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Gisele Bundchen: H&M Spring 2011 Ad Campaign!

Gisele Bundchen: H&M Spring 2011 Ad Campaign!

Check out these new shots of Gisele Bundchen in the spring campaign for H&M!

The pictures were shot by photographer Daniel Jackson, with styling by Robert Rydberg and hairstylist Serge Normant.

Gisele has been spending the past week celebrating Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She and husband Tom Brady went for a dinner date on Monday (March 7).

Over the weekend, Gisele showed off her Samba dance moves on a Carnival float!

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Credit: Hairstylist: Serge Normant , Stylist: Robert Rydberg; Photos: Daniel Jackson
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61 Responses to “Gisele Bundchen: H&M Spring 2011 Ad Campaign!”

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  1. 26
    carla Says:

    I find it so surprising anybody would call her looks “stunning”. It’s like they have no clue what the word really means. She has a good body and an OK face, but not stunning at all. Her face is too long and she has those small beady eyes….yeah she’s stunning…stunningly horse-y looking that is.

  2. 27
    Mose Says:

    I find her to be breathtaking……

  3. 28
    lol Says:

    @Jen: yes she’s so beautiful,stache,crows feet,receding gums and all.

  4. 29
    bilyana Says:

    her body looks great especially for someone who had a child but it is a bit boyish.her hair is fab but her face is just a bit off like a drag queen really

  5. 30
    loseten Says:

    @carla: It goes both ways hunny. I am always surprised by girls who don’t find her beautiful. I respect opinions and I have came to the conclusion that our eyeballs all must really see/read different things. That’s the only thing I can think of. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I think she’s breathtaking in these photos. I wouldn’t doubt if she helps the clothes fly off the racks at H&M, as her legacy is known to do.

  6. 31
    Justaina Says:

    @Jen: well everytime she does some stupid interview for anonymous magazines she has to mention Tom and Gisele. I find that quite annoying and attention seeking. D listers always come up with ways for attention though. Posing on OK magazines is one of them.

  7. 32
    patty Says:

    Gisele haters on the prowl again,stalking their favorite victim.
    DId you make millions off your looks? than don’t judge so harshly, you immature jealous tweens. Go get some attention for that acne, instead of staring at her pictures you can’t stand, lol. (you guys make less sense than she does!)

  8. 33
    Leeann Says:

    Girls send your facebook links right now. come on, whatcha hidin??????

  9. 34
    HKL Says:

    Freja Beha Ericson and Raquel Zimmerman are also in this campaign. let me guess they are “more beautiful” than yours truly? LMAO.

    Gisele made this campaign look like couture.

  10. 35
    fatgirls Says:

    What will you guys say when she gets her 130th Vogue cover? When she breaks another modeling record? When some other prominent fashion person calls her the last supermodel? when she is #1 richest model on forbes list again? when her ipanema sandals line continue to be the most sold sandals in the world? you gonna whine and complain how you don’t find her attractive? She is more than just some mere model. She is a business women and fashion icon. DEAL.

  11. 36
    * Says:

    I hate when I see something I want in their ads and its never available. its always its not in yet >_<

  12. 37
    swheeler Says:

    Love her! she is gorgeous and the epitome of a Supermodel.

    where is Bridget on all those men’s list for the past 10 years? lmao. No one cares about her other than some soap opera watching,us weekly readin, housewives still living in 2007. Prior to Bridge over troubled water speaking so badly about others to the press for attention, Gisele was quite loved and known for her amazing personality. way to go sweet classy Bridge. Trash a person all to he** and get people against them. yep SO classy! she must give herself a pat on the back for her good deeds. Maybe being never married and a sub par d list tv actress is some sort of karma. Gisele has got the career and family because she doesn’t treat people like that. Maybe you don’t agree with what she says in HER interviews, but at least she doesn’t bad mouth People.

  13. 38
    Lily Says:

    from model lily aldridge, awww.

