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Zac Efron: BLD Breakfast!

Zac Efron: BLD Breakfast!

Zac Efron meets a friend for breakfast on Thursday (March 10) at BLD in West Hollywood.

The 23-year-old actor, who’s back in town after shooting New Year’s Eve as part of a star studded cast in New York City, rocked a warm sweater and a new mustache!

Zac was spotted flying out of NYC last weekend.

FYI: Zac is wearing an ecru cowl neck cashmere sweater with button detailing by 830 SIGN.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron meeting a friend for breakfast at BLD…

Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron bld breakfast 01
zac efron bld breakfast 02
zac efron bld breakfast 03
zac efron bld breakfast 04
zac efron bld breakfast 05
zac efron bld breakfast 06
zac efron bld breakfast 07
zac efron bld breakfast 08
zac efron bld breakfast 09
zac efron bld breakfast 10
zac efron bld breakfast 11
zac efron bld breakfast 12
zac efron bld breakfast 13

Photos: GSI Media
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  • ????

    Zexiest guy on planet earth!

  • lauren

    whats the deal with all those some what girly bracelets? do they mean anything?

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    Zac efron creepy im more handsome than zac

  • Troll

    This dude is sooooooooooooo SHORT

  • Vanfan

    It’s not the size that counts. It’s what you do with it. ;)

  • Madhatter

    He looks like he was styled by a gay man…
    But, I’m from Boston so, guys maybe get away with a lot more creative dressing in LA.

  • Kimmy

    Zac Efron meets his boyfriend for breakfast

  • lauren

    that’s his assistant.

  • Celia

    Why is he wearing a woman’s sweater?
    I swear my mother has the same one.

  • cutie

    Zac always looking good!!!Hottest and sexyist guy on the world!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom


    That’s how I read it.

  • cutie

    @ Celia…
    Oh my dear that’s the new style of mens sweater have you been to the mens shop? well stop it if you dont know what are talking about.

  • let it be

    zexyyyyyyyy love him
    he’s not wearing a girly sweater piss off!!

  • vanessa’s fans sucks

    so cute =) i love you Z<3

  • christina-efron

    no matter what he wears he still the sexiest guy on earth<3

  • B

    That does look like a girl’s sweater. Nevertheless, he could be wearing a pajama top instead and still look handsome. Some guys have it some guys don’t.

  • susan1

    Stop insulting his style he can wear what’s he want as long he fell comfortable he doesnt care……

  • unZac

    Zac you look more like you are coming to your coming out party then to breakfast.
    A) If you look on Popsugar there is a picture of Zac at breakfast holding his next candidates picture as his next beard to replace Vanessa who gave five years of her life to be his housemaid, his cover up and his best friend and support and all the other nice things she did.
    B) We in West Hollywood know which team you bat for come out come out it is nothing to be ashamed of. Him + Alix = Couple Him + Alix + Ryan = trilogy. Alix is hot I can see why he is so attracted to him Ryan he would just be a one night man who would leave a tip on the nightstand.
    C) Vanessa + noZac = free from crazy Zac fans and able to actually have her own career and not be in his shadow or victim to his PR.
    D) Zac will be top male celebrity who CAA will get jobs for and be the next John Travolta and Vanessa with a little bit of time and more experience can be who ever she wants to be. Unlike him she does not care if she is famous only cares about living her life as a loyal honest and good person to her friends and family she is thankful for her fans but she does not need to steal the spotlight.
    E) Shout out to Just Jared for bringing me the man candy I love to view like Gerard, Rob, Jared Leto. I like Jared because they are fair and do not pick one person over the other they just post the material that is out there. Just Jared is on my top five favorites.
    E) I am the only gay man out there that is not into Zac does that make me unZac or make my butt look big? Or clash with my outfit?
    F) This is my first post I chose Zac because I just don’t get the fascination with him I mean he looks like a caterpillar landed above his lip and gave birth. The bracelets are to 1980s there was a group called Bangles after that look call me Zac I can style you better you need to stop letting you PR dress you or big daddy who came to breakfast.

  • adriana-lima


  • Sunny

    I love the sockless Vans…

  • SE

    Love Zac !!

  • GQ

    ACTUALLY , Thats a classic Men’s sweater that woman started to wear also.
    And is now heavy in Men’s department stores…. Where have YOU been?!
    Zac looks great per usual, he loves the sockless look.

  • RA

    What a pus*y!

  • Merlin’ Mum

    @unZac: Go Away. Don’t care if he’s gay, bi,or whatever. It’s his business. Just talk about the pictures and not cause aggro. Don’t really think much of the moustache though.

