not cancer patients per se

  • Phannie

    Complete fan meltdown over Gerard’s Selita hook up. LOL

  • PsychoB

    It Would be sexier if he was dressed for yoga. Love to see him in the happy baby pose.

  • Swansong

    He needs to put on a bra. Those suckers are hanging!


  • Sexy Girlfriend

    One question:
    Does it say that Gerard got punched in the face in this article?
    If not, then I don’t care to read it.

  • PsychoB

    @Sexy Girlfriend: LMAO

  • Daphne

    I can see already that this is going to be another Selita thread. sigh.
    @Sexy Girlfriend:

  • trying to figure it out

    Someone needs to cut about 10 inches off the bottom of those shorts.

  • PsychoB

    @trying to figure it out: I’ve never seen a man determined to wear designer clothes and wear them so horribly.

  • trying to figure it out


    How many times do we comment on here about his gorgeous legs? And how many times does he cover them up? If he wore shorter shorts he would look much better, and we would appreciate seeing his legs.

  • Winning = Losing

    Are those designer clothes? How do we know he is working out even he sure doesnt look like it.

  • she

    can we ask selita if gerard is good in the kip?

  • p´nˆs cøc˚

    lol @ the first comment lol

  • Link
  • picNic

    Well, all I know is that he’s not a ‘rough’ lover. ;)

  • Barbara

    He is wearing trouser of the Argentine Football team. Argentines would be happy to receive such a nice person and actor, to witness the passion that exists in our stadiums where the teams play.

    Viggo Mortenssen did it. Gerry is better! Also in our country, the press, the crazy fans and the paparazzi do not bother him as in other places

    Come on Gerry!!!

  • Barbara

    He is wearing trouser of the Argentine Football team. We would be happy to receive you, to witness the passion that exists in our stadiums where our teams are matching. Viggo Mortenssen did it. Gerry is better! Also in our country, the press, the crazy fans and the paparazzi do not bother him as in other places. Come on Gerry!

  • Sweet Tea

    that’s sad on every level

  • Nuts

    Why is it news that he went to the gym? He’s gotta be in shape for PTF.

  • Mandy

    Do you people REALLY believe there is nothing between him and Selita??? Isn’t it quite obvious that there is something going on? Do you really believe it was just a coincidence that they were in Hawaii at the exact same time? LOL, okay…

  • dmp

    I wonder what he listens to for motivation at the gym. Perhaps something like: “I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts!” LOL :)
    For sure!

  • Nuts

    His peeps says there isn’t anything to their being seen together. The same way they denied Lindsey Lohan, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Simpson.

    Was there something going on with them, too?

  • hot

    he’s awesome… love him… Selita is hot as hell, good for him !!!

  • Nuts

    His peeps says there isn’t anything to this story…the same way they also denied his supposed relationships/hookups with Lindsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Simpson.

    Was there something going on with them, too?

    Just trying to figure out the game.

  • Scout

    Has JJ gone & got the Gman chipped! Checking in on his latest where abouts is my guilty pleasure but I’m starting to feel bad about it at this rate.

  • FACT

    The answer is: There was nothing going on with Simpson and Lohan. He did have a fling with Witherspoon. She’s an Oscar winning actress. He probably saw a huge career opportunity there.

  • Observation

    Just think, when Gerry leaves L.A. soon there won’t be any more new threads. Shock horror! How will all the crazies get by? Will they migrate to another board? We can but hope.

  • $$$$

    @ Nuts
    I agree-if it ain’t happening…he denies it.If it is happening he stays quiet.Someone on the last thread said he took her to Madonna’s party as his date..well he didn’t .According to someone also at the parties that night….Selita was also at the Vanity Fair party,she arrived alone (she was wearing a red dress),Gerry arrived with Alan.Later Selita went to Madonna’s party as did Gerry and half the people at VF party.

  • CorBlimey

    I’m devastated. Does this mean he isn’t in a long-term relationship with that country singer anymore? :P

  • redOctober


    I’ve noticed that, too…wondering why he is wearing the trouser with our football team colours.

  • wtf

    i can’t believe all the jealousy on her, f*ckin psychos!!

  • $$$$

    @ CorBlimey
    HAHA….so true. Just goes to show anyone can add to these sites wether the info is true or not (as is often the case).

  • Ybf

    @$$$$: Yes, Selita was at the VF party:
    Lots of people who were at the VF party later went to the Madonna party.

  • Vamp

    Just look at her in that dress! Imagine Gerry seeing that across the room! He probably pounced on her like a mouse on cheese.

  • Lovely

    Wow this would make a lovely potrait:
    He should take it home and hang it over his, Ronnie and Ariel’s bed..then invite the rest of his buddies over and have a poker parrty.

  • PsychoB

    Okay Gerry Sweetheart lets get this straight

    shorts should be about one inch below the knee not longer or shorter than that. Camo, khaki and tan shorts are fine UNLESS they say Ed Hardy on them than throw them away. Ed Hardy was a fad and no real manly man would have been caught dead in his shorts when they were in and def not now.

    T-shirts are good but lets try and get them in the mens section not the boys. In fact, they could be picked up at many of your vacation spots along with decent hats(trucker hats went out with Ed Hardy thank God.)

    Love you lots,

  • Nuts


    You think he really had a fling with Reese…and that she would be with someone like him?. She seems pretty careful/controlled/uptight to give a tumble to someone like G with impulse-control issues

  • $$$$

    well you’ve just proved it .
    ….it’s a well known fact mice don’t really like cheese….they prefer sugary foods.LOL.

  • Amber #1

    @Link: According to the famous hookups website, they have been dating for 3.3 months. So this is nothing new. He has been seeing her for sometime. That explains how he toned down a bit, wasn’t flirting quite so much. He has just been keeping her below the radar. So people, he is dating her. This is real. It is a good thing. I bet they met in New York.

  • p´nˆs cøc˚

    I dont buy the fling with reese.
    she looks like jen aniston’s sister and he didnt like jen either.
    she is so ugly and short and stubby – not attractive at all.
    i BUY the selita thing.
    reese was in a long term r’ship by then also.
    reese is ugly and looks like a poor man’s jen aniston.

  • $$$$

    @Amber #1
    3.3 months???
    So Selita didn’t mind the Uruguay/Brazil trip with Ronnie and the 14+ models at New Year.LOL.