    You once said in an interview that you hope you can be a good role model for girls. In what ways do you hope to do that?
    People always ask me who I look up to and someone who inspired me was Gisele [Bundchen]. She was so involved in helping the world and the environment. Its great to see a beautiful woman that has everything to take time to do something else. And Angelina Jolie as well. They dont have to do that. They can just sit on a yacht. They go the extra mile to help people. Its really inspired me to give back as much as I can and try to help as many people as I can.

    (see pretty people rarely say mean things about others, its always the ugly fat chicks, haha) remember high school? the fat chicks could never smile and rolled their eyes at the tall thin pretty girls? yeah.
    you girls are miserable if you have to speak badly of others. end of story.

  14. 39
    lisali Says:

    Those are beautiful! I think I would actually wear that jumpsuit ..!

  15. 40
    truly Says:

    It’s not just Gisele, I notice alot of people hate on models period. Go figure right? lol….

  16. 41
    eliza Says:

    Models don’t have to be traditionally beautiful. They have to have an “it” factor that sets them apart from the rest. Gisele’s got “it” and will continue to be a major force in the fashion world.

  17. 42
    virginia Says:

    100% agreed eliza. Besides everyone Gisele works with (male,female,designer,editor,photographer (the ones who really count)) have nothing but great things to say about her and actually always say they look forward to working with her again. She makes their time more enjoyable. She tells jokes, she is not a diva, she is never late. She helps their sales and she gets paid. Its a win/win situation.

    If you think hot Maxim girls and looking pretty in some catalog is what makes a model, lol well then you are misinformed.

  18. 43
    Eureka Says:

    Nobody noticed they took inspiration from Botticelli’s Venus for these pics. Hair, poses, soft lights, head position, looks…Especially in pics 2 and 5.

  19. 44
    fvf Says:

    fashion photography is all about inspiration. beautiful photos!

  20. 45
    princess Says:

    Since Gisele is seen as “the one” “the model” she is always gonna be up for more ridicule than your every day average run of the mill no name model running around from job to job trying to get casted. If Gisele were one of those models, she wouldn’t be near as hated on. But since she is a Superstar model bring on the haters! (having no haters would be pretty bad. It would conclude that she were a nobody; but that’s clearly not the case as you haters prove time and time again.) Hate her or love her, she gets attention. I wouldn’t doubt if clicking on her name made her richer. You guys who hate her are only helping her out in the long run believe it or not, lol. (it’s what makes companies keep hiring her, because they see how much attention she can bring to their brand. H&M is loving this!!!) Muse loved it too, when JJ posted her cover here,making them a more famous magazine now, thanks to yours truly.

  21. 46
    jill Says:

    I serioulsy don’t get all this hate. She seems to be such a nice person. How does she look like a drag queen, seriously!? Especially in these pics, she looks so ethereal! And @princess is right, all this hate just makes her more famous and richer.

  22. 47
    gh Says:

    Almost all her haters have a reason to hate her and stalk her. The Boston crew who still can’t get over the whole so yesterday Bridget debacle or simply just other model fans who can’t get over it that Gisele is more famous, more in demand, more loved, more prestigious and continues to get more work than their favorite models.

    Its one thing to not get someone’s look but the unnecessary name calling, shows your true colors. and they are nothing but dirt brown and puke green. I find it hilarious too, that they criticize how Gisele talks, but lawd hammercy have they seen half the things they spew out and say? such hypocrites. Just be thankful you aren’t a superstar and every little word can be made a spectacle about. Because as crappy as half of you haters speak, I’m sure you wouldn’t have one fan.

  23. 48
    Real Supermodels Says:

    If Gisele were on the same fashion runway with supermodels like
    Christy Turlington,Claudia Schiffer,Carla Bruni,and Bridget Hall she would never have been offered all the endorsements she has.
    The only reason she did get endorsements is because all of these models
    decided to stop doing fashion runway shows.

  24. 49
    lil Says:


    Oh yeah and Gisela never mentions John Moynahan on every interview she gives, so that she looks like a loving stepmother and arrange for photo ops, which by the way have stopped since he had her own son.

  25. 50
    ellie' Says:

    Such a beautiful woman..Loving and beautiful family…

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