  • yvonne..

    @RA: yea i know you ARE!!

  • Fauve

    @unZac: I thought you were entertaining and funny but to each fan their own idol. Zac seems happy and confident in his outfit and in his life that is all that matters. Everyone has to live their life they way the choose whether or not we agree or disagree. The sunglasses are cool.

  • aguilera fan

    hmm wow he’s really hot:O
    i think i’m in love again:P LOL but wow i 4got how hot he is<3

  • Alison

    He is my Favorite! LOVE HIM>


    @unZac: Look BEOTCH, I’m a 30 year seasoned fruitfly who hasn’t had a straight friend in her life, and you’re about as much of a gay man as Rosanne Barr.
    Your word choices, arrangements and sentences all SCREAM teenage female. If you’re going to pretend to be a gay man for Christ’s sake learn the code. You’ve got to be 10X more clever, witty and intelligent than you are evidentally capable of – best get a gay male friend with a wry sense of humor to feed you aphorisms.
    Don’t posture gay with me – I know my gay boys when I read them.


    HEY DADDY!!!!!

  • unZac

    @WICKED WENCH: Go do your laundry shoo frumpy house maid I don’t like streaks in my windows and aren’t you over the hill or just hard up?

  • lauren

    saying that your not a zac fan but taking about 10 minutes out of your day to write a essay must ment something to you.


    Zac est si beau! Il devrait etre flatte!

    I told this very cute Jewish frat boy in my French class (same height, athletic body and adorable face as Zac) “Tu es mignon comme Zac Efron.” Now he’s rockin the Zac do, the Zac facial hair, etc. Of course, as the student with the highest grade in the class, I’ve offered to (and have gotten to) tutor him, lol.

    Now if I could only tutor Zac in French – baiser….


    1) My laundry is done.
    2) I don’t do windows
    3) Say that to my face and you’ll see
    4) If I had one, it’d be hard right now.

    PS: Learn how to use semi-colons, periods and commas.

  • unZac

    @lauren: You lack a comeback.

  • lauren

    why are you so bitter?
    i dont give a crap if i came with a come back i just think u took alot of time out of your day to write a long essay comment.

  • ze

    Someone’s been hiding for a while, and now is coming out. (take it whatever way you want).

  • unZac

    @WICKED WENCH: I’m ready to offer you a tall glass of iced tea; sweetened or unsweetend, whichever you prefer.

  • unZac

    @lauren: Hey here’s a condom , wouldn’t want you making the same mistake your mom did.

  • dylan

    UnZac is right there is a very dodgy looking pic of him on Popsugar- is he choosing a call girl?

  • unZac

    @dylan: I see I was not the only one who noticed that. Maybe his next beard? Now that he has fired Vanessa? Maybe Vanessa asked for a raise? Zac will let that kitty out of the bag soon it did look a call girl service card, but maybe it is a call boy service?

  • BOJI

    Lots of drama, the posts before me. All for nought. Moustache, eh, a new role upcoming perhaps? It doesn’t mean that because Zac hangs out with his guy friends alot lately therefore he’s gay. Vanessa hangs out with her girlfriends too. Highly unlikely, I say.

  • Village

    Leo called, and he wants his look back.

  • unZac

    @BOJI: Half the guys he hangs with do each other but maybe he’s turned to our team and left the girls alone. We already know that any way. Ask Neil Patrick Harris? He also might want to make a call to Dr. Drew for the next season of Celebrity Rehab he’s been out drinking many nights in a row his liver is now a lima bean.

  • weird shape

    he has an ugly mouth

  • unZac

    @dylan: This picture here looks like her bosoms spilleth over.

  • weird shape

    @unZac: is the guy his dad? it’s like he’s saying, “see you like boobs, right? c’mon son, you’re not gay. look at those gazangas.”

  • http://google BARBARA

    He’s talking to agent, for this person, because believe it or not he’s trying to find actors for his movie, he has two movies that will be rated R The bracklets, people have bad memorys on here the silver one is a matching one that Vanessa’s wear’s, there is a meaning to it , Karen told us once, and the blue one they had it blown up in NY, and it has a V on it. he look’s great.

  • Deb

    You know what Wench. I’m really upset with you. You never showed up at my place the other day like you said you would. I had to handle things all by myself. It was really hard (pun intended). We were both very disappointed.

  • unZac

    @weird shape: While the man is showing Zac the girls pictures Zac is longing for a tall drink of Alix.